Soon - but not soon enough - white people will go the way of the dodo and the carrier pigeon...

Soon - but not soon enough - white people will go the way of the dodo and the carrier pigeon. You are in the same boat as many endangered species that the world is currently working to save.

But unlike those noble creatures, you are not worth saving.

Your ‘people’ have done nothing but commit atrocity after atrocity, stealing land, genociding other races simply because they couldn’t defend themselves, and forcing other peoples - even your own people - into slavery. But now karma is reaching out to give you your just desserts.

Prove to me that there is just one reason white people deserve to exist. Just one.

Mods, remember when looking at this thread that you are not allowed to ban opinions you disagree with. This is exactly that - an opinion.

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Checked! Looks like your frog agrees with me.

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Uh oh! What've we got here?

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Boy, this isn't headed in a positive direction at all!

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White man Bad!
Remove White man = World Peace!

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Fuck it, I'm dumping it. Enjoy, OP. They're coming one-by-one.

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Thank you for further proving my point. Filtered.

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Good thing that furry wasn't smart enough to keep changing his ID

Fuck off commie fag speak for yourself. Must be frustrating being a leafless twig on a jewish family tree full of nigger

You are pretty stupid to think those crimes are a white people thing. That is a human thing. White people naturally just did it better.

You pathetic losers who look to blame a skin color are the dumbest of stains.

Can't we just throw you in the next body pile instead?

Fucking khazars man

poorly disguised jealousy thread tbh

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Go back to reddit, faggot.

It’s niggers. It’s always niggers.

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could you possibly be more of a retard? lol

When niggers do crime we call them niggers. When white people do crime we call them niggers. Crime will always be for niggers.

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OP said while posting on the internet and using electricity while enjoying a longer lifespan provided by modern medicine and mechanized agriculture. But yeah da ebil whitey gon pay!

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It may be just an opinion, however it is a vastly ill-informed one. If you were to do read a book or two and do some research, you would find a lot of holes in your argument.

I'm not going to waste time arguing with you however, simply because I do not have to.

Good luck with your slide thread.

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If our white forefathers had committed said atrocities then we would rule the world right now and would already have completed manned missions to Mars as a stepping stone to interstellar conquest.
There is no limit to what we can achieve so long as we commit to it fully and with complete disregard for how many obstacles there may be and how many skulls we crush with our march.

Don't do that. Just use race.

Yeah, I'm not buying it. This is a dark time, and maybe we have 8 centuries of darkness ahead, but we're going to prevail.


Why are white people in America so frightened of becoming a minority?

Are minorities treated badly there?

You know what the cycle of history is. These are not the same Spanish that threw off the shackles. These are the people who've forgotten the taste of struggle.

Whites are treated badly as a majority. Non-whites turn everything to shit. Your tactics don't work.

what a loaded question
of fucking course the main race of a country doens't want to become a minority. not just out of fright
whites are already a global minority and we're rapidly loosing our land, fear is justified here

gross dood

They pretty much let them in the first time too. They were just stupid enough to think they would leave willingly. Annnnd
I guess the more things change the more they stay the same.

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Mark my words: the extinction of white people is going to be so irrelevant, most white people will survive it.

It's at least heartening to know the situation is not new, and could even improve the stock of our people after a time. But then there's India, which did not stay white. Did the whites get assimilated, or did they simply leave for Europe?

jews did

Who let Jews in?

good goy muslims who worked with them hand in hand

So first the Spanish let Muslims in, who let Jews in, who let Muslims in? Sure if the Spanish were in charge of their country they had some part to play in let in undesirables.


Rackets attract africans and semite animals, no? Think about it.

How 'bout you explain.

Play the role of a Privateer in the Med/Iberian coastal area and realize that Spain was much like Scotland/Ireland/Wales/Picts/etc. Blood feuds in the inner part of Spain and general disarray after throwing away all Roman identity meant that it was all chaos. Aragon should have taken all of Iberia and settled it with a sword, but that did not happen–thus disorder, pirates, privateers, moors, africans, (((semites))), and other opportunists flock to drink blood from an open wound.

Sounds like America.

Well at least there is some level of agreeance.


Asian GF would win every day actually….
Just ask Jim….

I defer to your historical knowledge of Spain. Not arguing with you on events. Just drawing parallels between the lack of resolve in whites today, and of those in the past that led to times of struggle.

China & Russia are conspiring to topple the USA in the next 50 years both economically and militarily and you incels post this retarded shit.

Asian girls, obviously.

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Imagine trying to make a Nation out of several bitter enemies under one banner and of the same blood (relatively speaking). America needs to be segregated, sectionalized, balkanized or whathaveyou.

The best course of action right now would be to nuke Saudi-Arabia, Israel, China, France, Germany, The UK, Mexico City, All Central American Nations, and all nations with a Muslim Majority.

Han Chinese, Koreans, Singaporian (Muslim fucks), and any others who get in the way need to be exterminated immediately.

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benis xD

Nuke yourself, traitor.

Crazy 15 year old, please go. Are you a leftist here to larp? We aren't genocidal crazies on this board.

Fuck off, altkiker.

Tbf I don't see why we shouldn't nuke worst koreans.

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The Spanish were not a minority. The muslims were always a small in number ruling class. They were not completely washed out like the Aryans in india were. When there are nonwhite majorities in European descended countries, the minority will get assimilated, just like in india.

They are bad you newfag. And Israel is giving them our tech.

>jewtin was merely pretending helping Syria against (((wahhabi))) expansionism, goy!

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