Suspicious Device Removed From Time Warner Center; Other Packages Found Near Clinton, Obama Homes

Suspicious Device Removed From Time Warner Center; Other Packages Found Near Clinton, Obama Homes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Time Warner building at Columbus Circle was evacuated Wednesday morning after a suspicious device was found.
Other suspicious packages with possible explosive devices were found near the Clinton family home in Westchester County and near the Obama home in Washington, D.C., authorities said.

The Time Warner building houses the New York offices of CNN. The fire alarm could be heard going off while CNN was on the air and its staff evacuated.
CNN continued to broadcast during the evacuation, which took place at around 10 a.m.
The device at Time Warner Center was found in the building’s mailroom and was addressed to “John Brennan c/o CNN,” referring to the former CIA director who had his security clearance removed after criticism of President Donald Trump.
"Chilling": Watch the moment alarms went off while CNN anchors were reporting on suspicious devices — indicating the newsroom had to evacuate, due to a suspicious device.


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Hmm I wonder if this could be a… false flag?

More pics, should SIEGE readers wait until after midterms to send people bombs?

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The boxes will just end up being empty or be a box of junk, guarantee it.

People would be dead if it were a false flag, plus they would use a gun, not a bomb, bombs are already illegal.
Shits fucking annoying literally anything happens and immediately the thread is filled with retards screaming hoax and false flag. Things actually happen outside of mummies basement retards.

Return address on a couple of packages

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but this happened in New York, and in NYC guns are illegal too.

Whoever did it unironically hit all of the targets that are on the top of the list, if anything we should be congratulating whoever did this, not the best timing, but hey E for effort.

-John brennan was sent a bomb
-Police investigating suspicious packages at the ‘WeWork’ building in San Diego, where the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper is located; evacuations underway
-Police robot moves in after suspicious package found at the office of Wasserman-Schultz in Sunrise, Fla. - WPEC
-Suspicious package sent to former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder; Secret Service investigating - NBC
I think it's a little too convenient that everybody ad a bomb sent to them and not 1 went off, and not 1 single target was hit, in danger or at the least maimed

You know that you can still terrorize people with fake bombs, right?

Are they Anita sarkesian-ing themselves?
Their absolute state holy fail.

Shut the fuck up, faggots. FBICIADEAATF niggers only kill schoolchildren, babies, and pregnant women in false flag attacks. They don’t send pipe bombs to supranational Jew overlords, ex heads of state, peadophile kabbalist congressional representatives, or cum guzzling journalists. This knee-jerk reaction I see all over Zig Forums on EVERY SINGLE HAPPENING THREAD is the most small brain, herd mentality, mental dogshit that it almost has to be the work of JIDF, CtR fuckos.

We should be hailing this man as Uncle Ted 2.0 Neon Genesis as he is clearly /OURGUY/

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I've seen nothing in my life to suggest mail bombs ever work. With that said they all deserve worse and its a shame the kind of retarded madman that sent these wasn't successful against these criminals that the state won't bring to justice. A for effort, I guess.

What is their angle?
These people are advanced in victimhood, staged self victimizing is consistent theory.

Uncle Ted got his Manifesto published and millions of people have read it. That is a pretty big accomplishment.

I know, but I don't think traitors should be scared, they should be shot.

people are already claiming "#fakebombhoax"

Not true, the mi6 killed joe cox and the cia killed jfk, killing kids is just the new M.O.

kazynsckys first two bombs worked I think

Gas the kikes race war now.

nice filename

You’re a fucking tard

This. If anything it just reminds people that "oh yeah you can actually try to fight these monsters." Its not really smart if they are trying to make there own demons this way. Odds are someone tried to do what frankly America should have collectively done ages ago and burn these bastards.


Don't worry, it will get even better when they derail it with pearl clutching and well poisoning disinfo.

This, pfags fuck off.


How the fuck do they already have evidence pictures?

What kind of postal genius can have packages with bombs in them delivered to a huge number of people in desperate locations all on the same day at roughly the same time so that they all hit the news cycle at the same time?

Suckstart a shotgun faggot. Go get nigger aids. obvious (((first post))) claiming its a false flag with zero evidence on a developing story.


Not a single one went off, it was reddit not /ourguy/

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breddy much

What I am surprised of is that with so many fucking guns, high powered scoped rifles, why bombs?


