Voter tampering

Cruz's Democratic opponent Rep. Beto O'Rourke is also in town and will makes stops near eight polling locations in Harris County to drum up excitement for early voting.
…3:14 p.m.

A new record has been set for the biggest turnout on the first day of early voting for the midterm elections in Harris County. Early voting kicked off on Monday and more than 57,000 voters had cast ballots by 4 p.m. The polls close at 4:30 p.m….

…smells fishy voter tampering already??
Wake up!!!!!

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1. This isn't a thread.
2. Voting is for jews and jew shills.

Then what should we do, exactly? What are your ideas?

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Reported for mass spam in every single thread on the board. Reported for jewish paid shilling. Reported for supporting white genocide, zionists, and shabbos goyim. Reported for being too mentally disabled to comprehend anything but the jewish false dichotomy.

Sage negated you faggot.

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He doesn't have any ideas. My guess is he plans to do the same thing he does every day: scream pointlessly into the void like an impotent faggot.

Better than helping immigrants get their green card for a large lump sum of cash.

Daily reminder that every post that isn't referring to politics as theater is a shill post. It's been confirmed a trillionn times that both parties collude. Trump and Clinton are literally friends. All these congressmen pledge allegience to Israel. No really. Like they have to or they don't get federal funding. It's a Jewish scam like everything elsee. There aren'tt only two opinions, you are herded into two groups and used so they meet their goals. They want Republicans and Democrats to get power because they are perfect chess pieces.

This was common knowledge after 9/11. The federal government I mean the Israeli government does whatever they want in the us no matter who wins an election. When the disinformation shills like kike Jones were trying to fit in even they pointed this out. When people really got fed up he backtracked and was like OMG TRUMP IS REAL NOW WTF.

God isn't real. American politics aren't real. Your life is a fucking lie. The only agenda right now is building a permanent prison where Reddit moderators monitor every single action you take . Literally 1984. Everything they do is TOP SECRE| T, and everything you, a slave does is monitored 24/7. I know which direction I'm going.

I already know this. But any newfags stumbling into this thread need to be reminded of that as well. Make them ask questions.


Now ask yourself why the spam is never removed.

Interesting. This gets to the heart of my main contention with the "don't vote" crowd: if politics is entirely theatre and none of it matters, as you say, then what does it matter if I vote? Put another way, why would one invest energy trying to poison the voting well, if one were so convinced that voting itself is pointless? It wouldn't make any sense at all. Unless, of course, you don't really believe that voting is quite as pointless as you claim…

Meant for:

Notice the constant emphasis on early voting? Its like they know their base has low agency so they have to give them incentives to show up at the polls, bus them around, and get them to vote early.

Check em

No, they want to get people to think they're rallying votes when they're really just stuffing the ballot box. They know that not everyone is going to vote, and they feel safe in abusing that to plan some percentage of fake votes to pad the numbers for their side.

The best thing people can do, believe it or not, is vote. If everyone votes, there is no room for voter fraud, meaning more reason to actually push for investigation and reform.

All the more reason. If every single person voted, there would be more reason than ever to instigate an investigation. If it was buried, all the more reason for people to stand up and demand answers. It doesn't matter if you vote for the damn independents or Green faggots, counting your voice is what matters.

It's expected for the kike's puppet beto to get tons of fake votes. Have you seen how much money the kikes are pouring into beto's campaign? They want to turn the blue RGV cancer of texas into all of texas. Makes me sick remembering that even the RGV used to be all white at one point.

Remember that the O in Beto O' Rourke stands for Open Borders. Keep telling that to the NPCs on twitter and see them squirm. Want some entertainment? The beto website is filled with obvious admissions of his open borders agenda. You can put any phone number on their reminder system and have their volunteers text you.

Kike free for a few seconds.

Damn, I bet you watch rick and morty with that wicked high iq you have XD

Spam elsewhere faggot.

If the democrats win and if they cheat you'll just whine on here about muh stormfags not voting and how we'll have to just vote harder next time.

We're ALL going to vote, kike.
You're failing, and failing bigly.

Beto is actually a lot better than cruz, He was one of the only 5 US senators to vote against Iron-Dome. Not sure why everyone is rallying to el rato all of the sudden.

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How's the weather in Ankara?

He was never in the senate you fucking retard

The house excess me, I'm don't keep up with the whole smoke and mirror show that much

Vote quickly and put out he's not a spic just a stupid paddy.

I also love how a Black Irish dude ala JFK is larping as a Mexican. Shit is fucking hilarious.

We only care about D or R here my fellow pede.
A republikike could be the most anti white pro jew shabbos goy vermin in existence and they would still shill for them.
If Mccain was still alive, they would shill for him two.
I'm so sick of this jew party shit.


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Never said he wasn't. The kikes have moved on to Open Borders faux-spic. When texas gets a non-kike puppet to run for office will be great.

Reported for mass spam in every single thread on the board. Reported for jewish paid shilling. Reported for supporting white genocide, zionists, and shabbos goyim. Reported for being too mentally disabled to comprehend anything but the jewish false dichotomy.


In that order.

You are not on reddit. We do not vote for jews and shabbos goyim. No one is going to vote. It is only you.
You are not on reddit. We do not support Trump here.

voting straight ticket R. Eat a dick.

Yes, good goy. You are doing exactly what jews want. You do not belong here. Go back to reddit and support white genocide there.

too late.

Look closely, newfags. This is what a shill looks like.

I support him purely to piss you off.

Do you ever wonder why I haven't been banned, chaim? Because you kikes don't control this site despite what you shriek all the time.

I don't know, you tell me since it's obvious you aren't from around here.

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Same post as every other thread. Sage negated kike nigger!

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Vote rigging and gerrymandering are prime reasons to show your average citizen why voting alone won't save a country from a dire situation.

This is of course used on people who genuinely don't believe that most politicians are literally out to line their pockets and the pockets of corporations.

Something "lol lolbertarians" spammers always ignore or spam out without replying to:
If government is needed to "keep rich in check and criminals in check" then why is it that criminals and the rich (those with power and ability to bend morals as needed) always use government to achieve their ends?
The common man is not served by government.

The saying "a government should serve the people" is wishful fantasy. Government always makes the people serve it because it allows those with some power to twist the common peoples opinions into believing a government is infalliable and always moral. Throw them a few crumbs and arrest a few bad apples while touting the "successes" of government and politicians and even the skeptics are convinced that government is objectively good and better than any other alternative.

If that fails, the "government is always good" shills will just twist words and claim that if a group of people get together for a joint defense of their city/town then they are a government. Because if they say it often enough then obviously any time someone works together it is government and exactly the same as the USA government perpetrating crimes against the people to maintain its power. All governments are corrupt. The USA government just happens to be the most efficient at it.