Why are western people so obsessed with conspiracy theories? you guys think politicians are actors...

Why are western people so obsessed with conspiracy theories? you guys think politicians are actors? I've never seen anyone in japan ever say something like this our politicians are genuine leaders same with chinas jinping and putin they simply cant be actors I dont know what is happening in the west to make you all distrust your own politicians but to say all politicians are on the same team is absurd especially when you look into what is happening with china. also you guys say "jews" are involved in china but jin ping has no members close to him that are chinese and if anything china is trying to be stopped for not having jews. I dont believe all the world is a stage and its all fake it simply cant be possible too many thousands of people would be "in on it" you cant swear that many people to secrecy and no one has ever slipped up and had a deathbed confession? absurd

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lander.odessa.ua/doc/The Secret Team (CIA).pdf

Stop LARPing as a Jap, you have no idea how many people hate Abe and talk about the dirt on him.

ching chong ping pong = obey masta
Aryans = question authority even if wrong
thats why they say contrAryan

Japs are notorious conspiracy theorists, they correctly point out the connection between jewry and Christianity.

dubs confirm.

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Dirt? I wanna hear.

people actually really like abe you are misinformed. please share this "dirt"

Posting an argument and projecting its defeating point in the same tangent, you win a "sage".



Defeating point

I fail to see your point you might be illiterate



Go back to cuckchan or just kys, this isn't a board to post your random stupid thoughts.

And don't be fucking retarded. It's not conspiracy "theory" because they do this shit right out in the open all you have to do is pay attention. Most westerners know their governments are corrupt they're just apathetic that there is anything that can be done about it. And they can still buy the latest iPhone and speaker/spyware thingamajiggie.

I lived in China for a while and they all knew their government was corrupt and they gossiped constantly about it.

Also don't forget to kys

I'm not talking about corruption you people claim it's all fake and none of it is real. fuck you.

Anyway jews have been in China for hundreds of years. The communist government was created in collaboration with jews. And the Chinese never figured out that the jews needed to be expelled, as far as I know.

"say "jews" are involved in china but jin ping has no members close to him that are chinese"

Their entire government was setup by a fucking jew. God damn do some fucking reading. As I said I lived there. There were yids everywhere. Who do you think heads up all the western banks and "consults" for the big Chinese banks? I remember seeing personally news articles that ran in China about the Jewish communities that have been in china for generations who are part of the Chinese community and diversity is their strength and oy vey.

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I meant to say "NOT" chinese

also around the time I left China all the major jewish media/productions companies in hollywood were setting up huge studios in Shanghai. I saw them being built myself. China is their next host.

There's tons of confession but they are all suppressed and after you confess the worse lies are spread about, you are literally literally Hitler, so if you saw them you would deny them all do to your programming.

Kill yourself, a quick browse on 2ch and you find more conspiracy theories than here.

no conspiracies about the entire world you see being fake

Westerners aka WHITES just think bigly. Non-whites and shitskins are very insular.

Aren't many Jews against Christianity?

according to westerners jews invented christianity well actually to be more specific zoroastrian flavians invented christianity, judaism, and islam to get the world to worship satan and harvest this energy for their demiurge god. yes westerners are insane


Nipanon, you don't live in a mullticult empire where you have to lock the door when you walk your dog. The West is a low trust society and it has crippled everything, you can hardly trust your own family.

if the jews dont like something it means that thing is jewish dont you know??

makes sense to me
lets go gas those (((jews)))
i mean Zoroastrian flavians

It depends. They look down on christians, but will encourage christianity when it goes along with their goals, like in the case of the evangelicals.

You apparently believe your own fantasy about China not being heavily jewed, and we're the crazy ones?

What told you this was my argument brainlet? Seems like youre the one who's illiterate. If you cant see how retarded you are by reading your own OP you shouldnt be posting.


When we say fake we mean they don't really believe the things they say. The vast majority are just doing what their overwhelmingly Jewish donors in the case of the democrats want them to do and they will tell whatever lie they have to tell to stay in power.

Why's this ignoble kike acting like he's a noble nip?

The Jews are so asshurt about Jesus, that Israel has its own special version of the plus sign (+) that looks like an upside-down "T" because they don't want to draw a cross.

Ching chongs have about a thousand animu cartoons about politicians being aliens, robots, demons, vampires, clones, time travelers, etc. Pic related

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You might see the West being as paranoid about Jews, but soon Japanese will have to believe in so-called ((( Cohenspiracy theories ))). Future looks (((colourful ))) for Nippon.

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The West is ran by horrible stewards of a middleman caste, they use abuse it for their own ends. Read the Protocol of the Elders of Zion.

