Europe Folds into the Caliphate

Defaming the Prophet Muhammed “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate" and "could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace and thus exceeds the permissible limits of freedom of expression, ruled European Court of Human Rights.

The decision by a seven-judge panel came after an Austrian national identified as Mrs. S. held two seminars in 2009, entitled “Basic Information on Islam,” in which she defamed the Prophet Muhammad’s marriage.

According to a statement released by the court on Thursday, the Vienna Regional Criminal Court found that these statements implied that Muhammad had pedophilic tendencies, and in February 2011 convicted Mrs. S. for disparaging religious doctrines.

She was fined €480 (aprox. $547) and the costs of the proceedings.

“Mrs. S. appealed but the Vienna Court of Appeal upheld the decision in December 2011, confirming, in essence, the lower court’s findings. A request for the renewal of the proceedings was dismissed by the Supreme Court on 11 December 2013,” it said.

“Relying on Article 10 (freedom of expression), Mrs. S. complained that the domestic courts failed to address the substance of the impugned statements in the light of her right to freedom of expression.”

On today’s ruling, the ECHR said it “found in particular that the domestic courts comprehensively assessed the wider context of the applicant’s statements and carefully balanced her right to freedom of expression with the right of others to have their religious feelings protected, and served the legitimate aim of preserving religious peace in Austria.”

The court held “that by considering the impugned statements as going beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate and classifying them as an abusive attack on the Prophet of Islam, which could stir up prejudice and put at risk religious peace, the domestic courts put forward relevant and sufficient reasons.”

The statement also added that there had been no violation of Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights, covering freedom of expression.

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Doublethink is double plus Big Brother

It's pretty funny how these fuckers have the brass to accuse Poland and Hungary of violating human rights when they arrest you for thoughtcrime.

We need to push this on Lefties. Force them to see the society they are so dilligently building.

And what exactly do you hope to orove to them? Have you been living under a fucking toilet the past three years? They are fully aware and embrace anything and everything as long as it's anti-white.

don't believe me? take good long look at the Zig Forums catalog

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There's the issue, they actually believe women are capable of making hard decisions that have lasting impacts on the social fabric

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I just want to express how proud I am to be an American. The last white nation that has managed to completely bend the knee.
Doesnt change the fact that America is the nation that hasnt put it's neck directly over the guillotine. We can still shit on non-whites anonymously on the internet and blaspheme their goat fucking gods in a debate. And of course, the guns help. Some say, "but your demographics, certainly you are doomed', and I argue that what is demographics if you are prohibited and penalized from speaking out or taking actions against your replacement? I hope the best for you Europe, but I think we're going to save your ass on this one.

Only one thing and one thing only; the slippery slope is not a fallacy it's a matter of fact.

Maybe we will get to be smart enough to collapse and disuse the dollar.

2018: in EU it is a hate crime to express your Free Speech that is critical of Islam or Muhammad (pbuh) or the Quaran

2018: in EU it is a hate crime to reject joining ISIS. the punishment for this blasphemy is the Huddud under the Sharia and you will be stoned to death or thrown off a tall roof or both unless you join ISIS, mashallah.

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No wonder so many of the rug merchants are stumbling over each other to suckle on Mother Europa's teet.

how the fuck england or any european country not started rahowa already? how many more rotherhams or bataclansa re needed?
im in the usa, i know its not much different, but when a faggot killed 50 in america, he shot at 50 other brown faggots.

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You are an FBI member if you say to physically fight back against the jews in any way. No one would ever actually want to fight back against the jews. The only people who say that are FBI members. Keep making memes. That works. Keep voting. That works. Never fight back. Only FBI members say to fight back.


You are a blackpill shill if you say to physically fight back against the jews in any way. No one would ever actually want to fight back against the jews. The only people who say that are blackpill shills. Keep making memes. That works. Keep voting. That works. Never fight back. Only blackpill shills say to fight back.


