Trump controls the media... literally

There's only one way… one possible way Trump can possibly know the future 6 years in advance as to what the Democrats would do regarding the bombs sent to different members of the previous administration prior to the election. And that is that the top clown boss has already been taken out by patriots, and Trump has replace them with patriots calling the shots.

Much in the same way the Angels took their marching orders from "Charlie", but never actually met him, the previous administration is likewise taking their marching orders from an unseen source thinking it's the cabal, when in reality, Trump has eliminated that source, and replaced it with himself, or someone to issue those orders.

Think about it… did we not take over (((their))) means of communication via Snow White satelites a couple of months ago? Do we not control those sources of communication? We control the narrative now. We control what the media says. They take their 4am talking points from us now, they just don't know it's us!

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The easier is that the new is once again replacing the old.

The poltitical correct shame model that politicians have followed since the 70-80s have broken.

Out with the old and go on with the new frank and honest politics.

More likely he knows what tactics they’d use in times of desperation, also strange tho.
This should now be a general thread of trump predicting future.

It’s funny when you think about the fact that your ironic shitpost is basically what Q-tards actually believe.

Are you fucking retarded?

I mean looks like it.

From the way that you used a single paragraph for a run on sentence.

To post some reddit formatted.



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The most jewish president in


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That tweet was from tomorrow???


This is boomer tier Q-larp bullshit. Trump is highly intelligent, extraordinarily shrewd, and an incredibly experienced businessman. There's no grand conspiracy at work here. The man just possesses uncanny acumen at reading people, his enemies included. I suggest you read Art of the Deal if you haven't already. It explains the majority of why Trump acts the way he does and why it's so effective.

Furthermore, the kike media is really, really, really fucking stupid and dogmatic. The current generation of yids are pale shadows of the giga-kikes of yore. Decades of inbreeding combined with the deaths of the old guard and the drinking their own multi-kulti kool-aid has resulted in the ones at the top being far less effective at enacting their grand schemes as their forefathers were.

TL;DR Trump is smarter than most of his enemies

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Shills will swarm this thread

Trump is part of the same Jewish elite as all the other politicians are. He's just the anti-system candidate. 2nd Wave of feminism was "anti-system" and controlled by the CIA. Mtv was "anti system" and was controlled by the kikes. It's the same old tactic where you offer controlled opposition to prevent your enemies building a real opposition.

In this case you had the evil globalist Soros who is set up to be the bad guy. You have Trump set up to be the hero who would fight Soros and his minions and that's what happened. Soros promotes globalism on TV, "funds" Black lives matter protests and causes a rise in social unrest. Trump becomes the liberal target for hate which makes the alt right types to support him. This causes conflict between the two sides and everything looks to be chaos so as NEED A STRONG LEADER WHO CARES ABOUT AMERICA TO FIX IT!

Then we have Trump who is this big man who bullies Hillary and Jeb. Remember how everyone hates the neo Con Geroge Bush? He started wars and shit when the anti-war movement was big. Well here's Trump to bully his little brother and make him look retarded. Tough Trump bullies the political family both liberals and non-liberals hate, the lead Neo con Bush family.

Oh my. I appear to have just explained why Trump is controlled opposition and what tactics were used to make it happen. I must be a shill because the Jews can't possibly be schemers who subvert us. They're pure and honest and never act in underhanded ways to manipulate the population.

So which is it Zig Forums is Trump the one honest politician who has no connection to the Jews or are you being duped by a Jewish scheme in order to draw you away from a final solution?

Yes indeed very true; it's all the drugs the jewesses have been using since the 60's onwards. It does subtle and non too subtle damage to their egg cells and the delicate strands of DNA particularly in the sequences that regulate the production of the most subtle brain functions like reading and logic. Huge armies of autistic jewish boys thanks to mommy eating E and snorting cocaine, just bathing their eggs in their ovaries with poison.

Perhaps there should be a thread detailing how the jews wrapped the entire populace of American retards into believing Trump wasn't a jewish puppet while all he's ever done since before election and post is suck on jewish cocks

I remember how Bad Orange Man touching the wall of an old Roman fort killed 6 gorillian whites in the Syrian War. I had to suck ten extra cocks that night just to be calm enough to watch my wife's son on xer date night.

Well he did get rid of the TPP
And he did keep the jews and their allies from overthrowing Assad and starting WWIII with the Russians and the Iranians.

In fact, if Trump loses the mid terms he'll immediately get impeached by a new Democratic run Congress and then immediately Britain, France, Israel and Turkey will attack Syria with 5x, 10x the violence we've seen there so far even if it involves a massive catastrophic collision with Russian forces there.

you didn't take over shit, you don't control anything faggot.

And just what sort of creature are YOU?!

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but in all actuality this is pretty pathetic of you
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just makes it all the more obvious to me and
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basically what i'm saying is

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I remember that, and when he took all our guns and amnesty'd all the spics and started WWIII with best korea! WTF he's the perfect jew!

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The Jews are already on the victory lap. They don't need to do anything but carry on as things are now. The things he did have been entirely in Jewish favour.

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"You can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of."

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