Board is filled with angry black guys and 12 yr old white virgins

So, a perfectly great colonization thread was just deleted because black men and 12 yr-old white virgins hate seeing WHITE MEN colonize the world. Black dudes react accordingly and understandably… but it is these 12-yr-old white "national socialist" children who do this every time we make a colonization thread. They sperg the fuck out. Apparently these kids think WHITE MEN get pregnant when they colonize the world with their WHITE genome. This is literally the bitch like reaction they immediately respond with when coming across our colonization threads. They simply react with instant emotion and rage because they're literal 12-yr olds that shouldn't even be here.

When you're 12, you do not understand WHITE DICK + COLONIZED VAGINA = WHITE COLONIZATION

Yes, I seriously had to just explain this right now. Holy fuck, this is why we can't ever exceed above 'n beyond these fucking retards here. They're like crabs in a barrel holding us back keeping everything dumbed down at a pre-pubescent angry teenaged sperg.

Imagine reacting as if white men get pregnant when they colonize. These dumbass kids are so stupid they can't even understand what I've written in this post. This place is mediocre at best. This is how you know 50% here are total neets who've never seen a woman in their lives. Go ahead, test them… watch how they react inside a colonized thread. They literally react as if you're telling them a White Man is going to get pregnant and have a black child. They don't get it. They literally don't understand White men DO NOT get pregnant. Now, think to yourself who in the world doesn't know this? Only a fucking 12 yr old is this underdeveloped mentally.

Then the mod goes along with it? Unreal… this place is light-weight kids toys sandbox play play time for kiddy kiddy boo boo. wow

Yes, colonization is good. No, white men cannot get pregnant from colonization. If men can't get pregnant, why is colionization a bad thing? Durrrrrr, 12-year-old not thinky think enough… thats why.

Fuck you dumbass spergy kids and your angry black boys. I can't even put into words how dumb you need to be to not understand this. Just wow

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Ah yes the good ol' mod gap.


So the shills have pretty much run out of ideas at this point hey?

I'm just not attracted to black women, never have been.

Look at these 12 year olds. How are these two allowed on this board? I just wrote in detail about colonization. And they still don't get it. This is seriously crazy. Their reaction is saying "I believe white men will get pregnant like a woman does if he has sex with a black woman". Don't you get it? This happens every time we post our colonization threads. It is literally attacked by spergy virgins and angry black men.

Look them react… they type out "racemixing". Look at this shit…. they seriously don't get it. I'm literally lost for words how anyone can be so fucking retarded. They literally believe a white man is going to get pregnant by the black woman. This is a level of retard I can't even comprehend in my mind. Please someone explain this to me.

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< the board is filled
stop right there, Mr.

this guy.

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The reason "racemixing" threads are retarded (and should always be deleted) is because they go fucking nowhere. It always consists of some retard shill or some bored troll trying to stir up shit amongst racially conscious anons. This is done to subvert the traditional and preferred method of mate selection (thus, default) of choosing your own race (which a multitude of studies show people, even today, still go for).

Trying to tell people they should go against their gut instinct is innately fucking stupid

Kill yourself.

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Your lust and decadence disgusts me, (((OP))).

This is a slide thread.


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This is how you know the board is filled with 12 year olds. Only a 12 year old cannot understand such a basic colonization concept. It's like I have to sit here and literally explain how a dick and vagina works. Are fucking kidding me right now? God damn this is so embarrassing for the board.

They don't understand how a dick works.

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Haha, jesus christ. Consider suicide, OP.

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Wow wow wow, you fucking anti-white shitlords.

This is very interesting to me. Do you find niggers attractive, user? Tell me how you got to that place.

tbh it's like finding out someone fucks turtles. You wonder why, mostly.

Sargoy pls go. Your retarded jewish "bleach them white" plan will never work.

