This is Dickless Dickie now, he has a far-leftist coalburner gf that loves drag queen shows (much like Kike Enoch's wife) after all his close friends and lawyers disavowed him, was disowned by his parents so he's poor now and has to live in her apartment, his ((((Duginist)))) wife is divorcing him, taking his 2 children away from him and all his properties in Montana, he no longer can afford to live in VA since his parents filed a restraining order to keep him away from their family farms and Matt Furie is suing him for 20 million dollars. I guess that's that for the alt-kike, see kids this is why you should never listen to Cambodian Cartoon Chatrooms.

Attached: 1540380639274.jpg (1080x1350, 81.8K)

That's what you get when you work for the cia

And it all took only 3 years…he seemingly was a notoriously useless pawn for his masters.

Good to see Spencer learn things the hard way.

Dickie and ((((MILO)))) played (((((deep state))))) games and got (((((deep state))))) prizes. Instead of READ SIEGE, READ THE ART OF WAR DUMB SONS OF BITCHES!

Attached: Screen-Shot-2017-02-15-at-3.11.24-PM.png (1164x734, 844.29K)

art of war was written by and for brainlet antmen

Jesus Christ.

This actually makes me suspect that he is not a CIA asset. No one works for the CIA so that they can be poor and suffer. And the CIA has a fantastically large budget.

Also, the Art of War is overrated.

"defeat yoru enemy before you fight him"
wow gee thanks sun tzu

And yet you alt-kikers (and yes, most of the fags lurking on this Kripplekikechan shithole too) fail to abide to simple principles like "be invisible" and "don't be a retard that goes to obvious ambushes and gives the enemy enough time to organize a counter". Don't act like this board didn't helped organize the disastrous UTR rally.

Attached: Man getting punched in face after Nazi salute, Charlottesville.jpg (1142x739 373.71 KB, 882.16K)

Hopefully he gets his shit together after this.

The jewess and the jew spawns leaving him are a good thing, godsend tbh.

At this point the best thing he can do is GTFO to a white ethnostate like Hungary or Poland where le mean ANTIFA can't punch him no mo. OH WAIT he's banned from these countries.

Attached: Spencer BTFO from Alexandria.png (575x917, 447.77K)

Oh yeah he's definitely an evil knotsee fer realz guise.

Those skinheads larpers are shit tbh

Whatever you say. I'm a Nazi if I disagree with a marxist, a hater if I disagree with a nigger, "the REEL racist" if I disagree with a neo-con, and a "holocaust denier" if I disagree with a kike.

That's idiotic advice. The nature of the war we are waging against the jews demands that somehow we rouse the masses to oppose the System to a degree that allows us to operate against it directly. Hiding in a hole is the path to isolation and defeat.
Sun Tsu could have told you that.

That is because at least 50% of Zig Forums is pro-activism and like all mortals, many people are eager to do something for a change and leap at the opportunity to organize a real protest against the jews.
Ironically, I opposed this because I don't believe that protests are the best way to achieve our ends but I was shouted down.

As for your pics, the consensus for the second and third pic shortly after UTR was that they were FBI plants. I don't know one way or another, but I would believe it based on their actions.
As for the rest, this is why I don't like protests. The alt-right is not organized in the same way that Golden Dawn is so they have no way of preventing the braindead retards and agent provocateurs from saluting the enemy, marching around dressed "as a Nazi", or wearing the dehumanizing Klan hoods.

People are retarded. If anyone reading this likes to dress up in plastic "Nazi" costumes and salute cameras and shout "Seeg Hail" at journalists, please do us all a favour and don't go to any public events. Ever.

Your time will come, I guess but for now just stay away from cameras if you do dumbass shit like the idiots in these pictures.

It’s funny because he was this place brought to reality. This is the end of another failed era in the US white nationalists

Nah, running away will not solve anything. He needs to stay and solve shit.

Oh yeah guess we better shut the website down, huh?
You should probably switch IPs if you plan to keep being a kike in this thread.

