You suck militarily, you suck at foreign policy and you are ever increasingly sucking at free market capitalism.

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First Mexico, now Germany… kek

Sounds like we don't suck at foreign policy if we are getting contracts over other countries.

Pretty much everyone here will agree capitalism sucks and is the work of the Jews. This has nothing to do with Zig Forums. Cry harder, faggot.

I can't think of a better country for this to happen to. Every day I'm amazed that 80 million people can be so fucking bad at every single thing they do. Here's hoping that your economy collapses when you run out of towelheads to buy your shitty, overpriced cars.

So who is paying for all of this? The place is piss poor. I suspect the money just gets moved from a US government fund to private pockets.

We have no business helping these ingrates out anyway.

Sounds like the US just did Germany a favor. That's 15 Billion less to spend on importing and housing mudslimes.


Like Saddam's "oil for food" program. They would pay in raw resources.

lolbergs please go

OP was a nigger today.

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You make french cars look good, that's how crappy your vehicles are.

Your trash cars don't even follow basic safety requirements you dumb MAGApede. Ford puts the entertainment system on the same bus as the all other systems and if somebody intrudes into the highly unsafe, internet connected entertainment system he can kill the brakes or do whatever the fuck he wants with your life. I hope muh Chinese Russian hackers fuck with your car and drive you off a bridge.

More D&C between americans and germans, brothers.


Better than your military
Arm twisting is foreign policy. Get fucked
Using leverage is part of free market capitalism. If Siemens spent billions cucking up to sand niggers by grooming their balls didn't get them the contract because another country came in and bullied their way in. Well that's Siemens fault, they used shitty leverage. Siemens should have expected aggressive competition, they didn't. Get fucked.

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We shouldn't even be there to twist that arm in the first place faggot

Pst. Be quiet comrade.

(((free market capitalism)))

The npc is physically excited when the ZOG announces its victories. He feels like he shares in the merit.

Sounds like something criminal Edison would do, not that Germoney deserves a cent being such a bunch of cucked freaks ruining Europe.

I'm sure it's the german people who are importing these niggers, just like it's the american people who protect Israel.

Nope, not the people. The government.


our cars are only overpriced in your country because of import tariffs. Your government can't let us compete fairly or you'd have no business.

dude Omron is not that great their sensors break all the time and the fucking EtherCAT network just fucks up sometimes for no reason. Although Omron might be the top of the shit pile that is automation electronics.

This is Trudeau "if you kill your enemy you loose" level logic.

Actually first was Australia.
Iraqi has been Halliburton’s exclusive playground for decades.
During the Iraqi war Australia made a play to sell wheat to the country and the USA has the wheat impounded and destroyed citing iron filing contamination. The scandal essentially destroyed the AWB and left Australia’s industry in tatters.

Wasn't it Siemens PLC's that shat the bed when Stuxnet came knocking?

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No it isn't. It's "my enemy won, I lost." For it to be as you said, Germany would have to be happy that the U.S. won.

How about instead of crying like a nigger bitch at your superiors, you get a little upset at your nigger-loving kike government for making you into a massive cuck with a bucket of tampons shoved up your gaping butthole?

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Yeah, capitalism sucks, anyone supporting capitalism is not a true Zig Forumslack.

niggers, worry over the millions of africans arabs and jews in europe before you get butthurt over "muh car industry"

So do all of them unless you pay a small fortune.
Omron break more easily, just means you gotta be carefull to hand them over to your clients in one piece. They break? They pay.
And it's easy enough to tell it to go fuck itself and reset the error. I brute force that shit into working when I'm out of patience to do things the right way. Fuck it, it's connecting. It fails? General Reset routine, start over motherfucker.
Now take Siemens. Comms error? Shit outta luck son, not only there's a right way for things to work, there's a right way for things to NOT work, and you either follow proper faggy procedure or shit throws MORE ERRORS your way.
Also, Siemens documentation is a lot clearer, well organized and easily accessed.
Siemens support is a mess of unrelated shit that pops up searches anyway and they constantly try to get you to use their forum populated my tay fuckboys and poos trying to make a INC function work and failling because they're INC'ing strings.
Fuck'em all, I hope a regenerative motor corrent sets their PLC's on fire.

Any company would have shat the bed. By that time, PLC virus was a thing noone thought about. It's fucking surreal too: you have a box that's programmed, closed and never acessed again, a suposedly self-contained system that needs no user interaction. Yet something can get inside, infect it and fuck it up? That was beyond anyone's dreams/nightmares at the time.

Of course, now we're on the "Internet of Things" age of fuckery, your fridge, shoes and dog have a fucking chip on it with Twitter support, and that means anything that looks funny at your router is a potential attack vector.
It's not my area, the computer science guys know what happens there since it's one level above mine on the software hierarchy, but I'm pretty sure they'll tell you the same thing: it was a fucking terrible idea because every manager likes to have an HTML page where you can see the state of every machine on your plant, but none of them want to pay a Tech Guy to keep that shit safe.
It's a "fire the guard, use the money to buy a safe" scenario: a guard has a % of failure that remains unchanged through time, while a safe has a low initial % of failure that goes up the longer it goes since attackers will eventually brute force in.

