Pol are niggers and Hitler gay and jew

pol are niggers and Hitler gay and jew

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afd hlj fkgjfagkgdlh dhkng hdg?

You gay, you jew fuck you jew mother and hitler too cause he jew

oh no , the blue wave is coming
(this thread is now a liberal/sjw hate thread as well as a what do we do after mid terms thread)

oh jew spotted



whats jew about this huh… you think a jew would do this

ha got you

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only jew would say that, you jew

trump btfo
blue wave incoming
time's yp

you call me a jew but you dont hate fags and nigs or sjws

so you show us you are not jew, you show us dumb sjw images now. You love sjws thats why you wont

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you don't hate da jew cuck niggers cause hitler was jew and he loved niggers and muslims, you nigga cuck

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whats this gay ass non art fag loving shit.
What do you love SJWs?

go watch DBZ nog

you are not good at this shariablue or kushnerbot whichever place you come from.

and what about you do you love niggers and muslims?

Do you, we know you do. Thats why you have these images saved on your computer. How many dicks have you sucked this month?

you show us images of sjws being dumb right now cock sucker. You are a fag if you dont


No you jew-cuck you loves da nigga and muslim cause you nazi, fag

Npcia °_°

ok you got me but what do you think about this image.

Would you call this person a "strong woman" or would you call this person a faggot.

You know that this pic is a pic of a fag and that everyone like this person will live a horrible life. You know this and you know that eveyone that supports someone like this is a retard.

Ok your turn, show us a pick of a strong sjw woman, someone that makes sjws look good.

Or bad thats cool too

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I would call this your dad, cause your dad is a fag like you

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is he a nazi jew too … but what about the strong sjw woman? come on fag.

can you do anything of value or are you a laughing stock of all man kind

Sorry faganon just trying to wake up the mods to delete this obvious slide thread

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its some stupid sjw single mother trying to show her drag queen adopted abortion son how to be a "strong woman" and "punch nazis" on the internet while at the same time being anti semetic and calling people jew like its derogatory.

this fag still cant give us a single picture of an sjw that doesnt look like a disgusting person

bro no one cares, get a life

Can't tell if you're a normalfaggot who doesn't know where he is or an obvious yid

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Haha niggers

Of course Jew fag like da bitch hitler who loved soy

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Hard day at the bank, Chaim?

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No, I have ripped off plenty of stupid white goyim again!

When you’re the guy called Hitler this generation, and you’re straight as can be.

Let’s see some of you replicate his achievements. He was far from gay.


And I don't care what you say, because we just won the election because, as we all can tell, a DEMOCRAP just committed terrorism.

It's slightly annoying (that our help isn't needed, in the area of canvasing for Republicans, online comments), but Republicans don't even need to try at this point. They just need to rake in the votes. They don't even need to find the guy/s. Everyone can tell it was a DEMOCRAP.

Yep, the left can't meme.


Have fun with your wageslave job at McDonald’s, goyim! THEHEHEHE

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If you're not a bot, multiple the last 2 digits in my post. For example, with your post they were 2 and 5, which is 2*5=10.

You attackin' my baste negros? Son, I'm about to whip out the belt.

When working wageslaves at the arches still have better living conditions than you

HAHAHAHAHA don't drink too much bleach, goyim…

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You still have to be able to work as a wageslave so I can rip you off, goy.

rather drink bleach than watch retard satan loving sjw movies about sjws that suck nog cock and post on image boards with nig fag logic

Still no girlfriend, Pooman?

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Yeah "The Wolf of Wall Street" is a movie about sjws who suck cock… xD

Still whiter than you niggers.

No, I only fuck hookers like your mom.

So does it suck sitting in a cubicle in a federal building watching my every move got?

Anime spam it is!

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Does it? I mean it, how terrible is it? Knowing your sole purpose in life is to make sure nobody kills me by watching me everywhere.

How does it feel when you have to watch me get laid against my will?

do you love sjw nogs , i bet you do you and the rest of your fag loving tranny gay mothers that raised you

I bet you and your lesgbian sjw mothers watched starwars in theaters together.

no you

wow more sjw motza ball soup, what a fag

And yet you retards will never figure out how people always know you don't belong!

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Sure, sjws are great for my globalization-free market business, just like stupid wageslaves, like you, goy

I wouldn't even wish that on you,pajeet!

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This is curry nigger english.
Deport all Indians.

I have to ask, are you south indian, or north indian?

By the way, the US allows same-sex marriages, the Soviet Union killed gay people, you gay US-nationalist…

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==OP I heard india now allows homo
marriages, you don't need a girlfriend==

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Did hasbara and shareblue finally run out of money?
Or is this what Zig Forums thinks a raid is?