I write to you all tonite because I love you all and I want you sharp and brilliant anons to ascend.

I am mostly a lurker, however due to recent revelations I’ve decided to impart special and true wisdom that I was graced by the divine to experience. Thus I feel it is imperative to share in order to help transcend you all if you have t already. You’re definitely smart enough to do so.

When I was 24 (27 now) on one fateful Labor Day weekend, I reached my first significant satori. For a long while I didn’t understand how exactly I achieved enlightenment, but after my recent second major satori it all crystallized: synchronicity.

Surely I understood how significant synchronicity was in evolving my state of thinking, but I realized that is is the only way to fully amalgamating the mind. Coalescing the conscious and unconscious into a unifying force. Logic and Intuition. Sacred male and female. I will share a screen cap as to what happened during my second satori (please forgive me for first divulging to halfchan — but it was fitting since it was my first stop before coming to 8ch).

Regardless, I want you to understand that victory will be achieved on our end when we have more enlightened anons rife with reason and COMPASSION. Many of you have begun or have already really understood and utilized the will. But now it’s time to open your hearts in order to balance your reasoning. We will not garner allies through division and blind hatred. To defeat Jewish cultural despotism we must unite. Compassion opens ears, especially the left as you all already know since they are an emotional bunch.

I’m not saying we should at all costs avoid self defense, but blind murder and rage will create more enemies. But purposeful targets, namely media and media figures, may need a physical response, but murder must be avoided at all costs. However it is true that there are quite a few who are incorrigible, but they are a minority. Many people can listen and there is so much more good in this world waiting to be awakened. We’re all victims of Jewish cultural despotism. Remember that.

Study the image i attached. I told my girlfriend to create it for you all. Pepe is our will, and we need to open him to our sacred mother for There lies compassion.

In sum, I hope you don’t misunderstand as a mindless preacher or vapid fool. I’m truly sharing the truth. I want us to succeed. Caucasians don’t need to be a fist of brute force, but instead we must reign has benevolent spiritual and intellectual leaders of the free world. It’s through us that the world will ascend. It’s why the Jew has made us public enemy #1.

I love you all and pardon any errors. Writing on a tablet isn’t easy. And god loves you more than you can even believe. God loves you all so much. Love and let assertive benevolence and reasonable justice reign like how our great source yearns for us to be. God speed, my brothers and sisters. We will win, forever.

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Kek, this is why I love the chans. I understand my friend. On the surface it may sound like “faggotry”, but I assure you it’s the truth.

God here. Most of you were a mistake.

go back to 4/biz/

Nothing is

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Buying link is our offensive strategy. We need money to combat money.

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What is time?

How does that pertain to this topic? Please don’t derail.

Here’s a guan Yin though. Read into her symbolism.

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You keep tellin' yourself that, buddy.

Lead into gold huh

I’m right. You found your way here because you’re in need. I’m here to help you, but let’s stay on topic my friend

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Your words, not mine lol. But let’s stay on topic.

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Wew dem file names joan

Here is a great source to start with user

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I want you dead.

Lionking is better

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I like this thread

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Trust me, this is the last thing (((they))) want.

I love you, it’s okay user

It’s okay to open your heart

Me too

No lol

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Thanks for this user

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Krsna means all-attractive. He has got, because He’s complete, purna, so He has got all the attractive features, from material point of view, spiritual point of view. Therefore His name is Krsna. And He delivers the fallen souls from the miserable condition. He attracts and He delivers.
-Srila Prabhupada

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I've been thinking along these lines for awhile, and I've started to break through as well. So many years spent with an extreme negative attitude to the point of almost becoming blackpilled. I don't know what sparked the change but my negative emotions and pessimism have started to evaporate. I do think you're right, Europeans are blessed with empathy for a reason and it make a real difference in pushing back against degeneracy and globohomo tyranny. I don't have time to say much of worth, just that I'm with you.

