Can we have a smuggie thread?

Can we have a smuggie thread?

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Behold the excellent BOARD QUALITY that our board owner, CHODEKIKEY, bestowed upon us.
Delete your fucking thread OP. And kill yourself.
Remember to SAGE and GLOBAL REPORT shit threads like this.




been having a rough couple days boys, i need some smuggies to cheer me up.

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Kill yourself immediately.

Hey guys, I figured out a better way to use this thread.

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You're a niggerjew.

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They're simple and effective. That's why our resident shills showed up to kvetch.

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Global report for mass spam.

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the last one sucks balls. it should say something like
so likeā€¦ the fact that you believe in conspiracies is stupid AND is evidence of this popular left-wing conspiracy

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Fuck off, imkikey.

lol OP is CIA

He's trying to collect these for his next "threatening radicals" powerpoint presentation.

Eat shit you glow in the dark nigger.

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dumb nigger

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trump shills can't meme

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Pretty much all I got. Clearly somebody doesn't want you spreading these images.

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christcuck memes, awesome!

Helpfully quote the posts containing the ones that hurt your feelings the most so we know what is most effective.

why so butthurt?