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Where do you get your news from?
I created this website where you can vote news up, and fake news down
putting users in charge

asking kindly for your feedback

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Zig Forums

I hope you like being a chinese news outlet because their upvote slaves will be making sure of that.


Information is hard to come by, user. Few will give it up for free so you'd best look high and low.

what do you mean user, information is everywhere and has never been as widespread as today

but you must look through the lies.

By information I mean any tidbit of data that you can act upon in order to meet your objectives. What we do nowadays is sift through garbage.

true, diminishing our potential.

Interesting idea but you better find some good captcha.

Stop using those terms fed to you. Call lies lies, not "fake news".


A lot more unemployed faggots and turd worlders out there than genuine people.

What's missing from actual news is real regional articles. Like how British websites have articles about Sweden rapefugees, but the page doesn't exist for Swedish IPs.
Start ripping those articles and publish them on your site to bring awareness to everyone. Eventually word of mouth would spread that there's a website you can check your countries censored/under reported news on. Use donations or ads if you're a poorfag.

Remember to hide your power level and not mention you know about this place.

Thank you user

Working on it user, I will let people submit news articles

A cool feature you could add would be comparing two articles about the same topic. And users vote on which had the best sources or something.

But in all seriousness if you only get your information from sources you agree with then you don't fully understand what's going on.
There's an event, and there's how an event is presented. The presentation can tell you alot about the actual happening, if you are suspicious of the source.

This. I read Vox regularly despite it regularly rustling my jimmies. pic unrelated.

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Zig Forums has a Zig Forumsews board.
>>>Zig Forums

Go the fuck away, you subhuman redditor.

oh, two news boards actually
>>>Zig Forums
Does anybody know which is better?

use drudge normally but it doesn't update non-headline news more than once per day, which leaves me thirsty

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Check some of the news blogs from which Zero Hedge pulls articles. They often have very good but overlooked content.



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Doesn’t matter. Mods ban you for reporting any thread that breaks the rules and refuse to delete them.

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