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Another source.

Better let those white supremacist polar bears die out.

why are the other threads about what's going on, locked?

mods don't want you too smart

How is promoting a white majority "racist?"
The left has been promoting a white minority for decades, and has actually taken steps to see it happen. Why is it "racist" to disagree with them and take steps to thwart them?

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Kill youreslf, retard.

why is he retarded?

either a honeypot, a false flag, or retards who are doing it wrong

Anyone else getting this weird urge to scratch their chins and ponder? I guess this is what thinking feels like haha, no wonder Mr Goldberg warned me against it! Feels dangerous!

Gottula clarified, “They (the posters) weren’t removed because of content, they were removed because they weren’t approved per our policy.”

AGAIN; 1,000 times!

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Those are fake af. Any poster not calling out the kikes is a fake or pointless.


how can I be retarded for asking about a thread being locked? it only had 56 replies/posts… then when I go to respond its "locked"… if it were maxed I get it, but 56 seems like a lot less of a number than 750… or is I bad at maff two? also, not range b& or ISP b&, just a legitimate question

If its the "investigation thread" about the pipebomb "attacks" that you're talking about, then I'll tell you what I said when I reported it: "Investigation threads should only be created when the original thread turns up leads." In addition, those leads should be well organized in the OP and potential plans of action clearly elucidated. This isn't (or wasn't) cuckchan. You don't just get to create a thread that says "Investigate X thread" and think that meets standards

true, makes sense now, I didnt create the thread, just replying within and noticed the astonishingly low reply count. thus my original question. I'll stop shitting up this thread with my non-related questions.

Oh hello there… I guess we should remind everyone that ANTIFA nebraska got doxxed to hell and back a WHILE ago.

I guess it could use updating but oh well. It's a start.

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Name:AB Khim (Anabelle Mony Khim)
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Real Address: 13936 Monroe St Omaha NE 68137-4045
Mother's Address: 7013 S 176th Ave Omaha, NE 68136-2041
Work: Server @ LeadBelly: Contemporary American Pub
School: Active @ Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska)

Name: Jade Guinevere Myatt
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Lifeguard @ Armbrust Family YMCA
School: Active @ Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska)

Name: Marc Momo Whitlock
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Deli Clerk @ Baker's

Name: James W. Craddock
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: First National Tower
Address: 4912 Spaulding St Omaha NE 68104-3026
School: Active @ Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska)

Name: Brian Franck
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Hebro Tinner @ Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
Phone Work: (402) 339-6700
Address: 8303 Grand Ave Omaha NE 68134-3215

Name: Julie Hoscheid
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: International Agent @ Travel and Transport
Telephone: (402) 891-2355
16913 Karen St Omaha, NE 68135-2630

Name: Nate Van Fleet
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Barback @ O'Leaver's
Drum Teacher @ School of ROCK
Address: 4604 S 154th Cir Omaha NE 68137-511511

Name: Matthew Bryan Parker
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: University of Nebraska at Omaha
Telephone: (402) 758-2718 CenturyLink Landline
Address: 512 S 161st Cir Omaha, NE 68118-4117

Name: Kaden Trosper
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Hi Times Liquor Mart
Address: 101 Kelly Ct Apt 22 Mc Cook NE 69001-2499
Address: 710 W 3rd St Mc Cook, NE 69001-3161

Emma Skow
Maiden name: Reker
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: American Title (Omaha) - +
DOB: 1/2/1990 - (also lived in Denver, CO for a while)
Instagram: @rudegirlskunk402
[email protected] com
Work: Tax Research Specialist at American Title Inc.
Workflow Coordinator at American Title Inc. (since 2013)
Promoter at No Coast Booking (2011-2015)
Education:Associate, Database Administration from Metropolitan Community College (2014-2016)
General Studies from Metropolitan Community College (2014-2015)
Family:Kerry L Reker , Todd L Reker , Barry C Reker , Norma J Reker

Name: Earl Skow
Org: Antifa Nebraska
Work: Guitar Repairman
Work: The Lookout Lounge (Bar?)
Phone: 402-813-2704 -
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @earl_rotten

We know, Hunter Wallace dude from occdiss was all over it

Oh nice. Got a link by any chance? It would save me some trouble of finding a lot.

Because making white people disappear permanently is good and moral.

