Brit/pol/ #2915: Soylent Green Edition

BBC and ITV unveil details of BritBox streaming service that will rival Netflix=
The BBC and ITV have unveiled plans to make their Britbox streaming service available to UK viewers for £5.99 per month

Man unable to reach dying father’s bedside after getting stuck in Extinction Rebellion traffic
A man was unable to reach his dying father’s bedside before he passed away after an Extinction Rebellion protest on the motorway left him stuck in traffic

More Than a Third of Babies in England and Wales Born to Foreign Parents
More than a third of births last year in England and Wales were to parents who were born overseas, latest immigration statistics reveal

10 things that stopped Brexit happening
This is an account of 10 crucial mistakes, mishaps and misunderstandings that might explain why we haven't left yet

Brexit: MPs back bid to block Parliament suspension
MPs have backed a bid to stop a new prime minister suspending Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit

Pound warning: Sterling set for month of horror as new PM takes reigns
THE British pound is set to plunge due to a threat of a no-deal Brexit as well as seasonal summer patterns, experts have claimed

Labour peers consider Corbyn no-confidence vote
Labour peers could hold a vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn's leadership over his response to claims of anti-Semitism in the party

Pro-choice groups raise concerns over possible delays of Northern Ireland abortion law
No 10’s document suggests it may take up to 18 months to implement legislation

Tenfold increase in reported attacks with Cambridge students among the most-accused amid blackout drinking culture
Campaigners say a culture of 'blackout drinking' is partly to blame for the growing numbers, and fear that the number of crimes that are reported may only be the 'tip of the iceberg', the Daily Telegraph reported

Twelve arrested in Ayia Napa 'over alleged rape of British woman'
Twelve Israelis have been arrested in Ayia Napa in Cyprus over an alleged rape of a British woman, reports say

Farmers’ Markets Have New Unwelcome Guests: Fascists
In public they sell organic vegetables. In private they join white supremacist groups. Now activists are pushing back

White woman tells black Tinder date she doesn’t like going to ‘black places’
A 32-year-old black man cancelled his date after a woman he’d been speaking to on Tinder for weeks said she ‘doesn’t go to black people places’

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Iran seizes Emirati oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz
Iran has seized a foreign tanker it says was smuggling fuel in the Gulf. The vessel, which state TV claimed was smuggling fuel to foreign customers, was intercepted south of Iran's Larak Island in the strategic Strait of Hormuz on Sunday and its 12 crew members arrested

Iran warned by UK as tensions rocket in Hormuz Strait: ‘Step back!’
BRITAIN is ready to stand-up to the increased threat of Iran in the wake of the seizure of an Iranian tanker off the coast of Gibraltar

Trump says 'I was not happy' when fans chanted 'Send her back!' at Ilhan Omar and admits he felt 'a little bit badly' as 8,000 people yelled for Somali-American lawmaker to deport herself
'I felt a little bit badly about it,' he conceded, but added: 'I didn't say that. They did.'

Foreign purchases of American homes plunge 36% as Chinese buyers flee the market
Challenging conditions in the U.S. housing market, along with tighter currency controls by the Chinese government, caused a stunning drop in foreign demand for American homes

Republican lawmakers want to make child drag shows illegal
Republican lawmakers in Ohio have filed a bill that would clamp down on drag performances by minors as “child exploitation."

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Was too excited posting to remember to make one

the black actors look even more creepy what the fuck

that house looks so comfy and quaint, maybe once upon a time it looked over a bustling prosperous anglo city and had a nice young family in, shame.

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yeah that is in a place called "brush park" which in the 1870s-1920s was the richfag paper baron neighborhood

dunno if any of you lads are into this stuff but I've been really enjoying this hearts of iron 2 AAR where a guy turns the tide against the allies as Germany in 1944 tbh

that sounds comfy
reminding me of when I was a teenager and used to listen to jello biafra's spoken word albums and thought that weed was illegal because hemp was a cheap alternative to paper but big paper wouldn't allow it wew

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Agreed. Whenever you see a coalburner (or whatever) and she isn't obscenely fat, she's always some slagged up airhead who would describe herself as "bubbly", waltzing around with a relatively subdued foreigner on her arm like he's an accessory tbh.

the day they unironically try to get me to eat insects is the day I have a real gamer moment

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Detriot needs RoboCop more than ever.