All he had to do was ride the damn MAGA train instead of doing WN 1.0 stunts in front of the leftist kike media he craved so much (and which he always INVITED HIMSELF). That's all, no rocket science folks. Sure, even vanilla MAGAtards are getting attacked but at least they have the support of the 65 MILLION TRUMP SUPPORTERS instead of a dozen of toxic retards with zero plausible deniability.

Attached: 1502527999673.jpg (640x640 73.45 KB, 147.59K)

And its so much better to cheer on a bunch of cuckservative neocon jews instead.
I have learned the hard way that you faggots that sperg about the alt right all the time only do so because they aren't optics cucks.
But you're probably just a leftykike shill anyway, otherwise you wouldn't be spamming those images.

Hi MPC or somebody repeating their talking points.

All he had to do was hold rallies in an open carry state. That's how you know he's a fucking kike.

fuck off trumpnigger / alt-kike cancer

I wish some of the assholes of the Confederacy had read it. Fighting a enemy that produced +90% of the iron and firearms of the country and had total control of southern ports with conventional warfare methods was pretty fucking stupid.

Such as?

Yeah look at these le based nazis that are at least doing something. Take THAT, optics cucks!

I'm spamming them as a cautionary tale, don't be like these retard alt-kikers that have been permanently BTFO, this shit is indelible in the hippocampus and will follow them to their grave.

Attached: TWP triple neck nationalism.jpg (1050x1122 261.6 KB, 137.47K)

Trumpfags are winning big time even with all the cockblocking the far-left demoncraps are doing. Meanwhile, EVERY SINGLE alt-kike group that attended CWCville like the American Vantards, TWP, RAM, TDS book clubs, Cuccko Vandal's posse. AWD etc. no longer exist.

Attached: Pragmatic civ nationalist vs alt-kike LARPers.png (1394x1345, 385.22K)

good, now all you need to realize is that the trumpniggers and alt-kike idiots are both retards who hate the white race

I doubt many in the CSA had, but I suspect that many had read the far superior "The Art of War" by Machiavelli.
Ironically, Sun Tsu would have had nothing against fighting a "superior" enemy. The Union had its weaknesses and strengths. The key to winning a war is to identify them.
Dr. William Pierce once commented that if his grandfatherwho was a Southern general, had only known what would happen in the future, he would have set aside his differences with the Yankees and worked together to eliminate the jewish and black problems. And failing that, would have fought with more desperation against the north (not to imply that the kikes didn't have their claws in the CSA as well)
I think that the way to defeat the north was through more effectve use of assymetric warfare. And appealing to Britain and France for aid. Also, failing that, they could have stoked Irish nationalism in the north somehow.

Another idea I personally would reccomend is that they release all their slaves, take them to the border, and send them north with placards blaming Lincoln. And instcutions on how to get to the nearest city.
Though, this is biological warfare and seems like a really dirty tactic.

Charlottesville was all good in my book. youre just a gigantic pussy that cant handle 1 setback

I don't give a flying fuck about this faggot but these pictures are hilarious. That fourth picture of the kid in the black shirt being punched. Look at that the dude punching him. Probably hurt his hand more than he hurt the kid. God awful fucking punching form. Great way to fuck your wrist up. Then onto that comic; as if they ever punched Spencer enough to make him bleed let alone knock his teeth out somehow via a cheek punch. What a bunch of fucking pussies.

It doesn't matter if Trumpniggers are 100% faggots with AIDS. As long as they keep Plan A alive, whites win.


get fucked
Oh wait I was responding to the same guy
Is this faggot ricky vaugh 2.0?

you spelled israel wrong, chaim

Attached: Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.45.04 PM.png (600x886, 895.86K)

oh shit you said "the" you hate he white race


take your autism pills retard

Look at the trumpniggers thinking that their god emperor is everything but the neokike puppet that he was placed to do.

Yeah, it sure as hell appears that way, especially here in California, where everywhere you go makes it feel like you're in Mexico. Hell, some areas feel like you're in some hybrid middle-eastern/mexican barrio-bazaar.

Your zog-emperor won't do shit. The "caravan" and no wall or mass deportations are proof of this, you shill.

