I understand the draw to Marxism, you should too

After seeing the new social media fad out of Russia and China where rich people flaunt their wealth by "falling" out of their cars, combined with this deep emptyness and lack of belonging to anything (nothing means nothing), I can see why disaffected people drift left. Conservatism is traditionally tied to unrestrained capitalism, and yes, communism is its own brand of insipid, but nothing beats the aching emptiness many men come to feel when they see through the shiny plastic people and toys.

Communism almost seems preferable to this. Of course, unfathomable millions were killed during red purges, but the alternative is today, where these boomers and neo-boomers go around, shitting microplastics, buying disposable vehicles, happily paying rent or mortgage on particle board hellholes, engaging in meaningless vanity as a distraction from the finite nature of this worldy existence…

I am not proclaiming anything exceptionally good about any political and economic system. I am just saying, arguing left vs right is so pointless. It is why I left 4chan Zig Forums, those people are cowards set on LARPing until they retire as neo-boomers, doing their part to shit up the planet and carve out their own chunk of urban dystopia, riding lawn mower and (((sips))) included.

Maybe i am just feeling more disaffected than usual. But i have had this feeling since I was a kid. Seeing a walmart store and imagining the wage slaves inside, spending their days and nights under artificial lights and selling sorry excuse for food. Think of all the various types of the same food boxed in BPA or some other estrogen-cancer causer. All the farms got choked out, the orchards got mowed down so people could live in literal particle board cardboard boxes. My boomer parents are dully indoctrinated.

I dont know. I feel like i cant handle it anymore. I feel at the end of my rope. I cant find any peace without heading far outside of town, even then i have to pick spots that arent excessively polluted, or where the pulpmill sulfur stacks dont waft down to me that day, try to swim upriver of the sewage plant.

Nothing makes me sadder lately than the sound of morning traffic starting up. Watching people go to work. A man stood on the bridge today and police were there, lights flashing, trying to sfop him from jumping off. People were inconvenienced on their way to work. I stopped to maybe go help him but it was all over by then.

Somebody please tell me something good. Wouldnt living on a commune farm be preferable to this? I feel like it has finally dawned on me. If we keep going this way, this is it. I either participate in this clown world and hope for the meaningless material gains, or i opt out. If i opt out i expect to experience real freedom before i am invariably crushed, because we know the system will not tolerate me in my nearest to natural state.

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Fuck off. Heil Hitler

You obviously did not read what i posted considering how quickly you replied and how stupid your response is. Nowhere in there did i advocate for anything.

Die commienigger

Communism was essentially the same, the wealthy party elite lived in opulence and the poor were used as slave labour. The only difference is that criticising the regime would get you taken away by the KGB.

Dude your a retard. Communism wont solve that issue. If you are bored with your corvette sell it amd start a soup kicthen. Capitalism gives you the freedom to do it. Being under tue commie boot doesnt give you a choice. At the same time it gives me the opportunity to enjoy my shiny car that i worked for. Also commies kill more ppl than any other system.

pls kys

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Surrounded by npcs

Ok, i get that. So is any political system just a highway ticket to suffering. Is this world really meant to be a hellscape??? What did we enter a social compact for? Antibiotics and hot tap water?

Well there was fascism which was pretty nice, but kikes like you said no, so here we are.

I cant relate to anyone who places vslue in shiny things

Im afraid for people like myself there will never be real brotherhood. I detailed my feelings and explcitly stated i dont think any system is good.

You really are a neo-boomer hey? That car means nothing.

Am i the kike for disavowing material things??? Really?

I guess my peoblem is looking for answers on various chans. You folks are just boomers.

That's just our army of NPCs, you'll have to get used to them.
I get what you're saying and I agree. Modern life is barely tolerable. I wish I had advice or something, but I don't know the solution. I'm actually planning to suicide today, just by coincidence

Go find meaning and purpose and use the money for that. Point is you can choose what you want to do with it. Dobt impose your bullshit on me or i will give you a one way ticket to whatever paradise you can dream of.

They pretend to pay us we pretend to work sounds like a good life to me.

