Ive noticed a very interesting thing in the last few weeks. No, its not the flood of shills, that is normal at this point. Instead there is a new consensus crack attempt going on.
The new tactic is quite laughable, yet the shills hold on tight with both hands.
Now I happen to dislike all non-whites, and the bugs in chinkland are no exception. However user here knows who the one true enemy is. The shills want to convince user that the kikes are gud bois who dindu nuffin and instead switch focus away from kikes at every possible opportunity. I believe most here who arent from reddit already know that the jew is the eternal enemy, but this shill attempt is to crack the consensus.

This is literally the attempt to turn Zig Forums into boomer-tier infoterrier retards who blame "globalists, nazis and chicoms" for the destruction of all White nations by jews. The shills pull a complete jonesberg and act completely confused on the JQ and accuse you of being a 'yellow chink' whenever you talk about the actual things kikes do.


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t. globalist shill


ironic shitposting is still shitposting user.

Any group that gets its laughs pretending to be retarded will soon find its ranks full of actual retards who think they belong this means YOU reddit


Not your blog, jewstein. fuck off.

no faggot, you're missing it.
does anyone else remember how it was before alex jones sold out? probably not because he used to sit in front of the state capital in austin tx calling out the jew on a bullhorn and if you were not there, you missed it. He named very specific jew names.

and then

he switched it up completely. he now fails to call out kikes, acts confused when confronted with the jq, going on about the chinese instead, even though old radio tapes from public access have him very specifically calling out that same jq.

chinks niggers and other muds are just the kikes golem to be used.
you dont blame the puppet if you know who is pulling the strings you insufferable faggot.

Someone is assblasted alright. You might be onto something OP.

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You stupid nigger, it's a DS "joke" meme that Ladyboy Lover Anglin started. He's been pushing it for weeks on his site. Jesus how can you be this clueless?

Im talking about a shill tactic that seems to want to achieve the same goals as the jonestein sellout.
Right now, if you were to ask Zig Forums about any anti-white garbage probably 80% would immediately know to suspect the kikes, it doesnt matter what the subject matter.

now, imagine a Zig Forums watered down with boomers and redditors, where the shill tactic is allowed to fester… suddenly info-boomers blather something about 'chicoms' and user forgets all about the kikes chicom is a commonly used jonestein word that he uses 100x a day, but wasnt seen here very commonly until recently almost every thread i look at now has something about chinks and if you point out kikes, you're called a gooklover.

Its no joke user. The thai fuck shack is inherently as anti-white as frank cohen was in full uniform marching in front of protesters during years long past.

You're a few weeks late to that party.

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(((they))) are going to try their hardest to pull us into a war with China.
War with China = War with Iran. One can't fight without involving the other. Lot of geo-politics involved, that that's the facts.

That thread was an outrageous shit show. They nuked it once nobody was buying the march to war.

MAGApedes can't handle the jew pill and will blame everything they can to avoid it (T_D is an Israeli op, prove me wrong)

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It's beyond t_d. The administration itself is a mossad op.

I've noticed it growing rapidly however and now I believe its clearly a shill tactic designed to crack the antisemetic™ consensus of Zig Forums.
also, makes a good point, they will do whatever they can to color the opinions of the common citizens, and we have been known to assist in influencing public opinion.

Just try to say anything positive about Chinese people and watch the shit flinging begin.

Chinese are less violent than whites and make good neighbors!

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that 2% doesnt really make a difference in understanding any kind of power structure. In fact that makes it more frustrating.

They are a problem, there should be no difficulty taking 2% of the population to jail but the difficulty to prosecute jews is a clear display that even with their small numbers they weild strong power.

Harvey Weinestein

I've always thought of it differently… I think trump simply represents a different type of kike. I believe that the jew will also jew out his fellow jews. I think that is all we are seeing. the globalist jews who want to destabilize the world and get on with owning the goy as slaves versus the kikes who want to fulfill their mideast prophecy and need america to take the wars and the blame.
I see nothing good for whites, only jews being jews and jewing out other jews

also in terms of prophecy, imagine if they did get their little piece of land in egypt… they'd immediately bulldoze the aswan high dam, the nile would roar back to its former glory, egypt would once again be capable of being the 'breadbasket of rome' and the mouthbreathing muds would exalt it as god himself welcoming his people home.

does dog taste good?


