Pipe bomb USA investigation

This will be a thread dedicated to investigating and proving that today’s pipe bombing attempts were in fact a democrat fals flag to influence the mid-term elections. good luck!

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It's possible, though I really doubt there are too many people left in this "country" who care about the people on TV getting fragged.

bombs are fake. cnn's package has stamps, but was not mailed, the stamps not cancelled, no postings, no wear or damage from handling in postal service and weighs more than the postage on it. was hand delivered, yet perfectly in time with obongo and clinton. its a fucking joke to distract people from the invaders coming from the south, paint the republicans as evil and likely an NPC manifesto will be found from a trump supporter to push dehumanizing false flag. additionally, they can push an anti-media narrative because trump has turned them into the enemy of the people and supported violence like a nazi nonsense. especially off back of the cia plant in saudi arabia that died and they have been spamming all week.

the final nail is the magabomber hashtag on twitter pushed by thousands of verified bots instantly. they have their scape goat and are just waiting for hysteria to peak and announce their ponzy for the scam.

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Counter that false flag by spamming this instead:
Get the media to kvetch about something else.

Trump did it in person.

this has false flag all over it

If the package was never mailed, then how did it get returned to (((DWS))) office? The only explanation is they were the ones planted the package in their office themselves.

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They don't even need the sympathy since its rigged. But they do need to keep people on the right from revolting by implanting the possibility that one of their own fucked it up in the CNN analysis. It was so close.!Next election, bro!

Imagine sending out a bomb just to have it returned to sender. Oops!

Pipe bombs in the mail? Really?
And I'm suppose to believe this bullshit?

Daily reminder that (((Ted))) Unabomber was a controlled op CIAnigger

The jews are losing it twitter


Don't you know, user? Everything is a false flag. Literally nothing ever happens.

(((Zig Forums)))

How did they know?

the (((bomb))) literally doesn't even have a trigger mechanism, there was no intention of it going off, this is literally a false flag

can't believe the libs/left thinks they can get away with this, am I the only one who has a working brain here, IT HAS NO TRIGGER MECHANISM THIS IS LITERALLY WORSE THAN CLOCKBOY

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Anyone smart enough to build an actually working bomb would know that rich people like Clinton don’t check their own mail.

False flag. I base this assertion on nothing except pure logics

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yeah deffo not a false flag nothing to see here, looks like it was made by some hollyjew special effects student who watches too much CSI

there are just too many (((coincidences))) on this one

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These pipe funs glow fucking HARD anons
My eyes hurt the glow is so bright

The beauty of this is. The more of us hop on the twitter and simultaneously call it a false flag, then brigade our accounts calling a false flag with NPC accounts arguing against us we can red pill a lot of fuckers.

Good spot
Isis is pissrael and glownigger sponsored
They got hot within twenty posts on Zig Forums

this is what an ISIS IED looks like. those bombs planted today were not done by ISIS.

besides, Anonymous Unabomber is not ISIS' style. they always have a Mujahid blow himself up with the bomb. you only get to Paradise as a Martyr if you die with the kuffar. and if ISIS wanted to blow you up, you'd already be dead. they would send packages which look shady as fuck and which would attract attention before reaching their target.

also, no real card carying ISIS would put their flag printed out on paper on their bomb. that'd be like an American burning their own flag. the ISIS flag says the Shahada, so it's a sin to deface text from the Quran by blowing it up.

it will be funny if Al Furqan media releases a press release stating those bombs do not belong to them.

only some retard Shitlibs who don't know anything about how ISIS really operates would try to stage a sloppy false flag like this. counter intuitively, this glow in the dark Bolshevik Antifa bomber just royally fucked up by provoking ISIS at all, because now real ISIS has to commit a suicide bombing inside America in order to counter the humiliation from this falsely attributed false flag.

thanks Soros agents provacateurs, you just really did trigger ISIS to bomb innocent Americans.