Capitalism is a disease as well, but Marxism ISN'T the cure.

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Yada, Yada. Spineless attempt at self preservation. Pro-tip: if they succeed in destroying us, they come for you next.

Nigger who audibly sighs on an imageboard besides libfags and jew niggers?

Well hurry up then

That's just nigger rich behavior. It's hardly going to sell me on a gay lifestyle.

Holy shit Zig Forums sure has gotten retarded. When the war starts we need to make sure these types die first

Why dont you kick it off you pussy

Huh, and here I was thinking that National Socialism is what revitalizes The Nation and The Volk all this time. Marxism in my experience is the viper of ruin that tears down every single morsel of goodness left in a state just like mine in fact.They like to tell themselves and their co-conspirators that what they are doing is just, but they don't realize that what they will be left with is ruin and filth.

Sure thing schlomo

False. You are tired with capitalist living, there's a solution. It's called national socialism.

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I don't think it'll actually matter what system you pick, as long as jews are out of it.

The draw to marxism happens because of brainwashing and the lack of values. Values don't have to be the 'old' values of conservatism (which is just chasing the past) but it can be anything you decide it to be. Marxism attracts mediocre people who can only function in a group of people, since they are nothing by themselves they try to become something by being in a group. This is why they believe everyone is equal and that you have to act for the greater good (which is the good of society, which in turn is what the kikes decide is good).

It's not communism and capitalism that's the problem you, faggots, it's (((alien))) elements in our fucking countries. Communism didn't killed millions, jews did.

the mass murder meme needs to die.
If communist took over they wouldn't kill people and you know it.
It'd just be like everybody working for the dmv.

And what if the dmv personnel do a sit-in, complain about working conditions, low wages, lack of breaks?

Communism is jewish so its implied…

Pic related

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No other political system (so far) understood the importance of elevating your nation, your race and your customs. And by that extension, eliminating the eternal (((rootless cosmopolitan))).

the soviet union had a 40 hour work week as part of their constitution.

What happened to those who decided they'd work a more humane 32 hours instead? Or even refuse to work at all?

If every country was communist then they would openly kill off every last white person in existence faggot

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But nationalism goes above whatever system is in place, taking root in the very people of a nation. Its mutually exclusive from forms of government and such.

Then choose an/the alternative. Don't buy into it. Remove all energies. Kill your TelAvivision. Learn to live a minimalist lifestyle, because this system is unsustainable. It is going to carsh and carsh and then carsh some more.
But the current paradigm is abstract, off and is unsustainable

Who works 32 hours nowadays anyways?

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Marxism isn't the answer, fascism is. Physical exceptionality is part of what Hitler wanted, and it's a big reason he had to be (((shut down))). Do you really think you'll be at your best, living on a farm commune? You can do better. Wanting to be isolated is understandable, but your "natural state" is not someone's weird interpretation of communal living, it would be to have your own family whose importance is placed above everyone else's. Get fit, get a good wife, and live off the land by yourself. Strong men don't need a herd of niggercattle to be a part of.

A thread died for this.

Marxism is an attempt to create a jewish-run 1984 state. So it is identical to capitalism.

My father did that in the 70s. His experience is similar to most people's experiences and will explain why there are no communal farms today.
He told me that he and everyone were enthusiastic about setting up a communal farm and everyone contributed to it… well, not exactly. Some were true believing "communists" (my father wasn't and didn't really have an ideology) and gave their all to fixing the place up. Others mooched off the hard workers.
After a few months my father and all the intelligent people left because the lazy got lazier. They refused to do any work at all. They didn't cook, they didn't clean, they didn't grow food. They just sat and smoked pot and pontificated about leftism. They were exactly the scum that we encounter every day at universities.

If you are a hard worker, you would be taken advantage of by the communists and this would make you bitter and depressed. If you are lazy, then you will end up living like an animal except on drugs. This lifestyle appeals to many leftist shitheads who envision nothing more in life than drifting through it high as fuck and sitting in your own feces.
My father decided then that communism was foolish. It's a shame he never got over his liberalism.

