Brit/pol/ #2914: New Machine Edition

Gordon Brown: 'Boris Johnson could be UK's last prime minister'
Ex-PM says Johnson’s anti-Europe conservatism is seen in Scotland as anti-Scottish

Boris: ‘Something About Islam’ Kept Muslims ‘Centuries Behind’, ‘Muslim Grievance’ Behind Most Conflict
Theresa May’s expected successor Boris Johnson is under fire from the Muslim Council of Britain for past comments suggesting “something about Islam” was responsible for the Islamic world ending up “centuries behind” the West.

Twelve Israeli teenagers have appeared in court in Cyprus over the alleged rape of a 19-year-old British woman.
Ayia Napa: Twelve teenagers in court after 'British woman raped'

Top EU chief made UK a secret offer to 'put Brexit on ice' for five years
Theresa May's deputy revealed the shock comments over a private lunch by Martin Selmayr, the most senior civil servant in the EU

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you nigger mine was stuck in the sys smh

he would know

Delet that anti semitic link

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Look at this thing

Anyone got sound for this?

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can you niggers stop talking about epstein, please.

You have to post again after posting yours or it will remain stuck forever.

nice try spy, we're not falling for the ayyyrea 51 shite

Good lad.

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Anna… around blacks, never relax

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These memmies are killing my sides

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top jej

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9 percent, why are somalis even in the midwestROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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okay periods bring no health benefit but nobody asks themselves what the pill brings? smh


You should grab your mini-14 and go fix things, lad.

Imagine voting for the Conservative and Brexit party, and thinking the will reduce and halt immigration.

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I need to get more mags smdh its a materialist prison

lads…. time to activate it

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hope everyone has been enjoying some violence against women?

who here remembers patriarchy class? I always enjoyed the wifebeating lessons lol

She's an absolute fucking retard.

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they're just making things up now

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did anyone ever use that?


Are you white?
Have you felt forced to change your behaviour, or take new precautions, in light of:
- the entirety of the media's anti-white remarks
- the fight for your lives as you and your communities are destroyed
- the threat of anti-white crime
We don't want to hear from you, you bigot.

I think we need more mass immigration from the Islamic world, seeing as their nations have a great track record on women's rights. Glad Jess Phillips is facilitating this via her constant pushing for egalitarianism and open borders through the Labour Party.

hullo yes CNN i am an immigrant my family came to america on the mayflower 400 years ago
people keep bullying me when i wear my MAGA hat in public by shouting things like "drumble blumpf" or "zion don" so now i don't wear it anymore
okay thankyou

The good old days

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hahaha wtf

It doesn't work as well as they'd hope.

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what the fuck

Instantly lose all sympathy for people who speak in that entitled Mexican accent.

The comments are reassuring tbh

All these people who think it's immoral to enforce normal border law need to read a book on the crisis of the third century and stop destroying their own country.

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remember when arabs only existed in Disney? smh

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used to think arabs were jolly viziers who liked smoking hookah and spice (Nick Lemongrass, Harrisa Not Herbs, Gerry Garlic, Shallots Magazine)s, and jamaicans sat around in hammocks all day listening to reggae
in reality both just live in destitute concrete urban ghettoes smh

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Miners Eye The Moon For Trillion Dollar Payoff
European scientists have announced plans to start mining the moon as early as 2025, though what they’ll be extracting is neither gold nor diamonds, but waste-free nuclear energy thought to be worth trillions of dollars.

tfw no empire space program to put the british flag on the moon and mine trillion dollar moondust

top kek
Do you have the "It has come to my knowledge that you are in the possession of a certain pass, Mr Bond." rofl?

I don't get it

The new 007 is a black woman

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Bond, hes going for the foodstamps, stop him

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fucking STATE of SA boomer posting

feeling angry lads

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why not just dig a hole and throw money in it?

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🤡💊 💣🏛


Lads. Who is funding The Guardian exactly?

Lad Chukka is gay

It's supposedly funded through voluntary subscriptions from readers. Assuming that's true, that means it's funded almost exclusively by student grants, arts grants, research grants, etc.

keeek good lad thats how it works

I know a lot of media in the British Isles operates at a loss and relies on corporate funding.


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Hope no one tweets her and Jess Phillips something like this in response

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Is it only him?

We know but it seems she doesn’t and it fukked her head up
implying a gay nigger wouldn’t settle for sloppy seconds from the Soubry nazi slag

Martha Luther King?

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Never say never, lad.

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can't wait for the remake to make these cunts a lot of money

is southern england basically a third world country, how do you cunts put up with it

There is literally nothing wrong with hard water. It's good for your bones.

We have some of the best water up norf and loads of the worst currywogs so it's probably down to the shandy sippin battybois or something if there is a problem with southerners water.

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My brother was supposed to get his daughter back the start of this year… almost 8 months later and she's still kept hostage smh
keeek Jess Phillips on suicide watch

don't be jealous scotland will become a third world country just like everywhere else in the global favela project, everything is getting worse up here aswell

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Water in the South West is fine, it's just very hard and causes the tap to go crusty if you leave it running.

can she just FUCK OFF already it should be illegal to have this panem et circenses of the tory leadership bid

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