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zeig heil

But I get you OP about subjective matters and once you are on the right track synchronicity becomes your guide . bully

user, I will meditate for you if that matters. I know it’s hard to believe but you can change life just by concentrating. It’s always moving for me to hear anyone transcending to a better place. I too was quite black pilled and even used my strengths to cause pain to those who were dark. But it wasn’t until I opened my heart and understood the other side that I began to ascend. Never give up, we will win. Here is a song that helps elucidate these spontaneous changes in our lives. There is a reason the elite worship Saturn, albeit selfishly and erroneously. Tool may not be your cup of tea and no I am not a silly Tool preacher, but the lyrics are sound.

Wear your grudge like a crown of negativity.
Calculate what we will or will not tolerate.
Desperate to control all and everything.
Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen.

Clutch it like a cornerstone. otherwise it all comes down.
Justify denials and grip it to the lonesome end.
Clutch it like a cornerstone. otherwise it all comes down.
Terrified of being wrong. ultimatum prison cell.

Saturn ascends, choose one or ten. hang on or be humbled again.

Clutch it like a cornerstone. otherwise it all comes down.
Justify denials and grip it to the lonesome end.
Saturn ascends, comes round again.
Saturn ascends, the one, the ten. ignorant to the damage done.

Wear your grudge like a crown of negativity.
Calculate what you will or will not tolerate.
Desperate to control all and everything.
Unable to forgive your scarlet lettermen.

Wear the grudge like a crown. desperate to control.
Unable to forgive. and were sinking deeper.

Defining, confining, sinking deeper. controlling, defining, and were sinking

Saturn comes back around to show you everything
Lets you choose what you will not see and then
Drags you down like a stone or lifts you up again
Spits you out like a child, light and innocent.

Saturn comes back around. lifts you up like a child or
Drags you down like a stone to
Consume you till you choose to let this go.
Choose to let this go.

Give away the stone. let the oceans take and transmutate this cold and fated
Give away the stone. let the waters kiss and transmutate these leaden grudges
Into gold.

All the posts in this thread and the fact this thread was anchored just solidifies my suspicion that this place has really changed for the worse.

OP speaks the absolute truth. Why do we love hitler? He promoted love and cohesion among his people. Just because you are promoting love does not mean you lose sight of the objective enemy.

The left and right dichotomy of our current political zeitgeist has been reduced to raw male and female energy. (rational, objective, militant vs. emotional, subjective, compassionate) Both male and female energies, when out of balance, have weaknesses. When the energies are balanced, we'll become a truly unstoppable force.


Honor tho mother and father


You're welcome, I made a mega whit all his books if you're interested.!xNZhAZha!pu7OrPzQqPXUYdyINwJEbg

International Jewry is so lost in the deep darkness of falsehood, that they believe their lying and slandering is a necessary good for themselves and their plans for world domination.

For these deceivers the higher life of truth is totally hidden. Lying and evil speaking belong to the lowest forms of spiritual ignorance which are far removed for the path of enlightenment.

From their original falsehood of believing that they alone are the chosen people of God, destined to tyrannically rule all others, have come many other protective falsehoods from their deceitful minds.

Their lying born from selfishness and hatred has snared the whole world and dragged it to their level of spiritual darkness.

If we are to begin to lift this darkness from the world and enter into the life of truth we must abandon the holocaust falsehood and slander of Adolf Hitler from the mind of humanity. For it is nothing but the propagation of evil.

There is nothing more sinful than untruthfulness. Mother earth feels very much overburdened when she carries even one person who is a liar. So how much she is feeling overburdened by a whole civilization based on falsehood and slander.

While we may have compassion for the evil speakers knowing how they bind themselves to suffering and unrest, we cannot allow this love of the sinner to check our hating the sin which is degrading our whole world and the souls within it.

Ultimately the dark ignorance of falsehood which is burdening the world will be completely eradicated, as we are in the dawn of a new golden age of spiritual enlightenment, which has been inaugurated by the Lord in his incarnation of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu over 500 years ago.

This spiritual revolution has now been delivered to the western world by the Lord’s dear devotee His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. It is now imperative that all pious souls take complete shelter in this ocean of absolute truth.

Prabhupada: Hitler was a good man… I don’t believe that he killed so many Jews in concentration camps.

