The Health Care Question

Healthcare is a big issue when it comes to any political sphere, and the way that the modern paradigm has phrased it is a dichotomy of privatization (allowing health insurance companies to run themselves) or single-payer (the "government pays for it's citizen's health costs). Is this really the dichotomy, or is there a "third position" to the health care question? What is the redpill when it comes to the HCQ?

Personally, I know that they system that we ("we" being Americans) have is not working, but I also know that single-payer is absolutely ridiculous and would ruin the country. That being said, I have no idea what the solution is.

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Healthcare is expensive because of shitskins taking advantage of our institutions. WIthout them, we could all have quality healthcare.
Ask any doctor and he will tell you the same. Though he will couch his words in order to avoide committing thought crime.

Big issue and will only get worse before it gets better. This is due to a multitude of factors. The majority is due to pricing of services on the side of insurances, health institutions, and companies. Insurances will raise premiums to keep up with costs. Health institutions will haggle for the most profit on their services. Companies will raise most profit for their shareholder. If you are American you will pay the most cost by far of any country for healthcare due to those 3 dancing. I would start with clarity on pricing for institution services and products. Maybe force insurance companies to use all doctor networks. When that is started, end with single payer and I am not even sure that would work in its entirety. Avoid sugars, plastic, and fertilizers till then.

No it's working perfectly. Biomed is set to triple over the next 5 years. Thanks to Obamacare, a massive injection of currency stimulated exactly what we needed, where we needed it, but the genius is missed by most, especially in counter-Obama circles.

It was, of course, Trump's idea. They're both close friends with Bill Clinton. This has been in the works for awhile.

The problem with health care is basically the same with google and twitter: The laws that are in place to stop them from abusing their power are not being enforced. You're "3rd position" is enforcing existing laws (or at least the spirit of those laws) and removing bad laws that force the industry to do stupid things.

There are two main reasons healthcare is so expensive:

1) Collusion. If you get a broken bone or something your bill will be $40k. The insurance company probably pays $5k and the rest just disappears as an "adjustment" The only reason for that $35k is so that you think you'd be fucked if you didn't have insurance. It's technically illegal, but those laws are not enforced.

2) Niggers and spics. There are laws in place that don't allow hospitals to refuse service. Some homeless nigger heroin addict comes in having overdosed for the 17th time this month they have to treat him instead of letting him die. The price for this is rolled into what they charge paying customers.

Solve these 2 problems and most people could self-insure (which basically means having $20k in the bank) and pay for most things out of pocket. Costs would be 1/5 to 1/10 of what they are now.

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You forgot the biggest problem; female and non-white "physicians" instead of white men. If your doctor is a woman, a jew, a chink, or worse case scenario, a nigger, you are dead.

It's bad for literally everyone. It's good for the singular entity, the power structure that is the USA.
Aren't you a patriot, user?

All civilizations fail. Every single one. The USA will be the first to circumvent that failure by replacing itself with itself. In order to do this, it first requires polarization: The piece we cut off must be created in anticipation.

Do you think you could do that, user? Create an evil, for the greater good? Do you think you're in control?

The non-white doctors can at least help their own people in their lands.

Price controls on all medical services and drugs. Even Hammurabi's Code has price controls on medical services because the doctors were greedy liars 3,500 years ago.

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Rockefeller cut, burn, douse is emergency medicine. Better medicine would involve diet, exercise, and painting with jewish blood as a relaxation technique.

Fitness is filled with so much fucking disinfo. Think of the underlying principle involved in each "option" and you'll quickly cut through this dogshit and find the redpill. Think of "privatization" as taking ownership for your own health, putting in the work to gain the knowledge, and then using it to enhance or improve your own health. Think of "single-payer" as outsourcing your thinking to government food pyramids financed by dairy companies and soy lobbyists and "doctors" who are really only trained to be pharmaceutical salesmen.

The "third position" is that you accept that you're on your own and you need to start putting some effort into sorting through the bullshit yourself. If you're someone that browses Zig Forums you're likely someone that has an above average aptitude for identifying and filtering out bullshit so just apply that to taking hold of your own health.

I can give you some shortcuts, but for the most part there are always ways to criticize a particular position.

- Chronic or consistent inflammation is often the root cause of MOST of modern "ailments" (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and tons moreā€¦).
- keto isn't bullshit, it's how mammals commonly survive winters or periods of famine. It isn't about "evil carbs" it's about "carb deprivation" or more commonly historically "food deprivation"
- fasting is legitimate, but most people practice a pussy form of 16/8 and don't actually fast.
- long periods of steady state cardio are trash compared to HIIT and lifting heavy
- HIIT will help you maintain or even improve your overall lung capacity if you put in the WORK
- don't use drugs to lift more, just look at Arnold. You won't age well.
- pain is good for you and you should learn to enjoy it.

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Other "do this" kind of points. (I'm just stream of consciousness posting)

A lot of people drink entirely too many calories so only drink water, unsweetened tea, or black coffee. Drop anything with sugar. If you drink "soda" you're an absolutely bluepilled faggot when it comes to nutrition. Sugar is basically only jet fuel for cancer. There are a ton of sugar substitutes that are also shitty that trigger an insulin response even if they aren't sucrose.

