Trump says he is 'bringing out the military' to protect border

Trump says he is 'bringing out the military' to protect border


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He's gonna comitatus his posse' !

I've seen an escalation of language, but not an escalation of action from Trump.

Well, some Dem plant in the military is gonna open fire on them poor chillens with an M240 and it'll be all over CNN.

Nobody wants to vote for your zionist puppet, paid shill.

whatever you say , Zig Forums


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Oh boy he is going to park an extra unit at Bliss who will sit on their asses getting fat on Cinnabon at the PX. Got to make sure there are some extra hands there to help maintain order as all these invaders pour in. Can't have any patriot fight to defend their homeland, no sir. I bet Q predicted this too.

Ok, but what will the military DO when they arrive or what is their orders. Hollow show of force that allows them in? Deploy nonlethals? Use lethal if the shot skins attempt to cross (oh god please)?

A lot of this is kabuki theatre for midterms. They would have to march the equivalent of like NY to TX so no way will they be here soon or in this news cycle.

And where the fuck is the hardcore sanctions against countries allowing and aiding this shit?

If the migrants have the balls to rush the border en masse, they're golden. Military or not, there's no way we gun them down, and the second their feet touch American soil, there are ten thousand shitlib lawyers, judges, and journalists who will make it their mission to see them stay forever.

It's obvious this is a narrative in construction.

They want to show military men attacking poor illegals.

They want to make Trump look like a dictator.

They push hard these days the fear angle:

- bombs sent by crazy republicans

- military attacking civilians on the orders of the republican politicians

I wonder what they will come up with in these last days?

Probably a mass shooting or some beating of a black person by someone wearing a MAGA hat.

So there's a (((chain))) on our ankle we must sever.


Gotta keep the military inaction!

Any day now, this is all part of the plan.

Yes the perfect time to have them all down the sights at once.

Somebody should try to tell em that they're running towards the ones responsible for all that.

T. Soverein citizen

They know. It's invasion force. They want to take back what used to be Mexico, and then some.

Then do it.

From a legal standpoint, can't Trump either:

A) Deploy the American military right on the border? That's the area of reduced expectations of constitutional liberties, even the original wording of the constitution talks (vaguely) of it… he's the commander-in-chief and in charge of determining who can and cannot enter the country. How is this not already clearly legal?

B) Suspend posse comitatus due to "national emergency" like Lincoln did?

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don't these happen in the US as well?
who caused the violence where they come from? was it the soil?

He could. In theory.

And then you'd see the biggest spergout from the Democucks since Trayvon except 100 times bigger.

enjoy losing indefinitely


If he does either, it could make sense for him to let the dirty horde into smelling distance to get the locals riled up before slamming the border shut like a kike's purse.

You should probably understand by now that this isn't genuinely the reason. They just have to say something other than "we want them in, too".

Wouldn't it be nice if he'd set up a camp for the illegals in the middle of LA?

So, nothing is gonna happen amirite?
Just like last time (a scant few months ago), POTUS, DHS and the US mil are going to show up and prevent anyone that might be able to do anything to deter the 5000 … correction, 14,000 Burrito Technicians escaping violence of their own nation by waving the flag of their home countries while burning the Red/white/Blue while invading us with 90+% fighting age killers that believe this has always been their land from invading the US; from doing anything lest they get arrested for conspiracy to enforce Constitutional protections
Do we still remember why we want him in office another 4 years?

Who else is going to slash fuel efficiency standards, hike the federal gasoline tax, ram through increased ethanol %, threaten Germany and France with sanctions for buying Russian gas, and give israel its largest parasite package yet?

good thing we have brain surgeons like you on our side

So a shithole surrounded by a wall but within another shithole? That's some next level shitholing my friend.

4D Shitholing.

He already did that months ago, and the zogbots just stood around at the border jacking off to cuckold porn. The military is worthless and Trump is worthless.

they would be let in anyway, or you think the military will shoot them?

We can always switch our vote to Demoncrap while inside the voting booth to get this over with quicker. It isn't as though putting a Demoncrap in as POTUS will be any better. In fact, it will be far worse, which is good because the chans are never more than 3 milliseconds away from Accelerationism and total fucking war

That's how the game is played. Gauge the legality vs the factions vs the optics and then how to manipulate them all. How can we make this work and look good while doing it and minimize blowback? People aren't used to seeing real politics because the last century has been boring scripted ZOG theater.

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Telling people not to vote didn't work the last 15 times you did it.
Classic Jewish projection

You don't have to be a tool and vote like a goyim, but you are paid per post.

40 shekels have been added to your account

bout god damned time orange man

paid pro-Hillary vote suppression agents:

I just can’t take any of these people seriously anymore.

I am having the literal legal book being thrown at me here in a sanctuary state that houses millions of people on welfare and from prosecution for felony immigration violations and worse.

Even worse, the liberals are completely gay and going along with this monument to retardation.

Paid pro-Trump shill who thinks you're stupid.

Voting Republican doesn't make you conservative.

Great, That will cause more instability in the US government. The few remaining intelligent men keeping things afloat are quietly slipping out.

That'll radicalize the cowardly scum who are still sitting on the fence.

You earned those quads.

We're getting accelerationism just fine by having Trump in office, and while I think he's useless, I suggest voting for him in the off chance that I'm wrong.