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Because the will of the people is never enacted. It's always the opposite. Whites have been losing everything since this country was founded. It's been a linear path to hell. They also lie constantly. Then there's the Jewish factor. Those are the people whose interests are always served.

Another kike slide thread?

Wew, another kike slide thread pretending to be some asian or something.

Can we please have a week long browse requirement implemented before posting is allowed so these kikes don't just switch IPs?

Two brothers, bankers to two powerful warring nations.

Think long and hard about that.

And ask yourself; why isn't this common knowlege?

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Most Americans are conspiracy theorists, Europeans not so much. The reason most Americans are conspiracy theorists is simply because America was founded by people who distrusted their government and it just stuck with them culturally

Nobody hates a conspiracy theory, or a conspiracy theorist so much as a conspirator.

And the beltway is swarming with conspiratorial cockroaches galore, a real rogues gallery of rat faced jews and their sayanim and shabbo goyim.

chinese bugmen are uncreative and completely compliant whereas western men are mostly creative and rebellious

western men elect trannies and muslims to represent them, asians tell them to fuck off

In western countries there is at least a far greater freedom of press and knowledge that can be spread. China has been known to clamp down on the Internet and anything they consider wrong think according to the party. It’s more or less a warning to the communism coming to country near you soon.

thailand and indonesia got the trannies and muslims

Why isn't it common knowledge that Einstein was an uneducated dumbass who had nothing to do with any part of relativity besides plagiarizing it?

trannies are the result of unbounded creativity


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War profiteering is the way the greatest fortunes are won. Pit two nations against each-other to destroy each other… sell to both, in-dept both, profit. Force nations to bow to you. Behold the global plutocracy after WW2

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Kikes hate Christianity because they know it's the truth and it will kill them if it's allowed to exist. Even the cucked, subverted, suicidal commie Christianity they've managed to create through mass-media is too dangerous for them to allow it to live, which is why they're doing their best to kill it off now that it's served it's purpose of ushering in peak weimar. This board is full of crypto-kikes and LARPers who've read Siege and Pierce but never touched Mein Kampf in their life. They would ally with a nonwhite bugman in a second if the bugman talks trash about Christianity and also throws shade at the Jews.

This is why LARPers cannot be tolerated in real life movements. They'll never help you build anything, and they can't throw off the kike brainwashing that makes them hate everything their ancestors held dear. There's a reason Hitler allowed non-Christians into the NSDAP but refused flat-out to tolerate anyone who openly attacked Christianity or Christian values. Fascism is unity, as much as the faggots and autists who now infest this board don't want to admit it, and if you don't have an official spiritual doctrine, you won't have the unity necessary to survive and prosper as a people. Tolerance leads to nothing but civil war and internal strife.

Sage because I know this will start yet another religious argument, but the shills and faggots brought it up first, so this one's on them. Ethnic Jews wouldn't exist until centuries after Jesus was dead, so you can take your historically illiterate kike on a stick argument and shove it up your ass, and nearly every Fascist peer of the NSDAP was Christian, along with the NSDAP itself. Your lies remain lies no matter how many times you repeat them.

No, that would be the women, and the invaders.

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Kikes do not hate Christianity. LOL. Not since the Spanish inquisition or Martin Luther at least.

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Christianity is the origin of Universalism (anti-tribalism) in Europe. Ultimately responsible for all the niggers in the US and Europe, for the fall of Europe to Islam. Hitler just needed to avoid angering the people who were Christian.

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Isn't that the guy that shipped Lenin into Russia? Every. Single. Time.
Also, chec/k/ed.

But go on thinking magical fairy farts and what have you

A blatant and outright lie, typical of the shills. There's documented evidence that the Jews continue to hate Christianity to this day.

No it isn't. Christianity is tribal, read the Old Testament. The Enlightenment is the origin of Universalism and anti-tribalism in Europe, and the Enlightenment philosophers hated Christianity and were intellectually sympathetic to the Jews. Most of them WERE Jews.

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Abrahamic god:

yet evangelicucks still say 'BRING EM IN' to rapefugees


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I love conspiracy theory so much that I promote counterclaims and metanarratives written against theories to see if anyone will refute it, or if it will take hold as a more satisfactory explanation. Hugboxers tend to dislike that behavior regardless of where they congregate. Truthseekers are a rarity.

No, YOU read it.

Separation from unbelievers
2 Corinthians 6:14-17
14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

2 John 7-11
7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

8 Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.

9 Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.

10 If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:

11 For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

So whoever believes in the Lord can be given Convenant.

Fuck you kikes.

That's how kikes "convert".

