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Oy vey first post, goyim

A few of the most important ones go up top.

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the oven is preheated
does your kind prefer head first or feet first? wait, I don't care
stay salty kike

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We need to ignore hypocrisy and double-standards. It's a moral imperative; amirite tho?

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A friend asked me for these

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make one for fox news

There's no clear way for ward with FOX. It doesn't lend itself to simplicity like NPR->NPC, or MSNPC, or CNNPC (or even NPCNN).

You do it if you want it so badly.

so you're a shill for republicans, got it

Fuck off commie

fuck off zionist shill

go kvetch somewhere else, heeb

Typical jew commie, wants player characters to do his work for him, then claim oppression when they say he can fuck right off.

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so you're a shill too, noted

b-b-but, user. FOX is the exception. it's the only baste news outlet that isn't kike-owned, manipulative, deceitful, controlled opposition tho; like those other stations on TelAvivision
>FOX rolling out neocon after Zionist after RINO in support of financing, fighting and dying in wars for (((our bff's))) forever and ever amen is a pure Cohencidence

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i mean you are bumping a thread whose purpose seems solely to promote republicans and fox jews


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that's not good enough faggot, you're not fooling anyone

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This is very dangerous to our democracy, you know?

So wordy you can smell the left from here.

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I need to make some of these with The Office

I think you should change "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's NPC" to "Harry Potter and the Philosophical Zombie".

I wasn't planning to vote, because both sides are controlled by the Jew, but people like you tempt me to vote republican anyway for the saltmine.

Angry little hobbit aren't ya.

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You must have been looking for Breitbart and taken a wrong turn here instead. Fox News isn't popular here. It's nakedly Zionist in its slant, which they don't even attempt to hide. Leftists love to complain about Fox News. It's one of their primary bogeymen and has been for over 20 years. That's why I suspect you're here from Zig Forums or Shareblue.

Phew this is an avalanche of these images

Where's the actual SALT in these threads? It's just new NPC edits.

Check some of these

This meme is so simple, and yet so effective. You know why? Because truth hurts, kryptonite to the NPCs

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Got anything to counter modern kikery in videogames? Or anything for videogames, period?

Three G's

Get busy

Make them.

I wish I had the time, is there some sort of Imugur or other resource that has a whole bunch of them?

I love how butthurt the NPCs are getting

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it confuses them, they are not programmed to react properly, therefore, glitches follow

Start sharing the best on twatter etc, this shit needs to become the next pepe.

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found this relevant song other day enjoys

Apparently, the shills are gone for the moment. Can't believe I didn't think of this earlier.

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More merchant-like.

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Aztecs are not aryan no matter how many of these wishful thinking posts you make. Aztecs and whites might as well be a different species. I have to know, are you really this stupid or are you trying to insult our intelligence this hard?
Sage for taking bait, but god damn I have to know.

like this one, but the pepe is making me kinda cringe

Man, even in the Current Year he can't catch a break. Great work user.

Good call, there was an edit of the Big Bang Theory in an earlier thread that was pretty neat. It helps frame

There's a first for everything, user. Here's some templates, even if its quick and dirty a good idea is a good idea. Check out the previous threads for additional resources.

I think they're scattered across the board making slide threads, and refusing to make sense on actual threads.

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The face hiding a little more behind the D makes it sinister, great work user.

If you're taking requests, NPCs and shills alike resort to 'kill yourself' when backed into a semantic or ideological corner.

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How about one where they say that everyone who posts NPC memes is devoid of "Character" and NPCs themselves?

got a template for this one, with the line said by jesus empty? seems like a good idea to keep one

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Much obliged, anons taking requests is one of the things that makes these threads go from good to great.

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I'll be here for a bit

user… Its ==.

I meant with the NPC faces and everything, it's very easy to just edit the text

== is for numeric values not Booleans.

Also, you're presupposing the NPC code is in a sensible language that has a normal syntax.

It's really just a bit of shit that resembles code a normie can make sense of.

Also, stop analyzing the fucking code in a meme.

Apologies beforehand if my request is obtuse, but can you work out something to the effect of 'if speaking of diversity - music and food'? Bonus points if you can fit in 'refute Putnam study'.

I can't into MS Paint but here's a bush league version of what you wanted.

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Hey, smart guy. I contributed about 30 pictures to previous threads. I'm just sick of that Dacaztec guy's shit.

What language is that true in?

is there a NPC picture for "Attacking Nazis"? It would be good with the GG crowd, with everyone not in the cuckstep being a nazi now and all

Post a screencap if you're going to make such claims. Besides, no one around here ever gets verbose and butthurt like that over filenames :^)

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It's a fucked up (literally) mishmosh of ECMA 2015, PHP, and BASH.

Making NPC memes for NPCs is a fine thing to do when doing nothing at all else.

Regardless, its good work. It lends itself to the content, and isn't hard for people who don't know a thing about coding to understanding its significance.

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Fuck off, reddit.

If you're patient enough to wait for me to get back to my drawing computer and screencap some of the XCFs, I will. But man, you're still an idiot. And I see Dacaztec disappeared, so I'm assuming the latter scenario where he's trying to insult our intelligence.

This is probably shit

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If pointing out how out of place getting assmad over filenames makes me
then you're

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Filename and posting style. I recognize that guy from other threads. If you don't, you haven't been here more than a few weeks. Now stop making me waste posts you idiot. All I wanted was an explanation. It should have taken one post.

good batch here

Thank you for making a good day great user!

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You are going to feel really stupid in a few hours when I'm not 50 miles away on a netbook. The fourth pic in is one of mine and I'll be able to prove it. Now stop replying until I'm at the computer where I made it you stupid fucking idiot.

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Not only can the left not meme, their NPC's sure do a lot of begging

Oh fuck…

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>This is a salt thread, stop making it about you. Now if you'll excuse me, I got not salt to post
This is not a salt thread.

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oh ffs.
a SALT thread is a thread of reactions from the targets, that we may rejoice in their sorrow.
Constant reposting of stale memes is….

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oy vey!

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this is not a shitpost.
I've just realised, this salt is meta salt. We are seeing the salt from shit tier redditors getting butthurt that Zig Forumsacks keep calling them out for being massive faggots.

This one here is a tranny. You can tell by the tone of the circle jerking profundity of its defence and encouragement of other beta faggots

00000.1 bitshekel has been deposited into your account

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So uh, where's the salt?

damnit user, why would Jesus say to the kikes "you are being programed by the MSM" when the kikes are the ones programming the MSM? redo it!

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I think you are being a bit optimistic there user. Not much 'new' in here. So stale.

pic related

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yes I called you out for being a kike, what is your point Moshe?

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my point?


you silly nigger