You know, I detest capitalism. I detest how soulless it is, how people are seen as nothing more than tools to increase the GDP, how it sacrifices culture for profit. And I detest Marxism too for it is EXACTLY THE SAME as capitalism except they change the words around. It is soulless, it treats the individual as a tool to increase the factory output, and it actively tries to suppress culture out of a sick, leftist hatred of everything beautiful. Marxists are sick, hate filled individuals who hate everything beautiful.

That's why I choose a third option. The White option. Instead of basing our national policies to benefit the economy or some vague ideology like communism, we must devote our institutions to benefiting people of the nation. Who cares if our GDP increases by 0.02 percent if we must sacrifice a mountain or a quiet village to do it? Who cares if we can increase factory output by 10% if we need to slaughter millions of people in order to force them to adhere to an insane and disgusting religion of communism?

People and race must be put first. And what people need is homogeneous, peaceful societies with the choice to work in whatever occupation they wish with plenty of time for dancing, singing, and creating.
People should always benefit from hard work. And if a man spends his hard earned money to buy a plot of land, he should reap the benefits of his labour. And if he works harder than others, he should earn more than others. But giant corporations should never be allowed to use their massive wealth to take land away from people or subvert the natural beauty of a town or create a monopoly like Walmart does and destroy all the hard working businesses in a small village.

That is the third option. Neither capitalism nor communism. Neither soul crushing capitalism nor soulless Marxism. Free to reap the fruits of your labour but also free to spend time with family if you choose to do so. Plenty of work holidays and no multiculturalism to destroy your community. Immigration should be tightly controlled so as not to threaten the value of an individual man's labour. Cities should be planned and ugly buildings made illegal. Instead, cities must be designed to be beautiful to look at. Internationalist architecture must be torn down and replaced by stone and brick buildings. Not so tall that they're designed to make people feel insignificant. Folk traditions should be strongly encouraged by the government and public festivals must receive ample funding from the community because they enrich us all and encourage social cohesion.
This is the third position.

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The free market is the problem though, not private property. Marxism falsely wants to do away with both, but it's easy to see the difference. The free market allows unrestrained consumerism without any limits imposed by the community or race. Private property meanwhile simply says that the state will protect what you have worked hard for, and there's definite spiritual value in a family farm that has been passed from father to son over generations of farmers. You can't say THAT is soulless. So the answer to your problem isn't communism, but instead fascism, for the reason that fascism replaces the free market with a nationalist market, keeping it productive and healthy and making sure that what is produced isn't trivial crap. The state also discourages consumerism actively, whereas the modern liberal state encourages it. Fascism protects what is valuable and does away with what is not.

Problem: Fascism comes in more than one flavor i.e. Liberal Fascism as in Marxism, Maoism, Leninism

This is the real problem with communism. Not that it's collectivism like the classical libs fear, but that it believes that you can have a functional collective without individual effort within that collective.

A man is entitled to the sweat of his own brow.

Pooinloos not allowed, Dnesh.

Since when do we imply shit around here? Name the jew specifically, or you're just trying to distract. Whites could make any system work, so long as non-whites stayed out. The problem is not of ideology it's of 'RACE.

That sounds great and all but you forget one thing. People are greedy. It doesnt work out because there will be some day when someone says fuck it and steamrolls the mountain and village down. With laws no one would he able to stop it and here we are

Marx was a jew and he started the thing. Frankfurt school is a collection of jews who blew up the idea. Educate yourself peasent

then how come you aren't rich

Educate yourself by rereading what I wrote, illiterate.

You call this demoralizing

Nah how about you get in the oven

It's very much in-play today in the good 'ole U S of A

Capitalism still works you defeatist nigger. Just look trough the history of white men before you who embraced capitalism. They created machinery that brought prosperity to the whole nation of white men.