Oh, so now it's Trump's fault California has mexicans living in it, huh?

no it's reagan's fault. and trump is a neo-reagan kike.
suckstart a shotgun niggerfaggot

Kill yourself you DR3 faggot. And take your neokike loving ass with you.

In the image user posted, you see that when Trump is elected, Whites "increase by 1% per year" for up to 8 years.
And I won't deny that.
But this still leaves jews in complete control of all institutions and all they need to do is wait another 6 years and they'll be back in full control.
And that's assuming that Trump is actually against the jews, which seems unlikely to me considering he married his entire family into their ranks.

Are you a Whitikerite?

Goodnight alt-right

Attached: 327dae0b9de2dc4713ada9a9ab86c35d684ecdfea0cd449ef3c834c043ac5989.jpg (680x582, 35.89K)

Attached: 1408283599256.png (491x491, 238.46K)

So essentially, you're operating on emotion, rather than reason. Good to know.

reason is for intellectual limpdicks.
you can't reason your way out of an oven, moshe. read evola.

You think small because you are small. But please, tell me more about how Richard Spencer was going to End the Fed kek

Attached: 1d468776698807851124699957_7476755201.png (576x387, 216.71K)

People have been saying for years that Richard was CIA, myself included. What a stupid, foolish mistake. We let a brother fade into obscurity and poverty because his ideals weren't in line with ours despite us fighting a common enemy. It's clear to me now that ideological purity is not the be-all and end-all of who we choose to fight alongside. I will never make this mistake again.

spencer is a kike too. trump and spencer have no incentive to fight jewry or the fed because they're both on their payroll

Are people actually still doing the muh evil Russians bit?


It really didn't, and what 'organizing' transpired was mostly people saying "This seems like a terrible idea" and "don't trust the city gov/police", etc.
And if they'd listened the UTR rally would not have been nearly as much of a disaster as it was. Fact.

Attached: Dicky Spencer in One Image.jpg (640x360 278.98 KB, 3.96M)

Attached: Implicit Dick Explicitly Accepts the Holohoax.mp4 (636x360, 842.69K)

He cucked on the craven its all ready over

Attached: ccb3498da734d5747945f40c0b7ca1ba9f7c384a1fdb6f4dcd45e51243e122d7.jpg (1280x720, 102.48K)

Who are you quoting?


I know reddit is SO much better

Without reason stoicism wouldn't exist. Just some food for thought.

I don't believe Spencer will end the fed. I doubt he is CIA or whatever agency you're afraid of. However, he has poor judgement and terrible organizational skills.

Anyway, you avoided responding to my points directly. Explain how a slight increase in White birth rates solves our problems.

civnats don't care about demographics

Attached: Jews - Jewish Privilege.jpg (8248x7832 4.35 MB, 10.73M)

inb4 some desperate Trumpcuck tries to say Rubashkin is based

First explain how a 1% increase of 200,000,000 per year, or 2,000,000 new whites is "slight" and how that doesn't solve problems.

stoicism is for a time of peace, we are not in that kind of time.

You think small because you are small. But please, tell me more about how Donald Trump is going to alter demographic trends lel.

Remember: Demographics are all that truly matters. Demographics are destiny. Everything else, EVERYTHING else, is second-priority in the face of demographics; which means no matter how well you do on any and every other issue, if you're failing on demographics - and Trump IS failing on demographics - then you're a failure. Period.

Any claim to the contrary in defense of the Trump administration is equivalent to base shilling in the most literal sense of that word.

This guy gets it.

As does this guy.

Look at this thread goddammit.
I've been saying for years that civcucks and redditpedes have been larping as "more nazi than thou oldfags" to get us to attack the "ALT KIKE" and other pro white groups (and support the zog emperah).
And I was right.

Your buttbuddy already let the cat out of the bag, you can take those photshopped images and out of context quotes and shove them up your ass.

alt-kikes will never reply to "you don't need context for blatantly anti-white rhetoric"

No! We now know because of it that Session needs a My Pillow®.

