Remember the Antifa Manual that was found?


Clearly, Jewish Long-Term Goals.
>Believe the Way We Do or You Will Be Fired
How many times has this happened so far?
>Control The Media
>Speeding Up Progress


The ones Hitler was against.
The ones McCarthy was against.
CIA - Are you reading this?
I hope so.

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The pdf

looks like a faggot larp

Having known this in life and done nothing, the afterlife will be embarrasing

Time to reverse engineer.

You're probably fishing for screencaps to troll us. You can call it an own since some will believe in it, but I'll give a redpill as to why we don't like the left.

People don't trust you with a position of power not because of your ideas alone, but because they notice that your group repeatedly lies and breaks it's own rules to have an advantage over others. This isn't about right vs left nor nationalists vs globalists, it's about truth and order vs falsehood and anarchy. Given that migrants are leaving shitholes where citizens are under the rule of criminals and law is selectively enforced, why would you want to emulate the third world?

Looks like a hoax

this has to be fake

The coffee mug stain is a nice touch to kek

I would call this satire but in all actuality I somehow doubt you are that stupid. You know this is fake don't you, you glowing fucking kike. Fuck off of my board.

The "do not distribute" notice alone is obvious bait. Troll harder.

How would we know? They refuse to speak, when people ask them questions.

I will file it under "either way, it's funny."

A good thing to verify the authenticity of any political manual is to see if they're willing to convert you. They want to sell you their ideas, they don't want to turn you off from it.



I don't see anything in the manual that doesn't absolutely comport with what these brainlet unemployed protesters running on kikepropaganda.exe are running on. If it if its fake (likely) aren't its contents an accurate depiction of the modus operandi? Pointing out that the document is illegitimate is beside the point. It's as legitimate as the "bomb scare" in the news (a false flag op leading up to the election to sway voters).

Why shouldn't this be treated the same?

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It's not treated the same way by us because we aren't low IQ and mentally ill like leftists are. Instead of blindly believing the OP, we read it for ourselves and concluded that it wasn't true based on what we've learned about the group in the past. Even without looking at a secondary source like Snopes. We don't need to be told right and wrong, we evaluate it for ourselves.

In contrast, the left spontaneously parrot unconfirmed lies without evidence. Hence why they're dumb enough to believe in the #MAGABOMBER bullshit or that Kavanaugh gang raped women 10 times. Their ideology proves that the NPC meme exists because they don't have the cognitive ability to think for themselves.

Is it advantageous for them? Only to garner dumb people who have short term memory, but the attentive people will notice.

You post snopes as a reference on here, nothing you say from here on out will be taken seriously. Go drown yourself in gasoline.

You are not one of us.

I am deeply hurt.

My question was actually closer to, "now that we've evaluated it's origins as being probably bullshit, should we apply the same dismissal to its content and conclusions by default?" In other words, "yea, it's fake… so fucking what? Why shouldn't I treat it like its real and meme accordingly." Where are the downsides?

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Hate ANTIFA (AKA anti first amendment) as much as anyone here, but the documents seem fake. The way its written sounds like someone from Zig Forums larping as antifa.

ANTIFA wouldnt say they would redistribute wealth to males. Most certainly, they would never list brothers before sisters. Fail RP

Dont think ANTIFA would use terminology associated with *chan/Anonymous in their documents.

Just seems like someone on Zig Forums LARPing.

Most people in ANTIFA aren't black, AFAIK, still could be legit, dont take this point too seriously, just seems funny, especially the wording.

Seems ANTIFA-like, but too blatent. This wouldnt be on the front of their manual probably, maybe not though.

This thing is suspicious, especially with the stereotypical coffee stain on the front cover and slightly edgy typewriter font. The use of non-white paper does give it some credibility, I'd assume ANTIFA would be against using pure white paper to distribute their ideas. I wouldn't put too much faith in what the manual says. It is important if this is the real deal, because knowing their exact plan drastically changes how you deal with ANTIFA.

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This is quite clearly a double psy-op.
It’s the truth–which doesn’t matter, because the document is an obvious fake. The document being a fake means that normalfags won’t believe what’s in it, and will therefore be less likely to believe us. Additionally, the document is a mirror of The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion. Normalfags will say, “well, this antifa shit was a fake, so obviously the Protocols are also a fake!”

The protocols of soy


Fishing for screencaps?
Fake screencaps are much easier if you are at all creative. Just use inspector tool or something like print edit to create posts and stuff then post it and say the thread is gone because it didn't get bumped for a while.

Not all snopes stuff is bad. A lot of their stuff is OK if you actually read it and check the sources, see if you trust their sources, then check if there are opposing sources elsewhere that you trust more. Its a good starting point sometimes.

Obvious hoax, the coffee stain was too tryhard.

Not gonna happen you ANTIFA faggots!

If you look at the rest of New World Order section is a literary a plan a Satanic Jewish controlled Babylonian Communist state, with the mark of the beast(Wrong think microchip) to boot.

You can tell it's written by an outsider trying to emulate antifa's thought process. It's a fake.

The Pozloads of the Orgies of the LearAIDS NPCs of Soyim.

For Antifa I'd expect that, even the name and "do not distribute to fascists". The main turnoff is the lack of exclamation points, every sentence ends in a period.

Sounds retarded and fake. Has anyone in Antifa actually come out and said "Yeah we made this?" Proof or hang yourself, you gullible, useless idiot.

I file it under “this is exactly how these faggots think, and is exactly what they are doing, so whether or not it’s ‘real’ is a moot point” ala “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

It's not even a manual, it's just a blogpost someone printed out. Manuals actually have, like, instructions and details. This is nothing, even if it was real. Why do you think we would care?

Yes, because they would admit this publicly after it is stated in the manual that it should never be disturbed i.e. kept secret from normal people.

looks fake and gay to me. legit reminds me of when we used to fraud shit up for state reviewers (i.e. coffee stains, scribbles, folds etc)

aka: learn to fraud better you fucking fag

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these are right-wing conspiracy fantasies, not antifag goals

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