Reminder you are all NPCs

Reminder you are all NPCs

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Oops, meant to post that on /liberty/

literally all of these things are true except nazis being left wing
even gay lolbergs are right sometimes

Nazis are center left, normalfriend. Funny (sad) how they are considered fascist nowdays.

Shows your competence and clarity of thought, faggot!


i'll take lolbergs over cuckchanners any day tbh

You've demonstrated that you don't even know what the NPC meme is about. If you ask us what 1+1 equals, we'll all predictably say "2". Does that make us NPCs? Obviously not. Giving the same answer does not make somebody an NPC if that answer is true and can be backed up by logic and reason. Most of the statements in your pic are true statements that have been backed up by arguments here.

What makes an NPC and NPC is an inability to think for themselves. They take an illogical position and when faced with arguments against it they get mad and throw out buzzwords or one-liners. They lack self-awareness and the capacity to understand why they are wrong. Your side is filled with people like that, Zig Forums, and ours is not. That's the difference.

Reminder that the left forevermore can't meme

People are only NPCs if they've given their autonomy over to criminal conducts.

It's a stupid fucking meme anyways.

The reactions to it have been huge, though. You may think it stupid, but it has been effective.

Reminder that these SHIT TIER THREADS stay up for almost an hour due to the effects of CHODEKIKEY's incompetent management.
Remember to SAGE and GLOBAL REPORT shit threads like this one.
OP please delete your shit thread immediately.

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Kill yourself.

Not really. It's not even clever and way too many trump supporters appropriated it from the start for midterm elections. So the people who most qualify as "NPC"s are using it against other NPCs. How ironic.

reminder that lainposter is an unironic schizophrenic /fringe/fag and ex-trumpnigger that made it onto the mod team somehow.

consider this: you becoming a mod is more reason to remove chodemonkey and exodus now than some shit-tier threads being allowed to exist.

I disagree, these threads are fucking cringey.

hello, reddit. if board-users bully these people until they leave the board there won't be any shit threads left.
this is how the board was moderated in the time between doorways and heil, and it wasn't half bad.

and i mean real heil, not kampfy.
i also have reason to suspect that real heil is also endchan's old BO and he has some kind of health issue that makes him disappear every so often.

I don't see the problem here.

Every meme gets used by outsiders. That is to be expected. In fact in some cases it's even the measure of a successful meme. We create an offensive meme and people begin to echo it all over the internet for us.

What a retarded accusation.

Nothing terribly offensive about calling people "normal" especially if it's from someone who seems equally normal.

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Not it is not.

What's the difference between burning an American flag and burning a cross? If you said "racism" you might be an NPC.