Attached: ab1d61cfc7dfbcecb42f5aca1643d2a76da46b486f3c7734adbc714fab97432e.jpeg (750x852, 162.7K)


Because population isn't the problem. The problem is that psychotic, genocidal jews control all our institutions and our people are not fighting back.
This idea that we can win the war of extermination by getting into a breeding match with niggers who pump out 8 kids per "woman" and get free welfare (which is stolen from White families anyway) from the jewish controlled government is crazy.

Well, first, you're not going to see a 1% increase in 200mil on a year to year basis - absolutely nothing to actually suggest that transpiring, as far as 1% increase in White contribution to the whole.
Its not slight, you're right, but its also completely unrealistic.
+2,000,000 White births in the US is basically a 100% increase in annual White births (at about 2mil in 2016), EACH YEAR, and if you actually believe that's transpiring or liable to, you're out of your fucking mind, such that you're trying to claim a, what? 800% increase in yearly White births from starting figures?
How the fuck you come to this conclusion, I have no idea.

Yeeeeah nah dude.
That first video is not 'out of context' at all. Its straight-up Dicky Spencer saying "Zionists aren't necessarily our enemies, the real enemies are the Muslims u guiz!", and if you think thats acceptable then you need to go back to TRS my man.

in a country of 380 million, yes that is slight

Of course fellow (((white man)))

But we need strength in politics and war And we need numbers
Notice leftists don’t reproduce

Also, this; of course, again, , the likelihood of 1% increase of the White population contribution, let alone 1% increase annually for nearly a decade, is fucking laughable given the administrations actions over the last two years.
Not even getting into the hilarity of the Trump admin getting rid of birthright citizenship via the SCOTUS - more fucking likely they'll approve DACA amnesty shit than they'll retroactively rescind citizenship or even just cease the practice going forward.

Richard Spencer works 100% for the CIA and its criminal proxies in the SPLC. All the people who the SPLC promote as threats work for them. You really believe a genuine threat to the establishment gets promoted in the media and given cushy interviews on national TV like Spencer has?

Now Spencer has outlived his usefulness, they toss him aside.

But that's a lie, they do reproduce - spics have the highest fertility rate of any racial group, IIRC.
If you're going to point towards the Christian minorities shitting out lots of kids, I would have to remind you that Christians are also some of the biggest supporters of Israel and have some of the strongest motives amongst Whites to support LEGAL immigrative influx (for conversion purposes) on religious egalitarian grounds.

Pic related.
Old, but still as true as ever.

Attached: Hitler on the Alt-Right.png (2376x6008, 1.44M)

it isn't about left vs right you faggot. those things don't exist.
they were made up in some jewish think tank to keep small minded idiots like you trapped in their house.

like terry said "you're just some nigger in the deep ocean"
you have no idea what you're talking about. we don't need strength in politics, we need to end our governments and institutions.

i'm starting to agree with terry's anti-logic logic tbh. he was right. the solution to this isn't logical, it's divine. we need a miracle, we need to petition wotan himself to posses and inspire our people.

as Jung said - when the people see wotan, wotan awakens in the people.

Also a reminder that based huWhyte EU immigrants most move to metropolitan liberal shitholes

Attached: SPT-Europeans2018-F4.png-750x406.jpg (750x406, 32.41K)

The Euros who seek to come to the US show trends very-similar to jews… What a surprise!

Attached: Jews - US DIstribution.jpg (2448x6192, 2.54M)

Biggest cope post in the history of cope posting. The amount of children you have is directly tied to how much benefits you receive that's why shitskins all have 10 kids

Attached: 3b22df66f5fb61c0711503f6c7beb3edba042a3b8c3ee5163dbe5392e909437e.jpg (850x850, 163.43K)

Leftism reproduces memetically not physically.

This really is basically the rub of things.