Because they're cheap, effective if built correctly, and impersonal, if you cover your tracks properly bombs are extremely effective and anonymous killers. Ted got away with it for many many years and they only caught him by his hand writing in his manifesto.

Ask me how I know this is a fake.

How about it was their cabal thinking of a new way to garner sympathy.

Preventitive technology has advanced quite a bit since and probably because of Ted. The reign of the mad bomber is a thing of the past as far as I can tell.

It's a controlled op, fake and gay.

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whats the point of a visible timer?

I imagine on paper it is easier to have a chance of taking outbmore than one untouchable supercriminal this way than doing it personally.

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Sympathy? These people don’t need fucking sympathy they represent the absolute zenith of power and dominance in society. Tell me why the fuck George Soros would ever want sympathy from the unwashed dancing crap of humanity when he literally LORDS OVER more purchasing power than most countries. If you can compel me to believe the HYPERDOMINANT ELITE actually need our SYMPATHY maybe there would be some credibility to your hypothesis.

Whoever made it watched too much hollywood garbage. Plus they only went for style, not actual use. This all seems like it was hastily thrown together as a means to disrupt the midterms.

JIDF pls go

maybe people are calling false flag because… I dont know, everyone could see this coming from a mile away… pic related

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remember that Trump named Soros on twitter recently. this fake & gay op can't be a a coincidence.

that was a post in faceberg from Oct. 20th.

I wish I lived in the alternate universe where these were actual bombs that actually detonated and actually eliminated the most active threats to the well being of my country.


Makes sense, but at least you kill one and instill real fear into the others. Whatever follows is repression from the state which is what a would-be assassin would want, the powers that be treating everyone as suspect and a criminal, like how police treat everyone like niggers

Makes the bomb scarier, makes it look more "bomb-like"? it's a false flag

Not if you throw grenades from a motorcycle or something

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You have privileged journalists crying out in pain as they strike before their handlers were targets.
Sociopathy seeks to get advantages from perceived weakness.

similar thing happened to soros. Something tells me this is a psyop to try and garner sympathy for these people. I'm not buying into it, and neither of you assholes should either, unless you want to fuck up our political gains so far. Seriously, don't try and be a LARPer commando.

No one is actually believing any of this? Right? Can't wait for the media to run a 24/7 story until election day about how the racist nazis tried to bomb all these peaceful democrats. Give me a break.

Q user was a LARP, only retards and boomers still buy into it.

I'm suspicious that all these "white powder" envelopes that get sent are just table sugar or salt.

lol okay Agent FUD. Even if they were that is a pretty stupid way of doing it. "Oh yeah lets remind the populace that nobody is fighting the real monsters." As another user said, false flags always target defenseless people, not people who actually fucking deserve it for the simple reason they don't want the conversation "I mean, who cares?" to happen.

If they are trying to leverage anything, it isn't the general public. I'll only be suspicious if they use this to try to push shit like a new version of the TSA or something. Otherwise this was probably the work of a rightly pissed off individual doing the job the feds should be doing.

no one would do it 2 weeks before an election, you colossal fucking retard

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although I saw that too… the source being q, didn't change the outcome of what is currently in the "news" cycle

nobody got hurt, that's the dead giveaway that this is fake
plus the note, oh the fucking (((note))), worse than the "death to america, death to israel" note they (((found))) post-9/11

At this rate the Dems that don't get one will feel left out.
Bernie will get a birb.

Salient. If this were a false flag why would they target fucking WeWork? An organization that is so disconnected from the relationships between the other targets is anything but evidence of a false flag.

To the doubters:
What’s the likelihood some analyst in the basement of Langley or giga-wealthy global autocrat cabal knows enough about the people and systems hated by the right (whatever that is) to bomb fucking WeWork?

The overt direct-action we’re Witnessing today is 100% certified organic, boyos.

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False flag in the works lads.
Will there be blood spilled before the midterms?

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Disinfo shill confirmed, just as predicted.

any1 who says this is fact, is an idiot or a shill


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I can't even fathom being this retarded. Can you not see what their motivation might be?

The angle is hype up "muh Alt-Right violence" before the midterm elections because the attacks against Kavanaugh failed and the caravan might not be successful. This is (((their))) new October surprise.