This conflict is completely fictional.

so is White genocide, right chaim?


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asians are not as criminal as other muds?
guess what, they still arent as lawful as actual whites. pic related.

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China is shit too, but who do you think will be the last ones standing after they take over the rest of the world? They can't pose as Chinese the same way they pose as whites and will have a way harder time infiltrating. There was a "church of zion" christian church that china recently banned. there is also that chinese professor that openly mocks the goys being ruled by the jews.

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see what the shill does? I make a thread about kike tactics in blaming chinks for what jews do, and the shill immediately devolves into chink rantings. YES, chinks are bugs. But that does not change the fact that they are also manipulated by kikes



I just couldn't that other guy get away with trying to say chinks are good.

not old enough, jones had sold out before that.

bait firstpost is best firstpost niggerfaggot

if you're this much of a newfag (or retard) then don't start threads

they make decent neighbors.
I can't even recall a case of asian on white crime.

Ok, I remembered that one college shooter asian kid.

Yep. Not just chinks, we even got a jew posing as a poo in the loo doing forum sliding. Like goddamn we know its you juden, stop being a fuckin newfag.

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I suppose the next time I notice a kike tactic working on anons here, you would rather I say nothing?

The chicom meme is being forced, next i'm sure i'll hear about how it was chinks who started the federal reserve, run the central banks and did 9-11

Dont feed the shills nigger

All SUBHUMANS are our enemies, user. There is no 'good breed' of subhuman. The sooner you guys pick up on this and inscribe it into your hearts the better.

chinks own hollywood and also own most politicians. Alex Jones told me so.

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chinks arent human and it was a mistake to stop japan from killing them all.

checkin these digits

posting in an epic thread (add me to the screenshot)

The "High Cabal" should say it all.


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Nigger, it's a joke. He's been using it as a stand in for kikes when referring to pedowood and the media. He blatantly replaces "jew-owned hollywood/media/government" with "communist chinese-owned hollywood" etc. It's a dumb joke, but a joke nonetheless. Anyone unironically trying to claim that the chinks run things is fucking retarded and immediately outs themselves as either a shill or complete mong. Christ sometimes there is such a thing as being too autistic for your own good.

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This place can't be consensus cracked. It literally only contains manufactured consensuses.

Don’t blame Jews for shit muds do. Don’t blame Chinaman for shit muds do.

The jew thing - it's a loyalist signal. You losers want some way to reassure people that your pointless hatreds aren't going to hit them, right? So you say to them, "you're fine, it's the Jews who get it." The thing is, basically nobody is antisemitic anymore. So one of three things happens:

1) People get vaguely uncomfortable, and like you less.
2) People get overtly uncomfortable, and eject you.
3) People quietly notice you, and scheme against you thereafter.

Nobody likes people who are only "good" because they're "loyal", not if they understand the implicit threat in loyalty. So manufacturing anti-semitic consensus in spaces like this is used by leftist loyalists to make rightist loyalists ruin themselves among their peers in subtle yet permanent ways. The leftists who do it, when they get caught, are in turn ruined among their peers in subtle yet permanent ways. The opportunity to make the right look bad is the bait in a trap that helps the left to rid itself of a species of humanity that it doesn't like either. There's no progress to make with "loyalty", and neither are "loyal" people good for their society.

Loyalists often hide under the "far left" or "far right" allegiances, but they're actually not ideological at all. They only run to the "extremes" (bending the horseshoe if you will) because the center doesn't give them sufficient excuse to enslave themselves to misery.

Jews are the ones pushing the 'lefty' stuff moron. The primary ones who started communism feminism faggotry nigger rights the naacp and everything else that is cultural marxism comes out of the frankfurt kike sewer. Nobody is "manufacturing anti-semitic consensus" the facts are what they are.
If i was kicked out of 100 bars, it wasnt because all the bar owners were horrible you egregious defective homosexual.

Jones used to have an incredibly diverse guest list, and for the most part he asked questions and kept the ranting to a minimum. Webster Tarpley, General Stumblebine, Texe Marrs, Jack McLamb etc…it was to say the least diverse. He was best in a borrowed community TV studio in a black t shirt and jeans. Then he got rich and tried to create his own mini CNN news room. When he got Jason Bermas on there I knew he was done. Total kikenvermin pseudo hipster in rapper duds lying through his teeth.

