Redpill me on vaccination

Redpill me on vaccines. You all should be quite against them since this board is full of autism.

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You can't sue the vaccine makers..why not?

because of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act signed into law by ronald reagan. it's so vaccines remain cheap and since there's alot of risk involved vaccines would cost a fortune if they were held liable as jury is heavily one sided. drug makers provide compensation instead.

They cause a severe increase in mental development disorders.
Vaccines are literally just the virus injected into you before you catch it in the wild.
Problem is is that they put aids and neuron reducing chemicals in them secretly that make people complacent.
That's why everyone who has ever had any vaccine ever is more easily swayed by government propaganda and should be executed.

Broken Curly Fry Sideburns: The Story Of A JIDF Veteran Dealing With PTSD

Narrated by Wolf "Pedo" Blitzer

much appreciated but how do i cite this without people mentioning my tinfoil hat?

Why the fuck are you wearing a tinfoil hat?

My dog has never been sick at all, she had to go to a kennel for a weekend during a wedding and we had to give her the kennel cough vaccine, she immediately caught kennel cough from the vaccine and i got it too. Vaccines make no fuckin sense. On plebbit i got called a anti vaxxer and told i was harming the rest of the herd by refusing any more. Normies willingly want to be goyim cattle.

The entire medical industry is a scam. I hhope a doctor dies in a car accident tommorrow so I have a reason to laugh. Lawyers and doctors are just used car salesmen who were too stupid to figure out how to scam like the big dogs so they became high level guards in the pyramid scheme prison world . Imaginee being such a dirty kike that you made 340,000 a year, but you wanted 360,000, so 10 people have to go into debt next time they needed medical treatment. Imagine being such a kike parasite that you saw someone being treated unjustly by the government, somebody about to be stomped out of existence for no reason, you have their cure, you already have millions, then you say "give me every single penny you have or I won't help you".

When somebody needs help, I have the solution, and they never did anything to anyone, there isn't one scenario where I am not helping them for free. The internet is filled with millions of people helping others for free because they just want good people to win in the end. Pol does everything for fre e, because again, they are the good guys. Anyone getting rich off suffering is completely worthless and will be tortured and then thrown in the trash for wasting everyone's time.

The legal system could be rreplaced by ai , and there could never be corruption again. Everyone would know what the laws are and everyone would be treated the same. Regardless of the countless gatekeepers, all the information you need to become a doctor is already out there. There is no reason why somebody who wants to become a doctor shouldnt be able to start at 9 and never pay one cent, and in return they save a bunch of people. There are fucking millions of nurses and doctors , yet the way the current medical system is youd think you need gold bars to cure a cold. Ok, so let's get tens of millions and have them all work five hours a week so that anyone who ever needs help can be instantly helped and then be on their way. The current system encourages doctors to dick around for weeks or months so they get as many events as possible when billing insurance. It's a fucking joke. Every industry is like this. Throw every single federal reserve note in an oven and just open the gates so humanity can fuckint do something. Otherwise we will kill every single one of you.

Did you know the link between thimerosal and autism was proven? That's is why (((they))) removed it from vaccines due to "unsubstantiated" fears from the public.

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Read the insert that comes with the vaccine, it mentions most of the side effects.

Also, the Japanese Health Ministry seems to have figured out the correct vaccination schedule, for infants at least. Check it out. It's vastly reduced compared to America, with no increase in diseases as the vaccination promoters infer would happen.

well you can get symptoms of the disease you got vaccinated for when the body is developing antibodies but it's way milder than the actual illness.

Read the book Dissolving Illusions - an interesting look at the history of vaccinations the debunks many commonly held beliefs about vaccines. For example, polio wasn't eliminated by the vaccine like you're told by the (((propaganda))).

There are mountains of evidence that prove how damaging vaccines are - the problem is that normies absolutely refuse to go against their programming and look at the facts.

Vaccines are poison.

There are numerous (endless) strains of the flu virus.
It mutates so very well that in theory, if your immune system is trash, you could get sick from a virus that mutated in your body by the time you fight off the original versions.

What they do for flu vaccines is great, good for lots of people especially those with poor immune systems. They anticipate the most common flu strains 5 months ahead, they make mass vaccines, and they put them in a flu shot. Good to go.

If you are a healthy male you shouldn't ever need it.
Your chances of getting so ill you can't do daily activities are about null and chances of death are realistically impossible. There are risks from taking very many vaccines due to the way it is made for mass production.
Why take the risks when the benefits are negligible?

Shots like for MMR should always be taken separately and without the preservatives. You can get these anywhere in the civilized world but you may need to ask to have the ones with the least additives. Vaccines for these deadly and crippling diseases that children get are a good idea. They aren't necessarily more effective by taking them several times over a childhood, but unless you live deep innawoods the risks prevented from your infant getting one of these diseases, even if quickly cured, are high.