It does now, hooknosed bich.

Go ahead and give us the alternative!

Fuck jews

No chance, torfag. He is actually using the mobile shit gundam caravan to bolster his position and that of the Republicans. If you had watched parts of even ONE of his speaches these last days you would know how much he is bashing those wandering turds. In fact he repeatedly brings up MS-13 and their many rapes and murders of Americans even mentoning some of the killed kids.
So let me repeat this to you, faggot. The turdwave invasion force will not pass.

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Probably. This is a power-move by the left, they know Trump is going to try to just spook the caravan (but they've been given orders to keep going) but they don't expect him to actually go HAM on the spics.

A) He lets them in and it's a real disillusion for his base, hurting him in the midterms.

B) Takes the "bait" and the Democrats can use it to fire up their base to go vote.

50 shekels added to these accounts for telling to vote like a good goyim.

What should we do?

Voting R or D will not change that the Left wants civil war(s), and no one is going to stop it. The only exception will be the invocation of martial law; and both parties are alright with allowing invading armies

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Neat. I'm not a conservative.
Hell, I'll vote for the fucking green party if it will benefit us in the long term.

Republicans are less conservative than the democrats are.

< for telling to
kek. You stink, kike. Curse yahweh, curse israel, curse jews.

crickets chirping


Voting in presidential elections is mostly (but not always) irrelevant. If voting makes you feel good, vote. If it doesn't, then don't.

Voting straight ticket Republican, in every election, plus "no" on all (((referendums))), is simply good policy.

Hillary Clinton is dedicated to the destruction of the white race. For this reason alone, it is ideal to vote to stop her.

This does NOT mean that we support anything in particular the Republicans do.

It's just that we need to exist to survive, because we can't survive if we're dead. And Hillary means to kill all white people.

I'm starting to think I should just be a democrat if they actually are the real racists

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Alternative? It's quick and easy. Doesn't have to be done in lieu of something else. Better off just doing it.

Soros Open Society funding. Coming in by railcar and troop carriers. Even got hundreds of immigration lawyers on the border waiting for them.


Vote but still carry your torches and pitchforks, that's how Hitler came into power. Hoarding guns and hiding innawoods never brought any third positionist leader into power.

Not in a million years

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We'll keep tabs on the meme magic. If Hillary starts razing villages in Africa, time to switch parties.

What should we do?

Why should we care about optics?
Keep the shits out thats all that matters. If the libs want to fight over shitskins who laugh at them while they suck in welfare then let em. I thimk we all tired of their shit and want to get this war going.

I don't care about the mideast. I care about white people. I'm a 1 issue kind of guy. White people. I'm white, I like white people, I care about white people. I'm all about white people. Hillary will kill all white people. So I must vote against Hillary.

Donald Trump & the Republican party are the only ones who can save us from Hillary, who will genocide all white people.

That's my point actually. I'm not opposed to voting. In fact I vote myself.
It's easy and quick so if you want to, please do. In fact, I'll go further and say that even if you don't participate in national elections, you should vote in local ones. There your vote actually matters to some extent.

If you really want to make a difference, actually get involved yourself in politics.


Uh Oh, be prepared to be labeled a shill by the local shill authority.


Damn, he's fast.

< voting is stupid
< so I'll shill in red text against voting
< because it doesn't work
< and it doesn't matter

you are very short sighted then


Holy shit. You need to lurk.

Not an argument. You sound more deraigned than and the Trump worshipers.

Both sides in this debate are retarded. I take the third position; vote for things that benefit White people, not political parties controlled by the jews.

Reported for shitposting


No, it's not short-sighted to breath every moment. White people need to breath, to eat, to live, and to amass wealth.

By being alive we are able to do things. This is a very long-term and healthy plan.

YOUR plan is to bring Hillary Clinton's white genocide to the world, and to slay all of us whites.

Curse you. Curse your soul. Curse your religion, which is judaism. Curse your kind, the kikes. Curse your home, israel. Curse your mother, for she made you.

Mods aren't in control here.




You're a CIA shill, promoting violence, so you can attack us. Very interesting. You're a curious species of anti-white machinery.


Let me translate your post:

Well fuck you, buddy.

You know, I don't recall the Jews running towards Nazi Germany…

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Please harass this kike

how the fuck are you going to win living like a nigger in the moment while your enemies are executing multi century plans against you?

The red text guy is definitely AI.

not your personal army.

Can't do anything if you're not alive. Got it, dumb fuk?

I'm not your buddy, pal

Trump himself seems to be a destabilizing influence within the System. However, the Republican party is rotten to the core. Even if we did believe that Trump was a secret White nationalist the Republican party itself is loyal to the jews that fund them and not to Trump whom they oppose.
On the otherhand, the "don't vote" shills are childish. Voting is easy and it doesn't matter that much anyway in the grand scheme of things.

His actual policy doesn't look any different than anything else we've gotten in the "end of history" era outside of some lashing out at a couple countries eyeing the exit door.

While the party is quite rotten, it's not all bad. See, the boomers still haven't gotten the memo about how things are, online. This means that we can take over. They won't be able to prevent our 1488 agenda infiltrating the party primaries, at least until it's too late for them to do anything about it. They still think they'll regain control of things. They think Twitter & FB will just become like the phone companies always were, reliably biased toward the Republican blue law system.