Is she /ourgirl/?

Is she /ourgirl/?

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based and bleachpilled

She is a dumb nigger.

It is a very good troll. Most Dr Phil people are fake as fuck and just doing it for the money. No wonder Phil is rich. It's all entertainment but this is particularly entertaining for us.

Choose your words carefully big guy, that's my future wife you're talking about.

Other than the dental bill she's a good look.

This was surreal watching the PsyOp unfold like that

That's adorable

meant to sage

Transgender is dying out so their rolling out transracialism(tm). Its going to be big.

Stay mad black criminal thug. She's ours forever.

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I hope she inspires others. Like lot's of asians buy pic related.

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When will we see her BLACKED scene? It's basically a white girl rite of passage.

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When did Uncle Ruckus transition

They mad and lurking. So mad

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I wasn't nearly that stupid when I was a teenager, but I'm glad nobody put me on TV.

She's incredibly annoying, but she is cute.

nice jew dick.

She IS a white girl after all

Everyone wants to be White, including Jews. Stay mad

They're so mad they have to start whole threads about it right lad?

Actually any black girl that dates a White guy becomes this.
Black boys complain about black girls prizing White men all the time because they want a lightskinned baby with good hair and soon as a Black woman dates or fucks one White man they become bleached bunnies. Then theres the "he cute" meme thats been around forever.

Niggers get publicly mad at this fact because White men always end up taking the few pretty black woman.


Do what now?

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these black dudes mad

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Has she been cauced?


They're so desperate for "white supremacists" they broke a monkey out of the zoo to play the part.

Ok tyrone, stay mad.

Last of the Wakandans

honorary white

She'll have pretty octoroon babies. It's okay to become white.

Shit thread.
Daily reminder that this type of nigger love thread is EXACTLY what CHODEKIKEY wants to allow on Zig Forums.

Why do we have a problem with black girls again? They're sexy as fuck

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The absolute state of Alamo seeking black vote Zig Forums

black dudes getting replaced and going full mgtow in anger

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hey bro its ok if you are a sad disgusting monkey fucker, thats your choice and that your burden.

more for you loser

Niggers like her should be given full reign to wreak havoc, and vengeance on her own kind. Niggers who hate niggers, DO US A FAVOR. Kthnxbye

We don’t. As national socialists we want ALL races to have their successful ethnostates. As for producing mix raced children, that’s forbidden.

these jews don't want white men spreading around their genome, they so mad

Post this shit on cuckchan gook.

You need to be 18 to colonize kid. Get off this site.


Stay mad black boy. We out here colonizing your women. Your black women love us.

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Put a bullet in your brain, oil driller.

Black twitter here in force getting mad.

Race traitors are always pathetic, no matter the race.

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Found the jew