In this thread we express our opinion's of the United States Of America and Americans.

I will start:

You deserve a slow and painful death because you are absolute scum.


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The west in general is bad and must be punished. However the reduction of American power and influence should be the priority.

Americans are like orcs!!!!!

The USA is fucking huge, it's unbelievable.

I don't have any strong feelings about it. I guess they're doing a pretty impressive job at maintaining hegemony on the imperialist chessboard?

Complete unequivocal trash. The people are fine and salvageable, but the government needs to be fully abolished if the world is ever to get better. They're worse than fascist, or imperialists, while keeping the farce of a Republic. To just list a few confirmed things the US did, develop biological weapons to use against North Koreans, make a heart attack gun, protect Nazi's not even the good one's, but one's willing to help the US for safety for their gain against Soviets and welcomed them to the government, tricked Hitler with the other anglo's, considered killing their own people in a false flag attack, and most likely have killed their own people, monitor their own people without any respect for privacy, and those are only the confirmed things.
Although to be fair in an ideal world most if not all countries would need to be abolished and rebuilt in order to have it be at least decent.

The people are some of the worst absolute human garbage of this planet. Salvageable? Sure,maybe with radical eugenics and mass vasectomies.

You saying Native Americans need to be finished off?

Of course I hate their imperialism and they are the most imperialists of all but I still love american pop culture. So I'm kinda conflicted about the USA as whole concept.

Itt only non-burgers are allowed to post.
So I've thought a couple times, if I had the option to nuke every single major american city, would I do it? probably tbh

Hopeless desu. We can't even do something as simple as universal healthcare. Conservatives are so brainwashed by the "MUH COMMUNISM!" meme that they can't be bothered to look at the obvious. Meanwhile we don't have a left because feminism destroyed the left.
Bernie was the one hope of electing an actual leftist and he failed because Democrats were too obsessed with electing a woman for the sake of electing a woman. Voters who wanted to move even an inch to the left were shamed for being "Bernie Bros"

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The amount of historical revisionism in that page alone is totally insane. It's just Shillary gish galloping the reader. I hope you burned your copy.

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America did nothing wrong. When the US became the world’s sole superpower for the most part instead of embarrassing the world as it already exists tried to recreate it. The US actively pushed for the destruction of European colonialism (Suez crisis), as well as pushed for the destruction of feudalism in the third world. The US instead tied the entire world together using a global supply chain. Which destroyed traditional structures of power and ethno-natialism. US NGOs throughout the world also erode the power of patriarchy and organized religion, instead replacing it with American religion, where evreytown has just one priest, and no hierarchal network of clergy, but one class of clergy who is responsible to the people worshiping. The US also destroyed the natural. For the idea that whatever god did, man can do better comes from America. America took plants and live stalk, used GMO labs and destroyed the natural, and built something better in it’s place that can ffed more people. The US media narrative of history is also very progressive. Unlike most people Americans don’t strive for the past, but for the future. Just look at the sci-fi genera. And while most americans are religious, the American god doesn’t want people to do just worship him, but wants people to build and create. Thus creating a nation of people who are dedicate towards success. American nationalism, is also pretty universalist the whole “we fight for the freedom of others” is very universalist. Also while McCarthyism is a problem it’s a result of the Cold War, that is undoing it’s self now that that era is over. America is easily one of the most progressive nations on Earth, Which isn’t surprising that America was a child of the enlightenment and born out of a war against feudalist reactionaries. Anti-Amerianism in it’s critique of America fails to understand the world before America, and how the present world is desirable. Having military bases in your country might suck, it’s far superior to what Europe did to Africa, and the pre-colonial primitive reactionary societies. I support America because I am a Globalist, and America is eroding national boarders, and building a truly global and universal world.

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The UK has far more blood on its hands considering all the shit the British Empire did to wreck the world in their favor, followed by their various Cold War exploits, but since they've unraveled into a mediocre social welfare/money laundering center and the USA is the dominant hegemon, the latter gets everyone's ire.

#1 Bernie's not a leftist
#2 Criminal election fraud and targeted voter suppression
#3 Bernie didn't challenge election results when his campaign knew all about this because he's controlled opposition

Hey look it's another anti American thread. And you wonder why Americans are abandoning the left and going reactionary. Also OP's mum should suck my gay nigger dick

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Almost all the positives in this post no longer apply to 21st century America.

its like people forget the British Empire existed.

Look to your future Mr. American.
My point still applies.

Absolutely socdem tier.

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Anglos in general are the worst whites.
Well maybe not as bad as the Swiss but America has pretty much surpassed their parents in Britain.
Sage for doubleposting.

Get rid of the boomers and the US will dramatically change. No need to get rid of all burgerlards.

Yes, but it’s important to view America in line with the dialectical progression of history instead of viewing it as “the big satan.” A world power like America was nessicary to destroy Feudal structures in underdeveloped nations and promote enlightenment ideas across the globe. As well as foster the idea of “a global community.”

I hope America follows Europe in going full fash.
The Third World was a mistake.

Anything in the US turns into a farce: fascism (kekistanis), libertarianism ("go live alone in the woods bro"), communism (Maoist red guards lol), anarchism (idpol, intersectionality, "class reductionism"), food (fast food). US is a garbage country, with garbage people, from the Tea Party retards through the Democrat Cops of America retards, wifi-fearing Greens to the whatever LARP "communist" party.









Oh look, it's the "those craaaazy Greens" canard again.



Americans come to the rest of the world to pillage. How hard is that to understand? They aren't your friends, they aren't your allies, they are your blood enemies. Think of it like humans vs. orcs.

The tankie speaks the truth,American "people" are a tumour on earth.

American imperialism helped build the most progressive socdem states in the world and the best places to be a worker.
Soviet liberation helped build a source of well educated prostitutes and not so educated reactionaries.

Progressive American sex "workers" were sexually inferior to those educated Soviet prostitutes.

Of course, there's no contest there.

Fascism is liberalism in decay.

US goes populist -> socdemm -> fascist repeat wwii germany

bring on the nukes chairman xi

oh and if your communism doesn't include reparations to the third world, decolonialism, and reduction of consumption QoL for the first world bringing them more into line with Cuba then you are a counterrevolutionary and will be SHINJI GET IN THE TANK

what's so bad about the Swiss?