Kek. (he sounds like guttaman)

smh. None of these Muslim politicians are ever actual Muslims. Rashida Tlaib claimed that Allah was a women. They’re just the few but growing amount of Muslims consumed by liberalism.

That's how I understood it but then I read The Emperor Has No Clothes by J Herer, that was a pretty book, I can't find it anymore and I miss it

you what mate?

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Vanessa Feltz should be banned from the TV, she's a monstrosity.

Blacks are very much like the women who are attracted to them. They believe in false narratives, have little to no foresight and will do whatever it takes to avoid responsibility.
I'm not sure if it's wise or not to ask a potential woman on a dating site if she has had sexual relations with a wog, but these days I'm very tempted.

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How about instead of eating maggots so that we can feed Africa and the third world we just stop exporting food there.
Maybe once they start starving and are helpless we can export our produce and aid there, but only if they agree to enter into neocolonialist suzerain relationships with us again.

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If you think these people don't turn a blind eye to the fact that islam diametrically opposes liberalism, you're just plain wrong, lad.


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Many ways to filter these thots out tbh

are there any clips of this road race incident? 14 injured apparently.

If a normal person did that 6-12 months suspended licence, suspended prison sentence and a fine that cripples them. No justice in this country.

Maggot food could create massive profits, now if only we could convince people eating them is hip and groovy.

Ah that probably inspired his talks tbh, sounds comfy,
Apparently japs use it for their shinto shrine ropes

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If you seriously think the same people who insult Islam by calling allah a women or who march in gay pride parades are actually secret islamists you’re a boomer. Half these people are Muslims in the way you have “only god can judge me I love Jesus because he loves everyone including sodomy”

“Muslim reformation” is just a nicer way of saying homogenizing Islam into the mass of identityless consumers.

they looked cool and the songs are funny, lad


She's a jewess, but she fits the archetype pretty well.

These women wear the trousers in their relationship (which is akin to a relationship an airhead would have with a poodle she bought to take to the pet salon) to a greater extent than even than the general normie population. They're never prepared for the fact that, when this becomes boring, and they try to leave - tyrone ceases being a poodle and becomes a rottweiler.

You're literally retarded, lad.

Yiff in hell smdh


I tend to be more direct but I'll give it a whirl sometime.

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That's a good way of putting it tbh. Never thought of it like that before.

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In Switzerland and I think some Scandinavian countries, maybe even Germany, you are fined according to your earnings. Some fella was fined £300,000 for speeding as a result and, you’re right, I’ve literally read of hundreds of similar incidents where mere plebs have been fined much higher amounts for similar offences. Justice in the UK is totally arbitrary

Smh this poope

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Market is a bit like that atm yeah : /

smh I don't even use crypto bepo's just cute

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If challenged the judge will say something along the lines of


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oh that was his name

How much do you stand to gain?

The problem is, if you're on the market for normie thots (which, let's face it - a lot of normal lads are), you have to discern how much an obsession with nigger pop culture (which is ubiquitous among such women) translates to actual relations with wogs. Most of them probably don't, and possibly wouldn't bed down with blacks - but it's impossible to tell.

I know a lass who listens to rap music (because her (white) boyfriend does), but she's actually expressed contempt for the idea of dating a black man on the grounds that she "doesn't want a bloody black man".

Best you can do is go through her instagram (or whatever), and observe the men she's with.

I got 1k in silver and some people think its going to go up to like 30-40 an oz

Me too. I don’t have a filter when it comes to these things.
Half my family won’t talk to me or invite me out in case I sperg in front of their friends and ruin their plastic social circles and the other half are the same tbh but I think they either secretly admire me and/or think I’m mad because my behaviour, in their eyes, has blatantly cost me relationships and work opportunities

Literally any time I've been near interracial couples, it's been the case that the wog is almost mute, and the woman clearly directs all decisions and does all the talking. It's narcissism expressed through identity politics (but dressed up as a relationship).