Oh, for fuck’s sake, I forgot to actually change my second copypasta. You get the picture, though, right? It’s “say no one will ever fight back.” I’ve given up putting any effort into giving a shit about combating shills. There’s no point; they’re allowed to post here now. We literally cannot beat them.

Again, if you believe in open borders, you’re basically a nigger.

You're wrong. We must continue to post until the others who are seeking awareness obtain it and then ready themselves to action with their newfound awareness. Never stop posting the truth

There are many ways to fight.
Making friends is part of the fight.
Starting a family is part of the fight.
Learning a trade skill is part of the fight.

National Socialist -> Workers


Don’t believe it? Catch me outside! How bout dat? com/watch?v=Z2US5Q_ISMQ

Read Seige!!1/

Or you could not fight at all by choosing to not even encode all your thoughts of right and wrong into modern political language. You could go off and focus on a craft, a piece of land, family, higher learning. Politics is the philosophical relativist’s sewer and the internet yet another prison within a prison. Perhaps I’ll take my own advice today. Wouldn’t That be weird! Good luck to you.

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This fucking retard man. We can't afford any bombings or shootings attributed to us at all.

We are at the conversion stage, we are still converting and awakening many other people. The fact is, until we spread more and influence enough minds to push the mainstream breakdown, only then can we start forming the state beneath the state.

Politics is not just violence. We need to form underground government, which enforces the law, crushes our enemies, supports our communities and implicitly replaces the government above us.

Nobody in the EU is allowed to own a gun; the right of self-defence has been handed over to (((The State))) after WW1. Even if the people would want a Revolution, they just have Sticks & Stones, while (((they))) control the Police and the Guns. The National Military, which holds the Patriots, is slowly being hollowed out in favour of an EU Military. Ofcourse the (((EU))) is a fucking pedophilic shithole, so good luck with them as your Overlords.

Entire squires of people have been brainwashed by leftist schooling & media, and blindly follow their projected leaders, be it in Politics, in the Media or in Sports. White Men are pussified, Women are pussies, spreading wide for they who Conquers them. When people do break free of the programming, most hope that a peaceful Revolution is the possibility (by voting or w/e). It doesn't matter: it's just another Jew pulling The Strings. Jewish Institutes control the money stream, the patterns of thinking and will make you lose your job, your income and your home if you dare to defy them: you can trust the corrupted justice system full of pedophiles on doing that for you!

Meanwhile, under the Marrakech-pact, they will keep importing Muslims and Niggers from Africa. Slowly but surely, the Whites of Western Europe are being replaced by Muslims. Their Invasion is happening. The Enemy has been invited into your homeland under whatever feel-good motive the good goy will swallow and the War is approaching, rapidly.

No, we're practically at the stage where they just throw off all false pretenses and openly take over - the recruitment stage ended like 4 years ago. If there's no action taken soon, as we have pretty much just this next decade to reverse course - it's already game over.

What is currency if you are unable to speak out or act against your replacement?

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Exercise hard, study combat and strategy, etc. Become a 1-man army. Just a thousand 1-man armies could come together to form an unrelenting force.

This. Build cells of like-minded people. Become self-employed and hire only like-minded people. I'm working on becoming an electrician right now, with the intention of opening my own company. As soon as I reach a point where I can be a certified contractor, I'll start hiring some of you guys. As a contractor, you can't have your livelihood threatened. Even less so as a business owner with a smart head on your shoulders.
Sage because the OP has generated almost pure D&C.

Genius as potential, not as achievement. Sad. Many such cases.

Bad demographics in a much larger landmass. You can easily get away from the browns in America.and go to a 90+% white community.

What, like the jewish mafia?

None of this would be happening if America hadn't fought on the wrong side of every war in the last hundred years. Does that make you proud?

That's nice. >>>/reddit/

I tried to look up how many Jews on EHRC and found very little documented about the judges. Any autists want to help on this?
List of judges

I don't understand the issue. Mohamud was a pedophile. Married a 6-year-old.