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so sick of the boomers on this board overthinking everything and making paragraphs of shit for no reason, there is no need to exaggerate like you just did, its simple, the bomb is fake therefore its a falseflag, stop making us look bad you stupid cunt

listen up slide faggot. i'm going to blow your kike mind and reveal to you what causes MUH REDDIT spacing.

the Omnichan App was coded by idiot monkeys who can't get insert a carriage return after 78 characters. i have tested and compared posting the same exact text in Omnichan and in the website form and i can confirm Omnichan is a pile of shit that fucks up the text formatting.

it's too bad whoever coads Zig Forums is just as shitty as the Omnichan coaders, because the website is fucking shit on a phone, due to all the 87 different (((javascript))) trackers phoning home to Tel Aviv and generating a heat map of your scroll patterns.

the Omnichan App being shit and probably being back doored by Mossad to spy on MuhNotCees is the cause of reddit spacing.

Both wires go into one end on an actual pipebomb. And the stamps have no post office stamp on or over them, indicating it was never mailed.

I think it is pretty funny that the dirka dirka label seems to be there either to shift blame or discourage support, but literally nobody seems to really think that the jihadis did this.

Yeah it's pretty hard when isis is directly fucking funded by Soros and the cunt and the nigger and cnn and the rest of the ( ( (trash) ) )

You're low IQ if you fund this when the government is going to handle it entirely. Leftists always make "#MAGA" sites to scam and dox people. If you're the leftist owner of that site, consider hanging yourself tranny. You will never pass and you will rot in hell for ruining the lives of others.

Pardon, the idea is that they were trying to make it look like ISIS was trying to blow them off?


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or up, whatever

Guize idk what to do
pls halp


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Fuck off nigger, we have enough threads for this. Go be an attention whore elsewhere.

To me it supports the false flag faggots because while many conservatives would simply laugh if Hillary and CNN went up in flames, they would have a hard time agreeing with Achmed. Also why put a branding sticker for people to read on something that is meant to explode?
Even still it isn't too farfetched to think some pissed off r_TheDonald tard thought this would be a good way to shift blame if not successful.

Your autism is fucking impressive m80
Is that, is that cinnamon? It's not sea salt. I use the same cheap brand of spices btw. Oregano. Or thyme maybe

Lol nice terrorism, right wingers. Imagine if a Muslim tried this to Trump, you be out hunting for their heads.

Hang yourself with a gun kike


You first, terror supporter.

Which now right wingers are emulating. What a joke, I thought we only had to worry about school shooters or incels mowing down people with vans but now we have full fledged domestic right wing terrorists.

You will be hunted down and skinned alive commie. Yep that's a threat. Yep also a promise

Cringe. Does your right wing militia celebrate these attacks or lament them because they failed?

5 herb seasoning


Thanks for helping Republicans win the mid-terms, kikes. Your false flag game is weaker that it was in 2016.

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why are you telling me something I already know

Theres no power-supply for detonation either. Not to mention it doesn't even make sense to have a "timer" as the ignition method because you don't know when they are going to open it. Would make a lot more sense to have a pressure switch that would activate when it was removed from the envelope.

since when do bomb squads let media outlets do a photo-op with a bomb? They usually destroy them.

We are totally gonna get a manifesto from this 'Progressive #MeToo' bomber just any millisecond now

Clintons and Holder have a body count, Obama is a saboteur and a traitor and CNN is a propaganda mill. The real tragedy isn't even that this didn't succeed or is a false flag, but that our system has so far failed to deal with these people.

Defense of the homeland will never be terrorism.

I'm willing to bet you're going to see leftists over the next couple days call this a double false flag. It was a false flag done by an alt right gator to intentionally look like a false flag done by the leftists, so everyone blames the leftists! Brilliant!

Just watch, I think that story is gonna come out

Doesn't the bomb squad usually detonate these safely away from everyone? Strange the bomb squad or someone felt safe enough to take pictures for facebook, twitter, the MSM or whoever.


no, they'll want (((evidence))) from it like fingerprints and DNA and serial numbers, plus you autists can't tell that whoever received the package opened it and when it didn't go off they took a pic of it, obvious false flag is obvious

Have some oc.

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I'm compiling a list of all the red flags. This is a working ouline, please feel free to add to it or add infographics.

< a) targets are politically well-known but completely politically irrelevant

top kek

he must be stopped, this 5 spicy bandit!