[Prabhupada Morning Walk — October 8, 1972, Berkeley]

Prabhupada: So these English people [controlled by Jews], they were very expert in making propaganda. They killed Hitler by propaganda [slander]. I don’t think Hitler was so bad man.

[Prabhupada Room Conversation, June 17, 1976, Toronto]

Prabhupada: That is the way of falsehood. If once you speak something false, then to protect that falsehood you have to take to so many other falsehoods. This is the way of falsehood.

[Prabhupada Morning Walk, June 2, 1975, Honolulu]

TRANSLATION: There is nothing more sinful than untruthfulness. Because of this, mother earth once said, “I can bear any heavy thing except a person who is a liar.”

PURPORT: On the surface of the earth there are many great mountains and oceans that are very heavy, and mother earth has no difficulty carrying them. But she feels very much overburdened when she carries even one person who is a liar. It is said that in Kali-yuga lying is a common affair: mayaiva vyavaharike (Bhag. 12.2.3). Even in the most common dealings, people are accustomed to speaking so many lies. No one is free from the sinful reactions of speaking lies. Under the circumstances, one can just imagine how this has overburdened the earth, and indeed the entire universe.

[Srila Prabhupada from Srimad Bhagavatam 8th Canto Chapter 20 Text 4]>>12317563

At the bottom of the ocean I sit and meditate.

After some time the thoughts subside.

A silence comes.

There it is.

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I always love learning new things, thank you for this. Your words and wisdom are very powerful. Again, thank you so much.

I’m afraid that this is the case. The truth and will combined with compassion is very scary for the deceitful.

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Took the text off of this video. It was an error to mark text as a Prabhupada quote while formating it so it could be posted. Anyways here is the video.

The Holocaust Falsehood & Slander Of Hitler Is The Propagation Of Evil :

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Namaste, will watch later

God here, again. I want you to watch this. Mercyful fate may be heretical, but man they fuckin kill it.

Oh virgin pure immaculate

I had electric guitars and feedback invented for a reason.

"And because we are missing God, we are loving this thing, that thing, that thing, that thing, that thing, and frustration. That very love which is reserved for God, we are applying it in this material world: 'I love my country. I love my society. I love my family. I love my dog. I love my… I love.' But I am missing whom to love. That is the point. I am placing my love in so many things, and I am becoming frustrated. So when we understand the love is meant for God, that is our perfection of life. And if you love God, then you love everything. That is perfect love.

Without loving God… Just like you are the son of your father. So when you love your father, naturally you love your brothers also because you know, 'My father will be pleased.' So this is love. That universal love can be possible when you actually love God. Samah sarvesu bhutesu. In material platform that is not possible. But a devotee, a pure lover of God, he loves everyone. Just like we are. Because we have tried to love God, therefore we are wandering, touring all over the world, and the same message, 'Please try to love God.' We have no other message, because we have understood to some extent that without love of God, they are suffering. So they will be happy when they begin to love God. This is our mission."

-Srila Prabhupada Lecture, Melbourne, June 27, 1974

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Time is our ally.

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I’m sorry I came short with this thread, Hindu user. Next time, my brother. Until next time

It's from an iPhone.
A file's name is the least important and most easily changeable part of a file. Don't sperg out about it.
If anyone was doing anything malicious, they wouldn't use something so obvious as the name, and would either use the hash or embed data into the actual pixels.

The most alarming thing is how quickly this was anchored and barraged. Must of struck a nerve or two.

Funny synchronicity, but I open't pol whit the intention of finding a thread where god / religion / faith could be discussed without being to out of topic and this thread was on top of the front page.

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I’m sorry for your thread being anchored, but this place is not immune to the forces of Kali Yuga. I too have transcended my hatred for kikes recently. I am becoming as Arjuna before battle; detatchment is the best way to perform my duty of fighting them. We must all become Siva or Wotan. Do you have any esoteric mudras to teach us? Regardless, you’re still a faggot and I love you.

Rekindle this conversation at the ‘Aryan Spirituality’ thread brothers:

Have some more faggot.

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