>finnish is related to sumerian, not INDO-european

>finnish is related to sumerian, not INDO-european
>finns built permanent housing right after the last ice age
>finns had agriculture 7000 bc
>the oldest fishing net was found in finland
>the oldest wooden idol in the world was found in finnic lands
>there are for example a ten kilometers long stone painting in the shores of lake laatokka
>there are more than hundred of these jatulintarha's in Finland (pic related)
>scandinavian kings descend from finns
>slavic kings descend from finns
>finnic dna has been found all over eurasia and even from carthago
>finns were the first to found america via the ice bridge in the atlantic
>finns have the most olympic medals per capita in the world
>finns are the most educated and innovative people in the world
>finns are the most blue eyed blondes in the world

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It's not going to stick this time either, shill.


You want me to spam them?

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So what? Only 5million of us left and everything is going shit. They are going to see us only in history books in future.

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why are finns so mongo tho?

doesn't mean much now when everything is going to shit
t. fingolian

[citation needed]

You know, Finland doesn't actually exist.

sometimes I wish this was true

Meh, if we lose in the west and our lands become subsumed with hostile invaders, Finland may be the last hurrah of our race.

you really don't know what's going on here, do you?

Finland is in the EU. The objective of the EU is to destroy Europeans. Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

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I wonder if global warming isn't a trick to floor the sea levels where ancient coastlines become lost forever so the only trace of human history becomes mud caves and muh Africa

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That ice was melted ancient times, times of Egypt. Humans have no power over this. Earth is in cycles and there is nothing we could or even should do about it. Even our awareness is in cycles and we are getting closer to Sirius & golden age.

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So pic related is real?

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Musk is going to have a Cat girl kingdom on mars!

why is it in ALLCAPS?

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Oh it's this neekeri from halfchan, what do you think of Ior Bock.

Benis :D

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Danube Vinca culture is older than Sumerian and closer in proximity to Globeke Tepe and Egypt and Minoan cultures. They invented everything the (((Bible))) obsessed alien obessed fake news historians claim that Sumerians invented (including the yinyang symbol which Asians ruined with their stupid dualism bullshit).

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Göbekli tepe*

have a bump, fingolians

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We were Atlanteans Anons.

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Chinks can.

Lack of religion has taken your focus off eternity. That's the 'now' problem.

No it's not.

Finns are very related to Indo-Europeans
Both by language and genetics
They are especially related to the Indo-Iranian branch who migrated to the the east

They share half a halpo-type with us. Pure Aryan Kangs

Where the hell did you get that crackpot theory?
Finnish is related to gook languages in Siberia, not Sumerian. Look at the eyes of the Sami. That says it all.

If you really think yin yang simply boils down to duality, I suggest you read up about it at sometime. It represents balance, interconnection, how everything can shift based on perspective, and more. Its a philosophy of relation, for example without fall there can be no rise, without rise there can be no fall. Even if you don't like the Asian influence and usage of it, at least take the time to learn from it. Who knows you might learn something, or maybe even understand your enemy better. Expand your mind user and you will expand your potential.

This is true, the Hungarian language also has no precursors and is only related to Sumeria text

finnish whites are aryan.
Enough, move on.

The eternal fingolian posts another thread.

Is a
Hawaii is a truth

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Newagers spout californian retard memes instead of expanding their mind

I knew I wasn't the only one to come go Finland and notice the strange features. The "angry" eyebrows that naturally point up, the big, puffy cheeks, the super high foreheads. If you've tried looking on tinder for girls in Northern Savonia, at least, you probably vomited several times from the hideous Mongolian hybrids on there. So glad to see I am not the only one who saw behind the myth of the "pretty Finnish blondes" (who are probably just the mostly Swedish ones in the south anyway).

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The sami are genetically distinct from Finns, tho.

Finns were that, Finns were this; so what?
Ok, your race is the first, you are the Adam and also first primate to evolve into first humanoid; so fucking what?
I accept, your race built both the ancient and modern 7 wonders of the world, Finns were the first civilization upon this Earth; and what?
Why you have to be a unicorn? You stuck in a land we call Europe and your fate is not any different than us.
Why you have to be the cherry on top?
Come back after you paint your flag purple and put a horn symbol on it, then surely we will declare you as the unicorn of Europe. Deal?

But muh agglutinative language…

Fucking Hungarians were nomad savages just like turkroaches centruies before and right after settling down on Carpathia they've fought against invaders of Europe, became the bastion of faith and a central European culture for more centuries. I dont see a Hungarian crying.
What you do? Unicorn?

Fingolian here, Helsinki became the capital city of Finland when the old capital, Turku burned down in 1827 so nah it's not real

Finnish is related to Siberian gook tribal languages like Mordivin, Nenets, Samoyed, Koryak you delusional fuck.

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nice political discussion slide thread, retards