Pretty easy for a single operative to do this to benefit the dems. I could see it as a sort of hail mary before the mid-terms. Gives the media an excuse to try and shame trump voters and also excuse their own hysteria. Distract from the disappointment of the Russia conspiracy. New buzzword: right-wing terrorism. The Las Vegas shooting, the worst shooting in the history of the country was likely someone wanting to kill Trump voters, why else would you buy guns right after Trump was elected and shoot up a country music show.

Anyways, the mechanics of doing this bomb game to sway votes and create a narrative would be easy and not involve many people being in the know. They would send threats to the security of all the places bombs are sent, so they are fully prepared. Then you just send dangerous yet unable to trigger bombs, perhaps people could make fun of how the idiot supposed Trump supporter couldn't make the trigger correctly. Have the bombs be disposed of safely by professionals so it'll make great news footage.

You're time frames don't add up. Fuck off with this halfchan effort.
The state of Zig Forums these days.

GTFO, CtR, Shareblue cock-fucker. You type like a goddamn Mong.


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Did the people who mailed powder to Rand, Cruise,and the Pentagon have some powder left over?


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Lol wut? So these dickheads are trying to pretend ISIS hates them, so they must be good?

I should add the person found to be responsible will likely be a Ted Kaczynski archetype so as the to remind the boomer Democrats of the unabomber. Accept now instead of being an anarchic-primitivist he will be Alt-Right.

Look how their is too much postage, Ted did the same thing.


Ausipicious digits

Ohboy oh boy,clock boy is on the loose again.

Alex Jones warned us about this. He said the reason he was getting banned was because there was going to be a false flag.

Mossad October Surprise, like pottery.

uh oh the leftist bombers are at it again

This perp is smol brain. The coordination is high IQ, but to bomb it on the denotation?

That is why you never mail anything. You gotta find the main gas line and go for that if you don't want the device to be found.

No, they only hurt defenseless people. When the targets are (((players))) they never get hurt.

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checked & kekked.

< gee, this package isn't suspicious at all


This is great. Gives trump more credibility and allows for easier deportations of muslims.

This definitely wasn't a white guy, but it's an October surprise, and so it can't be traced in time to do anything other than serve Mossad-Soros-DNC-CIA-NSA white genocide goals.

Watching CNN right now. They're already pushing it as Trump and Trump supporter's fault. False flag is pretty much confirmed since none of the fully functional bombs actually detonated.

Remember the Austin bomber? That guy wasn't especially talented, for a white guy, but he was way more talented than this guy.

It's so easy to tell since the narrative comes out to unified and strong.

If it was a white guy the shit would have worked. This is clockboy 2.0

Yep. Alex Jones was right. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha literally an Apple-Amazon terrorist event. Big tech literally colluded with Mossad to engage in terrorism. Amazing.

Anybody and their mom can find an address. It takes a few more iq points to use tax records to find a blueprint I guess.

Indeed, but it's also an October surprise. That means there's just nowhere near enough fucking time to find the perp, so it will be blamed on Republicans.

Alex Jones was right. They banned him because they planned a false flag.

They didn't ban other right-wing leaders who have said "worse" things. The reason? Only Alex Jones has the balls to stand up to false flags.

Austin kid was no slouch, he evaded security footage.

God bless our based ecelebs, amirite my fellow pede?

That's idiotic. This is clearly done by the CIA to poison the well and make CIA employees John Brennan, Debbie Wasserman etc look non-treasonous (since they can't be traitors themselves if they're hated by our arch enemies, muh ISIS, muh bad guys herr derr). This whole thing is glow nigged

Its clearly a false flag dumbass kike. Probably by a rabbi spray painting swatztikas on his temple.

You really think someone is going to create this many bombs all at once during early voting for the midterms? We already know the faggots targeted have sealed indictments to worry about.

(((Someone))) did it, but it is obviously to their benefit, not the benefit of Zig Forums.

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Good point. He had pretty wimpy devices, though.

And, yes, NSA retards, I'm not a fucking terrorist, so stop being a weirdo, Jesus HC.

Assuming they faked the ISIS symbol on the other packages as well

Do the job right or don't do it at all.


*raises your threat matrix score*

Money is on false flag leftists, antifa.

Alex Jones was the only voice that's popular that would point out something could be a false flag.

Nobody else has the balls to do it. None of them.

He was right. Apple and Amazon, and Spotify, and the rest, they're literally in on a terrorist false flag. Amazing.

They're chicom traitors, like Alex Jones said.

kekked I'm already shit listed.