ITALY: Girl found enriched in ruins

ITALY: Girl found enriched in ruins

Police in Rome are investigating the suspected rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl in an incident that has shocked the city.

At least 114 women were murdered [by shitskins] in Italy this year


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But what have Jews to do with this at all?

reported for being a jew

Good, she was a thot who deserved to get enriched by some niggers. If Italians can’t patrol properly, then others will do it for them.

>(((Misanthropic Division)))

Jews have nothing to do with this, Zig Forumstards just love to blame them for all of their shortcomings.

Can you leftypol trannies try to be a little bit more subtle? Reported.

Jews are to blame

No one cares about your daily rapes just like we don't give a fuck about daily nog shootings. Do something about it and we'll read about THAT.


Italians are not white
nothing of value was lost

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Immigration for Greater Israel, Goyim



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Funny how they parents so against our ideas because they see them as racist and hateful to women, and yet they celebrate the rape and murder of European women simply because we are against it.
They really are as despicable as the Jews.

Zig Forums is worse than leftypol

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At that age everything is an adventure and thrill seeking, which is why she ended up taking drugs user.
If she was kidnapped this post would be about a manhunt for her, not about body found. It isn't because she burned coal.
Toll paid.
Hopefully her loss will not be in vain and others will heed the tragic lesson of this.

probably another coked up coal burner

Holy shit this thread is being astroturfed hard. Remember to filter and report, friends.

how was a 16 year old kidnapped out of her home?
she wasn't at home? why not?

The female voting patterns in Italy are what again?

If all the dead bitches who paid the toll still can't get dumb bitches to learn and stop burning coal, what the fuck is going to teach white women to not "date" niggers?

a husband or father who isn't a pussy

Run out of IPs to switch to, faggot?

Dead bitches means less competition for that DICK. There is no cure.

Sounds like you never had a kid. When they go missing you start looking.

This is a case of her saying to dad shes going to her freinds house and will be back by 11. Only sjes going to see her nog bf for drugs and sex. Whores the lot of them.

Toll paid

sounds like you need to grow a pair and learn to control the cunts around you

The police arrested 2 nigerians and a couple other niggers.

Little detail: his dad is under house arrest.

so she was trash out of trash?
good riddance

You try to reason with girls. They dont develop mentally past 6 yrs.

Anything else will get you a ticket to jail. Thanks feminism


That's her btw. Or was.

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ugly skank

Pls lurk 2 years before posting

You're quick, incel yid.

women only get away with what men allow

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And men get away with other men allow…

So right now in most Western countries? Everything.

Literally subhumans talking about shit they know nothing about. Kill yourselves.


if I'm understanding this right she was in that shitty vibrant neighbor to buy drugs, good riddance

"i made up the scenario in my mind - the post"
Did you even read the complete, updated article? Because it sounds like you pictured a nigger gang bang, something you think she was ok with, and you're ok with that even if that's not what happened. More than anything you're a huge cuck if that's all you can think about.
You're a cuck plain and simple. As for the actual reason she was there is because she was lured by another woman while looking for her iPad. The area is a shithole, you go there to buy drugs, mostly weed, and drink, and yes she was a bit of a degenerate. Should she have died for that? No. Was she sucking nigger cock on purpose? No. She was baited, groomed with drugs and raped while unconscious and strangled.

So dumb kids should get raped by niggers and get killed? You're worse than a nigger if that's what you think.

rape baby for sure… not so italian, though. i have no empathy for anyone that cares about dead rape babies.

no, but, as I said, good riddance, I'm sure Italy didn't lose a great scientist or artist, fuck druggies and anyone who supports that business

Doesnt take a genius iq to know to stay away from nogs.
This shit is so common and she went anyway. Thots never learn inly death is the cure.

You're fucking retarded.

Why don't you join that shitskin caravan currently in mexico? You'll fit right in.

hello schlomo

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how did her iPad end up in a place like that? by itself?
so a degenrate

This isn't Britain faggot, where only seniors give a shit about their country. Italys voting demographics terrify the kikes because its across the entire spectrum.

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>(((centrists))) and (((commies)))
might as well not vote at all


yes it is

Yeah nevermind, i read your other posts. You're 100% a literal nigger. What the fuck are you doing here? Is the pay that good?

We've got a tough guy Whiteknight here. Sorry faggot, unless you're some nigger, she never would've stepped off that pedestal to give you her cunt. And she never will wow that some kike-golem THOT patrolled her.

>>(((centrists))) and (((commies)))
Center-Right isn't centrist or commie. Any categories the 5kikes lead in, its minor at best. The entire country is shifting back to center right and the more the (((EU))) fucks them over the more it shifts further right.
The fact than 70-75%% of the public trusts salvini more than the pope speaks volumes about how things have changed. The major wakeup calls were the constant nog boats and the complete destruction of Greece. Shitlibs are finished in italy.

little degeneracy leads to more degeneracy unless mercilessly squashed at the source

wow so radical

changed ip again? damn, i thought you kikes hated work. How much are they paying you to shill here?

I agree, the source here being niggers dealing drugs. By the way post a picture of your nose with timestamp faggot.


Go back to reddit kike. Italians are white, deal with it.

Your fair maiden isn't coming back, faggot. All your whiteknighting won't bring her back, regardless of what level paladin you are.