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Yes, it is a very strong material hence why it was important for Napoleon to cut off our supplies and the hemp wars thereafter, the book is quite an interesting read about hemp and cannabis history if that's your bag.

This is true. I think its more likely they would bed down with blacks if they have Laqueesha's fashion taste as opposed to having an Eminem album. Analysing a normiethot from the internet is much harder than meeting them irl.

Same here. My mates and family are well aware that I have been vaccinated against curry and jungle fever. And I wouldn't go imperium because I plan to buy a dog or cat when I get my own place.

Is this from personal experience? I have never been arsed to speak to an interracial couple.

It's like a chihuahua in a handbag, it's just an accessory to these people.

watching it again, lads

I mean just being near them in public places. Rarely happens tbh, but, as it happens, there was a coalburner in the pub the other night.

The mixed race lad I knew who was in a relationship with a white woman was utterly under the thumb. It almost seemed like an abusive relationship kek. She was super jealous, and, honestly, he was quite gay (literally - he tried to have an affair with this gay lad). Mixed race people are particularly fucked tbh. Serious identity issues.

it's the constant promotion of mixed race couples on tv that I find so infuriating. Trying to suggest it's common place, when actually it's thankfully still quite rare.

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Dogons are extremely based

They fucking burrow into the sides of cliffs like termites and just wait it out whenever someone comes to threaten them. When the Arabs conquered Mali in the Middle Ages they converted everyone except the Dogons making them the only none Muslims left in Mali.

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sent a message to a lass on a **D*ting site she hasn't responded for 2 days

The thots I have seen with wogs (in this area) are usually rough munters with low self esteem. Very rare you see a stunner throwing her genes down the drain. Then again, I have never been to Essex.

Ain't been to the pub in ages and have no plans to tbh. Seen too much of it nowadays.

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They apparently hold extremely advanced knowledge on astronomy.

kind of like the hopi

They seem pretty cool tbh, I wish them luck with their cave building and such

Most women can see through the bullshit on the TV. Some IKEA advert where a coon and a white woman sharing a clinically kept household, smiling at each other while the mutt in the next room is having fun jumping on their bed.

What's far too common is working/lowermiddle women worshipping nigger "culture" and pretending to be black on social media. Social media is a cancer in and of itself in fact.


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These numbers were from that okcupid survey a few years ago.

baste imperium lasses tbh

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Dick snippers btfo

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Jocks btfo

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Bet he pins her down and rubs up against her smh

TRS has been a disaster for racist zoomers

Their episodes are getting a bit dull tbh they need to have more energy like alecc

the fuck are you talking about

how can females compete?

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The podcast Grub and Soil

They need to fix their mics and stop stepping on each other all the time.

link, never heard of this

Search it on youtube lad ffs

Ryan Dawson updated his Epstain map

CFNM attack straight after Katie showered him and accidentally tickled his belly.

no, literally never heard of it, sounds like a load of shit

yeah I made it up there is no grub and soil podcast

lad stop trying to shill your low IQ normalfag podcast

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christ this is insufferable, wish these cunts would just kill themselves holy shit they low IQ takes

You should see London then, fucking mutt capital of the world. I've actively lost work before because I couldn't abide race mixers and they saw it all over my face. These are middle class people too.


Sorry to hear that, fellow legit imageboard user.

there have been a ton more race mixers in the last couple of years that I've noticed.
not sure what has happened, apart from every fucking advert having a nig male with a human female.
every christmas advert but 1 out of dozens was the same thing for the last 2-3 years.
there has been a massive increase in propaganda from all directions in a very short space of time, perhaps coinciding with the rapefugee invasion of 2015/2016.
it is a numbers game, if only 5% are brainwashed, it is a massive amount.

Just because you have to get up before 1 doesn't mean I have to.