The Soros bomb was the jew hoax to get sympathy for Soros. The other bomb hoaxes were days later and designed to be obvious hoaxes to defeat the original one. Keep in mind that every other target besides Soros are notorious liars and politically worthless, thus associating Soros with liars and losers for an extra jab at his ego.

Faggot mods locked the newer thread made because this one was locked.

My favorite part is how half a dozen packages mailed all across the country from presumably from one location all arrived at their intended destinations within mere hours of each other.

Also, this whole escapade furthers a theory of mine that there is an A Team (actual spooks who have been doing this for years) and B Team (rando's hired direcrly by political operatives who think they know how to pull off operations that require decades of experience for real spooks to pull off) dichotomy to these events.

The Newtown and Parkland shootings? A Team operations with an excellent media operation to back up the event.

The Las Vegas shooting? An A Team cover up for a rare A Team failure.

The "Guccifer 2.0" leaks, the CrowdStrike "investigation, the Kavanaugh hitjob, and the whole FBI/FISA fiasco? B Team flops that were done in such an amateur fashion that they left an actual paper trail so easy to find that anons trolling publicly available sources were able to piece it all together.

This is an obvious B Team operation IMO, otherwise at least one bomb would have gone off, even if it went off in a totally non-harmful manner.

There's a good chance it's a YDD (Yellow Dog Democrat) like pol2vol was. Image related.

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or what? I don't remember the name.

shards of glass. That seems a poor filling for a pie.

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Fucking reported. Holy mother of fuck, you’re a goddamn ban evading paid shill.

this isnt real

Explain how a national socialist is a fucking ✡democrat✡ you subhuman yid.

For what? I just posted a fucking news item related to this thread. Curse your soul.

Did you do any research before posting it? No. Do you know a goddamn thing about this website? No. Fuck off already.

It's in the main article on Breitbart:

Khazar Milker alert
←– that way

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fuck, sorry thought i spoilered that shit. the click didn't stick

That's fucking WEIRD, man.

Lmao. Way to shoot yourselves in the foot right before the midterms you retards. You do realize that the vast majority of the right hate you extremist LARPers, right? Anyways, you had a good thing going with the caravan but now you're finished.

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who u talkin 2 bud

We're comfy. We know who it was. Never trumpers or libs. Or some guy named Cohen.


how long ago was this taken?

lmao wtf is this shit?

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Serious question, what's it like working for the feds?

You and your far-right lunatic militias that just gave the house to the democrats.

Yes, libs mailed pipe bombs to their heroes Obama and Clinton. This damage control is getting pathetic.

The perpetrator wanted Hillary's team to win. Period.

CNN falsely reported that the White House received a package as well, but it was untrue, and it's been retracted.

They reported that, because they know how it looks. It's obvious whoever did it was pro-Hillary.


Well, at least we know who is running for the DNC next election. Out of all those names, who doesn't belong?

Shouldn't you be on 4gigs right now?


Wasserman is a nobody, really. A middle-level functionary.

She's also the only one currently in office. Odd how a package can be "returned to sender" with zero post office markings on it, eh?

le sigh

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Neither Hillary, Obama, DWS, Soros, Brennen nor CNN staff are running for office. This was a moronic far-right loon that went off the deep end and is LARPing as the next Kaczynski. Just how popular do you think Kaczynski is outside of far-right circles?

Unconvincing r/conspiracy-tier pasta is unconvincing.

Prove it.

Yep. It's odd. I don't know if there's a way to make that happen, but it's weird.

Wasserman is a nobody. Only nerds know who she is.

Looks like around 1990.

A habbening, meeeeby. Might be unrelated.

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What do you mean, prove it? The far-left shoots up state officials in broad daylight at baseball studios. Also, a left-winger would never send homemade bombs anonymously to their heroes.

Everyone that voted in 2016 knows who she is, fool.

More like a far-left neocon loon trying to masquerade as a "le dumb MAGA redneck that can't even spell Florida".

So Zig Forums finally got "someone" doing the action.

And what does Zig Forums do? False flag lol

hell if I know, but those are really some sweet milkers. the kiketress' have the best milkers.