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We need to prove Jews run these courts. It was designed by a Jew. There is a Holocaust memories outside the court. The entire idea was around Holocaust. Why would they permit goyim to run it? Let's prove they're all kikes. We need spergs from all Euro countries to help dig.

Who would attribute any bombings and shootings to Zig Forums or nazis?

The entire continent has been disarmed, do you realize how difficult it is to revolt when you have no weapons? Bongistanis aren't even allowed to have knives to defend their homes from shitskin invaders.

EU was founded by Rothschilds & Co. Random political puppets being jewish or not is neither here nor there, the entire institution is controlled from above.

Reported for anti-white D&C. YOU didn't fight back, you fucking coward.

Unless rothshchilds are individually instructing the judges how to rule this explanation is insufficient. The EU was their plan but it matters how it works. We need facts to wake up normies. If we could prove this panel of 57 judges supposedly representing each European country were in fact hugely Jewish and representating Jewish interests it would be a big redpill.

The judges involved in this ruling:
Angelika Nußberger (Germany)
André Potocki (France)
Síofra O’Leary (Ireland)
Mārtiņš Mits (Latvia)
Gabriele Kucsko-Stadlmayer (Austria)
Lәtif Hüseynov (Azerbaijan)
Lado Chanturia (Georgia)

How many are Jews? I can't find any background on em.

What the hell these countries aren't even the EU

Godspeed, user. I'm doing something very similar.

The court rulings aren't binding but are considered as precedent by European court and member states often self comply anyway.

Literally Thought Crime laws.

Yep, that's what blasphemy laws are.
But wow, EU really wants to become big Somalia.

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Why don't they just hurry up and declare Islam the official religion. This is clearly the plan.
At this point even if the bad things said about the Axis are all true, them winning couldn't be worse than the nigger islamic europe of the future.

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Good God man go and research WWII everything "bad" they claim about Germany and their Allies in WWII is a lie or was infact perpetuated by the allies or soviets….part of their (allies/soviets) atrocity propaganda to cover the blood on their own hands.

King goatfucker married and fucked a kid and now it's a crime to tell people that.

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Why can't she sue the government?

Also, lib shits slander Jesus all the time.

She did. Then she appealed and lost, and now the EU has weighed in.
Of course. This is because christians will defend the court's decision in the name of tolerance.

So true, and I’m saying this as a burgerlard. I had nothing to do with those wars but I’m still ashamed that my ancestors didn’t have the balls to crush the Jews, and instead allowed them to lord over our nation. There just wasn’t enough wise people to keep them at bay

These days, it's all the craze with schizos. There are traitors in our midst, and they are very much gentiles.

okay what exactly were the statements?

You want me to weep for you? Hem and haw and oy gevalt for poor you? Shall I split my belly open in shame, would that help your booboo? Kiss your feet, recognize you my superior.
Fuck you faggot. Theres enough blame for everyone.

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We've gone full circle, we're in a new dark age with blasphemy laws.

It's not really blasphemy if you are using the Koran as a source.

i wonder if they used the argument that Muhammed wasn't a paedo bc back in his time marrying an 8 yr old was "normal" – ironic since whites of yesteryear are always held to today's standards


Recruitment and logistics in general never ends, you civilian faggot.

user obviously knows all that. His point is that EVEN IF THE AXIS WERE ACTUALLY SUNDAY MORNING CARTOON VILLAINS, they STILL would be better than where Europe is going.
It's like when Brits say, without a sliver of irony, "If Hitler had won we'd all be speaking German, the horror!", meanwhile their capital city is minority british, and Islamic pedo rings press thousands of their children into sexual slavery.
We've reached the point where Hollywood Nazis, fake as they are, stand as a superior option to the oppressive dystopia that Europe has become.


>(((European))) (((Court))) of Human Rights.