Attached: HenryFord.png (486x627, 297.34K)

Indeed. My father told me in great detail just how bad things got. No one could be kicked out of the commune because that was "an authoritarian thing to do" and "un-egalitarian"
So whenever someone like my father bought food or farmed it, the lazy, greasy haired freaks ate it up and then went back to their beanbag chairs and smoked more pot. Eventually the door fell off its hinges after a domestic dispute broke out between the hippies and the ones who broke it refused to fix it.
This was his final straw and he left.
When I was young and stupid and began to flirt with communism, my father told me about this and then explained the history of the USSR. The only way to prevent this laziness from destroying a commune is to force everyone to work.
I was also fortunate enough to know a cambodian fellow who escaped the Khmer Rouge.

What the fuck are you talking about? If some greedy treasonous bastard blew up a mountain or village, he'd be arrested and put on trial. Destroying a village is an act of terrorism and treason so he would be tried and if found guilty, he would face whatever punishment one recieves for committing an act of terrorism.
I would say that's a capital offense.

Marxism, as well as capitalism, are both designed by jews for jews. (((They))) are the only ones who profit by these false systems. Both lead to a jewish goverend NWO which is basically an extreme form of what you hate today.
There will only be one race, a mixed NPC race, no individuals, no different cultures, no humanity. People will only exist to serve the jews as slaves, they will work hard, buy lots of stuff they cannot afford (only to pay it back later with a charge) and escape from reality by consumerism. They will do everything to stop thinking. People are trained for that today, look at all the NPCs.

But there is a third way and it is the only solution: National Socialism. That's why they want you to hate it so much.


"Rich" is a relative term. Those rich in shekels live in a prison of their own making. The value of quality of life/living is immeasurable

uck that, homegoy. that place is NPC-Central complete with Jim Jones LARP'ing as queue telling his flock to "Drink the KoolAid and die with dignity", except without the dignity

National socialism was national capitalism.
Look at China its the closest thing to national socialism nowadays.

Utter newfag, that is a well known misattibuted quote

I’d say that there is no argument against capitalism because the term itself is almost completely meaningless. The word isn’t descriptive of an institution but is a construction of kikes created for the purpose of fucking with western civilization.
Capitalism is just a term applied to a bunch of behaviors which accrue “capital”, this does not have to be just hard currency or the financial assets the kikes hold so dear. It’s interesting that despite their central position within Marxist dogma kikes(and liberals as well) are allergic to the means of production. Farms, land, skilled labor, factories, ect are all anathema to them and were abandoned in favor of faggots, pozz, and “vocations” which don’t produce material products. These vocations can be used to rent-seek off of the public dole without any tangible means to assess whether or not the kikes, women, and muds who hold these positions produce anything of benefit to society. The leftist whether jew, pussy, or mudman loves the idea that he cannot be measured by the produce of his labor, hence their gravitation toward the service industry and media and aversion towards STEM, agriculture, manufacturing, or resource extraction.
White nationalism and for that matter all traditional white political/social behavior is about accruing capital. But being whites what they considered “capital” differed vastly from what rootless kike parasites consider capital. And since kikes control academic and thus get to define what terms mean it is any surprise that they define capitalism in kikey terms whether they claim to support or oppose it?
Children are useful, land is useful, mineral resources are useful, a state which facilitates the survival of your family line is useful, a military to defend your nation’s interests is useful, accrued knowledge is useful, socially conservative institutions which support adaptive behavior are useful, laws which preference your people over others and make you strong at their expense are useful, common interests which compels a minimal amount of cooperation among the population even if there is no touchy-feely volk are useful. All these things should be considered “capital” because really what this is all about is survival and propagation over all else. The nation and the race are means by which your family line interbreed with other good stock to produce further generations of fit organisms who then produce yet more indefinitely. That is what this is really all about. That is why the white race really matters, not only are few races intelligent and capable of maintaining civilization but only your race is good breeding stock(happas have shitty health). And the nation which supports your race and family is a vehicle for the perpetuation of your blood. Those who are naturally predisposed toward adaptive behavior(white conservatives) are vastly outbreeding liberal whites, kikes, and shitskins born in industrial nations, hence their need to constantly import more muds, but why not also enforce a religion which enhances those adaptive behaviors through indoctrination and a promise of an afterlife only for those who are adaptive. Same thing with secular society and politics, the weak are to be despised and shunned and the strong indoctrinated to make them still stronger.
And pretty much everything the left holds dear is maladaptive or useless; their ideals are a parasite which kills any host which kills the host society because they are not interested into survival. They are in fact opposed to survival; it is a cult of slow suicide. It demands pleasure today and celebrates the destruction of tomorrow while ironically claiming it holds the keys to some undefined future utopia.
The base philosophical tenet of all traditional/rightist though is “survival at all costs”. I spit in the face of happiness. I piss on the grave of “fulfillment”. Those are goals of weak, the leftist, the diseased.
Fill your hearts with hate, place children and survival over all else and see things within that context. Once you do everything becomes clear black and white, good for you and bad for you, nothing else matters.