This was the moment it all came crashing to an end…

Even in 2010 he still had some truth to say about the jews and 911

You must be joking, right? The only people who are "not antisemitic anymore" is the dying, failing cluster of neoliberal money in a handful of large Western metropolises – who are increasingly surrounded by third worlders who do not share their world views and who can no longer enforce their will militarily.

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and then 20 clueless redditors start a circle jerk about the evil chinks and dismiss Jewery.
meanwhile Zig Forumsacks are already fleeing to bunkers after the current wave of morons shitting the place up. Cheers, mods.

I agree. 2 camps of kikes. One wants to fucks us over to make slaves, the other fucks us over to make money.
Chabad vs Zionist, and the split is deeply religious.

except there was a heap of visual evidence, and it was quickly corroborated via search.

Checked. All Chinks should die. It is still the Jews behind it all, tho


There is no jewish split.

Are you from GCHQ? That's a reasonable sophisticated and smart attack there.
It won't work, since the evidence against the Jews is so strong, but 10/10 for effort.

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lmao jew apologist shit

checked. It is not a split. It is a raging chasm.

No. Filtered.

know your enemy. (or put your fingers in your ears)
The split is due to a difference in interpretation of their holy book.
The Chabad believe that the messiah comes once they are a) completely evil or completely good. they appear to have gone for the first option and b) they control every bit of land on the planet.
At that point, they are granted their homeland once more
The zionists want their homeland first. I forget their explanation for it.
That's why the Chabadist assassinated the Zionist PM who made the Havaara agreement with Hitler.
That is also why the Chabadist (who control hollywood and media) give Israel such a hard time over Palestine.
They all hate us, but there is a fracture point and to deny it is daft.

HAHAHAHAHA are you some sort of comedian nigger?

t. chink

Why are you spamming this board?

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Just fucking go home already, Reddit. GO HOME

Alex Jones is our guy.

A superficially reasonable sounding arguement to a newfaggot, but
Honestly though, jt’s good to hear from a gentile shill with some intelligence. The kvetching rat kikes are just so tiresome. By the way, you’re a traitor.

Fuck off antifabet faggot.
You’re losing and it’s so delicious

I hate you faggots more than jews.
When we say "its the jews" we mean it's the fucking JEWS!
Always! They're always behind every fucking shit thing that happens. They admit it. They openly admit to wanting to kill whites off and rule a brown world.
Jews hate homogeneity in whites because they're anything but homogeneous. They have no land, they have no core values, they interbreed with everything to fuck every society over. They're an evil fucking blight on the planet!

Attached: It_100percent_is_the_jew.jpg (480x468, 42.96K)

This is true. Imperial Japan did nothing wrong.

Actually downplaying military and other strategic threats by a nation that dominates us economically and has been spitting in our faces, stealing from us, and making us a laughing stock in front of the world for DECADES while we allow them to buy our properties with manipulated currency, place spies in ALL our universities like some bugman cia, and all the rest including adulterating consumer electronics they trade to us with indetectable glowmodules. This, because the eternal jew is worse.

Would you rather be a living golem or a dead one? Turn off your youtubes.

This was a good post in my view, given my ten or so years experience with the subject. Sad to see not one credible counter, rather crass hatred hurled at mere fragments of “language this board doesn’t like”. Such people are a disgrace to whatever memory of National Socialism might let its victims rest with dignity. In any case, they’re not going to be the men to bring it back.

No one said that, chink.

China is not saint. But Jews are the bigger enemy.


