Southern California white nationalist leaders arrested by FBI. Trump chumps go "huh?"

"Federal authorities have arrested key members of a Southern California white-power group, the latest move in an ongoing effort by authorities to break the back of an organization linked to racism-fueled violence.

Robert Rundo, leader of the so-called Rise Above Movement, was taken into custody Sunday at Los Angeles International Airport, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said.

Two others — Tyler Laube and Robert Boman — were arrested Wednesday morning in connection with organizing and participating in riots, according to federal authorities. Another, Aaron Eason, was charged but remains at large, they said.

All four were charged with using the internet to organize or participate in riots, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles."

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It’s not like trump ever actually supported Zig Forums.

Who tf do these guise think they are? AIPAC? The only supremacists allowed to be supremacists on US soil are Israeli Dual-Citizens. wtf? There is but one people that are supreme today, and (ProTip) they ain't "White"

I'm not some MAGA "Trump chump", but it's not like Trump ordered the FBI himself to arrest these guys. How is Trump responsible or involved in any way?

OK, commie, we don't really know who these guys are, and we don't care about them.
Some of them we don't even consider white.

Who put Nazi-hunter Wray in charge?

So they can arrest these kinds of people, but they just choose to let antifa run wild.

But yeah the FBI is impartial and unbiased

Finally realized it wasn't working eh?

This only stops when we *make* it stop.

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Mods deleting posts in 3… 2… 1…

Why post this here? This is a satirical LARP board, noone actually cares about people that are pro-white here.

When was the last time there was a riot by nationalists?

We want our xp points.

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They have robbed us of all options

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Kys. These guys did nothing wrong

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Laube: German (chiefly eastern) and Jewish (Ashkenazic)


Dangled Drumphs fbi is locking up all these bassed jewish notsees and their shabbos gimp. Rawfulcopter tut tut tut 4d chest amirite goys? I just feel so demoralized I probably won't vote at all. What's the point?

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How can we put money on their books?

what crime did RAM commit? conspiracy to riot over the Internet is the best the Federales could throw against the wall to stick? probably hundreds of faggot FBI worked on this. what a waste. what about Antifa who really are plotting riots over the Internet? Antifa violence out numbers WN violence 100-to-1. oh, wait, i know. anyone who expresses Free Speech to name the kike is a Thought Criminal. versus anyone who wants to punch a veteran because Orange Man Bad is a Hero of the USSA.
the more the Deep State persecutes any WN groups who make it past a year or two of existence, the worse DOTR is going to be.

These are Chinese shills. You can tell by the smell of filth.

He actually did order Sessions to go after them, after Charlottesville and after he signed the statement blaming white nationalists for all of the violence there and declaring us to be domestic terrorists. Sessions said as much in an interview.

How come Antifa, which actually riots and attacks people, is not "arrested" by the FBI?

Weather Underground commits actual terrorism, nothing happens to them.

Because (((Trump))) has declared that his own supporters are the sole instigators and that antifa dindu nuffin.

Here's how I know op is a shill:

1. Attacks whites, calling them dumb "huh" is what he says white people (Trump supporters, millions and millions and millions and millions of white men and women) say.
2. He hates those whites - you don't treat someone you love that way.
3. Gaslights the notion that Trump has the least bit of control over the derp state

Fuck off, chicom tard.

Why is anyone shocked? Sessions is a POS.

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So they were arrested for protesting, in other words?
I love how you spin this as Drumpf though, as if hes the one who ordered them to arrest those guys.
Gotta step up the anti-Drumpf shilling before the midterms, yeah?

Yet antifa goes free.
The DOJ is even thinking about letting El Chapo free.

The feds are not your friends.

Yeah and Hitler was a kike as well amirite?

fuck off kike

Kill yourself for supporting degenerates OP.
All white power honeypots are just there to serve as focal points for criminals to criminal. Every race has their own prison gang inside and outside of the system.
They're all scum and just because they claim to believe in supporting white people being able to raise white families, does not mean they are not piece of shit scumbags any more that virtue signaling leftists who are also hypocritical cunts in their own regards.

Reminder to report every single post this paid jewish shill makes. It is spamming every single thread on the board with copied and pasted spam.

