Marvel Comics - The Mythology of the Masses

How can we get Americans to stop consuming the caped Jew?

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The characters of pulp stories openly fought for traditional family values by removing drug dealers and organizing Crime from society.

You can fuck off back to reddit and ply your bullshit there.

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TV, movies and now Youtube/online - screens of any kind - are the problem. You can tie it to NPC theory and psychology or whatever you want - majority of the population dont think, they see and feel and react. Screens literally reprogram them - what they see becomes reality in their mind. It's subtle and they dont literally think super heroes or what have you are real, but themes, messages, basic morals ARE real and easily overwritten for these people. The dumber the population, such as blacks, the easier this takes hold. What they are shown is reality. Cops killing blacks for nothing? That's real to them. You go to jail, you get raped? That's a reality for most. Watch media and really watch it - the very foundations of storytelling were re-written. The Jew is always the intellectual and guiding hand that brings revelation or salvation to the story. They are the sage, the wiseman, the one to look to for guidance. It might not be explicitly stated its a jew (fellow white person), but it doesnt have to be.

Miscegenation is a common one, as is homosexuality. Even perception of race - many Americans and majority of foreign countries believe blacks are 50% of the US population - are twisted beyond recognition. Women beating up 250 lbs men and throwing them like ragdolls or commercials where the woman states shes an engineer or shows with women as dominating badass overseeing fragile men are common now and pervert female expectations and roles. Films like The Terminator and Alien paved the way for all this perversion.

Those women didnt represent "girl power" - just allowed for the role of women to be twisted and used as golden calves. In Terminator, the female lead embodies the archetype of The Maiden. In Terminator 2 and Aliens the female lead embodies the archetype of The Mother. The Mother archetype is also embodied by a character like Boss from Metal Gear. Those are female characters with female mythological roles. New movies put women in the masculine roles. This new Terminator with the trans and all women bullshit will portray the women as The Hero instead of the character embodying The Crone, which is a masculine role. That is the real problem. Trying to make females embody male roles is what makes so many modern films bad.

But the movies succeed in perpetuating a narrative - women are very susceptible to visual thinking and overwriting through media. They are emotional and can immerse themselves in the stimuli - literally turn off your brain to enjoy something lines of thought.

Right and wrong, real and fiction, moral and degenerate - visual media combined with authority is literally programming the minds of the majority. Their reality conforms to movie and tv logic. Their morals conform to their idol's morals. Actors/celebrities are deified for them. They cant tell the difference between an actor and the feelings evoked by their roles. The messages overwrite reality. And they are poison.

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Captain America's shield is the one comic book symbol that represents quality beliefs even in the real world.
lol @ the okcapture I just got

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kek I see what they did there

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Is there even an answer to this that doesn't involve killing them?

Meme carefully, user

They introduced cap by having him punch Hitler, fuck that. DC had Superman doing that garbage also. We need to dig deep to find some unbiased comic heroes.

The only shit people know is the movies and that had HYDRA not the Nazis. They weren't even located in Germany.

Make them commit financial suicide. Encourage producers to make it more batshit SJW so that it would alienate existing consumers, create and release normal alternatives so that it would sell more than theirs.

Marvel Comics are selling bad in comparison to independent ones. It's in a bad shape for a long duration of time, so they're getting their revenue from movies and videogames. Zig Forumslacks should enter in those mediums. Don't rely any self-proclaimed WN types because it attracts feds and the opposition, just keep ties with free speech activists.

I know capeshit has never been good, I browsed enough /co/ threads on the history of the (((Big Two))) to know they've always been kikeish, killing competition with lawsuits or the CCA and destroying entire genres until only capes remained. Maybe they were always propaganda too; Any company that had heroes punching Hitler in the face could never be /ourguys/.

But fuck man. I grew up with some fun properties. The Brave and the Bold, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the DCAU. It was depressing to watch them degenerate during the 2000s after the Identity Crisis and Civil War events, and seeing Marvel go peak pozz after getting bought by Yidsney hurt.

Yep. Start sinking cargo ships. The US imports about 18 million TEUs per year, but they are delivered by just 6,000 vessels. Sinking 300 ships would instantly eliminate 900,000 TEUs or 53,000,000 tons of chinese crap and cripple future delivery.

I haven't heard anything about that. That's breddy bad.

