Message for the new female mod of Zig Forums

Hi Zig Forums my name is Yakuzanon.
I'm in love with your new mod and I want her to become my wife.
She's pure and national socialist.

Percolatrice if you see that message I'm your man.
Don't choose Richard.


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poo in the loo

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Im aware this is a troll thread and honestly i laughed. You need to delete your social media and eat healthy, focus on your chosen craft then maybe you’ll earn more money.
Best of luck. Get a gym membership.

I don't have social media.

Zig Forums has a 3dpd mod now?

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Is walking into a Filth ridden building everyday with a bunch of other fucking conformist Attention Freaks and pissing Monthly Finance your Sheer way of not feeling like a useless bitch? Walk to a fucking JungleGym and use those bars.

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If this is correct you just doxed and thus compromised a mod and further compromised this place than it already is.
Well done, you insufferable faggot.

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Did pooinlooposter finally take a class on English grammar?

Shit your face you filthy degenerate.
She’s mine.
Go back to your celebrity leftist whore TayTay

Doesn't sound like him. He was way more retarded.

That said, trying to form a relationship over the internet with a woman(???) you know nothing about? Not really a smart move, if serious.
Does look cute though.

Look like she's not >>>/1825/13982

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We have picture of her.

Not that I think you're necessarily wrong.. but gyms typically have machinery that is useful for exercising that is rather expensive and space consuming to have at home.

Yes, you can use basically anything to work out, including some playground jungle gym bars, but you aren't necessarily getting the best workout that way, or rather the most efficient one for your time. You'll spend more time for less results basically, as opposed to using machinery designed specifically to target and exercise particular muscles or groups.

Additionally, depending on which gym you go to, most people are completely oblivious to everyone else around them, and they aren't that expensive. I had a membership to a decent gym a few years ago, in the AM hours it was mostly older people, a few fitness bunnies running on tread mills and doing light lifting, and then my fat ass drenched in sweat trying to get in better shape. The place was kept clean for the most part, and people were generally polite but oblivious to anyone who wasn't there with them.

Now, thats not to say all gyms are like that. There are certainly lots of dudebros and "staceys" that go to those places for attention and praise, likely going in the evening hours more often, but frankly you can work around them and avoid them, for a fairly small price (far smaller than most people pay for their stupid device each month so they can watch weeb trash on the go), and get access to shit thatll help you get in shape faster and more effectively.

Honestly your post sounds like either you've never been to a gym, or never been to a decent gym. They aren't all trash tier like you describe.

Fuck the mods. The mods are U.S. Intelliniggers anyway. Usually their first assignment out of (((Yale))) on their shit tier GS-6 salary.

Fuck the mods, fucking intelliniggers. How's the weather in Virginia and Maryland, faggot mods?

Tell CIA to get me a fucking job, intelliniggers. $180,000/yr. or neck yourselves.

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Except that picture is not proof in any way.

this is a goon thread, post anime

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Gee-oh-oh-en. That spells goon.

Did someone say this was a goob thread?

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And they're already mad

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Nice. Another anime larper faggot.
I hope you drown in your own semen.
SAGE for the cancer thread