CIA up to no good again. The anti China smear campaign is a washington creation done via its fake
NGO, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
which often does exactly the opposite of what its name implies. The **NED was set up in the
early 1980s under President Reagan in the wake of all the negative revelations about the CIA** in the
second half of the 1970s. The latter was a remarkable period. Spurred by Watergate – the Church
committee of the Senate, the Pike committee of the House, and the Rockefeller Commission, created by
the president, were all busy investigating the CIA. Seemingly every other day there was a new headline
about the discovery of some awful thing, even criminal conduct, the CIA had been mixed up in for
years. The Agency was getting an exceedingly bad name, and it was causing the powers- that-be much
What was done was to shift many of these awful things to a new organization, with a nice sounding
name – The National Endowment for Democracy. The idea was that the NED would do somewhat
overtly what the CIA had been doing covertly for decades, and thus, hopefully, eliminate the stigma
associated with CIA covert activities.**
institutions throughout the world through private, nongovernmental efforts". **Notice the
"nongovernmental" – part of the image, part of the myth. In actuality, virtually every penny of its
funding comes from the federal government**, as is clearly indicated in the financial statement in each
issue of its annual report. NED likes to refer to itself as an NGO (Non-governmental organization)
because this helps to maintain a certain credibility abroad that an official US government agency might
not have.
what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA."**
Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy – William Blum
Remember, all these lying shills who claim China is horrible bla bla bla have ZERO PROOF. Ask them
for the proof and inevitably they cite western propagandists like Voice of America, Radio Free Asia,
National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and other FAKE grass roots groups.
Posted by: informant | Sep 14, 2018 3:45:14 AM | 46
Source: moonofalabama.org/

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is headed by Carl Gershman. In 1968, he worked in
the research department of B'nai B'rith, and in 1972 he served on the Governing Council of the
American Jewish Committee.
Here is a list of projects NED funds:
China (mainland):
- Advancing Women’s Rights: $60,000
- Assistance for Human Rights Defenders: $272,000
(Probably money for an organization called Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) which has no
street address, but two persons employed in Washington DC and one in Hong Kong,
- Building Advocacy Capacity and Empowering Civil Society to Protect Human Rights: $412,300
- Capacity Building for Human Rights Defenders: $300,000
(Probably also for Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD))
- Combating Censorship and Supporting Free Expression: China Digital Times, Inc. : $340,000
(chinadigitaltimes.net. No street address is given, but it is: «Supported by the Berkeley Counter-
Power Lab»)
- Defending and Assisting Rights Defenders: $60,000
(Probably also for Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD))
- Defending Journalists’ Rights: $65,000
- Democratic China Electronic Journal, Democratic China, Inc.: $180,000
(This is the same organization as the one late Liu Xiaobo and his wife Liu Xia’s had. For their NED-
funding during the years 2005-2010, see: blog.hiddenharmonies.org/2017/07/13/liu-xiaobo-rip-
- Empowering Environmental Rights Activists: $110,570
- Empowering Workers: $75,000
- Engaging Critical Analysis and Political Discourse: $140,000
- Ensuring Free and Open Access to Online Information: $200,100
- Humanitarian Assistance for Human Rights Defenders: $40,000
(Probably also for Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD))
- Monitoring Media Freedom, Freedom House: $85,000
- Promoting Democratic Ideas and Values: $150,000

- Promoting Democratic Values, Wei Jingsheng Foundation, Inc.: $68,100
(Wei got in 1997 «National Endowment for Democracy Award». The foundation is based in
Washington DC, weijingsheng.org)
- Providing Information and Analysis on China’s Human Rights, China Change: $73,000
(Washington DC, chinachange.org)
- Raising Public Awareness of Civil Society Developments in China, Center for International Private
Enterprise (CIPE): $215,643
(Washington DC, cipe.org)
- Religious Freedom, Rights Defense, and Rule of Law: $40,000
- Strengthening Civil Society for Policy and Legal Accountability: $172,000
- Strengthening Organizational and Advocacy Capacity for Community-Based Organizations: $110,000
- Strengthening the Rule of Law to Protect Human Rights and Public Participation Rule of Law:
- Strengthening Worker Rights and Representation: $90,000
- Supporting and Empowering Human Rights Lawyers: $238,000
(Probably China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group in Hong Kong, chrlawyers.hk/en)
- Supporting Civic Participation in Public Governance, Center for International Private Enterprise
(CIPE): $234,160
(Washington DC, cipe.org)
- Supporting Free Expression and Open Debate, Princeton China Initiative: $40,000
(Connected with Perry Link, princeton.edu/paw/archive_new/PAW04-05/08-
- Supporting Grassroots NGOs: $90,000
- Supporting Labor Rights: $63,500
- Sustaining Civil Society in a Repressive Operating Environment, International Republican Institute
(IRI): $600,000
(Washington DC, iri.org)
-Worker Rights Awareness, Solidarity Center (SC): $335,650
(Washington DC, solidaritycenter.org)
- A Symposium for Tibetan Intellectuals and Artists, Filming for Tibet: $60,000