One third the way through Wonder Woman I realized it was a boring retelling of Jewish myth & I wanted to expose it as such Luckily, it has already been done. "The latest superhero movie, "Wonder Woman," is cloaked in controversy. Because it stars Gal Gadot, a former Miss Israel and Israel Defense Forces combat trainer, it was banned in Lebanon before its release. The Lebanese urged the Jordanians to do the same. “We remind the Jordanians of their obligation to boycott the film, and we refuse to be partners to the crimes of the Zionists and to increase their profits from this film,” reads a statement from a Jordanian campaign to ban it. If that wasn’t bad enough, once the film was released, it became the source of debate over Wonder Woman’s “whiteness.” Critics complained of the lack of women of color in the film, especially given the lead character’s Amazonian origins. Others noted that Gadot cannot be considered Caucasian because of her Israeli origins. Backing up the latter argument is the history of Jews, particularly in the West, who neither considered themselves white Europeans nor were considered as such by the white Europeans themselves. Jews sought invisibility and had to earn their “whiteness." It was only begrudgingly bestowed upon them when they had assimilated to the point of no longer being perceived as a threat by mainstream society.
But all of this misses the point. Superheroes all have a coded Jewish history, whether they were invented by Jews or not. To paraphrase the great American comedian Lenny Bruce: If you’re a superhero, you’re Jewish even if you’re goyish.
Superman was the creation of two American Jews, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who conceived of him as a conceptually Jewish character. Clark Kent is just a cover name, hiding an inner Jewishness. As the novelist Michael Chabon wrote, “only a Jew would pick a name like that for himself.” Captain America was also created by two Jews, Jack Kirby (born Jacob Kurtzberg) and Joe Simon (born Hymie Simon). They wished to create a new superhero to uphold American values in the face of the Nazi threat. He, too, hid beneath a goysiche name, Steve Rogers.

Wonder Woman fits into this trend. Born Diana, Princess of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, she also hides in plain sight under an assumed identity as Diana Prince. Her origin story tells that she was born when her mother, Queen Hippolyta, sculpted her from clay. She became animate when Aphrodite breathed life into her, and the Greek gods gave her superhuman powers. But don’t be fooled by these Greco-Roman names. Wonder Woman’s origins have deeper roots in Jewish lore. She, like many other superheroes, is a contemporary reincarnation of the famous legend of the golem, a humanoid sculpted from clay and animated to do the bidding of the Maharal of Prague.
Wonder Woman, created by American psychologist William Moulton Marston, may not have had a Jewish formation, but she was given her start by Jewish comics entrepreneur Max Gaines (née Ginzberg). She is part of a wider pattern in which Jewish comic book writers and artists created all-American superheroes masking Jewish interiors, of which Superman may be the greatest example. No amount of makeover can erase these characters' underlying Jewishness.
And like Superman and Captain America, Wonder Woman, who was created during World War II, was also enlisted in the fight against Nazism.
She was conceived as a feminist icon, predating and anticipating the feminist movement of the 1960s, which had its watershed moment with the publication of Jewish writer Betty Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique" (1963). Activist Gloria Steinam, who had a Jewish father, put Wonder Woman on the first cover of the feminist "Ms. Magazine" in 1971 and Jewish artist Dara Birnbaum created a Wonder Woman-inspired video installation around 1979.
Wonder Woman is highly ethical. She seeks to heal a fractured world, known in Judaism as tikkun olam. She adheres to a code of decency, known in Yiddish as mentshlekhkeyt. Wonder Woman is a fine, upstanding and honorable human being, an exemplar of social justice.
So now we have come full circle. From gentile origins, Wonder Woman is finally outed as Jewish. Played by a Israeli woman, her inner Jewishness is rendered explicit. Wonder Woman is surely an example of an Eshet Chayil, a “woman of valor,” or in other words, a tough Jewess with attitude."
The Wonder Woman chacracter may have been made during WWII but this latest movie was set during WWI. The Germans were again portrayed as essentially evil nazis purposefully confusing non-thinking audience members to now extend the same hatred for "Nazis" to ethnic Germans.
My intuitive disgust for Wonder Woman has once again served me.
In 2017, a majority of Marston's personal papers arrived at the Schlesinger Library at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study; this collection helps to tell the backstory of "Wonder Woman," including his unorthodox personal life with two idealistic and strong women, Olive Byrne and Elizabeth Marston, with a connection to Margaret Sanger, one of the most influential feminists of the twentieth century.
Though Marston had described female nature as being more capable of submission emotion, in his other writings and interviews,[citation needed] he referred to submission as a noble practice and did not shy away from the sexual implications, saying:
The only hope for peace is to teach people who are full of pep and unbound force to enjoy being bound… Only when the control of self by others is more pleasant than the unbound assertion of self in human relationships can we hope for a stable, peaceful human society… Giving to others, being controlled by them, submitting to other people cannot possibly be enjoyable without a strong erotic element.
One of the purposes of these bondage depictions was to induce eroticism in readers as a part of what he called "sex love training." Through his Wonder Woman comics, he aimed to condition readers to becoming more readily accepting of loving submission to loving authorities rather than being so assertive with their own destructive egos.

