Sleepy Sessions Helps El Trapo Escape. Again

today DOJ dropped 6 charges against el Chapo–a subhuman mongrel and one of the
worst scumbags on Earth, who is guitly of murdereding thousands of women and
children and who turned his own country into a barbaric prehistoric hellscape of
violence that makes the Caliphate look like utopia by comparison.

Sleepy Keebler Elf Sessions woke up and came out of his hole in the ground to
announce that even though DOJ already quietly dropped the thousands of murder
charges against el Trapo last spring, they are also now dropping the charges of
conspiring to distribute cocaine and conspiring to run a criminal organization,
there are still 11 charges against el Trapo left. Never mind that there is quite
literally a mountain of evidence against el Trapo, and never mind that DOJ has
already performed Herculean amounts of work to assemble all of this evidence
against el Trapo.

Sessions didn't see his own shadow, so he didn't immediately flee back into his
hole in the ground. He stated "American can all sleep safely at night knowing
the my DOJ is relentlessly pursing evil doers where ever they are around the
whole world. And then after we take enormous risks to infiltrate our
intellgience and law enforcement officers into foreign nations, and go to heroic
lengths extradite them, and after we consume thousands of billable hours of our
top attorney's time to build the case against the criminals, we throw away as
much of the evidence as we can, or we lock it away by classifying it in closed
court sessions, in order to ensure the accused defendent has as great of a
chance as possible to be exonerated and freed from the jaws of our justice
system. Just look at how I let Crooked Hillary escape, without even bothering
to indict her for any of the ten thouand crimes she herself admitted to in
her own emails. I can assure you that my DOJ will go to equally preposterous
ends to ensure that el Trapo, and his CIA handlers will also go free. American's
would rather the past behind us now and focus on moving forward. To dig up the
distant past from just a couple years ago, and expose profound corruption and
criminality on part of our CIA and Deep State Shadow Govt would be a worse crime
than punishing any of them. I have no doubt that all Americans stand with me
when I say we are going to move heaven and Earth to arrest anyone who smokes a
join. Recreational marijuana users are truly the biggest scouge in America.
Did you hear about the latest thing Kayne West said?
That man is a riot–ha, ha, ha. Thank you, god bless and good night."

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The problem with Sessions is that he is a literal hick that should be prosecuting them dangnabbed Duke bois, Beltway swampniggers are ruthless and running circles around him all day.

Guzman is innocent, everything he did he did so with the blessing of the CIA.

that's where you're wrong, buddy. way i sees it, anyone who works with Langley deserves to be shot in the face point blank on a street corner, or thrown out of a Blackhawk helicopter at 5,000 ft which is transporting them from a Mexican jail into US Federal authority.

in my ideal world, working with Langley is as good as signing your own death sentence. no more of this passing the buck bullshit. since over 500 of the highest ranking, smartest, highest IQ, most proven warriors, and most loyal National Socialists were all condemned to death and hung at Nuremburg simply for the so-called crime of "just following orders", then that logic is a 2-way street. anyone who is just following orders from CIA, the biggest criminal mafia syndicate in the history, is therefore GUILTY AS SIN for committing war crimes against humanity. no appeal, no shortened sentence, no mercy–just D-E-A-T-H.

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I didn't imply he was blameless or innocent of any wrong doing I agree with you, but it goes to explain the excuse of "expediting the process" in order to make charges go away.

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Funny how kike2 still thinks people is on his side.


If you are an user, then you are consumed by hate and this clouds your reasoning and those who read your post as it is filled with emotional drivel. If not, then you are a plain Kike.
I never said they were.
You are implying that, putting words in my mouth.
I never said to complain specifically. They way Oldfags "protest" is by might of Reason & Knowledge.
The Gandhi way. The wittest and sharpest minds always win the respect of Anons. Play the role of teachers without directly confronting ( by emotion or kvetching) mods or stupid normalfags.
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Demoralised much
Try meditating. Your anger consumes you. This hinders oldfags. You don't need emotion to cull newfags and shills.

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August of 2015.

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The thread about US troops being afraid of white nationalists is much worse.

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Why aren't Americans just killing this piece of shit, it would send a clear message to all Mexican subhumans. Nobody would object.

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Since it's CY +20 we jail fathers who rape their 6 week old daughters & break 24 bones in the process rather than to execute,and jail the mother for not reporting the rape and injuries.

DOTR is long overdue.


You dumb niggers no NOTHING about the law.

They drop charges that don't have enough evidence to get a conviction.

The dudes going away for life. Should be the DP but good fucking luck these days.


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White latinas WILL be allowed into the ethnostate for breeding purposes.

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