This is the 12-year-old literally virgin I am talking about. How the fuck is this kid allowed on this board here? He has no concept of colonization. The kid lives in a fantasy inside his head. Just read his post. He doesnt even understand how a dick works. Someone needs to sit him down and explain how a dick works.

This is so fucking embarrassing. These 12-yr olds are not allowed here! kick them!

Look at them talking about "marriage" and "families". This is exactly what I'm talking about. Get the fuck off this board!!!!

Literal virgins trying to stop colonization while black men love you for it. And there's a never ending flow of these stunted neet morons. Holy fuck… I'm just in shock honestly.

Niggers, please.

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Virgin white kids and black men agree, WHITE MEN COLONIZATION IS BAD!
Welcome to 8/pol/? a place where the biological function of male penises need to be explained. Still can't get over this. Holy fuck man… retard level is unmatched.

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They're called niggers, user.

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You are literally anti-white. You're causing the death of the white race.

Trying to convince white men they shouldn't spread their genome across the world. You might fool these 12 yr olds, kike… but you don't fool us. The world is a vagina, and the white man owns it.

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Dibs on second to left in first pic.

Look at this.. LOOK at it. God this is embarrassing as fuck. You keep proving me right. You're literally a virgin teenager. You have to be 18 to use this website. Get the fuck out of here kid. This kid thinks a white men gets pregnant when he uses his dick.

These kids don't know how a dick works. Yes, I need to keep repeating this over and over. This is how retarded these faggots are. They still don't get it. Unbelievable. Who the fuck said anything about marriage? This is how you know they're literal children. Get the fuck off this website kid!!!!

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I asked you a question.

Do you really find niggers attractive? I don't see it. I tried squinting. What are you seeing in niggers?

Like this one. I don't get it. Arousal: 0

Yep, I'm getting a 0.

Do you genuinely find niggers attractive, or are you trolling us?

If you don't have a half black kid, you're anti-white. Period. Full stop.

haha yes, good

Yep, not seeing it. Niggers aren't attractive.

Can anyone else see it? I can't see it? Is this like those pictures you stare at and then see 3D?

Good job, you found the 1 out of 1 million black chick with white facial structure. Good job buddy. You and I both know that the average black chick doesn't look anything close to that picture you posted.

There is a reason the muh dik, meme exists, and a91ff is a prime example of it. Propagating white genes != propagating white people. When you racemix, you promote black genes as much as your promote white genes. Both the jewish BLACKED.COM meme and your COLONIZED meme are built on a fundamental lie- that when a man has sex with a foreign woman he has "turned her white/black." No. Women have genetic sexual agency. Women are not breeders that spit out your genetic copies. When you racemix, you promote MIXED genes, not white genes.
The fact that you have "cucked" black men is nothing more than an empty revenge fantasy- after all, who do you think your sons are going to really look like?

Maybe if I crossed my eyes they would start to be attractive?

My penis is giving me a firm answer: 0% attraction.

Your dishwasher cotton-picking wife is safe around me, that's for sure!

I like these two, especially the hitlerdubs one. The rest are gross.

I don't find them attractive. Do you? I tried, but I can't see it. I find pretty white women attractive very consistently.

There you go again.
Having a bunch of half black kids is the best thing you can do for the white race.
Stop being anti white.

What's that feel like? It's not working on me. A lot of people accuse me of being "baste", because I have no hatred for niggers, and think they should be peaceably relocated to Africa.

I just can't see it. I tried squinting, whatever. I'm not getting it. I may as well be asked to get hard for a photo of a fish or koala.


I can tell, because you're incapable of conversation.

I wonder what it's like being such a bignose kike that you actually find a nigger pretty.

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I bet 20 shekels that OP is actually a literal niggercuck. So here you go my baste negro.

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Stop having white kids.
Have half black kids.

All I see in that picture is the best thing for the white race. Better half white than all black, hehe!