Even slow mutating diseases (virus, bacteria, etc) Can mutate enough to be immune to vaccine, but it is so slow that it is unlikely for these species of infection to mutate faster than vaccines are adapted.

Herd immunity is a scam. You get guilted into taking vaccines you don't need.
Don't go around little kids and elderly when having a few sniffles from the flu, for their sake. And all is fine.

Getting no vaccines while living in populous areas and areas where nonwhite exist (20+ unrelated mexicans living in a single 3 bedroom house) is suicidal. They can take a few of their kids dying. Europeans on average don't make 8+ kids generation after generation. The few gems that do have 18 kids from 2 parents rarely persist in this high reproduction rate, but they make up for the rest that get infected with leftism and have 1 kid or less.

Vaccines aren't "fake" or a scam to reduce fertility.
Vaccines are hwhite through and through and despite mass production negatives, the overall effect is positive.

Creating tools to overcome the world is a human power, you wouldn't stop using all electricity and electronics just because mass datamining and surveillance are possible. Why give up modern medicine?

The vaccine schedule in the US has skyrocketed in the past 30 years, as pharma companies and their shills push more vaccines for profit.

Japan and Sweden have a much smaller vaccine schedule. Guess how their rates of infant mortality compare to US.

*To clarify:
To varying degrees, some of the population that gets these vaccines recommended multiple times won't get immunity after 1 shot, some do. Some of these are 100% effective after 1-2 shots for 90% of the popualtion but the third shot is recommended due to those few who don't build immunity from the first and then second shot.

Half my biological education is a scam/myth then?
I better stop reading books.

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Yeah, it's an extremely unfortunate situation for the past generation of Americans. It needs to stop, and the sooner the better.

i agree the current system is flawed because it's made by jews to only benefit jews but time is money i guess. I am a professional chef but i would never create my special dish to feed homeless people even if the ingredients are paid for because there's millions of them. how long will i have to continue to make my dish?

Oh I guess if I never took vaccines I would have more neurons and I'd be like a superhero with my brain than? Thanks.

Flu vaccines are useless. There are dozens of studies that show this. Having sufficient Vitamin D levels is more effective.

Apparently half your biological education is a scam/myth. Do you really think that you're given ALL the information? No biases at all?

Only a fool believes everything he's told

Having some sun, eating fish, mushrooms. Yes it is.

Only a fool reads a textbook and assumes it is correct. There is a reason I could point out to you the half dozen errors in any textbook. spoiller It is called critical thinking

I couldn't agree more. You should use those critical thinking skills to examine the research and facts about vaccination that aren't covered in the textbooks - which you obviously haven't done since you're touting your 'biological education' and maintaining that vaccines are safe and effective.

Spoiler: They're neither


If deforestation taxes are high, logging is a boon to a cash-strapped government.

don't take them and don't let your kids take them no matter what a doctors office tells you.

You have to make sure your kids understand no needle goes in their arm without you there period, as they will get sneaky and try to give it to them at school or alone at the doctors.

Some nigger bitch tried to give my son the mmr and the hpv shit and something told me to walk back there just as she was about to inject my 6'6 blonde hair aryan son with that bullshit.Walked in like hold up what the fuck is that for she told me so said we won't be getting that and already told you no vaccines when we walked in the door.I could have picked that little nigger bitch off her feet by her neck and snapped it was so mad.


There is a federal court specifically for vaccines. There is nothing more that you need to know past that.

Seriously? Fucking depraved kikes.

Vaccines are a fucking scam on the level par none, the concept of "immunization" is pseudoscience as you can still get ill with whatever you were vaccinated against. Vaccines don't even have a long term effect, and their little guarding effect usually don't "last" past 2 months.

Vaccines even contain mutated human/animal cells etc including thimerosal grade A toxic organomercury compound. Why Mercury? The Jews claim it's for "preservation" even though it's an extremely toxic bioaccumulative, fat stored brain damaging compound. It's total bullshit as there are plenty of other preservatives.

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so vaccination itself isn't harmful?

>It is called critical thinking
fam, you're in a pol thread
we know just "what" to think but not quite "how"

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I’d rather just be careful and not get sick at all, thanks

The Frogs DID turn gay and i'll fucking say it everywhere

You got your bait backwards. Vaccines cause autism. Zig Forums is redpilled on vaccines causing autism therefore Zig Forums wouldn't have autism.

The explanation for how it causes autism is easy. Vaccines have heavy metals added to them in amounts that are astronomically greater than any readily available source. For instance, the EPA mercury limit for water is 2 parts per billion per liter of water. A single vaccine shot contains 51,000 parts per billion in just the syringe. In reality, those afflicted by autism after taking a vaccine are actually experiencing heavy metal toxicity.