To newfags and OP. Every thread that starts will have the first couple of posts telling OP to fuck off. Some of its is bots trying to kill original thoughts, and others are bitter neets that just refresh the catalog. It is inevitable.

The only source that says that was strasser is (((snopes)))

Lefty's don't see Capitalism as good or bad; and yes, both types exist

No you don't. People drawn to marxism are niggers. It has nothing to do with thought. They are genetically and permanently lazy, stupid, greedy, violent, and feel comfortable in groups of other fucktards. The only cure is rope.

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sounds like pol

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There you go; you knew the true answer all along. As long as humans have selfishness and corrupt morals, there will never be a system that works. Every system of government will have features that work well in one area but produce ugly side effects in another area.

The problem isn't with the governing systems implemented, the problem is with the hearts of the populace.
The reason nazi germany was so successful: in part, the competence of the leaders implementing the national socialist policies,
but most importantly – Hitler gave the people hope and instilled love and altruism in their hearts. Do you think national socialism would work if it were implemented in a country full of morally corrupt, bitter people?
Of course not. The heart of the people is the key to whether a governing system works or not. National socialism just so happens to be best at promoting feelings of love and and a sense of self-sacrificing duty to your people.

Taking the current moral state of the world into consideration, a utopia is impossible until we learn how to love each other again.

Attached: 78cb9ef448f7326687231c05f3939deb156cb06d59e5ea17c004d8248f8c78cb.png (1000x1000, 1.21M)

The draw is being a no rule loving degenerate and being part of something because these faggots are useless & ignored otherwise.

The r-selected nature of Jewry and Jewificiation makes men into prey for them to parasitize.

We must always strive be stewards and above all predators and definitely not prey, this takes constant thinking, so the thoughts can never end or have a single name, this much I have written must ultimately be culled and render into a new rendition for the future.

The world is infinite, it is a double edge sword, because were it finite it would die, like it does when men a Joojamizozzled into believing it is so.

But, if it is infinite then there is always work to do, but at least existence has a purpose, an ever greater purpose, compounded in infinite ways, such that not even Satan him or her self can ever win, but the wise man is he who is thankful to be whatever he is in his present hour, as the lot that the universe has assigned him, and makes himself aware he is not wise, but yet may inly rejoice at the celebration of the universe.

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Still upset you can't read along with everyone else, nigger?

This is not Zig Forums nigger

That's like saying if you hate women you would drift toward sucking cock. There's a lot of things we dislike but put up with as adults. The simple explanation is that commies have the minds of children thus are easily manipulated by the copious propaganda in education and media.

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Goybook plz go.

Communism is literally max_consumerism.
The free market places natural limits and works incredibly well as long as it's not fucked with by a socialist government ALA: the US and all of Europe.

Don't just report OP for being Zig Forums - or resort to calling him a shill or a kike - engage in rational and intelligent discourse, you bunch of over-achieving fucking space monkeys.

Hav you bought your one way ticket to Venezuela?

Attached: Not_real_socialism.jpg (1200x1018, 130.35K)

Well with automation a lot of people will lose their jobs.
The nazi position would be to either kill them or let them die out.

did you know venezuela has a lower impoverished population than the US at only 10%?
Most of the country is doing quite well.