(Switzerland, filmingfortibet.org)
- Amplifying Voices from Tibet, The Tibet Relief Fund of the United Kingdom: $22,150
(London, tibetrelieffund.co.uk)
- Building Networks in Defense of Rights and the Environment, Students for a Free Tibet, Inc.: $40,000
(New York, studentsforafreetibet.org)
- Demton Khang, The Tibet Museum: $210,000
(Dharamsala, India, tibetmuseum.org)
- Empowering a New Generation of Tibetan Leaders, Rights Action Lab Inc.: $50,000
(No address. But they write: Rights Action Lab is incorporated in the United States as a Not-for-Profit
Organization, rightsactionlab.org)
- Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy: $35,500
(Dharamsala, tchrd.org)
- International Advocacy for Human Rights in Tibet, Tibet Justice Center: $58,000
(Oakland, CA, tibetjustice.org)
- Promoting Conflict Resolution and Democratic Processes, Tibetan Centre for Conflict Resolution:
(Dharamsala, tccr.org)
- Strengthening International Support for Human Rights in Tibet, International Tibet Network:
(San Francisco, CA, tibetnetwork.org)
- Strengthening the Tibetan Movement, Campaigning and Leadership Training Students for a Free
Tibet, Inc.: $50,000
(New York, studentsforafreetibet.org)
- Tibet Express Newspaper, Khawa Karpo Tibet Culture Centre: $35,000
(Dharamsala, tibetexpress.net)
- Tibet Times Newspaper, Tibetan Literacy Society: $43,000
(Probably Dharamsala, tibettimes.net)
- Tibetan Community Development Fund Inc.: $33,000
(Washington DC, tibetoffice.org/tdcf-under-construction)
- Voice of Tibet: Independent Shortwave Tibetan Radio: $34,700

(Based in Norway, vot.org)
- Advocacy and Outreach for Uyghur Human Rights, Uyghur Human Rights Project: $310,000
(Washington DC, uhrp.org)
- Uyghur Human Rights Advocacy, World Uyghur Congress: $246,000
(Munich, Germany, uyghurcongress.org/en)
Hong Kong:
- Expanding Worker Rights and Democracy, Solidarity Center (SC): $130,800
(Washington DC, solidaritycenter.org)
- Strengthening Democratic Institutions and Human Rights Protection: $105,000
- Supporting Civic Engagement on Fundamental Rights, National Democratic Institute for International
Affairs (NDI): $300,000
(Washington DC, ndi.org)

CIA Director Gina Haspel:
China is "working to
diminish U.S. influence"

CIA Director Gina Haspel said China's efforts to expand its global influence are
of high interest to the agency, citing Beijing's investments and loans to poorer
nations that may be hard-pressed to repay them. She referred to them as
"tactics" the CIA is watching.
"We do monitor very closely what appears to be an effort to expand their
influence beyond their own region in places like Africa, Latin America, the
Pacific Islands, South Asia," Haspel said, during a rare public appearance to give
remarks at her alma mater, the University of Louisville in Kentucky.
"We are concerned by some of the tactics they use offering poor countries
investments and loans that perhaps those countries are not going to be able to
repay, and we want those countries to be aware…how foreign investment in their
infrastructure and their national security infrastructure can ultimately
compromise their sovereignty," she said.
Almost 84 percent of China's $734 billion investment in construction projects
worldwide went to low- and middle-income economies between 2005 and 2017,
according to the Center for Strategic & International Studies' China Power
Project, which tracks China's investments overseas. The American Enterprise
Institute valued China's overall investments and construction projects overseas
at nearly $1.9 trillion in 2018.
"Unfortunately, I think [China is] working to diminish U.S. influence in order to
advance their own goals" in the Asia Pacific and beyond, Haspel said during a
moderated question-and-answer session that followed her remarks. She did not
take questions from the audience or the press at the event.
The appearance at Louisville was among Haspel's first since becoming CIA