I assume its trans something or gender neutral in the middle. Then theres bulldyke on the right and minority #3 on the left that are all badass dont need no man women.

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Patently absurd.
The masses don't know shit about comics apart from what TV/movies show them.

That's a pretty great "lifting the veil".

I. Introduction Scope of this interim report
II. A brief history of the development of the comic-book industry First comic book appeared in 1935
III. The Nature of crime and horror comic books
IV. Crime and horror comics as a contributing factor in juvenile delinquency
V. Other questionable aspects of comic books
VI. Comic books as a medium of communication
VII. Where should responsibility for policing crime and horror comics rest?
VIII. Conclusions

It's far worse than this, the real goal of this is to REWRITE existing myths on the young's minds.
Marvel having characters from Norse myth isn't a coincidence, and neither is them turning Thor into a woman or making Heimdall a nigger. This is done solely with the purpose of tainting the myths so people associate the real myths with their brand of poz.

Excellent post. I would add to what you said that in a way, that has always been like that for the masses, for the "NPC" - or even just "the mass" itself, as a being, and organism in and of itself - only that before the advent of mass (sic) media, the (role) models, the heroes, the people to look up which they were presented with were limited to, say, the King, figures of authority in their local communities and figures / archetypes in their fairy- and folktales, legends and myths. All of which were necessarily grounded in their own folk, culture or even religion (unless subdued by a victorious invader).

The jews, with their long tradition of being "salesmen", wondering among the other peoples, have understood that early on and utilized modern mass media as an excellent attack vector to decieve and manipulate the "goyim" and further the interests of their own group.

Hitler, of course, and maybe even more so, Goebbels, also recognized the importance and role of mass media, both as an attack vector for outside elements as well as propagation of own messages. Hence, it is not the thing itself which is bad - it just *is*. What matters is by whom is the medium wielded and to what end. As you said:

One could also say they are poison BECAUSE the overwrite reality. Including the REALITY that the message comes from a culturally and racially ALIEN group that uses it to its own end while part of the message is "There are no races, (goyim)".

I liked Spiderman (The original trilogy). What's so jewish about it exactly?

Judge Dredd and Punisher (MAX).


Easy. Comics were once part of the (((counter-culture))). The idea of a counter-culture can be boiled down into basically something normalfags like. Normalfags aren't cool, thus what they like isn't cool. Comic book characters are now popular with normalfags, therefore comic book characters aren't cool.

In its place continue to glorify white culture and foster a counter-culture based on white ideals. We already have the ball rolling by causing the next generation to be more conservative than all past generations since WWII. The meme war continues to be in our favor, having decimated the cucks and their NPC minions. The only thing missing or at least not as solidified as the rest is that we need to inspire the imagination of white children. The best way to do that is to re-introduce European folklore & myth.

This is probably the best way to do this and what the jews sought to emulate and outright stole in the first place. It's no coincidence that DC and Marvel have characters stolen from European myths. They even have jewish historians creating fake European myths to pozz up mythology. The role of folklore was subverted by jewish religions and comic books. This is why many jew posters will try to criticize European myth as being comic book stories but the truth is that that's another jewish inverse of how things are. It was the jews that ripped off European folklore and sold it to whites.

Jews can't make anything original. Rekindle the imagination of whites by teaching them the true myths of their ancestors. Encourage children to use their imagination. I can safely say for certain that despite being surrounded by comic books, tv, and video games, what inspired me the most as a kid was European myth.

She's always been too manly looking to be really attractive.

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Oh I’m laffin

is not moe like anime, and it has super powers, that offends Jesus Christ.

Only invasion by another group will supplant a mythology. The masses cry out for stories, who can meet their demands?