Here is the hint: there is nothing wrong with that.
BASED Islam BTFOs feminism. This is why politics (most male btw) push for Islam. Of course they do it purely for themselves, purely egoistic (who wants to deal with feminism creatures at any level?) but hilariously enough they would save all men and Europe as result.

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Come on you know the golems wont let yuros have anything fun, even islam will get kiked the second whites starts to benefit, this is all about building a new boogeyman in europe so americans and jews can directly take our resources again.


No it wouldn't, first of all Muhammed's final statement was basically "don't be racist and intermarry", I really don't care to look up the passage. Second we'd be in the same place in public society of saying "we aren't racist" but just not wanting someone of another race but now there'd be a whole lot more mud people to "respect".

The Jainist philosophy in all its forms always leads Aryan peoples to race-mixing because uniting under one supreme power leads to uniting the diverse peoples around you. Shaivism destroyed India's racial integrity, Zoroastrianism allowed its Muslim invasion, Islam wiped out most of Aryan holdings in the Caucuses, North Africa and China. What's next?

It's like how you can get arrested in Germany for saying that jew soap and jew lampshades didn't exist, even though it's a true statement and jews even admitted to it being a lie. They just want to prevent whites from questioning anything non-white.

But he supposedly waited until she was 8 or 9 before he fucked her, I mean, consummated the marriage. LOL

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Burger cognitive dissonance as mighty as ever.
Are you aware that you could shit talk in the Soviet Union too as much and as long as the authorities didn't get wind of it?

Face it, you are now living in a SU 2.0 and you, the Muricans let it happen without rising a word, far from using your cherished guns.
Muh discrimination
Muh hate crime


Doesn't matter when your livelihood can be stripped away for wrongthink.

White solidarity.


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How about you stop pretending everyone in the world except you is cucked when you did voluntarily what they're doing at gunpoint?

"How many fingers am I holding up Winston?"
Reality and right and wrong are not objective any more, they are whatever your owners tell you.

yes mohammad

You simply can't And I doubt you have the right to defend yourself either.

AMerica is the least cucked. Thats an objective fact. Every other western nation is simply playing catch up.

I'm officially done with Europe. Only a matter of time before we'll have to nuke the entire continent

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Nah they will simply do nothing, christianity is cucked af. If they started burning people alive for talking shit about jesus every faggot fedora out there would stfu

along with the directive for immigration increase
is LITERALLY fucking genocide
when the FUCK are people going to wake up

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They did. But then.

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Martin Luther did nothing wrong. Gas the kikes, race war now!

This is what Mohamed said :^)

The problem is that the human rights court isn't exactly the supreme court of the EU countries yet. This is meant for Austria and this particular case. But it may be a start.
The EU doesn't work according to precedent like the US does.

Remember a struggling country pressed deep into the dirt under the heel of the entire planet gave them such a bloody nose they havent been able to walk straight since. It will happen again.

Are you talking about Democrat jews or NeoCon Republikike jews here?

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You mean the nation who single handedly have handed over half the world to jewry in the first two world wars and since then have solely existed to prop up and protect the jew world order, who after the invention of the internet and the world's greatest awakening to the jew, decided to collectively commit suicide by changing everything they claimed to believe in to elect the most jewish President since roosevelt while calling anyone who doesn't want to play along with their retarded jewish game a cuck etc

America is the golem keeping the rest of the world enslaved by jewry and they'll gladly send their children out to die for their jewish masters while pretending it's secretly based 4D chess maneuvers

She is basically paid the jyzia, since the money is probably going for wellfare where a muslim family will be benefited.

imagine still being this retarded.

Fact is, America is still in the best position to turn it all around.

Brazil is pretty based though. Theyre beating the shit out of commies in the street right now.
I wonder if Trump and Bolsonaro will be frens.

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This thread needs more attention. How insanely fucked is Europe at this point? Can it even be saved?