In the winter you should prefer iced beverages. In the summer you should prefer hot beverages. Sounds fucking retarded right? Actually your this just gives your body that extra "push" it needs to ramp up metabolic processes to counteract external temperature influences.
- Cold drink + Cold weather = your body works harder to warm up (burns more calories).
- Hot drink + Hot weather = your body works harder to cool itself down (burns more calories).

CICO is true, but it is overly simplistic and ignores the hormonal component. Type 2 Diabetic fat fucks have bodies that operate differently than people who are a normal body-fat percentage and weight. The body reacts to food differently on a hormonal level (insulin) by magnitudes that a lot of people won't legitimize (the uneducated) and won't give you any explanation for. (I can if you want).

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If 16/8 is the pussy form then what is real fasting?

What do you recommend for HIIT? I have been doing tabata

It's expensive because the government forces doctors to have a licence to practise. Remove the government-mandated monopoly and the prices will instantly drop has doctors have to actually compete in a market. This would work because a huge portion of the population are fucking retarded and have know idea how the scientific method works, so they'll just go to shitty witch-doctors and barely capable bargain-basement fucktards. Decent care would still cost money but like everything else in the world you get what you pay for.

Also stop spending government money on goddamned shitskins and foreign aid. The government should fund the army, police and roads and nothing else.

Actually makes sense. Humans are always trying correct nature. If it's hot so will naturally your liquids be, and vice versa. I'm going to test your theory.

My solution to healthcare is to practice prevention. Take care of my body, and save money. I'm not so sure having access to a bunch of people salivating at the thought of performing surgeries and handing out drugs to enable every dumb decision that people make is a positive for a country. Sounds quite dysgenic.

It isn't so much as it's not working as it can't work. Two reasons why.

1. America is suffering an epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases. These diseases stem largely from five major factors. These are poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, smoking and alcohol consumption.

2. Modern interventional medicine is effective at CRISIS CARE. That is, treating acute illnesses and injuries.

All of these five factors are conscious lifestyle choices and thus the insurance model of healthcare is incompatible as insurance requires risk to work. And even if there was some way to properly finance the medical costs, modern medicine is, by it's nature, incapable of curing lifestyle diseases. Only lifestyle changes can cure lifestyle diseases.

As of now "healthcare" is just another form of welfare in the form of medical payments that subsidies people with unhealthy lifestyles and punishes those who try to live healthily. America's health problem and healthcare problem are two separate things. I'd wager the former as far more severe.

Good can only exist in definition to an Evil.

So it always exists, it just has yet to be called out.

72 hour water fast. Do it once or twice a month, eat breakfast on a Friday and fast through till breakfast Monday morning. If you want to really challenge yourself, no caffeine either (a lot of faggots cheat with black coffee, because they are addicts).

Explain to me how long fasts like that are of any benefit if your diet consists solely of actually good food? I'm of the opinion the only reason people feel better is because they've stopped eating garbage for a minute.

90% of healthcare spending could be eliminated by a minimal amount of proper health and nutrition.

If the government cared about reducing healthcare costs they would shut down McDicks and bring back Kennedy era (NSDAP inspired) school fitness programs.

because your stomach is actually empty and your intestines arent digesting food at all hours dipshit

People are meat machines. Sell them meat for their meat. Sell them not only the meat they eat, but also the meat they accrete. Meet them in the balance sheet, until even the man in the street feels incomplete if he has not a receipt for his new brand name feet. Sell people new meat!

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Good luck.

Ooh, did I step on your dogma? All I eat is red meat, which leaves your stomach after 45 minutes. At 1 meal a day I'm not spending much time digesting, and the food I'm digesting is clean. Why should I fast? All I'd be doing is consuming myself instead of a good piece of meat.

Fuck off torpedo. I was asking the poster I replied to

It's soda, specifically Coke. Look at the sales figures of Coke, and compare to obesity and diabetes rate. 1:1 Mexico now #1.

Also, stupid society. In USA 1/3 of a person's total lifetime medical expenses occur in the final 6 months of life. Wasted resources. We need more ice floes and polar bears.

i do a dry fast of at least 48 hours once a month. odin dry fasted for like 9 days straight while hanging from a tree so if you're healthy and practiced at fasting then it's really no big deal and you can go about your day like normal for the most part. all that intermittent fasting stuff is generally pretty gay. if you're doing a regular water fast then you can go a week easy. always be careful when you break a long fast though - start off with a few bites of something soft and easily digestible or a bit of juice, chew thoroughly, and then after thirty and have a little more and keep going at a very slow pace like that.

why do this

Insurancefag here. Maybe if the threads still up when I get home I'll explain in detail.

Quick reason we can't have "good" healthcare is because we've destroyed systems that allowed (most) uninsured to access decent quality care. They can still access it now of course, but if you've ever been to a free clinic or municipal health dept you wouldn't want to stay long.

Insurance is a financial product, and not everyone should need or want it, but then a 401k is also a financial product and people still think Social Security is a retirement plan. Difference is that pre-SS, there wasn't remotely as big of a private industry in the "retirement finance" sphere. Medicine and insurance? Very different story.

Again I don't have time right now to go deep on it. Great resource is to read any brief history of health insurance in the US starting around 1920 and labor reform / origin of Workers Comp. You'll see that a lot of different parties have contributed to the mess in the last 100 years (Unions, Physicians, Commercial Insurers to name a few)

literally any government or healthcare system works when there are no niggers involved.

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