That's because the system doesn't work - we literally have communism now.

In the US communism is enforced by the tax code & by mass immigration. NET wages are about the same whatever you do.

It's not worth getting a "great degree" etc. If income is lower than NEED, they supplement it. If higher than NEED, they subtract. Then they suppress all wages with immigration.

This is literal communism right now. Of course, this leads to meaninglessness. Then women can only be obtained by playing some retarded social game - whether church, or mainstream games. This leads to further meaninglessness.

These are real structural problems. Solve them somehow.

Attached: Warburg globalism - submit or we'll kill you.png (530x264, 127.34K)

That sounds anti-White.
Are you anti-White?
I don't know what a "not-sea" is but if this imaginary ideology wishes to kill off millions of healthy White people, then it is anti-White.

Although your honest thoughts will doubtless not be received very well here, I perfectly understand where you're coming from.
I was a former Marxist myself (never cared much for Jews, either, even back then).
I didn't realise that the (Jewish) Materialism inherent in Capitalism is equivalent to the Materialism in the Marxist Dialectic.
'Left' and 'Right' are indeed quite pointless things to build a nation on, when compared with Faith, Family, and Folk, or Blood and Soil.
On another note, former Marxists often make the best Nationalists. Fascists in Italy and Japan are good examples of this.

The "national socialist" position is pro eugenics that means the whites that are not considered fit are targets as well.


Eugenics was an import from capitalist America and not an invention of NS. It is not a necessary part of NS. Btw. we have eugenetics today: We sterialize Downies so they cannot reproduce.

I'll have to point out that despite the obvious communalism present in the German culture of time and which had been encouraged since Bismark the government was still rife with infighting and politicking. Lets not fuse rose tinted lenses to our skulls here.

I don't think it would work in a white America because we are derived primarily from Cavaliers and Germanic mercenaries as well as the best and lowest dregs of from other nations. We are the killers, the exiles, the separatists, the reactionaries, the fanatics. Prior to 1965 60% of those who came to America didn't stay. They didn't care for the heartless dog-eat-dog society we had. We are cruel but also morally pure in a sense. But our purity is diametrically opposed to the communalism you see not only in Germany at the time but also in Europe, it is twisted and debased today turned into a weapon against them but it is observable. That doesn't exist in Americans, not after four centuries of selective pressure first driving away those sort of people and now modernity effectively sterilizing them. We have become something different and in a way our leaving shaped Europe as much as it shaped us. The genes of a certain type of person left Europe and the traits they expressed became exacerbated by selective pressure in America. In a sense it was a compressed from evolution which effected both populations. We can never go back and we can never re unify with the Europe that is or was. Europe has also changed bit it could be argued that it was the outliers who left and did not return and thus it changed less than we did. For better or worse we are White now rather than European, a people bound by our hate and bitter over old grudges that the Old World has ironically forgotten because the other side of those conflicts like the English Civil War left their homelands. We don't mix with shitskins and these days liberals don't mix with conservative whites or for that matter breed at all so selective pressure is increasing rather than decreasing. We are becoming something even more callous and cruel than we were and are. Already American whites struggle to understand the Europeans in any but the most abstract terms unless they are libshits or internationalist faggots and then they only understand the libshits and faggots in Europe not the population as a whole. We are ourselves and we will simply have to accept that, most already have though in their taciturn and prideful fashion they don't realize that we have become both less and more that what we were. We have become stronger individually. Many are functionally immune to the detrimental effects of modernity; breeding when liberals, spics, niggers, saracens, and kikes do not. We have without any coercion rejected modernity as a natural consequence of our predispositions. But that is a double edged sword because we are so strong we don't seek comfort from others we just wallow in our contempt for the world and rage against our fate in solitude. We can no longer reach out to each other for support. I myself feel no longing for acceptance or brotherhood as I right this. I do not lament my state and see it only in abstract terms. I don't want to feel empathy, I don't want to desire to be a brother to anyone not even my own brother, I don't want to be socially accepted, I just can't feel those feelings. And that is very common among the generations after the boomers because the people who were social signalers and did care didn't breed.

