I've been looking around but I couldn't find the original. Any help will be much appreciated

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VERY nice. Where’s schlomo?

And so ends an era.

Shlomo is Soros you cunt. It's perfect.

I dunno, Shillary's foot looks pretty shaky there…

He kinda needs a bigger nose to be honest.

Ugh. Here ((you)) go

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Lmao didn't see it until now. Where's schlomo?

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I thought Soros was the Schlomo.

now post the unedited version


Didn't trump get one too?

I love this man. Keep crankin' 'em out, Ol' Bennie G

Being this new.

What would idiot one and idiot two talk about without these fake elections? Are you really so stupid you haven't noticed it's the same two people playing ping pong with YOUR DUMB NO UR DUMB for centuries? None of these faggots give a fucking shit about solving anything . Liberals love Trump and love neo Nazis racists. They never once, despite being the bringers of compassion, tried to find any solution to racism or alt right. They instead egg on the situation because they are selfish , want to destroy people, and it gives them more power. I don't even know what the fuck the right agenda is, I guess it's I'm better than you because they are bad. Oh wait that's the left agenda too. Notice how Republicans would literally burn people alive for being gay, then gay marriage passed and none of them said another word? Part of it was because they are gay pedios themselves, but it's mostly because they are just psychopaths who want to dominate people to feel better.

The stuff being said by the left now is exactly what the right said during the bush administration. Both groups just covered different parts of the masses, and rather than convince everyone at once to consent to slavery , they got one group at a time. OMG chick fill a is Christian fuck mega corps! I'm getting a fuck chick file a hat Amazon primed to my luuxury apartment!


Go monitor social media. Look at the anti trump and anti libtard people. Look at how much time they invest into boosting their ego by condemning the other group. Look at how they wait like vultures for the lowest hanging fruit to post their preselected insults. They are pathetic. If you are this dumb too then reevaluate your shit. You look like a fucking idiot. It's sad that I'm stuck here with fucking billions of people this stupid. Im not the master of much, but I know fake ass shit when I see it. For fucks sake banish this nonsense from pol why the fuck did a board dedicated to solutions to problems we already identified years ago become a circlejerk for the Donald fags like huh huh I took the red pill last week im enlightened look at how dumb libtards are huh huh. I don't understand how you can read the fuckint words I'm saying and not be like wow wait maybe he's onto something wow maybe somebody stating something over and over about how there is an alternative to beihng a zombie fucktard might be saying that for a reason

Looking good. I've been talking to my (keep in mind this is trade school) classmates and professors, and they think it's all bullshit. I haven't met a single person who thinks this is real.

Here's a bump.

Woah that's crazy. Do you have any idea how badass you are? The libtards are bad, therefore you are good right? That's the correct way for me to think now right? I mean damn you had no fucking idea what was happening and when you did you didn't know how to explain it until daddy pol provided you with thousands of pieces of counter propaganda, but you are the guy to go to now because you have all the correct podcasts . You are so good at using other people's ideas to tell other people how great your ideas that aren't yours are. You are so good at posting George Soros at the optimal time in the Facebook textual beatdown of a low iq zombie liberal. You did it dude you beat some level one goblins. You are the champion. I still can't believe you were able to see something said by the us media that everyone already knows is propaganda and point it out as false. I mean damn dude you aree onto something. Occupy Soros! Where would we be if you werent here to spam the same thing to boost your ego every day?

holy fuck I read the first three words and that's it make another long post you crying retard

oh nvm you're just some shill

Man, Zig Forums is getting desperate.