Landwhale gets Zig Forumsak arrested

FailureByDesign called some fat girls kids niggers on facebook, because they were niggers.
She first calls 911, a number for local EMERGENCIES, and after finding out he's in a different state, she reports him to the fucking state police.
Cops raid his house without a warrant, find a few guns in his home, and decide to arrest him for committing a mass shooting…. that never happened.

You can't make this shit up.

t. a friend

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Don't care.

Sounds like police BS. They had no reason to search his home.


this thread reeks of shit
redo it

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Every time…

So brave
I'm literally shaking

Then what's the problem? It's an easy civil suit and any lawyer would win the case easily. The fucking faggot himself could probably easily win this case without a lawyer

Sounds like if he has a halfway decent lawyer he's going to get a nice fat settlement from the cops.

I don't see the problem here.

Blow your brains out, newfag.

Yep. Every thread there's the "this is stupid," "nobody cares," or "shit thread" guy. Every. Single. Thread. Almost like there's an organized shilling effort to discourage people from posting. Hm.

Forgot about this one. The "everybody's a newfag." That's another approach they use.

They have no solid proof except an admittance of text based harassment but (((they))) want a conviction based on crimes that didn't actually happen.

Evident miscarriage of justice, they've yet to prove that this guy guilty of anything serious besides retarded comments which is a misdemeanor at best. But the Jew Sumner Redstone's FOX news already makes him out to be guilty even before legal proceedings, what a fucking joke.

Where's the crime here?
What exactly did he do?
Googling how to shoot people?
He just sounds like a bored fucking dude.

There was no real crime. Except if you somehow consider a facebook discussion which turned heated a "crime", notice how there's no mention of what the disgusting race traitor blob said.

Even then saying
Doesn't quantify "terroristic threats" which is total bullshit a terroristic threat would be "I'll kill you"

Even the basic principle of justice i.e guilty until proven innocent seems to be irrelevant for the cocksuckers in Kentucky.

i said redo it cunt the OP is garbage

are you sure it was just the "nigger" part that got him arrested, or was it maybe also the "I'm going to kill all my classmates" part?

so it's okay they searched his house for no reason other than wrongthink?

Many MANY cops are dumb as all shit and fuck up all the time. The system is flawed and if you go sit on a court case the damn judge will say "The system is not perfect". Best thing for the kids family should do is have him claim to be mentally harmed and if his grades fall show that to the judge. Show his whole life is now fucked because of some bitch. Have the cops who raided put on suspension "this happens all the damn time". Then after dealing with the dumb shits who raided, you file a civil suit on the dumb bitch who called. Fun fact, if you tell the judge and your attorney you are not letting this go and will fight this your whole life they get scared and figure well fuck lets just try to settle the case.
But truth is, everyone hears the media bitch about the case but they never fill the front page when the kids family rips that fat bitch a new one or when the cops get fired. This is why everyone fears this shit, they don't know what happens after the case. No one ever shows what happens after because its boring. Everyone likes to read bad news and drama and will not care about good news.

what did they put on the search warrant? and, if there was no search warrant, then why did he let them search?

cases against police are much, much more difficult than you imagine, and often there is no civil remedy – just getting the evidence thrown out of the criminal case

Well if it's true he's going to be making a few million soon when he sues the state.

Kikes aren't even being subtle while telling goyim how to think now.

So there isn't a first amendment anymore then. You can be arrested for calling someone a nigger??? Yet a nigger can recieve probation for gang raping a 13 year old in denver?

user you're forgetting one key detail. He's white. The city will throw tens of millions of dollars at lawyers and not settle thing.

This is why operation security is important. Never expose your power level on kikebook or similar places. All it does is paints a target on your back

His family is likely poor so he'll get a shit public defender that works for and in tandem with the DAs office. He will get forced to plead "down" to a good outcome of only 10 years in prison.

No. You can say nigger all you want. This story is either unique, or it involves a nigger making claims about threats or something. Who knows. All I do know is he's going to make a big pay day, because his rights were violated.

Wrong, case just ended where a cops ass was thrown in jail. After the trial maybe ill link it here if this comes up again. Pro tip, the bitch cop was mexican and the guy was white, shit happened in Nebraska.

They throw money to SETTLE, it's like you guys are just Role Playing things. Look up how many judges get disbarred. Also look up some fun cases on cops that went down in Tennessee.


What the fuck are you talking about, nigger? You're clearly refrenching threads about shit with arabs in Sweden that happened this or last year.


BASED black womyn stopping (((dylan alexander))) from committing shooting
you GO girls

It fucking happened in CA this year too you fucking nigger.

they actually had a full press conference on this and everything
video rip from OP's post
also source

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did he have a dedicated war room for a school shooting or did some cop leave a hastily scribbled note that read "kill nigger kids at school"?

part 2

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This kid's life is far more than ruined. He's going to get made example of and used as the next tool for gun control.
Trump is going to fully agree and sign some bill.