I liked the aesthetic of the RAM videos and I understand why they organized but it just goes to show that the decentralized model is the only viable one.
Educate yourself, educate others, take action but never formally organize and recruit.

The FBI outright used antifa blogposts as proof for affidavits.

Wow, The Rise above movement has some good Music! Thank You!

If it really is a bugmen paid shill, reply to him with天安门广场大屠杀1989 and he'll be banned by his communist overlords

1989 a brave Man refused to die on his Knees.

They're retarded for saying "lel my 14 words", but still, they don't deserve a fucking FBI investigation

Trump is not responsible. White "supremacist" and nationalist groups have specifically been targeted by the federal government and state governments for decades. If anyone deems themselves a part of these groups, then you better be smart enough to do all of your organization and talking via word of mouth, not text on the internet, VPN or not. The internet is for shit-posting, memeing, and shit like that. Things with real world consequences should be handled in the real world, not where everything is recorded.

Organization is good. You sound like a shill. The key to victory is organization, as strength is in groups, not numbers. If numbers aren't organized to act together, then far inferior groups will still conquer you. Not all organization is illegal. You can legally organize without consequence if you don't break the law, or profess to having the intent to break the law.

"you better be smart enough"
A True Patriot has no fear.

This and remember groups like antifa were never actually declared terrorists out right nor have they ever been talk about in such language. Something they pulled was compared to terror activity in a random government document and yet anons still ran with it because they wanted it to be true. They still get off on all their crimes. This is bullshit. They criminalize everything white men do now.

A true "patriot" strives for victory, not glory.

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The Most Radical thing anybody can say.
I am White.
This is some Kind a Taboo, so they Want You to Think.
A True Patriot has nothing to fear.

So go kill nonwhites. What's wrong? Why won't you do it?

I love America. Suck a Dick 95IQ Subhuman

So go kill nonwhites. What's wrong? Why won't you do it?

The Meaning of life is. to Live as a Human Being.

You are a markov bot. Reported.

My Life has Meaning, My Life has a Purpose.
Do You not want to be a Part of a Culture, a History?

Kill yourself. Either go kill nonwhites or you are lying about being a true patriot.

Fags get out

God Made Man and God took away his forskin, This is Why Jewish Culture Circumsizes.
The Egyptians Cut Jewish Forskins off and Presented the Prize to the Blue Eyed people of Light.

Wanna know how I know you're a sharekike?


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This is bullshit, and occurred under Trump's DOJ. Did he have a personal hand in it? Or did the Feds go off on their own? It does not matter, Antifa is not getting locked up, or BAMN, or the Nation of Islam. The fucking feds are not friends of White Nationalists and never will be. Do you anons even Ruby Ridge or William Cooper?


The (((Alt-Right))) is really getting butt fucked hard. Good! This is what Zig Forums wanted. Fucking Natbol is going to get what they deserve for larping as white nationalists. #TrumpCurse.

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Zig Forums warned you. And Zig Forums is ALWAYS right.

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I'm still waiting.

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That wasn't us. That was /fringe/

Pol has never been right

Pride, Love history.
Everything I love about the History and Culture of my people.

/fringe/ has never been right.

Who/what are "socal white nationalist leaders" and what have they done?


Mistaking Smiley's shitposting for Zig Forums was your first mistake…

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Kill yourself. Either go kill nonwhites or you are lying about being a true patriot.

Kikes and leftists always try to arrest you based on a technicality that they never enforce against their own side.

What riots? I didn't know of any rightwing riots

There haven't been any. Riots are for antifags and niggers.

same shit different day, you would think people would listen to us when we say DON'T JOIN GROUPS ENCOURAGING ILLEGAL SHIT


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Why isn't every anifa behind bard then?

My stepsister is a DACApede


Another Soros funded (((Alt-Right))) group. They wanted us to do MMA with them or some gay shit.

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The pictures of skih niggers is giving me mixed messages…

That doesn't sound like a riot.

I believe he was Priebus' suggestion. Trump fired Priebus, but not before he could do a LOT of damage.