I don't want to become European rather than American(only whites can be American) it is all I have ever known. But I do think it is important for us to recognize what has happened to us in material terms, we have become something that has never existed before. We will never be alien to those who remained in the Old World, but we will never truly feel what they feel and think what they think every again.

Ah, National Socialism. I have heard of that. I am one of those.
I'm pro eugenics as well. Unhealthy childern ought to be aborted, don't you agree?

Now, obviously you were talking about an imaginary ideology you called "Nat-see" but earlier you said that Nat-sees wish to kill healthy workers via authomation. This is clearly an anti-White and anti-National Socialist policy. Under National Socialism, Adolf Hitler chose to guarentee full employment by sacrificing some machinery. During public works construction, the National Socialists (as opposed to the knot-zes) tended to simply pay more people to work rather than buy heavy machines.
This is a good policy in my opinion and as a National Socialist, I support such policies.
The drawback to these policies is that work is a little less efficient than if you used heavy machinery. But it allowed more people to make money and at the end of the day, benefitting the Volksgemeinschaft as a whole is better than perfect efficiency.
People over profits is my motto.

Attached: 2.jpg (800x536 98.35 KB, 66.15K)

Not seeing Belarus on that chart. Based Nazbols?

Attached: 2b056f09590130241f7fb2e9597ed7f63363429846b22dfa1e887e5b18239467.jpg (1900x1895, 129.45K)

Hitler did that to spur the econony afrer it got murdered by the allies in ww2.
The next step would he national capitalism as we see in china as gimping yourself will kill your economy as your neighbours automate.

Only counter to that is to isolate yourself but that will only kneecap the quality of life of your people who will just leave.


So the solution is to destroy the machines so people can do it by hand instead of having those machines give workers more freedom to do what they want.
This is why national socialism is called reactionary.

Thats literally what hitler did to put people to work.

He didnt have enough time to wait for people to go into basketweaving.

Whats your point?

95 percent of people do not do productive things with their freedom. Their time needs to be occupied.

Shiny things are not the purpose of life. They simply make life easier.

Thus it becomes your move. What will you make the purpose of your life become? What will give you meaning? There are many things out there for you to conquer and explore. Romance, art, travel, adventure, even huge profit-making as an inventor or especially-talented entrepreneur. You can learn to make delicious foods, sculpt grand works, write glorious novels or essays, or get into programming, and write YOUR story into a video game.

Now, I'm quite sure that these religions and their gods are completely false, but nonetheless, you could also learn great wisdoms and become a priest or speaker at a church, or other venue. There, you'd be able to make friends and find new reasons to live. I'm not going to actually believe in the mythology, and I don't think you should either, but there is certainly something of value hidden in those mysterious tomes of the various religions of this Earth.

And then there is also science, math and technology. All of these subjects are readily usable once you learn a bit, and can make money, grant you knowledge and facts, and help you understand your place in the cosmos better.

Of course, there is also love, friendship, and your community to tend to. Do you even know your neighbors? Do you think of them as your enemy? I wonder what would come about if you were to write a note on Tuesday telling your naighbor that on Wednesday, they don't have to cook: You're bringing over pizza and beer for a get-to-know-each-other hangout. Or something. I'm not really the charismatic type, so I don't know how to handle this, but even so, there must be a way to find peace with your community.

And last, there is nature. Trees, oceans, lakes, mountains, and all the most beautiful locations that have no meaning to a bird or a plane, but when you walk among the mountains, the trees, and sail upon the lakes, you will find yourself among nature, and you will understand why the wind blows the way it does.

Anyways, all of these are ways that you can begin to forge a destiny for yourself beyond "shiny plastic things."

You have been brainwashed to think that the only way to enjoy life is sexual pleasure, buying new things, and living in suburbia. There is far more to life, and you know that now that you've read this. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy shiny pleasures too, every now and then.

leftypol raid?

It'd be occupied in the humanities, literature, arts, sciences, etc…

LOL man talk about pearls before swine.

It kinda is.