Patrick Little gets into a (((car accident)))

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Reminds me when they tried to kill Nigel Farage by sabotaging his car.

Shit happens every day there, it's as normal as getting a UPS package. I like Patrick but I don't trust anyone who wants this much attention right as the rest of the Alt-Kike is doing a nose dive.

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And his plane.

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Probably just a coincidence. I've never heard of Mossad taking people out by crashing cars into them.
Their agent would like get more injured than the target.

Pat isn’t apart of the Alt-Kike

Fuck off moshe.

No he's just part of the kike.

He did not win the primaries, so now he is running for the 2020 presidency.


>(((car accident)))
Sometimes an accident is just an accident. He got rear-ended which means if this was deliberate, the perp was risking his life too. ((They)) have better ways.

I'll corroborate that.

Reported and filtered
Reported and filtered

Try harder

nobody tried to kill that freemason faggot you shitskin anglo retard

I'm sure its purely a coincidence.

Nobody cares because Poopdick Shittle is an informant.

Don't throw that hypothetical out of the window. They would probably make it look like an accident because they fear that it would embolden the right if it were a homicide.

Normies think that he's a fringe loser, but they will wake up if a man is killed for holding mean signs. They will only glorify a murder if their target tries to fight back against them in self defense.

NPCs won’t wake up if some spergy informant is holding signs that say “Jews rape kids”.

Never said that. I said that they will wake up if the opposition tries to kill him in a harmless state. They they either continuously maim you or make their homicides look like accidents because they don't want to boost your image.

Was this before or after he had a list of names "stolen/confiscated" by the canadian border cops?

Patrick Little is an (((intelligence officer))) using non operational cover.

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Every. Single. Time.

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If a guy like Pat or any other “far right nazi” were to be murdered, NPCs would just shrug their shoulders and say that he deserved it. Remember…
Nazi=evil pile of dirt
Far right=evil pile of dirt
Antisemetic=evil pile of dirt
Most people think this way and want us or anyone similar to us to be dead. Thus believe we deserve to die.
Either that, or I’ve been around too many leftists and libtards

*they believe

You can't sabotage the farage! eh?

Your tactics don’t work here shlomo. Go back to cuck chan.

I wonder how modern a model the vehicle that caused the collision was. Last I checked car cybersecurity was virtually nonexistent, vehicles can be taken over remotely.

Just sayin'..

Now 'that' is an interesting point. There was speculation that they did that to Michael Hastings.

I remember Zig Forums freaked the fuck out when they saw the first images of the crash scene.

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He seems to wake up people in his videos.

What kinda car is that?

What the fuck does he have to do with the alt-right? He is openly anti-kike and not at all part of that.

Looks like a Volvo but only a fed would drive a Volvo.

nice diversion 8200 kike. but your beak is showing. (((Mossad))) doesn't need to
sent a hitman to drive a fucking car into some Goy who's causing anuda shoah. Tel Aviv can do that shit remotely.
as seen in this Wikileaks doc from Vault7, CIA is actively hacking cars as well as targettng the QNX operating system
which run inside 120,000,000 cars.

QNX is in the majority of the major car brands out there. so there is no way to avoid having CIA or Mossad
as your co-driver and there is no way to avoid that random freak car accident that decommissions your J-walking
ass by crippling you to a wheel chair for the rest of your life. all the glowniggers would need to do is hack the car behind you and mash the gas. you'll never even know what really hit you.

and QNX is made by Blackberry, who also owns Certicom, which is a crypto company who granted dozens of exclusive patent licenses for its Eliptic Curve Crypto cipher implementations to NSA to use in embedded crypto. so CIA probably didn't even need to maliciously hack QNX. the glowniggers just had to ask their Blackberry pals behind the Certicom deal to also throw in the keys to most cars in North America as a freebie.

PS: kys Moshe

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Volvos are great cars faglord, not to mention they are safe.