This is why they're freaking about the midterms. They know Trump will fire all their assets if the GOP keeps congress.

literally redundant

Which honeypot organization should we join, fellow white?

op is a kike. Kikes think the goyim go "huh":

You sound like it’s your first day here. There is absolutely zero advantage to centralized and structured groups over anonymous decentralized individuals with the same like objectives. That’s why Zig Forums is effective, lurk more.

This really is terrible news, say what you will about the "Alt-Right" and IRL organizing but RAM was undoubtedly the one group that got things right.

Their leadership was/is solid, normal, successful middle class guys. In fact, one of them was/is an engineer for an aerospace contractor, shills tried to spin that as him being a glownigger whereas people like myself took it as a sign rhey recruited solid men and not brainlet trailer trash like every other IRL organization I've seen (Trad Workers Party anyone?). They are also the only notable group I know of who understood the nature of this propaganda war and perfectly shaped their messaging for the current climate. They were also not retarded in that they tried to overexpand/franchise their group, in fact, they directly stated that their group would not recognize any other group using their name and that others should simply use their model but do their own thing (basically, a phantom cell model, something wodely discussed here in the old days).

That said, I see a silver lining to these obviously political and trumped up arrests. Remember the last time the (((establishment))) locked up the only group of youthful right wing political activists that fully understood the propaganda side of the war being fought for the hearts and minds of the people? I do, and pic related was the result.

What happens when you take a group of highly capable, intelligent, and successful men who have found an ideological purpose in life, then publicly ruin them and toss them in prison? All that will do is further strengthen the resolve of men who have already proven themselves as capable. Capable men treated unjustly are the system's worst nightmare and now they'll be locked up in an environment where it is unbelievably easy to recruit white men using their existing message. The California prison system is actually an enormous windfall as the racial tensions are so high that any white man will be instantly redpilled and amy decent white man would choose to side with a group like RAM over existing white prison gangs. That, plus California's silly leftist legal system means most of these new belivers will be back out in the real world in less than 5 years even if the original members keep getting screwed by the (((Jewdicial))) system.

TL;DR I actually like everything about RAM from the high caliber sort of men they recruited to their messaging and organizational philosophy. It's a damn travesty what is happening to them but if there is one currently existing group from which a true heir to Hitler might arise, it's this one.

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OK… It's great news, lol.

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How's the weather in Istanbul?

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You realize you out yourself even more when you keep that same bingo_cy_plus_3 filename every time you spam it

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What kind of a retard thinks this way, and uses an image like that?

Depressing how far 8/pol/ has fallen from the Five Guys days.

This isn't Zig Forums its r/the_pol

I agree user. Ignore all the Jewish shills and manchildren cheering these guys being in prison. Protip: most of the people who post on Zig Forums, especially during the day, are sexually frustrated, 30+ year old virgin jobless man children. One of two other guys I knew who posted here was a fat loser who literally doxxed other people in his group. He still earned a beating for that, which is yet to be repaid.

Anyway, RAM did get it right and knew how to reach the right people. Their social media presence and optics were on point and already had a sustainable model through dues and merchandise.

This model is already being copied and it is one of many ways forward. I also subconciously knew that ZOG (i.e. alphabet soup agencies and police) would come down hard on anything with real potential. I'll say a prayer they make it out and keep rolling. We need to also do what we can to show solidarity with them.

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I don't get this? Were they charged for using the internet to organize a possible riot or for participating in riots?

also the fedniggers will find other charges to apply retroactively like they ALWAYS FUCKING DO

There is a book For My Legionaries where it instructs people to form "nests", groups of 4-5 people, independent of each other.

I think that is better than a big group and you should only do street activity after you got like at least 1000 nests of 5 people all over the country.

And by street activity I mean putting up posters.

Also, I don't know the american law, but I think you could avoid some charges if you would organize your group like a political party or religious organization, and if not, as a corporation.

What kind of crime is this of talking on the internet about things? They could take down this site and any other leftist shit by that logic.

it is no crime ( of course ) and yes (((they)) ) want to remove us from the internet completely, cant have those pesky autists spreading truth and shit
also, The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances
constitution and sheeeit


How the fuck do I put money on theses fuckers books?