I've been IRLing this for the last 6 months hard. The stock market is going to crash and we remember what happened last time. They timed it just right, blamed Bush, and got away scott free.

When the market crashes again they are going to blame Trump and we need to get out ahead of it big time now. Normies need to be pre-programmed NOW. They need to understand that #orangemanbad is less important than the banks being gone. Good strategies that have worked.

We can't allow blame to be taken off the banks.

1) Tell them Trump will be dead soon anyways and the banks are generational fuck jobs.

2) Pretend to hate Trump (some of us do), but make it clear the banks are worse. (works on libs very well.)

3) Make it clear Trump hasn't done much. "Yea, Trump is a liar, the economy numbers are lies as usual. But what can he do with the banks printing money all day and raising rates?"

4) Banks first, THEN Trump. We get rid of banks, THEN we can get rid of Trump. (they love this one)

I need more ideas, but I have made a ton of progress preprogamming liberals against the Fed. Even if Trump tries to bail them out, it will be very important to be ahead of it all this time. Please post your ideas. But we need to be going full steam at this right now. Make it clear that .

We can't let Trump hatred carry us into further slavery to banks, we have to team together, we have to pre-program the normies

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This is the heart of the beast and the most important thing we will ever do in our lifetimes. It will happen.

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i am ready. my mind is ready and so is my body

Trump will nationalize the Fed. Few other countries will follow suit. The economy will crash drastically shortly after this in an engineered depression to end all depressions. The universal message to the world will be that nationalism destroys countries - it destroyed Hitler's Germany and now Trump has nearly destroyed the world. It's time for a world currency - the Phoenix Rothschild currency - and the world will be forced to accept this world currency and a world union will be formed centered in Jerusalem. The people of the world cannot control their own money and it leads to the ruin of everyone in this globalized world, so only an independent bank should be allowed to control it. A temple will be built in honour of this new world government and the end days will finally be here.

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Stock market doesn't crash in this timeline, at worst we get a correction followed by sideways action.

Then how do we get rid of the Fed? The thing is it HAS to crash. The system is designed to crash. Also, the people in charge can't help themselves, that's how they consolidate all the wealth. The push it up, crash it, buy it low. Repeat. They can't resist.

Trump will nationalize the Fed, kikes will get mad and the world goes on.

Implying implications

god I hope this happens and it causes such a shitstorm and world meltdown that the kikes cant scurry away from.

trumpshills, everywhere

This is the point of this thread. We have to help make it happen. The time will never be more ripe. There is no telling how long they'll wait to crash it, possibly right up til 2020 to try and get him out of a second term inb4 it's all staged , but this is the point, we have to prime the pump now. We can't be flat footed bringing up the Fed only after the fact to these morons.

Bad Orange Man knows all the kiketricks, and he is ready for this shit.

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stop shilling for your zionist puppet

So how do we get rid of the fed?

This movement is obviously a long time coming, but we do it by winning the (excuse the terminology but it really is the best) infowar. Using similar arguments to above I have convinced MANY a berniebot that getting rid of the Fed is more important that getting rid of Trump.

Bernie is a lying sack of shit and NEVER mentions the Fed, only the "big banks." But his supporters are either total morons that don't know the difference (most) or they have a brain and you can easily convince them to shift to hating the mother of all banks.

Basically we just have to be ready for when the time arises. If the market crashes and Trump mentions nationalizing the Fed, if that's the first they've heard of it then there is no chance they adopt the philosophy because they are so trained to be against Trump it won't matter what he says.


I was thinking about this a while back and came up with this idea, instead of end the Fed, we start telling everyone that the Fed is bank owned by people that isnt related to the government and that the US Just files bankruptcy. i don't know how much merit it has but if we can just get people to understand that it isnt a government institution, and that its a profit making bank owned by rich white men.. here are some terrible Memes i slapped together real quick. They need refinement but its works to get Zig Forums to understand what i mean.

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What about using the enemy of my enemy as a vocal group, like feminists or other. Get them chanting stuff such as:

Wouldn't surprise me if they ran with it and garnered much needed support.

We don’t. It requires physical action, and no one will ever do that.

Pointless. You have to go against the system itself. Protest and demand a roof over capitalism that dictates how much a single individual/ company can own, and legally bind that number to the wealth level of his/it's residential place. They are still able to make more, but everything above will go directly into the infrastructure of the same place. The next step would be creating a floor for capitalism as well, which dictates the bare minimum a city/country/nation has to provide for each citizen. If both of those systems are in place, they would feed each other, because the rich can raise the roof by pulling the floor with them, and with that creating a fixed distant between poor and rich. This would mean the rich can do whatever they want without endangering the rest, the poor would always see encouragement in bettering themselves and the middle can live peacefully between security and strive for the better.

Also it would destroy the kike way of operating.

This is good thinking, but as I'm sure you know, they need to be a bit more pithy. The best strategy I've come across so far is to go straight after the berniebots. They already hate the banks, it's just they only hate the ones bernie told them to hate. We need a meme directed at them specifically.

So what your saying is Jew the Jew by using Bernie as our spokes person.

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Literally not smart enough to take on such a task. These last two years the strongest redpill was that women are fucking retarded. And they won’t take on a system that’s designed at the lowest levels to remove peoples money and hand it to them. They don’t care how much of a scam the fed is at the wholesale level I’m telling you just go try to tell the nearest woman. Woman don’t understand the concept of national sovereignty. If a broken system isn’t causing an absolute hell on earth visibly shitty scenario for them then they will not care. Don’t tell women. Maybe try BLM big mean whitey banks could work.

The Fed is the reason they have wealth inequality though. Not hard to give them the steps to let them come to their own conclusions.

Get a new script yid.

we are already in a post fake news era … no one believes the narritve of the mainstream media any more.

America is already split and borken. News papers are just cheerleaders rooting for their team. You are right they will blame President Trump. But we dont need to get infront of it becuase we are already infront of it.

White people need to get employed , stop buying rap music take care of each other. What the economy does is something too high level for the average person we only care about getting our lives toegether and getting the government out of our lives.

Its only the libs that care about the economy because its a grandeos idea they can use to try to make the masses thinks things are good when they are not.

Dont tell me if the economy is good tell me that little johnny can get a job and doesnt have to be gay or black to get ahead of the queue. Its already over user, you cant putt the fake news back in the box.

Now the rest of this thread will deal with the reality:
-where should one be when the economy collapses?
-what skills will be good and might there still be opportunities for?
-race war now? during the collapse? post collapse as a means to reboost the "economy"?


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Yes, this is great. I would think it's possible it could even do it better by using entirely fake quotes. If it fits well enough with the perception people have of him, most of them will not stop to think twice. If they think Bernie said it, it will auto pass their filters and be assimilated into their mindset.

I even tell them that Bernie is really dogwhistling about the Fed because he knows it's such a taboo subject. Some buy it right away, some reject it, but I always see wheels turning when I use this one. Maybe something like "We know who Bernie really means…" or implying and such.

I have 200 oz of physical silver. I am waiting for the markets to fuck up and silver to spike hard, so I can hopefully buy real estate.

t. dumb faggot

Bump because your jewish control system is going to come crashing down.

Trump won't do shit you dumb niglet he's ZOG.

Here's one I made as a concept. I am no pro at memeing…

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