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It's got the basic jewish plot.
Plays into the jewish fantasy that they are smarter than whites and that whites are big dumb brutes that are easy to beat. Then add the "instantly powerful" bullshit where a dweeb can get retard strength without doing any work to earn it, making the athlete a dope and the dweeb a hero. It just snowballs into more talmudic garbage from there.

It doesn't matter what the Jews intended. Before the young soys came into being, most kids say heroes as a masculine archetype. There was not anti-white propaganda that took hold. It was about war, fighting, honor, virtue, good decisions.

The soys ruined all this because Feminism and racial shit took over. Notice when they turned characters black back in the mid-2000s the comics failed.

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Over analyzing. The true story of Peter was of a handsome Aryan kid, with no parents and on a lower class level, who got beat up by a rich asshole. Instead of becoming an asshole himself he used his power responsibly because some piece of shit killed his uncle.
Later him and Flash became friends, and Flash showed bravery over time.

A truly Jewish version of this would be flash never being redeemed, and Peter beating the shit out of him while becoming rich then turning into an anarchist.

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Wonder woman was created by a BDSM loving writer who would get her half naked and tie her up all the time. She was always the female in distress and never a feminist icon. Most of us remember her as a counter-part to Batman and Superman in the role of the virtuous female who really wanted a steady boyfriend, rather than the modern bitchy "I can do it better!" cunt.

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Again, this is the modern soyboy upbringing verion of reality.

Thor has been around since the Boomers were kids. I remember the black chick on Howard Stern (Robin) saying Thor was here favorite comic as a little girl. The story of Thor was of a kid who was found worthy of the hammer and possesed by the spirit of Thor. Later he just became a normal character.

No one in America would of known of Thor without the comic. We would of heard of a lightening God in old viking myths and had no relation to it. Being all raised (((Christian))) it would of seemed like primitive bullshit. You read the (((Christian))) writings of Norse myths and they sound retarded and fuck.
There is nothing stopping you from making cool videos of Thor. Metal music used him because he was cool from the comics and everyone knew about him.
But without the Comics, Thor would just mean thunder (which is does) and be no different to us than a Slavic thunder god or Indra which is meaningless unless you spend time reading the Vedas.
It doesn't matter what the Jews intended. They fucked up giving us archetype heroes to admire (just like Star Wars). It's only now that they're trying to correct this mistake.

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To be fair Jesus was kind of gay and also a mythological figure written by Jews

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** I like it too

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Thanks Jews

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No jews allowed, irving. Whites only.

Do you see how pathetic it is that you're analyzing (and twisting it to your view) a jew's plastic fairytale?

really makes me yearn for that white christian society that has been lost after 50 years

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I want to say that children's interest in capeshits is the same as it has always been. The recent influx of this junk is due to adults and teens somehow getting into superheroes. That said, I don't think this kind of stuff has ever been all that great for kids. Even "classic" stories are just junkfood for the most part. Whether you're a "let people do what they want" type, or a more intervention-ist type, the only real alternative to mental junkfood is having genuinely engaging interactions with parents or parental figures, which you can't practically mandate by law. So blame parents, I say. I'm really skeptical at how "subversive" these comic books can even be. Granted I've never read one, so I really don't know.

However, the plot does show that Spiderman's life doesn't improve in the long run. Many superhero films do this trope. Only when spiderman puts home into himself and the idea of great responsibility, he then truly manifests into what a good force can be. Hearing opposing thoughts on this is interesting though.

i recently watched Netflix The Punisher. my favorite Marvel character has been ruined by being all kiked up. he literally looks like fucking Moses. Frank Castle was supposed to be Sicillian, not an Old Testament prophet. and Punisher's sidekick Mirco? also a kike. there's a scene where they show Micro's grave and it's written in fucking Hebrew. the FBI sidekick who investigates Frank.Castle? also a beaker nosed kike. about the only non-kikes in the show were the evil CIA hemchmen. i could maybe understand a few kikes casted who pass as huwhyte, since well ya know–(((Hollywood))), but having all the main characters be kikes, that's no mere cohencidence.

the show was ruined for me. i began interpretting it as the fantasy of the diseased kike's mind's to larp as the Angel of Death slaughter white men and to avenge Jacob against Esau by punishing the goy with hyperviolence and crushing brutaluty.

thanks (((Marvel and Disney and Kikeflix))) for pissing on my childhood.

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Theres something like 4 capeshit movies that come out every year and the NPCs eat it right up. Worst of all is that they're mostly remakes of remakes.