The dead arab/nigger rape baby isn't white. Deal with it.

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keep your shitty new world mongrel identities to yourselves, no Italian is "white"

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^^^meant for this cuck

This is some low level baiting.
Come on, son. Do your daddy proud!
I ain't gonna give yo foreskin back if you continue like this

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Article from 2017 about the first 10 months of 2017.

should have stayed home then like women should

Funny how white women that fuck monkeys almost always have drugs in their systems. Unlike the Sweden and German cases and whatnot, this one I actually take interest in, because Italians will probably do something about it. Her death won't be in vain. It'll spark more hatred and more nationalistic sentiment.

You could replace her practically with a puerto rician whelp you find in any South Florida high school. In fact, take three dozen.

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Filtered for kike/shit-skin d&c. You're not welcome on this board, you genetically primitive monkey.

They look nothing alike. Also you're discounting the European genetics. You're discounting the brain the evolved in Europe. These peoples are not the same, even if Southern Europeans are slightly darker than Northern (barely). It's irrelevant. They still have a brain, behavioral predispositions etc. similar to other Europeans, while these shit-skin racial mutts have nothing in common with us. Italians created one of the greatest empires in history. Amerindians never invented the wheel.

Oh look, a mutt.

Puerto ricans are part spanish, you drooling fucktard. They are just as white as this part italian goblina.

Yeah, part Spanish, part nigger, and part Amerindian, "you drooling fucktard." Meanwhile, by and large, Italians are European only. Care to try again?


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Coal burner. Wanted to get high, went to the shitskins with the drugs and traded sex for drugs. Shitskins being shitskins beat and raped her to death in the process Shitskins should die, but don't white knight this bitch, because the chances that they jumped her from the bushes on her way back from mass and injected her with heroine is not so likely. Also, fuck the Jews for pouring shitskins into the media that make women think it's a choice that will end with anything else than being raped or a single mother to a goblin.

But it does to defeat the DEMONS who are luring our women into these situations!

Then you are ignorant of the Celts that have lived in Italy since the days of Rome!

Celts most certainly didn't identify with a mongrel fit meme identity like "white", keep that cringy shit to the new world

I'd say you tried, but clearly you didn't.

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Just filter him. He's no different from a shit-skin in Londonistan thinking he's English. He's not white, that's for sure. Italians are though. He's not Italian, that's where he's mistaken.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're a newfag that needs to lurk more before posting, so I'll tell you something that's been said before but bears repeating. If you take nothing else from your time spent here there is no more important lesson you will learn – it's always the jews. Even when they aren't directly involved, it always goes back to them.

It's jewish activist groups that overwhelmingly push for immigration of non-whites into western nations. Their "artists" and pornographers who produce degenerate art and pornography with the aim of destroying the moral fiber of healthy societies. Their businessmen who use their wealth and influence to poison our minds and bodies with chemicals and stimuli. Their "educators" that brainwash the impressionable minds from a young age into hating everything about their culture. Their intelligence operatives that blackmail our politicians into doing their bidding and infiltrate our governments to change our laws so that they can be used as weapons against Western Man and everything he has built.

Was she a coalburner/druggie? Don't know, and at this point, don't care. If she was then the toll was paid. If she wasn't she was yet another young girl robbed of her future by shitskins that should never have been anywhere around her in the first place. Either way, jewish subversion of western society is ultimately responsible for her death, be it for the sorry state her childlike mind was molded into that led to her poor life choices, or the presence of the mongrels that killed her.


Word has been used for centuries, faggot

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Fuck you, subhuman.

not as it is, not by the same kind of people
nowadays it's a pseudo identity based on a vague north European archetype used by Euromongrels(obviously concentrated in the jewsa) to come together and to shit on whoever doesn't fit the archetype, this thread being the millionth proof, with it being derailed once more to obsess over the race of Italians
worry not, no sane Italian right winger identifies with you people


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NewTuscia - ROME - Breakthrough in the investigation into the death of Desirèe Mariottini in San Lorenzo.

The Roma mobile team and the agents of the San Lorenzo police station have arrested two irregular Senegalese, 27-year-old Mamadou Gara and 43-year-old Brian Minteh.

The charges for them are of group sexual violence, cession of drugs and voluntary homicide. According to the investigators, the arrested persons, on the afternoon of 18 October, would have administered drugs to the 16-year-old in order to reduce them to an unconscious state and sexually abused them, thus causing their death.

Also traced a third person, while looking for accomplices.

Fucking Jewish nuspeak.

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Following their eusocial instinct to attack the host population, as ever, jews both in Italy and Israel and worldwide have worked insidiously to flood Italy and Europe with nasty invaders.

pics related show jews efforts to bring Negroes to Italian shores - photos from the Times of Israel

Italy’s Jews extend refugees an open hand

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Auto translated

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No matter how much you try to deceive with lies, craftiness and demonic trickery, the smoke is out of the bottle. And it not looking good for jews. At the very least, countless millions are now woke to your jewduggery. Name the jew is now isolate the jew and never let them blend in. We can smell your piss from fear.

Teen White girls who go explore the coalmines are usually prone to excess to block out any doubts they naturally possess about their choices. Was she doing an italian ebonics routine, smoking from weed and skankin it like only a White nog loving ho would.

Aren't these the same people that are sterilising, expelling and refusing entry to africans into Israel.
How confusing.