Meant Omron. Their site is a beauty and finding manuals/datasheets/procedure documents is easy.
Try doing the same with Siemens. Just gotta filter all the poos asking the same question in broken english waiting for the more experienced users to answer because that forum is completely devoid of Siemens personnel.

The only good thing I'll say about Siemens is that the S7-1500 is probabbly one of the best PLC's I worked with. It's a fucking shame however you gotta use TIA Portal for that shit, because that program is BitRot given a Gui.

top kek
China is more about a free market.

Kurdistan has insane oil deposits, and the Iraqi government is currently winding up to revalue their currency to it's pre-war value, which was significantly stronger than the dollar.

lol suck us off harder, krauts. When are you going to rise up and end your own occupation?


To the winner go the spoils.

We should be stealing all their oil and giving them enough rice to fight over.

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Actually the regular people are poor but the place is very rich in natural resources such as oil.
15 billion is like a days oil output.

At this point in time, Kurdistan is no more a real country than Kekistan.

Obviously. But that oil is within Iraqi borders, no matter the name on the subregion.

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Once again the primary enemies of the jews are in Trump's crosshairs.

Germany isnt 100% muslim yet.

Pay your bills, niggers.

Stolen != free.

Germany is always the primary enemies of the jews. Always has been. Please don't get into a back and forth on this, trumpnigger.

Right, there's still a few jews there and sympathizers.

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Germany has only existed since 1871.
Where as a Jewess poisoned the prophet mohammed 1400 years ago.

Don't you have some old greek women to rob?

You can praise jews all you want, but we still won't accept them here, nigger.

This is praise?

It has been months since I have seen a decent OP. MONTHS. A decent lengthed green text red titled properly pictured formatted and sourced OP.

I dont remember praising them at all?
If I gave that impression at any point, I apologize.

No it hasn't kikefy. You just pout whenever some else's takes wing.

You said David Pakman was based, I saw you say it. We all did.

Based jew opportunist? You lost?

To Jews, certainly.

Then pic related must be the highest form of praise.

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Does this mean my GE stock will go up?

Thats a meme used to subvert america and its industries. If america went completely protectionist, only importing raw materials it needed, the entire country would be 100 years ahead of anyone else.

itt krauthurt

[email protected] bitch niggers big dick america dabbing on you cuckold faggots

ok please gib song name pls that shits pretty epic

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This post is a very good indicator of a strongly denied reality: trumpniggers are literal niggers. They are literally genetically african.

modicon master race

Can you really not even afford two man teams? You must be lonely, are you stuck at the office or do they let you work from your apartment? You really need to institute some sort of standards and practices. How is merkels germamy supposed to be a fracture point? This is an honest question. Do you not have any sort of guidelines?

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LOL. USA is good at business and shit.
That said, Siemens is probably run by the merchants either way. This is just my gut doing the thinking, but Zig Forums can't ever be wrong.

Sadly, but it is the reverse. SIemens family is of pure german stock and their current ceo is german as well. They are paying the price because they are leaning towards Russia in their business practices and USA is assblasted a bout this.

Sorry but I only buy german guns and vidya.

I will buy japanese car cuz it's cheaper.

Isn't bullying people into doing business with you what free market capitalism is all about?

Free market within America, fuck everyone else. That's what I want. Tariffs through the roof and everything produced domestically.

I want that you tariff yourself through the roof as well. That would in turn enable my man Vlad to swoop right in and reclaim rightful russian role.

This is literally the retarded tier isreali jews you get on Zig Forums

Its next post will explain how Trump cucking out to isreal and betraying Americans is really based and helps whites

Inmates gotta make do with what brass hands them down

This is the globalist modus operandi. First they bomb the shit out of you and then they make you buy and consume their garbage, preferably with their debauchered paper currency.

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You know, the only reason Nationalsocialist Germany struggled in international deals is because of this jewish "fuck everybody" mentality. Any nation which was open with German trade knew what free market is: bartering excesses to needed materials/products. No money exchange, no deficit, no interest, no inflation. Both partners benefit.
What we see today as foreign exchange is usury on top of usury, and all this ends up in an endless chase the tail, differentiating negatives.

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Nope down because GE decided to rein in their game before this shit happened leaving themselves in a position unable to take advantage of this fuckup.

I like those coins.

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no one of any substance will agree with this. you are a retard

did she eat bacon so here titty milk burned his throat?

this is nu pol there are no rules now. we are in a post fake news generation. We dont need resources we just make this shit up.

Fuck off, kike.

Hey but you got all dat muslims to enrich you and diversify you and are run by momma merkel of superior femm leadership. You win in the end right?

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