Microchip was always Jewish, even the MAX line has his real name as (((David Lieberman))).
But it is a travesty what they’ve done with Frank.

kill yourself

this. only the most NPC of NPCs enjoy capeshit.

When life gets easy people stop upholding standards, thus parents entrust the education of their children to other institutions.

Excellent post user
The only way to win is to not see at all

Super heroes are a cancer, that's for sure. Would be nice if we could change that powerful grip they have over stories and reshape them to be proper stories of European value. At least we have plenty of classics to read for that.

(((Marvel))) literally the Red Skull as the most sensible character of their franchise, for all the wrong reasons of course.

Also, I used to think the commies were right about being against (((capitalism))) in my day, but now that I know that they think Whites have it all in the world and they supposedly control their governments who want to kill off any non-White in the street (muh rayciss White cops n' shiet) and apparently homosexuality and feminism is something the (((capitalists))) would oppose, really makes me think if they were ever sane to begin with. Their "anti-Zionist" sentiments aren't that good either because they keep implying Israeli kikes are "White fascists".

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*literally made

This is one of the actresses they think nerds respond to.
But the feminist overtones of that teaser don't need to be pointed out. Another stinker in the offing.
It was funny, even though the last movie was a lame spinoff of the sarah connor show, how they suggested windows 10 is an evil AI.

You should do that yourself; eradicate all the memories of Hollywood-jew movies and franchises. It has been a global menace on the minds of the European youth.

All the while intercept a conversation with the truthful narrative of this thread if someone brings up for example Marvel films.

One of the grossest thing about Marvel comics, which they will admit if you pin them down, is that their villains are actually the heroes, and their heroes are actually the villains.

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It would be great if comics stayed neutral and just showed real conflicts with flashy people who think different and let the readers pick sides and choose who is the hero and the villain in their minds.

The funny thing of all is that the Venture Brothers had a Red Skull Parody who's living the American dream as the perfect husband /w a perfect house who lives in one of the nicest homes in the entire series.

Chris Evans tweets regarding news and events with how cuck-tain america would feel or respond to them

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Comics are pozzed but this image is redpilled as fuck

having pirate.bay + transmission on Linux.

PS: kys

That's the result of Steve Ditko, who then got Jewed by Stan Lee and died penniless despite creating Spider-Man

Pirate bay is still around?

You have only yourself to blame. Should have read Greek Mythology, Arthurian lore, and Westerns.

Did you even read the article in the OP? Comics were never neutral. Marvel started out as anti-German propaganda.

Now turn it to 11 and envision the shit they have planned for augmented reality, quite literally pulling really dazzling curtains before your eyes with a little kAIke behind it at the strings.

Good thing James Gunn was fired and sent to DC to do his shit. Maybe Marvel films might start becoming irredeemable garbage without him.

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Good until he called beef carcinogenic.

even as far right-wing this shit is infuriating. what else do you expect to happen when you unironically believe contemporary artists have nothing of value to express?

Yes, but why?
For one, Spidey's driving force is guilt. Not a normal white love of justice, but an utterly jewish motivation.
For two, he’s a very angry character. Bitter, resentful, and sneaky. Nobody trusts him, and for good reason.
He's a standard jew that magically got power.

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I've never been a fan of American comic books, but I'm a believer in the concept that anything made degenerate and evil through the Jews lens can be made good and just through ours.

No fag saying; 'that's why you must watch, based anime'? That's what the baity and otherwise, worthless tread implies. Why else post such shit unless as a setup for such a comment? Anime cucks are as desperate as leftypol fags.

Kill yourself.

"I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I admit freely that their past history is superior to our own."

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Guilt inspires justice you fucking idiot.

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It's funny how modern commies nowadays think that those times when the US was predominantly White they think it was also a "White racist and oppressive patriarchy invented by capitalism", and to this day they still think it is, I'm not joking here. Commies only merely claim to be against (((capitalism))), it just turns out they want to replace it with another kind of Jewish invention known as (((communism))). The communists of old considered modern commie degeneracy (homosexuality, feminism, open borders, race mixing, etc.) to be a (((capitalistic))) trait, even today you get to see some Russian communists resenting said degeneracy. The hearts of modern commies isn't on the willingness to abolish (((capitalism))), but to ethnically displace Whites in their own nations via claiming they own everything in the world. They radicalize non-Whites to fight on their steed just like how a Zionist Jew recruits a bunch of spics and niggers to fight for Israel, albeit the former is actually unaware of this behavior unlike the latter. Under the guise of supposedly beign against (((corporations))), they will blame it on the wrong race for the sake of pushing their narratives.