I dont understand how people can be so dumb. This statement doesnt make sense and is immediately contradictory upon first look, youd have to lack a brain not to connect the context. Also, wtf? Getting this upset over posters, this world is a clown world, Im convinced.
University of Nebraska confirmed for having nothing going on otherwise their faculty and staff wouldnt be shutting it down.
Just a roundabout way of saying "we arent going to let you post these flyers anymore goy, youve been warned". I mean, how much more threatened do you need to feel to go this far on the offensive? Feel that rope tightening?

This is a pretty good op.

< it's racist not to become a minority in your own country goyim

UNK has a billboard up on US 281 (bw Hastings and Grand Island, about 50 miles from Kearney) bragging about LATINX pronounced "la-TINKS" enrollment. Betting they have others around the area too. Would not be surprised at all if these brag-boards might not have triggered someone into responding.


Calling Whites Racist is Just another reason Why the World Hates Jews.
White Nationalists like Myself, a Culture an Identity. Just want to be Left Alive. You 95iq Jews and Your Hate against Culture will be Your eventual history.
I love a Culture that You Jews Wish You had.

Hey, a genuinely relatable message for once. I wonder who put them up-

Fucking hell.

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So do you think we could meme the left into putting up "White Genocide" posters? A kind of new Swastika they could draw everywhere to false flag WN, but this new would be so much more direct that Whites reading the story would have to entertain the idea of becoming a minority in the 2040s.

Can't spell drunk without UNK
As much as everyone tried to make Nebraska out to be pushing back against the poz with them firing that bitch that attacked the student shilling Turning Points USA, the poz has hit HARD in the branch schools. I was at UNO for a couple years, and they had posters ```sponsored by the school``` that said all men were either rapists or complicit in it by "not doing enough." When I left, they were putting in a staff tribunal to put students accused of right-wing thought on trial.

Burn it all down
Learn a trade or drive a truck
And stop with these posters, they just help shitlibs


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Can we please blow this news article up? If we can get them to call more innocuous shit like this "Racist" it'll become permanently defanged. Normies don't buy this.

KEARNEY — The message of unity and tolerance on “Lopers Come in All Colors” posters that soon will be posted around the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus by members of a student organization are in stark contrast to signs hung on campus last weekend.

As reported by the Hub earlier this week, the 30-50 weekend signs had messages such as, “Prevent white minority by 2044.” The email address at the bottom of that sign was [email protected] The Hub sent an email to this address, but did not receive a response.

The inclusive message posters are a project of the Locke & Key Society, a non-partisan campus club for students interested in politics and public affairs. The UNK website says it is open to all students, and its members organize and host public discussions of current events, politically themed films and social activities.

The organization’s poster, which includes the hashtag #loperpride, was designed by Locke & Key President Erin Green, a junior from Lexington who is majoring in math education and has a minor in political science. She said the goal is to demonstrate the diversity of UNK students.

In an email interview with the Hub, Green said, “This is a direct response to the posters from this weekend. However, we are not trying to make a political statement. Our intention is to let students who may have been affected by the other posters know that they are important to our community and are supported.”

Lorna Bracewell, assistant professor of political science at UNK and Locke & Key adviser, said she is proud the students are responding.

However, she believes UNK administrators should have done more than take down the offensive weekend posters. They should have been the response leaders by “denouncing that kind of hate,” she said.

Green said, “We understand UNK’s administration is in a difficult position, but we felt something should be done to support our students of color, and decided to do it ourselves.”

According to a UNK official, the weekend posters were removed because the UNK approval policy to display them was not followed.

The policy says, “No temporary posters (includes signs/other materials/digital) will be posted on University property without approval by the University.” It also specifies locations where posters can be placed, such as interior bulletin boards, and lists officials from whom a signature is required to post something in a designated areas.

All approved posters may be displayed for up to two weeks or until an any event being promoted is over.

UNK Director of News and Internal Communications Todd Gottula said earlier this week that campus officials are not aware of who put up the posters promoting a racist agenda, which were placed on doors to buildings and poles around campus.

Gottula clarified, “They (the posters) weren’t removed because of content, they were removed because they weren’t approved per our policy.”

He told the Hub Thursday that the Locke & Key Society has met the requirements of the UNK approval policy.

Bracewell said she told the students they need to understand the risk they may be taking by contradicting the message of the first group.

“They’re fascists,” she said, and not an organization that seeks a full and open conversation of ideas.

“I worry about the naivety in thinking this is just a free speech issue,” Bracewell added.

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if we aren't already below 50%, we will certainly be in less than 5 years. unless you count jews, moslems, and """white hispanics""", of course