I remember watching a scene of Family Guy from some time ago where witnessing to people about Jesus was made fun of. In fact, that show seems to make fun of Christianity multiple times

And? A lot of shows make fun of Christianity.

I think that it's evidence that those behind the present media generally hate it

The Catholic Church was the foremost defender of Judaism, and that's straight out of the mouth of its foremost defender, E. Michael Jones. After all their crimes, the Jews would be about to get judged by a crowd of angry peasants, and they'd run and hide in the local church. Their official policy was Sicut Judaeus Non, aka don't harm the Jews. Their primary hive in Europe was in Poland (Galicia), the most militantly Catholic country on Earth. They're the reason Poland went from being a free, rich, and powerful kingdom (arguably the strongest in Europe) to being a powerless debt ridden shithole, and yet the church remained the most powerful institution in Polish life and did nothing to stop it. The Jews wouldn't have ever had a position in Europe without the church to
1. Provide ideological cover for them
2. Prevent Christians from banking, thereby giving Jews the most powerful profession
3. Protecting the Jews from the Christians when the locals get pissed off.

Don't think that because they bad mouth Christians that they don't benefit from them. They bad mouth everybody, especially those that help them, largely to keep their own tribe in line and not too sympathetic with the suckers. By that standard, America in WWII was not a Jew puppet because Jews bad mouth America and especially the demographic that fought for them. The opposite of a lie isn't always the truth, sometimes it's just another lie.

The present media hates Chrisitanity, true.

That doesn't mean the jews as a whole hates Christianity, or even try to destroy it.

in fact, even if jews hate Christianity, christians will still die for jews.

Proof that you're a jap or gtfo

No one can argue, they just call you names. That's means you are right. This place is a psyop to get western men to waste their energy on conspiracy theories instead of having families or getting into a science.

A couple months ago I started really beating on this drum about Paul and Max Warburg…here and at half chan too.

I was using the Wikipedia writeups on them and then suddenly, within about 3 days after i started, the Max Warburg article got whittled down to about 1/8 of its original size.

Just goes to show ya eh?


All it says now about his WWI activities is this;

"He apprenticed in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, and London. From 1910 until 1938, he was director of M. M. Warburg & Co. in Hamburg, Germany. As head of that firm, he advised Kaiser Wilhelm II prior to World War I."

Note…it now only admits that he advised the Kaiser PRIOR TO WWI.

Absolute fuckers…

Almost nothing right now is so important to our survival as the study of history, the true history.

If we don't dig through the mountain of shit and see how we got here we'll be staggering around blind in the wilderness without hope.

Eustache Mullins was the disciple of Ezra Pound.

Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

You can absolutely trust those two men.

Also, Texe Marrs (not Jim Marrs) a USAF Colonel and university professor is of impeccable credentials. I love that guy

And Col. Fletcher Prouty is my hero. Read the Secret Team.
lander.odessa.ua/doc/The Secret Team (CIA).pdf

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Wikipedia can be pretty informative until it gets political. I noticed the dearth of info in that same place and knew it was another memory hole operation, just like Stalin's vanishing ministers.

No its not, 8ch Zig Forums is just where all the schizo retards go after being trolled too hard or banned for shitposting on 4chan. The mods don't want to set a precedent by banning these faggots because no one wants to look like imkampfy again, and everyone knows that if you do ban these people they'll hop on tor and proxies and endlessly bitch about how they got banned anyway.

Give me funposting or give me death

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He's bringing in more foreigners for 実習 from third world shit holes. The LDP are bunch of corporatist good goys, and we need a proper right wing party.


So WHO are the Warburgs? WHY are they so important?

Look at who mommy Warburg is..

Please take note; Oppenheim is a small town in Germany of only 10,000. They say that the inventor of the Atom Bomb, the family that controls the diamond trade, the first mayor of Vancouver who bought the entire city in a railroad swindle aren't related.

But you've got 4 powerful jews from a town of 10000…what are the odds of them being related?


The penetration of the banking families into the power fabric of nations can be gauged from the astonishing fact that during WWI German intelligence was headed by the banker Max Warburg, brother of a naturalised US citizen Paul Warburg. Paul Warburg authored the diabolical Federal Reserve scheme. The Warburgs were among the owners of the Federal Reserve. Both represented their respective “countries” in the “delegations” that met at the “peace” negotiations at Versailles after WWI in which Germany was ripped off completely.