Kid sounds like a moron making threats over facebook, I'd like to see the messages.

Are cops good for anything?

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another great reminder about how kiked the goybook is

This. Hopefully more and more normies and even the retard anons who still have goybook accounts delete them due to this.
Other anons said it: this is easy to win.
If his family is poor though and he needs a public defender, he is royally fucked.

pic related is the heroic landwhale and her niglets
from fox new's segment on it

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Probably called her a nigger and hoped that she would get killed, the nigger reported it to the police saying "dem crackas be tryn ta lynch ma family" and then they raided his home looking for some vague thing like "weapons" and found that shit. Then they realized that they could pin whatever they fuck they want on him since he is already Hitler for saying nigger to a stroynk black womyn, and decided to use a school shooting since that would rile up all the housewives who sit on their fat asses and post on facebook all day long about how evil white men are and how we should replace them all with jewish sheboons.

more from this, along with the offending tweet and profile picture
also are they not required to allow you to show up to defend yourself in court in person? or can the entire thing take place via teleconference? Surely showing up in court looking professional in a suit gives off a better impression than a video teleconference from some room in a prison in your prison uniform, is this what the jury will see?

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Oh, hold on, he already addressed this.

Lets look at the population by race that is locked up shall we?

Holy shit your reading comprehension skills fucking suck.

Just stating the facts~

> the words of an Aryan Woman sends a man to prison
How is that bad?

You know what? A lot of you losers probably deserve to be arrested. You make free speech look stupid and that offends the history of western civilization.

That's an appearance.
He's at the jail in a room they use for this specific type of hearing - prliminary hearing. It's not odd at all, these hearings take anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes generally and nothing is argued. It's just laying forth the evidence for the charges, the judge accepting them or not, and a plea being made. It would be expensive and a huge waste to transport every single charged person from the jail to the court for that specifically.

Bond/bail hearings are often done like that too.

No one disputed shit-skins commit a lot of crime you fucking low IQ monkey. With your reading comprehension skills you're on the same intellectual level as a nigger.

Not necessarily, all he needs to do is go to a country like Honduras or El Salvador. None of this happens over there.

cute post

I wonder where the father is

So whats the actual unbiased story here? Give a tl;dr someone. If what OP claims is true, then it sounds like America has gone full tyranny.

Christ she's so ugly she makes Heather Heyer almost seem attractive…

Bare minimum use and only because of family.

I kinda want to make a Facebook to contact her and harass her. Just use a library computer with sun glasses and a hat and call her a filthy coal burner. Maybe there would be a follow up story of “meh Nazi Hackers”. Just a thought. Would be funny.

Fuck off cuck.

This is the full story. And it has for sometime.

Holy moly look at the schnoz on this one!

110 million people in America have at least one firearm. 200 rounds of ammo is a single box of ammo, you can buy them at walmart for fifty bucks. Kevlar is 80s technology, its probably some soft NIJII vest that can probably only stop pistol rounds. 100 round mag sounds like bullshit, even most drum mags go up to around 70.

His "detailed plan of attack" is a googling of military tactics, which everyone on /tg/, /v/ and Zig Forums and Zig Forums does.

Lawrenceburg is actually about 20 min from me and they don't have tens of millions of anything. The state, however, might bankrupt itself going after him.

Source? If that's true, I be in trouble nows.

JIDF has 10k people in it, this board has 3-4k + lurkers. Half the posts are jidf. Christianity and circumcision are their weak spots.


Source on JIDF having 10K people?

And if that's true, that means JIDF has to focus all their resources here, which is not believable.

Most of them are on youtube / facebook / twitter, but consider the fact that they are paid to post, and they post on every thread, usually the first demotivational post. Then they have some (39) posters in most threads.

It was deleted it seems. Hmm. It was one of those clickbait articles that was about "Online Armies". China had over a million people doing the job.

dead, the coalwhale claims it's a widow

unlikely. It's more convenient excuse than letting a transient knock her up twice before drifting off for the 3rd time and realizing she never even had his real name.

This case is chilling as fuck. LEOs seem to actually be consuming enough of the media product that they now believe hatespeak is a real, punishable thing. I thought we were supposed to be independent of cuck island and her gross rules?


This can be done to ANYONE.

@3:45 this moleman faggot even acknowledges that this is a SPECIAL spectacle to beg a blessing from his betters.

Anytime over the last several years that I've been talking to someone heated about the state of things going on around them, I've counseled that justice depends on how popular you are and how many resources you have to make hurting you expensive. I always felt like I was being cynical and overstating, but that it was good advice to cool down unproductive passions. I didn't actually believe it. I don't know now.