I am in LA and lived near that intersection of Beverly Blvd where Hasting's got assassinated. i have walked up and down that street, so i can tell you one thing: there is no fucking way Hasting's accidentally mashed the gas or was street racing and got himself killed on accident.

like Columbo noticing one tiny detail that derails the entire get away plan of the perp, there is one blindingly obvious detail about that intersection that nobody who is arm chair quaterbacking from hundreds or thousands of miles away could know about. if you walk down that street, you'll notice 1 block right before the tree Hasting's mercedes crashed into there is a big ass fucking dip in the road. many streets in LA have these dips as you go from a busy commercial district into a quiet residential neighborhood. i call these dips "Lambo scrapers", because you you're driving a low sports car over them, you'll scrape the shit out of the underside of your $300,000 car if you don't slow down.

there is no way Hasting could have willingly accelerated to over 70mph or 90mph or whatever speed they think he was going. he would have hit that dip hard and either been jolted out of his buzzed stupor and slowed down, or he would have spun out 1 block before the spot where his car exploded. his car certainly would not have been able to keep accelerating for another long LA city block past that dip and then crash. i have walked over that dip dozens of times. it should have been the first "gee, that's funny" crime scene detail which investigators noticed.

but if Hasting's mercedes was hacked by CIANSAFBI and if they remote control locked his accelerator, he could not have stopped upon hitting that dip, and his final moments were fear and panic as he realized his car was not under his own control and that he was being murdered.

i might also add, that exact block where Hasting's got assassinated by the US govt is kike central. it's a Jewish neighborhood. every house on that block is worth several million dollars. several synagogues of Satan nearby. if you drive by on a Saturday night around 11pm, you'll see tons of black suited Hasidics and their black robed wives pushing baby strollers to and from their unholy Satanic Sabbath congregations.

Reminds me of when the panama papers leaker was killed by a "faulty gas tank". Just saying it reminded me of it and not that a reckless driver was actually a CIA spook.

This and countless other examples from Hess, Mussolini, GLR, Codreanu ect ect should give a clear account of the tactics and lengths jews and their deep state lackies will got to maintain the status quo and silence or erase anyone from history who may give a different account.

Irregardless of what any user, bot or shill may say, a pure and ideologically sound party is exactly what the jews fear, otherwise they wouldn't spend the resources they do on subverting and suppressing far right organizations across the globe. They fear most the union of such parties across whtie states as that would be anethema to their own genocide.

This is why the druids were the first to be targeted by the christians, why any rediscovery of lost aryan knowledge (masonry/egypt, renaissance/church) is subverted or suppressed from the start and exactly why forming informal groups with a couple buddies will be fundamental to starting any larger nat soc movement.

Pat needs to start taking this as a post death situation. Whatever time he has left is that which the gods give him, and he ought to be using to it advance our strength and organization as much as possible, not preach to plebs.

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He had to be going full throttle into him jesus christ.

im really not sure what your ideas are but I think one thing

-little is not to be trusted or accepted.

actually california is lost. you stay there at your own risk

I'll take who was General Patton for 500

Great post, not much to add.
Any details on that? I know he talked about forming a party at one point, then ended up going to American Freedom Party conference, then J-Walking and running as Dem 2020 to make Trump name the jew (which I don't think will work as every fucking idiot just watches Fox now and they'll never mention him or let him near Trump, who is ZOG anyway).

It's disappointing because yeah he could be starting a real organization. Democracy and everyone sucked into it is a waste of time.

Don't worry guys I'm forming the party. You'll know it when it knocks on your door

pat can't run an org and be a candidate at the same time because of finance laws

God, all this fuckery. Fake bombs, Invasion "caravans", and now they're trying to knock off an irl shitposter who pulled 1% in a cali election, and more salt than I can digest in a single sitting. These kike niggers are shitting themselves over midterms. I've never seen all the people I hate be this retarded, even by post 2016 standards.

Who's more "retarded", the people pulling this shit or the people falling for it? All of the boomers around me are completely under the media's spell right now.

Why crash him in a jewish neighborhood?

Most boomers are total and complete retards, especially the older feminist types.

Apparently Pat is streaming in about 7 minutes.

Think of all of the holohoax testimony, and then think about the kind of "witnesses" you'd get in that neighborhood.

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I cannot fucking fathom the mindset where any of this horseshit kike theater is even remotely credible or "coincidental". It's like watching a horror movie and you can see the fucking giant zipper on the back of the monster costume. Even by dumb fuck boomer standards there should be a flickering of crude skepticism. Disgusting.

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Die in a fire kike.