When Germany, short of food supplies in 1915, was willing to end the war, the bankers wanted to prolong it. The bankers set up a Belgian Relief Commission, which was a cover for supplying food to the German army. A British nurse Edith Cavell found out and wrote a letter that appeared in the Nursing Mirror on April 15, 1915, pointing out that all supplies under “Belgian Relief” were being sent to Germany. Eustace Eustace Mullins writes: “William Wiseman, head of British Intelligence, and partner of Kuhn-Loeb Company, feared that the continuance of the war was at stake and secretly notified the Germans that Miss Cavell must be executed.” She was arrested and charged with aiding prisoners to escape, and even though this crime carried a punishment of a three-month imprisonment, she was executed in accordance with the desire of the bankers. This helped prolong the war for another three years.

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All politicians are just better paid actors ching ping pong.
In reality they are just a lower tier control system. There is always a higher secret cabal behind them.

Fletcher Prouty speaks of "the high cabal"

istorian Alan Brugar has pointed out that for every soldier who died in battle, the international bankers made a profit of $10,000 dollars! This was almost a century ago when the dollar carried much more value than today. It were the bankers who manipulated the horrific World War I. This bloodletting was not just to make profits - this was also carried out to exhaust countries by bleeding them and enhance the control of bankers over governments with the objective of setting up the New World Order (NWO).

A set of banking families, tied by blood and intermarriages - the Rothschilds, the Warburgs, the Schiffs, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, etc - control the globe. Variously called merchant bankers, international bankers, the Elite, the High Cabal, etc these families are masters of financial fraud and deception. Their strength lies in usury, unity, ruthlessness, cunning, anonymity, an utter lack of fidelity to any nation, continuity and long range planning.
They kept Europe divided. The Dreyfuss affair, in which a French military officer was falsely charged with spying for Germany, erupted suddenly in French press, and led to a breakdown in the developing Franco-German cordiality in the 1890s. Although Dreyfuss was later acquitted, the damage had been done - France and Germany remained at odds. It turned out that Count Ferdinand Walsin-Esterhazy, the person responsible for planting false evidence against Dreyfuss, was in the pay of the Rothschild banking family.

In USA, the bankers set up Tax-Exempt Foundations. They retained control of the foundations, but managed passage of legislation, whereby only the Congress could order any investigation of the Tax-Exempt Foundations. In the minutes of the Carnegie Foundation meeting of 1908, which emerged to light after the Congress ordered an investigation into the “un-American” activities of Tax-Exempt Foundations in 1953, it is clearly stated that in order to take the US into the next war the State Department must be filled with their men.

Don't forget you can see (((who))) made the edits and what they were.

How do I do that? I'm not an expert at Wikipedia editing.

You don't have to be an expert, you can see all the edits by clicking here

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Only for them.

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Nice, thanks. I'm going to start digging around in there.

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Freedom of speech leads to freedom of thought. The Japanese honor system of self-regulatory behavior for the good of honor actually hampers their ability to criticize openly. The conspiracy or suspicions of greedy actions is likely most common among all societies. However, the Kennedy assassination woke many up to the idea of a shadow gov't due to the doubt of a thorough and complete accountability of the matter. Add to this communist tactics of subversion and demoralization of the west placing US social/racial groups against one another using the idiots of each group to start incidents and create battle grounds. We see this still echoing to this day. The weaponization of the mentally ill by leftists stops short of demanding violence until their last usefulness is done and the seed sprouts into violence– and so it is not criminal then under the guise of radicalism/progressiveness. The key was always eliminating self-awareness targeting the mental and social sciences. This is why the NPC meme might hurt deep for the 'progressives' now doubling down. A complete unawareness of the idea that they are being controlled, literally identifying them as the useful idiots everyone has been making fun of since 2014. As the left gets more desperate, they will start the self-sacrifice routine and you will see a lot of really dumb people harming themselves publicly and harming others too. Think about all the shills visiting this site, they are NPC drones and can't break free because of arrogance and pride from narcissism, whereas the classic conspiracy nut is a mixture of overt openness to ideas mixed with deep paranoia.

i really like this image, user

forgot to menton kageshio is the artist

You need to be less fallacious with your rhetoric. Ask for further details.
Now to answer your question.
When I say something to the effect of "politicians are puppets" it roughly translates to "politicians don't care about the well being of their citizens or the direction of society, and mainly try to increase their own power as much as possible while appearing to care about aforementioned things, and they do this by accepting donations from various lobbies, and in return pass laws that benefit those parties".
It's really not that far fetched, and I doubt it's too different over there.
Also, probably not every politician is like this. I say probably because I don't know them all. It's hard to get a lot of political power without playing into the hands of wealthy and influential parties and individuals. One must also rub shoulders with other corrupt politicians, and they won't like a white knight.
I feel like a lot of this is common sense.

Good points.