director, a role she has assumed and executed, concertedly, with minimal
publicity. Her confirmation process in May was punctuated by protests and
controversy related to her involvement in the agency's post-9/11 rendition and
interrogation programs, which she has vowed not to restart. Aleksandr Kogan: The link
between Cambridge Analytica
and Facebook
During her prepared remarks on Monday, Haspel outlined her top priorities for
the agency as director, citing first the need to "champion diversity and inclusion
at CIA," while conceding the agency had "a way to go." Why Bill and Melinda Gates
put 20,000 students through
"I want every officer to have equal opportunities to succeed," she said, offering
early anecdotes from her own 30-year career at what she said at the time was a
"thoroughly male-dominated organization."
"I managed to do well as an operations officer, and I did what I could to help
bring down some of the barriers I had faced," she said.
Echoing some of her predecessors, Haspel also said the agency would shift some
of its focus from counterterrorism, which consumed significant agency resources
for years after 9/11, to nation-state adversaries, which she declined to name. She
stressed that the CIA would seek to increase the number of officers serving
overseas, to boost foreign language training, and to strengthen partnerships with
the agency's domestic sister agencies and its foreign counterparts.
play VIDEO
Brett Kavanaugh: "I'm not going
She also said the CIA would invest more heavily in counter-narcotics efforts
"No foreign challenge has had a more direct and devastating impact on American
families and communities…than the flow of opioids and other drugs into our
country," she said.
She touted the CIA as the "keeper of the human intelligence mission," citing the
importance of human sources in delivering intelligence on adversaries' secrets
and, occasionally, their intentions – and which often informs materials included
in the President's Daily Brief, she said.
In her discussion with the event's moderator, a former advisor to Senate
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, Haspel said she, along with a
briefing team, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security
Adviser John Bolton, meet with President Trump several times a week to deliver
his intelligence briefing. Though she was not directly asked about the president's
attacks on the country's law enforcement and intelligence communities –
including the case of former CIA director John Brennan, whose security
clearance Trump revoked last month in what was widely seen as an act of
political retribution – Haspel said CIA's workforce was "very resilient" and
"extremely mission-focused."
"We tend not to pay attention to the political fray," she said.
She praised President Trump for establishing a dialogue with North Korean
leader Kim Jong Un, a development she said meant the U.S. is "certainly in a
better place than we were in 2017," though she said Kim was unlikely to take
steps to denuclearize quickly.
play VIDEO
Tiger Woods in 2006: I’m
addicted to golf
play VIDEO
Sen. Klobuchar on Kavanaugh
"I believe that the North Koreans view their capability as leverage and I don't
think that they want to give it up easily," she said.
She also criticized Iran and the resources it had spent to prop up the Assad
regime in Syria and wield influence in Iraq. "We are watching very closely Iran's
malign activity in the region and we'd like to push back against that activity so
those countries can carve their own courses," she said.
Throughout her remarks and the conversation that followed them, Haspel
offered several other, more personal details, including details about CIA
colleagues and mentors who lost their lives while serving overseas and

experiences of her own that have shaped her approach to leadership. She
indicated her own style would be deliberate and considered.
"I try to remember the words 'slowly, slowly' when faced with a difficult
challenge," Haspel said.
And twice, she cited former director of intelligence George Tenet, who led the
agency from 1996 to 2004. "CIA doesn't do easy; the hard jobs come to us," she

Is Langley Unleashing Jihad Against China in Xinjiang?
Wilkerson’s description of the subjective thinking of the US military has the ring of truth
(presented here in authentic Pentagonese BLOCK LETTERS, emphasis added in bold):


How Beijing and Hong Kong sent
billionaire George Soros packing
the last time he attacked Asian
The history of how George Soros has affected
currencies and economies in Asia is remembered
with some bitterness

“Many are worried that Soros could attack China,
the yuan and the Hong Kong dollar as he did to …
the baht, but I don’t think he still has that power.”

The People’s Bank of China controls the onshore
yuan market and carries huge influence in the
offshore yuan market in Hong Kong, making it hard
for Soros to develop shorting strategies against the
currency, he added.
In 1998, Soros was forced to walk away from Hong
Kong with losses. He later praised the Hong Kong
administration’s efforts under then-financial
secretary Donald Tsang Yam-kuen.