Lump this with those cali boys getting railroaded and I think we've got a genuine loss of equal protection happening in front of us.

What, if anything, can be done for this doofus?

It's his fault for using his actual identity and owning a school shooting manifesto out of all things. He's just as low IQ as they are.

At his age, he should be working to get a respectful position of power. Not be an embarrassing sperg who allows his enemies to easily deplatform him.

Like it or not, free speech was founded on the very fact of offending others. Did you think that the Founding Fathers wanted to express their love for King George or something? You're pretty stupid.

4:00 in on first vid
ahahaha lol @ this 90IQ faggot completely torpedoing any case against this kid while in front of cameras on record. Every complaint commonly made against police culture: the rent seeking (only cuz us), the grandstanding moralizing(we wont speak his evil name), the appetite for "big cases"; all of it condensed in such a short presentation.

This guy is apparently something like the head of the state police. Let that sink in.

dead leo's and judges can't infringe on rights

Here's the niggerlover's dox

55 Blue Spruce Ct
Lumberton NJ 08048-3414


LOL, 200 rounds. That's four small boxes of ammo. I can blow through 4 boxes in one trip to the shooting range. Usually keep at least 10 boxes on hand in case the sporting goods store runs out.

I must be a school shooter x2.5.

He's an idiot for shitposting on facebook though.


Multiple references in comments to "AK47" and "HUNDRED ROUNDS" omg

The NPC meme has gotten way too fucking real.

This dumb motherfucker that got himself arrested was being stupid as hell. Nobody should ever use the data mining operation known as Jewbook. I quit that site and never felt better. All it does is provide fake validation while draining a shit load of time.

Even stupider is that he had an account with his real name and face attached. Even dumber than the even stupider part is that he had himself posing with a gun as his pfp while shit talking this stupid coalburner. Hysterical, stupid women have 0 issue with calling the cops over BS like internet drama, and "omg this guy has a gun in his pic" is enough to set off puny woman brains and make a roastie call 911

Why did he use his real name and face on an account to shit talk some stupid mudshark. Why? Why even post your real information on Facejew, let alone post shit like that on an account with your personal info attached?

Why are you posting this here? That's not how you help your friend look innocent lmao "hey my boy dindu nuffin, but LOOK WE GOT TO POST THIS BITCHES DOX"

You do know that CIAniggers browse this Manchurian Muay Thai Smoke Signal BBS system, don't you? Shit like this isn't hidden

Shittiest excuse ever user. Who the fuck cares what their family is doing each and any moment of the day that they need or want to keep track? It's because (((you're))) a kike shill and goybook is failing.

That's fine and all but you wouldn't be breaking the law, even doing what this kid had done you would be fine. You wouldn't need to hide your identity. Additionally libraries are places that the employees are told to look out for specifically people like that. So you're putting yourself in more of a questionable position if you do it that way.

You mean white, male civilization?

Fuck off Moshe.

lel, if the kid wasn't going to shoot shit up before, they sure as fuck have given him a reason to do so now.

Friendly reminder to all Zig Forumsacks that you will not be accepted into the RWDS unless you have AT LEAST this guy's gear level.

Yeah he deserved it.

fuck off id hoping retard

The idiot should have known not to say shit on the normalfag net.

Hahahaha , arrest little ol me? I haven't even really begun to play yet. Nah , they're gonna wait for my arrest. Big things , big

He doesn't necessarily have a grounded view of gun control, maybe not anything really. He is a New York business Democrat that is worried about his approval (and money). He likes to test the popularity of policies before legislation is recommended. He sometimes uses a strategy called AB testing. He was being really dumb appearing to betray his base with Feinstein's TV appearance with Trump and was exposing the otherside's pro authoritarian policies while wasting precious time and political capital.

Only a no funs retard would think that was "a lot".

Yes, I have insider information. The police are going to reveal that he a room like pic related and was the an Alt-Right terror cell ready to kill minorities right in time for the mid-term elections.

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Sucking jewish cock and murdering white people.

How heroic, a fat ass mudshark calls the cops over a facebook post. Disgusting.

uh huh. I'm guessing after they kicked his door in they made a bunch of shit up to cover their asses.
don't use facebook.

Try it.

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Remember we're simply the labs, the place they practice these tactics. What they do to us they WILL do to you.

We're not saying that he's wrong, we're saying that he's stupid for neglecting the risks. They likely didn't break into his home, he probably willingly gave his shit away to them like the dumbass he is. He should just request a lawyer.

Lol. You think the typical librarian has the brains to spot anything? Also I did something like this once before with no problems what so ever.