Ok, literally WTF!!!!!! I just got banned from halfchan for racism!!!!!!!

ok, literally WTF!!!!!! I just got banned from halfchan for racism!!!!!!!

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Reported for spam.

Why do you think we left that place four years ago, you dumb fucking nigger?

If you're the retard who spammed "NIGGER" about 100 times in a single post, don't be surprised. You're giving (((*))) more leverage to shut the site down.

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this is the post that got me banned from halfchan, I didn't spam nigger

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Congratulations, now go to reddit. Rapefugees aren't allowed.

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The kikes are shitter shattered that we are trying to save 4chan. They have wanted to capture it so bad for a long time now. Do not capitulate, faggots.

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Why do you stupid faggots think we care about your specific example of it being a pozzed shithole when you should have known that for years now?

Behold the excellent BOARD QUALITY brought to you by our board owner CHODEKIKEY.
Not even Coonfy was this bad.
CHODEKIKEY is a threat to our National Socialist board Zig Forums.

Kindly kill yourself.

they already did you dumb fucking nigger.

I also got a global 3 month ban for posting "racism" on /tv/ (actually I was arguing with a literal JIDF shill that said that IsraHELL had no nukes). Kripplekikechan is slow and shitty but now y'all have to bear with me for 3 months.

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That is not what I said you oven dodger. This thread is literally all shills who know how culturally important 4chan has become.

I said it once and was banned. Tfw

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No, the reality is that Kripplekikechanners are jealous of NIGGERTITS because it's far more active, relevant and fun allowed. They should be in their knees GLAD they are getting a few of us NIGGERTITS folks to spice up this slow 4 post per minute shithole.

I got banned earlier for reposting 'operation thank the enemy' (an op that has been on there for months). Something is definitely fishy today.


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Enjoy getting banned here for being a retarded newfag.