The "beef" in tv dinners and face food is probably chocked full of poison.

Not only is Red Skull reasonable, but I also find it funny that these avowed ((("leftists"))) present their enemy as anti consumerist and anti capitalist.

Modern "communists" like antifa/anarchists are actually Trotskyites, and Trotsky was always pro degeneracy and had tons of friends on wall street. Early communists were just straight up jews, were friends with jewish bourgeoisie bankers, and all of them peddled degeneracy to the masses. Stalinism and the Tankies are communism in it's golem state, after jews slowly begin abandoning the USSR in a process lasting from the late 60s to the early 90s. The counter culture and inception of cultural marxism into the West marked the moment the jews decided to finally abandon the USSR in favor of the US and Zionism. It's when the trots became Neocons.

Marxism-Leninism was only ever a form of controlled resistance against capitalism, to draw the working and middle class away from National Socialism/the Prussian model, and likewise Neoconservatism/Neoliberalism is a form of controlled resistance to prevent the white class cooperation and inoculate whites from collective action.

Shut the fuck up Black Beard.

Spider-Man 1960s through mid 80s and then during JMS' run is the best Spidey. Avoid everything after One More Day or anything during the Clone Saga, it's mostly irredeemably shit. Or better yet, don't fucking read it, because YOU WILL get a bitter taste in your mouth after you find out that;

It's all been retconned because Spider-Man sold his marriage to MJ to Marvel's version of the devil to resuscitate a dying Aunt May who told him in a dream, via Dr Strange's magic, that she lived a fulfilling life and wanted to die to finally meet Uncle Ben in the after-life.

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Actually his life improves during JMS' run of the character. But then Joe Quesada got butthurt that his favorite superhero was leading a happy fulfilling life, while he himself was going through a life crippling divorce so he decided to shit all over it.

Clone sage wasn't bad. The Lost Years were good.

It's when the Spiderman movie came out in the 2000s that they killed Comics.

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Yeah because the Jackal making an army OC Doughnut Steel Symbiote Army of Spider-Man was totally super tubular dude. Never mind the retarded shit with Harry Osborn and the Goblins either.

JMS' run was the best, he got back with MJ, had a steady job as a scientist, teacher and an avenger. He gained powers that finally made him more important than some super powered mook fighting street level thugs and dumb ass villains despite having an incredible powerset. The only bad things were shit Quesada insisted on putting in the story like the Green Goblin cucking Spider-Man and having his super powered Goblin Kids try to murder him. Or the whole OMD debacle which forever turned me away from the last Superhero I ever gave a fuck about.

Excuse the image for ants, I'm too fucking lazy to search for a good image.

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Is there a hero story, western or eastern comics, anime or cartoon that has the superhero fight against the Zog or stand in for it?

Closest I can think of is The Guyver, The Zog stand in is Ancient AYYY LMAO bioweapons made by Ancient Dead AYYY LMAOs who want to make all of humanity into alien crossbreeds. The heroes in it wear bio weapon armors to fight these Ancient Ayyy Lmao Bioweapons gone wrong.

Good luck finding steady and consistent translations for it though, if you hate reading you can watch the 2005 Anime, it's almost 1:1 a faithful adaptation, however it has very mediocre animation.

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Forgot to mention that the 2005 anime only covers the first major half of the manga. I'm kind of glad the anime stopped before the time skip, since people who are clueless about there being more content won't know the torture of having to wait for a sequel/season/reboot.

Are the MCs white though?

They're mostly Japs and IIRC there's a chink in the group who does nefarious chink things in the background. If you want white characters fighting against kike like things your best bet is the Mein Kampf mango or Shingeki No Kyoujin since it's revealed the Titan Peoples did nothing wrong. The kike like non-titans enslaved them and fed them false revisionist history because they were jelly of their powers.

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You need to go get help. You can't go one hour without discussing pop culture. There are twenty billion forums to jerk off to Brad Pitts chin hairs and you do it here. The fuck is your endgame Chaim? Do you really think the brainwashing shit has a second chance? Why don't you just accept that you people are so fucking stupid and shitty that you need to literally hypnotize people so they go near it? Like you literally pay off politicians so you can disregard anti trust laws and interupt any human beings life at any time so they can be brainwashed to go near any of your dumb bullshit. Fucking pathetic!