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bull shit , you have seen it its just funny how you know their actions are way more obvious.

again. YOU have seen it , and now you know eveyone else sees it

We are seeing the post NPC era. Everyone is awaking to the bull crap because Streisand is kevechting* (not sure how to spell it) so god damn loud that no one can sleep on it.

pat is not ideologically sound …
he is not a leader
he is a cracker chimp , white skin , acts like a nigger

ill never follow this guy and I would punch this fag and his followers faster than I would punch an antif fag because his followers should know better.

This is not white people, this is retards. you have been warned

pat little live talking about political prisoners, car crash


All I want for Christmas is to see the Saxon learn to Hate. and a second ice age

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He's going to make 9/11 his platform. The absolute madman

He still coordinates with 4pol for memes? Why doesn’t he just come here?

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is this a real pic?
if so then Nigel is a fucking badass confirmed

good man

"Jewther" kek

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Or it could of been an unhinged marxist/golem and or jew who saw a bumper sticker on his car and decided to ram him. Not that unusual. Both Marxists and jews are unhinged and willing to hurt themselves to hurt others.

jews are marxists user, you know this
dont confuse the masses or do, whatever


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Farage memes were great man

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the scars on his face were worth it for Brexit alone
not laughing anymore, are they m8?

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yea hes a kike too

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All you guys saying this like you've been in a coma from not knowing about remote controlling vehicles and how they've already done it.

That's my expectation of their reaction as well but probably the jews concern aren't the plebs or the bulk of them but spurring someone to act who already has their eyes open or getting a bunch of the plebs on the fence finally over the hump to finally seeing jews ala they live.

Let's see here: a homo reference and two poop fetish references in two words. Could you possibly be any more jewish?

He has come here for an AMA before and it was slow and shitty. The moderation here is now as bad as cuckchan and it's slower so why bother, I would think. The history of the board being far more NatSoc hardly matters when most of the oldfags have moved on to more controlled and enforced boards.

Hello, FBI.

What is "GDL" that keeps being posted in the chat?

Such as?

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I'm guessing Goyim Defense League?


That was my guess too, and I had hoped that it wasn't. I hate it when Whites label themselves as "goyim," even in jest.

Reminder that Little is the only one to reveal his power level, and he had my vote

Fucking Kikes trying to kill politicians I voted for.

Fitzgerald and Art Jones, too. Pat's the only one doing Rockwell things, though.

Lol this.

Lol he has so much charisma that he couldnt even deal with spic fuentes and that loli pop headed faggot and had to quit the stream and gets so nervous that he has to vape every 2 seconds. he vapes more than that jew Halsey and stutters more than that jewish looking dude that JF Gayrapey used to stream with. If you wanna follow and support him cool, He needs the d'nations to pay his rent for his boat that he lives on.

Fuck off TRS.

implying anyone will tell you

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Just read this:

it's fucking hilarious

Afterward, Little wrote on Gab, a social media site popular among white supremacists: “My sides split every time I hear that robocall. Goyim, the robocall was great work, whoever did that.”

“Goyim” is plural for “goy,” a Hebrew name for a non-Jew that is used by the alt-right to mock Jewish people. Rhodes, another Gab user, also regularly uses the term.

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Rhodes, who also spews racist vitriol in a series of self-recorded videos at, shares Little’s belief that the U.S. government has long been controlled by Jews working at the behest of Israel. The so-called Zionist Occupation Government conspiracy theory has resulted in white supremacist slogans such as “Smash ZOG,” “Kill ZOG” and “Death to ZOG.”

“End the Jewish takeover of America and restore our democracy by voting for John Fitzgerald for U.S. Congress,” the calls said, over an instrumental version of the 1966 Buffalo Springfield hit “For What It’s Worth.”

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I wish I kept the video. A volunteer jewish EMS service called Hatzalah were the first responders. A volunteer jewish ambulance showed up before the police. You can't make this shit up.

I still have a vid of the crash.

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Yeah they got actually got real, with real lives, real politics.

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Are the Irish single handedly trying to save the White race? Starting to look that way.

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what kind of fucking ((("crash"))) is that? Lol that's literally a fucking car bomb detonated explosive going off. No car just instantaneously combusts and makes a huge fireball like that. Can't believe those fucking murderous mossad kikes got away with that shit.

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I saw convincing evidence the Farage crash was staged at one point. Possible the crash was real and the photo op was staged. I didn't save anything at the time because I didn't care…anyone?

Which one of the crashes? If there was a photo op, what would be the point of a second?

Too bad he didn't die.