Hmm… maybe the whites are the ones who are bums

Hmm… maybe the whites are the ones who are bums.

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Nice unreadable thumbnail.
Tell me how to measure inequality.

nobody cares.

gdp/gdp per capita or something along those lines…

Define "inequality"

or not i don't really care, spics and niggers will never equal white achievements and all this map shoes is how low the standards drop once shitekins all have the same welfare bucks and blighted land.

Alternative (and fucking obvious) hypotheis: Colored people don't do as well as whites, so the more whites, the more "inequality".
Maybe colored people don't do as well because they say moronic things that make white people's eye's roll and say "Yeah sure Jerome".


Yawn that's what we thought

You are not on reddit.


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I'm absolutely impressed with the correlation (?) you've dug up. Your variables are clear-cut and very well-defined. Now do one on the size of feet and political leanings.

I have a fairly good idea of how you could quantify financial inequality, but I'm not telling you how, Zig Forums, because you suck dicks.

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I'm of the mind to believe commies breed like faggots, via grooming, since they invariably starve or memory hole each other.

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How does USA compare to Japan on the inequality scale?
I'm wondering if an ethnonationalist state would perform better than one composed of many contradictory and competing cultures forced to diversify and coexist … (alt-definition of D&C?)

Those maps are a very bad 1:1 comparison. The inequality map is clearly a map of under developed infrastructure.

Communism is a tool of the Jew, far from a boogeyman.

man, we haven't had bait threads THIS shitty since last election

Does it have to do with construction jobs?

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