When Soros visited Hong Kong in 2001 he said local
monetary authorities had done “a very good job
when they intervened to arrest the collapse of the
Hong Kong market”.

Trump is gutting the National
Endowment for Democracy, and that’s a
good thing

THANK YOU, President Trump! Finally you have made a foreign policy
recommendation that is logical, overdue, and in the long-term interest of the
United States. Congress will probably reject it, but you deserve credit for
making the effort.
Trump’s budget for the coming fiscal year proposes to gut the National
Endowment for Democracy by cutting two-thirds of its budget. The
endowment is one of the main instruments by which the United States
subverts and undermines foreign governments. In a less Orwellian world, it
might be called the “National Endowment for Attacking Democracy.” Cutting
the budget would signal that we are re-thinking our policy of relentlessly
interfering in the politics of other countries.
That kind of interference is the National Endowment’s mission. Whenever the
government of another country challenges or defies the United States,
questions the value of unrestrained capitalism, limits the rights of foreign
corporations, or adopts policies that we consider socialist, the Endowment
swings into action. It pours over $170 million each year into labor unions,
political factions, student clubs, civic groups, and other organizations
dedicated to protecting or installing pro-American regimes. From Central
America to Central Asia, it is a vivid and familiar face of US intervention.
President Ronald Reagan established the program in 1983, following years of
scandals that tarnished the Central Intelligence Agency. Soon it took over
many of the tasks that the CIA used to perform. When the United States
wanted to interfere in the Italian election of 1948, for example, the CIA did
the job. Decades later, when Washington sought to push its favored candidate
into the presidency of Nicaragua, our instrument was the National

Endowment for Democracy. More recently, it has sought to influence
elections in Mongolia, Albania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia. “A lot of what we do
today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA,” one of the organization’s
founders explained during the 1990s.
By its own account, the Endowment is “on the leading edge of democratic
struggles everywhere,” donating money to “groups abroad who are working
for democratic goals.” Its central principle is that the only proper way to run a
country is the American way. Governments that disagree become its targets.
Because its job is to shape the course of other countries, the Endowment has
become a darling of Washington’s regime-change crowd. Shortly after
ordering invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, President George W. Bush pushed
to double its budget. That made sense, because bombing and organizing
“peaceful” revolutions are two ways of achieving the same goal: forcing
countries to bend to our will. Both reflect our insistence on judging foreign
governments, deciding which may survive and which must be attacked.
Leaders of the Endowment include some of our country’s most militant
interventionists. One of its board members is Elliott Abrams, who helped
direct anti-Sandinista projects in Nicaragua during the 1980s and was later
convicted of lying to Congress about the Iran-Contra affair. Another is
Victoria Nuland, who as assistant secretary of state in 2016 flew to Ukraine to
encourage protesters to overthrow their government.
Many grants are funneled through two sub-groups that reflect the bipartisan
Washington consensus favoring intervention in foreign countries. One, the
International Republican Institute, is run by a board headed by Senator John

McCain, who never saw a war he didn’t like and salivates at the thought of
deposing unfriendly regimes. Its counterpart, the National Democratic
Institute, is headed by Madeleine Albright, who famously pronounced the
principle that the United States should guide the world because “we are the
indispensable nation, we stand tall and we see further than other countries.”
Abrams, Nuland, McCain, and Albright exemplify the interventionist mindset
that has brought the United States and the world so much pain and grief. The
National Endowment for Democracy is one of their cherished projects.
McCain protested the proposed budget cut by saying group’s mission “is at the
heart of who we are as a country.” So it is.
As soon as the leftist Hugo Chavez was elected president of Venezuela 20
years ago, the Endowment began pouring money into Venezuelan opposition
groups. It has also subsidized groups working to undermine Presidents Oscar
Arias of Costa Rica, Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti, and Manuel Zelaya of
Honduras, all of whom committed the sin of pursuing independent foreign
policies. In 2013 the Endowment issued a report saying that “Russia remains
the main priority country.” Soon afterward, the Russian government
announced that it was banning the Endowment from operating on its
In response, the organization has intensified its efforts build anti-Russia
movements in nearby countries, focusing on Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova,
Georgia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It provides training
material and advice on how to publish newspapers, run computer networks,
and organize political meetings. Once a group agrees to accept American
money, the Endowment hails it as an “independent” agent of freedom and

American politicians and news outlets are howling about Russian interference
in our last presidential election. Against this background, the National
Endowment for Democracy seems more glaringly hypocritical than ever.
Promoting democracy is a wonderful idea. We should begin at home. If we
want other countries not to meddle in our politics, we should refrain from
meddling in theirs.
Stephen Kinzer is a senior fellow at the Watson Institute for International
and Public Affairs at Brown University. Follow him on Twitter

This enemy of my enemy crap doesn't fly, slant eye.