Then you take the next redpill and realize psychology is a scam and autism isn't real. It's a "spectrum" diagnosis meant to cover up afflictions that range from mild retardation to heavy metal toxicity to nutritional deficiencies - basically anything preventing you from thinking properly. Kikes make loads of money diagnosing kids with that so parents feel like they're stuck with a retarded kid when in reality that kid might just be low in magnesium and zinc.

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Vaccination as a concept isn't inherently bad. But like anything jews get involved with, it gets turned into poison. Vaccinations can be useful but are dependent on many things to make it useful such as but not limited to:
1. The population possessing proper hygeine, something shitskins don't understand. No amount of vaccines and antibiotics will purge disease. Look how much shitholes like mexico use and never ever cease being diseased shitstains.
2. The purity and preservation of the vaccine, not handled properly in the US.
3. The disease being vaccinated against. Just simple hygeine and quarantine will kill it, why waste money making one?
4. The disease mutating, therefore rendering the vaccine useless.
5. Not all diseases can be vaccinated against and attempting to make one and use it yields disastrous results. This is where alot of vaccine horror stories come from. A lot of them are vaccines against super rare diseases causing the child extreme harm.

The bottom line is that vaccines would be okay and safe but their non-kiked uses are imperfect and their scope should be limited. Instead they're used to dose children with heavy metal toxicity and occasionally have them experience life-altering tragedies and even death.

Sage for double post.

People here are not scientists or doctors, and so their conclusions are quite sketchy when it comes to any topics which fall under those umbrellas.
They usually rely on religion, and political thinking, to fill those gaps in their knowledge, which gives us very imaginative explanations like "(((vaccines))) are here to weaken the white race. get in touch with nature and use antioxidants and boron/diet to make yourself immune to disease."

These posts prove my point. A bunch of people who don't have a scientific or medical background trying to put on their doctor hats for a minute.
It's like watching a postmodern journalist argue about science: interesting to watch but ultimately a trainwreck.
To get on topic though, vaccines are a very strongly vindicated form of medicine, as evidenced by how thoroughly they rid the developed part of the world of diseases over the last century. The eradication of smallpox, and virtual eradication of measles, polio, mumps and so on are testaments to their efficacy. Problem is that when humanity gets comfortable, they start to question the rules of their parents and grandparents, and so children of the "hippie" era and so on began to live a "whole foods" "organic" lifestyle which also included avoiding vaccines. Ultimately, their kids are now getting diseases which were all but wiped out decades ago. They justify exposing their kids to diseases like polio and whooping cough because autism shows up around the age that kids get their MMR vaccines, and they confused cause and effect. Then one day a researcher published a study with very flawed methodology which gave a basis to the autism scare, and since then became an item of faith no matter how many subsequent studies debunked it, could not reproduce his results, or outright discovered alternative (genetic) mechanisms behind autism which are irrelevant to vaccines. I suppose ultimately that this is a case of nature weeding out the offspring of people who are smart enough to be skeptical, but dumb enough to suppose that they know more about the world than they really do. I feel bad for the kids though.
By the way, the rise of these previously eradicated diseases stems from the fact that vaccine scares have reduced population immunity, yes, but also because we let in waves of migrants from countries which never eradicated those diseases. Perfect storm.
Flu vaccines are trickier to get behind because influenza mutates very quickly, and each flu season concocts a new vaccine which is really just a gamble on what the new flu strain will look like.

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This channer has it correct.

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She was very ill, it was full blown kennel cough.

Look at this turbo-kike

Point 1 doesn't make you immune to disease. It only controls the spread of existing disease in a population. Look at influenza as an example of how being the most hygienic person can still result in becoming ill.
Point 2 is not an issue for vaccines. Specifically, the preservatives used are not a health hazard for the amount within the dose.
Point 3 is just a rehash of point 1. If hygiene is all that matters, why are you still getting the flu? It's dumb on its face.
Point 4 only really matters for flu vaccines, not the others.
Finally, heavy metals in vaccines are minor. Specifically thiomersal has been removed from most vaccines, and the mercury content is less than what you get eating fish, and it doesn't stay in the body in its form.

This channer is trying to play doctor quoting a guy who doesn't know what aluminum is important for. It isn't a stabilizer, it exists to stimulate your immune system. Retards seriously.

You can't play scientist around people who know better. Calling people jews on this board is a disinfo technique by the way.

You didn't even read my post. You are illiterate.

Appeal to authority.exe. How do you think science and medicine was discovered before universes? Sage for kike thread.

An appeal to authority is when an illegitimate authority is used to speak for something. For example quoting a dentist on law, or quoting a politician on global warming.
When you quote experts of a field, on that field, it is not an appeal to authority. It is known as a reference.
Which is why your attempts at being a scientist are so laughable.

You said vaccines without preservatives, as though the preservatives are a bad thing.