You cannot change a corrupt system from within the confines of that system - the system will not allow itself to be changed by itself.
Why would a corrupt system allow someone to come into it and use the system to drive out the corruption? It wouldn't, and it doesn't.
You are going to politically solve the US issue - no matter how you go about it, the only way this ends well is with the fall of the United States as a civic entity, as its very nature is so fundamentally corrupt that there is no way to engage it as to change that - and, as many have stated in defense of cucky US politicians, if you DO start to make any sort of headway, there's an open-top convertible ready in Dallas for you to take a stroll down JFK Boulevard, and you might want to have the First Lady wear a tarp and bring a few ziplock bags.

Its fucking hysterical, really - its like, upon realizing that the (((mafia))) has totally corrupted the local government, you're gonna try to use the local police to combat the (((mafia))), and then wondering why you continually fail.

these trump/alt-kike idiots think of "leftist" as some cuck drinking a soy latte and smoking a joint on hollywood boulevard.
protip: half these loud idiots don't even vote.

they'll say "fuck drumpffff" on social media and then spend election day sleeping off last night's ritalin fueled jerk-off session.

the people who are voting are the boomers, the yuppies, the corporate jews, the mexicans, asians, blacks who want to prove they aren't "ghetto", etc.
soy boys are a side effect of social disease, not the disease itself.

Hispanics have the highest reproductive rate of any racial group in the US, your argument is invalid.

Yet the leftists exercise near total power because they control institutions rather than have raw numbers.
You know, someone brought up Sun Tsu earlier. And berated Spencer and the CSA for not reading it. Well, maybe you should read it because you will learn that numbers do not win wars.
If you rely on numbers alone, you will lose against any enemy that thinks strategically.
You are making the mistake of thinking that numbers matter in this war. White people are the majority in America yet we have little power. Even if we had a 100% increase in birthrate, we would still lack political power because we lack institutions and organization. The jews on the otherhand are just 2% of the population yet exercize near complete control due to their control of institutions and organizations.

Give me one reason why more Whites would lead to less jews when most of the population is leaderless.

you fags always with the same tune… larp for cameras or you're a pussy coward. Just look at the faggy language you're using… pro-activism, organize, protest. You're either a kike shill or someone with a fucked leftist paradigm who merely wants to play the role of "anti-progressive". Very suspect, honestly.

b-but user, the (((mafia))) couldn't have possibly paid off the local police. cops are buh-aced!


More like buh-ought.


Attached: pay for my kids.webm (480x360, 3.11M)

Hispanics aren't the intellectual caste driving leftism, Jews and Whites are.

You ought to get into the scarecrow business.
I literally said the opposite of what you accuse me of saying, you dumb nigger.
I actually spent the latter part of that post ranting against larping for cameras.

"If anyone reading this likes to dress up in plastic "Nazi" costumes and salute cameras and shout "Seeg Hail" at journalists, please do us all a favour and don't go to any public events. Ever."

To be fair, that's not entirely true.
Its also tied to your ideology.

Do left-wing catladies and soyboys have large numbers of children? Nope. But many of them do reproduce.
The "leftists" you need to worry about are the brown ones whose interest lies in increasing the demographic share because in so-doing they increase their demographic power in the society.
While spics do everything in their power to bring in more of their kind and to ensure those incoming have access to resources they shouldn't have access to, shouldn't even legally be able to engage in any sense, more than half the White population (the libshits AND the christcucks) is basically on their side on the basis of ideology.

Completely irrelevant. Hispanics are overwhelmingly leftists as goes voting, and they have the highest reproductive rate of any racial group in the US.
Let me repeat: Demographics are destiny, nigger. Demographics are priority #1. And Spics are winning that fight, while you are losing. Period.

This is the faggiest goddamn reply you could have made.

why the hell should anyone go to public events?
what's the point of fucking around with demonstrations and acting like a bunch of tripped out hippies?

it's all about the action. fuck awareness, ever wonder how they "saved the whales" ?
it sure as fuck wasn't through signing petitions and shitting up traffic.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1920x1300, 2.96M)

China can hardly win civil wars.

Attached: normie brain.gif (500x375, 258.25K)

Remember the Alamo.

ebin meme there fren

You really think that a CIA agent gets divorced, looses their kids, and has their parents file a restraining order for their CIA work?