Look at these reactions. These retards are dumb ass fuck. Look at their reactions and post. Now they're talking about "attraction". These are literally bitches. First they responded as if they believe a white man gets pregnant.. now they're talking about "attractiveness". This is 100% female mentality. Jesus fuck I just broke open these faggots weak spot. They're literally all bitches larping as warriors on the internet. Their mind = 100% female in nature.

They have ZERO concept how white dicks colonize the world. They don't get it. It completely goes over their head. It's like reading a foreign language for them. Look at their reactions and post on this topic.

The only moment they move forward in dialog is when I painfully explain how this works in the most embarrassingly infantile manner. Literally neet bitches with the minds of women here.

I still can't believe this.

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It's disappointing. I thought it was really someone who found niggers attractive. Myself, I can find no ability to achieve arousal at the sight of any nigger or farm equipment.

While I chuckled at the op's image, racemixing and muddying your bloodline is never acceptable. Cucking niggers and drilling oil makes you a nigger.

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Yeah, the same with that woman. By the way, why do you have cock pictures on your computer? You're a faggot. Everyone knows you're a faggot now.

Nobody but a faggot thinks niggers are good-looking.


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Hi Zig Forums

Listen here, if you don't settle for a black woman and have half black kids, you're being anti-white.
It's as clear as day.

I'm exiting. Op is just a ranting baboon. I genuinely cannot perceive in niggers any attractive physical trait, from the point of view of sexual arousal. Beautiful white women give me erections, however.

These mongrels fill me with a deep disgust.

Also this is now a

Fuck yeah

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I don’t hate niggers. I just don’t want anything to do with them.

When you rake a ride on the bus in the middle of the night to the last town on their stops just because you can.

Stop being anti-white.
Have black kids.

I'm a woman. Why would I settle for half anything when only trash fucks monkeys in the first place? If you aren't making white children and improving your own life, then you're a waste of genetics. You're also part of the anti-white agenda if you think shitting out half-breeds is acceptable in any manner! Racemixing is anti-white, and contributes to white genocide you weak cuck.

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But why just niggers? Why not all other women as well?

I can’t have kids, I am a dude.

This white guy is a legit homosexual virgin with the mind of a woman. I break down the entire reasoning behind this analysis here (You) Even after breaking it all down, he goes into cognitive dissonance repeating his previous post about the "attractiveness" of these colonized women. This faggot is no white warrior. He's a fucking dweeb on Zig Forums larping as a badass. This entire conservation proves it.

Again, nobody said anything about "attractiveness". The only faggots mentioning anything about "attractiveness" are these effeminate neet faggots I have literally destroyed in this thread. Now they will repeat themselves, because they know I am correct. They've ran out of "reactions". All of their reactions have been deconstructed and exposed as infantile faggotry.

We are discussing COLONIZATION. Yet, these neet weirdos want to change the discussion into "marriage" and "attraction". Some "warrior" you faggots are. What a joke.


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Pic related is the problem though bro.

You put up 15 interracial couples.
Statistically, if all are in the US, and if we (kindly) assume the women are all 20-29, then its probable that… 6 of them have herpes.
That is, about 40%.

And again, that's us kindly assuming 20-29, because once they hit 30, the prevalence rate spikes to 60%+.

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Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop.
You're being anti-white. Now have black kids.

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what a surprise.

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They are attracted to the submissive behavior, not the physical attributes.

I prefer women that show me they are interested. Not submissive or the kind that keeps telling me to change.

No nigger, you haven't destroyed anyone in this thread. You're no better than Zig Forums shouting down and calling people names when you've made no arguments as to why cucking niggers is any way productive when you're damning your children to a plethora of health issues. Go back to whatever faghole you came from.

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They don't understand how a dick works. This is why I say they must be underage and not even supposed to be here. This board is 18+ There is also a handful of angry blacks trying to stop their women getting colonized. Its one of the stragnest mixes I've comes across.

12yr old white child + black males = team? wtf
Anyways, this is who is opposed to colonization.

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truly, this is such a surprise
whoever would have thought

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