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Funding sources for 2049 institute, including Ian Eaton, the person who had been advocating the imminent Taiwan Strait war in recent years self.Sino

This Ian Easton dude had been advocating for a Taiwan strait war since he entered the profession of jounalism, voicing his opinions as if he is from a think tank. I found their funding source on the website, basically they are paid by the government of US, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, some largest weapon makers, and propaganda funds:

Center for Global Partnership/Japan Foundation
Embassy of Japan
Koo Fisheries
Lockheed Martin
Japan External Trade Organization
(((National Endowment for Democracy)))
Northrop Grumman
Office of the Secretary of Defense/Office of Net Assessment
(((Open Society Foundation)))
Ploughshares Fund
Point Bello
Prospect Foundation
Sasakawa Peace Foundation
SBD Advisors
Scaife Foundation
Smith Richardson Foundation
RAND Corporation
Republic of China (Taiwan) Ministry of National Defense
Republic of Korea (South Korea) National Police Agency
Republic of Korea (South Korea) Ministry of National Defense
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office
U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission
U.S. State Department

Chinks and Jews are on the same side.

Going to be a minute for me to read through all that, but you should know about the Exchange Stabilization Fund. It is not what it is made to sound like. "It is impossible to understand the world today without knowing what the ESF is and what it has been doing. Officially in charge of defending the dollar, the ESF is the government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA's black budget, and is the architect of the world's monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc). ESF financing (through the OSS and then the CIA) built up the worldwide propaganda network which has so badly distorted history today (including erasing awareness of its existence from popular consciousness). It has been directly involved in virtually every major US fraud/scandal since its creation in 1934: the London gold pool, the Kennedy assassinations, Iran-Contra, CIA drug trafficking, HIV, and worse…

Youtube has a series of videos that last I checked were still up if anyone searches Exchange Stabilization Fund. Once you understand the ESF, you will understand The US tie to Israel and why we will never sever ourselves from that cyst. Once you understand the mechanisms behind the structure, you can finally start to grasp that no president is going to lead us out of the corruption. Government has no control over the money supply other than the appointed treasury secretary and that secretary is none other than turbo-jew mnuchen.

Anyone remember when Strzok stated "I answer to a higher authority than congress?"

in the same sense that Americans and jews are on the same side.

Not really, the Jews see America sunsetting. The goyim won't give up their guns for nice communism so they must be destroyed in a war with Russia, while the Jews ride this one out in China.

That's what Clinton's gift of Most Favorable Nation status to China was all about. You're probably a young kid so you don't really know about or remember things that happened before about a decade ago though.

Thank you for that user. Going to read up on that.

Yeah the CIA said I have to finish college before they'll take me in, apparently you have finished a while ago?

Most dipshit americunts think israel is some great friend to the US. I'd beg to hear that opinion of the chinese.
The push for conflict with china is about and has been about war with iran. Most of the citizens of either country want nothing to do with war with each other. in that sense, china is one with the jew just as americunts are one with the jew. unless youre going to go do a poll of chinese citizens, you can't argue otherwise, but you'll try because you don't know how to keep your fucking mouth shut because you're a dirty fucking kike.



surprised this hasn't come up yet.
more kinks than chinks, but relevant

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Shitskin detected, Iran is a much smaller problem than China. Nobody really gives a fuck except muslims and Israel. China, on the other hand, is much more powerful and has a real economy.

kikes care about iran. you said it yourself. the kikes care, and therefore the (((dual citizens))) who occupy the zog are pushing for war with iran and using chinese bugs as a scapegoat. yes user, dont hyperventilate and clutch your pearls, the chinese are lower than dogs too but the kikes are deflecting again and we should not allow it to pass easily.