I'm getting lukewarm on surveillance. There was this guy in my past who fucked with me hardcore. Better surveillance? Might have caught him. My tragic origins? Yeah I think the surveillance people would've screwed it up and I think I know how, but maybe they deserved to have a chance. You losers? Lotta you probably haven't been awful lawful like me. I've been a good law-abiding citizen. i'm worried watchers won't be honest - that they'll fabricate evidence, stalk people, manipulate the culture. But if I pretend for a moment that I really believe in the honesty of the people trying to see everything they can so they can fix as much as possible? If I just focus real hard on that bright potential?

It wouldn't hit me. I've been honest, law-abiding, and boring. So maybe I should change my mind about all the paranoia I've spewed in the past, because I honestly don't have anything to hide.

Yeah, because East Asians are, in actually, lowbrow, stupid herd animals.

You've never experienced jews in your govt, have you?

I've committed one felony in my life. I broke the law in one big way. I'm an American, up late thinking about this. I want to say I didn't hurt anyone who didn't deserve it. That's false. I want to say the crime I committed didn't hurt anyone. Pretty sure that's truth - but I hurt the victim in other ways.

Better surveillance might've caught me for that and fucked up my life. So sorry, I shouldn't have done it, I can't say I'd cry before a judge but I'd try to show remorse in other ways. i really shouldn't have. It was a mistake.

Why did it happen? It happened because leftism twitched and shattered its fist against sex-positivity. I am a god-damned genderless asexual. America's not fucked and that's the problem, right? But this is who I am. And at that point in my life I had spent years squelching my real desires because all the sexual people I'd met had really impressed me. I thought they were making everyone honest. I wanted to be like them, even if that meant telling a lie of my own.

Well I sowed no oats, but I ain't a virgin, either.

Waste of trips. Kill yourself.

So I went long and frenzied, diving into conspiracy theories. I'd become convinced that sex-positivity was the answer and sexual repression was the enemy. I wanted to figure out what the hell happened, and I wanted to figure it out before sexual morality backslid in a huge way.

To sum up a long story, I broke into a politician's computer during PG.

I don't care if we're being watched, not really. I'm nobody. I'm just me. And I wouldn't have done it if things hadn't gone crazy. Maybe they wouldn't have if people could see more. Maybe I could've been a lawful liar pretending more sexual attraction than I felt all my life.

Probably not, courtesy of the guy who fucked with me, but maybe. I'm not tellin' that story here.

Computer I opened was clean, by the way. No evidence of anything kiddie.

Look at Germany, noone would ever vote for cucks like Maas or Spahn. But theyre all high up.
Same goes for other politicians.
Why are they so high up? Because the parties dont kick them, why? Because they got ties to people that finance the parties both publically and privately.
Just the way they act and look shows you that these politicians are literal pussies.
Noone in their right mind would vote for them.
But they get votes.
PS talking about mainly CDU here, which is mid-right wing(far from actual right)
Also noteworthy the few politicians with balls all died by weird suicides.
Möllemann and that one french guy, also that dutch dude that got killed by some crazy leftist just when he was winning.

Also most noteworthy is…world war 2.
You cant explain the involvement of all the countries that declared war on Germany without that what youre questioning.

dutch guy* not french guy

What the flying fuck is wrong with you and what are you fucking talking about? Are you a bot or some shit?

Overdeveloped lateral thinking with no rational counter"weight". It's a real problem with Whites, just like our altruism. You don't see as many conspiracy nuts in other races because they lack the inherent creativity needed.

When a rational person hears "Spaghetti" for example, they will most likely think of "Italy" or something simio. When a a conspiracy nigger hears the term heal immediately jump from Italy to Mafia to "OH shit they must be after me" because he lacks the basic psychological breaking mechanism that keeps normal people from making irrational connections.

Oh wow, a couple of jews wrote about their wet dreams to mongrelise Japan, so it's definitely going to happen!


Again, the japs and the chinks are notorious conspiracy theorist, and the feminist satanist group in South Korea was uncovered by conspiracy theorist too.

Y'all talking about nonsense.

No-one other than jews want that to happen user.

I'm honest. You people can bend yourself in service to lies if you like, you fucking programmed assholes. I've lived my life like a free man, too damned proud for the ghetto bullshit that impoverishes so many people in so many countries. Criminality is submission! Worthy people keep their integrity!

And I've kept mine, without so much as a god at my back, because being a good person is what works in life. Every trend rewards the virtuous. Good trends don't always save good individuals, but the world gets better all the time.

You want to see an end to conspiracy theories? Be honest, be good, be kind. People will smarten up in the real way once they stop bowing themselves to whatever godawful suffering everwar they gave their autonomy to.