CNN Pointing Out Their Own Hoax

Missing postmarks add to mystery of bombs sent through the mail

"The packages were intercepted in delivery" but they never went through USPS, "delivered by courier" except there are stamps on it, "hand delivered" which would have required the person teleporting across the country, and the stamps used are from a series from last year so they had a massive amount of stamps ready months ahead of time.

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So how is CNN going to flip this? Pretty odd for them to point out some red flags of something fishy.

They're pointing it out as an excuse to keep it in the news cycle.

Nothing more, nothing less. They would even be willing to go as far as to admit they themselves did it, and spin it as a platform to keep shilling

They're likely trying to disassemble the narrative before it raises too many questions. I'd expect some unrelated revelation to come out within a few days to shift attention completely away from the whole event. However they can't quite bury it immediately nor continue with it as planned in that meantime. So now they're likely have to admit to some of the truth but frame the narrative to force a slightly different conclusion prior to that distraction.

The conclusion they sell may be that it was a coordinated act of intimidation against Democrat voters. Then they can sell it as some kind of act of defiance against this terrorist as an attempt to rally their voters. Original purpose of the previous narrative is conserved, while allowing them to deconstruct their own false flag. Wait and see if that's what they end up doing.

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when not a single device has detoned i'd call them a show of force if anything.

i disagree with this reasoning

it's not reasoning, it's the retarded. "trumps words cause violence" bullshit, it's the exact same shit antifa and leftoids always say

What's most convenient for the left is anything that makes them feel threatened enough to rally them for voting, but not threatened enough to be too scared to go to the polls.

Maybe It's to soften people up before mossad plants the real bombs.

Yeah, what about that missing plane from Malaysia that had a patent owner on board?

That's a very kosher "explanation."

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What retard doesn't see through this?

It was just a clock goy

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The perpetrator/s used the USPS Suspicious Package graphic to put these together:

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I doubt that will happen because it's way too close to election day, and the backfire from this current narrative would just complicate it even further.

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100% the liberals did this
no one particularly benefits from a DJT administration so it's quite easy to rule out someone trying to make the left look incompetent.

His "argument" falls apart at the "Democrats are confident on the Blue Wave".
Confident parties don't send hundreds of thousands of "volunteers" door to door and try to get my kids and the neighbors kids to vote for them. They would send at most 1 volunteer on my entire street to speak to me and my wife.
They've been anything BUT confident" and the "Jobs vs Mobs" got them in a panick. The Caravan thing is also spooking the working class more than it convinces millennial college students to vote for them. They shot themselves in the foot several times the last month alone and they at least seem self-conscious enough to realize this.

This is simple to explain.

Liberals are retarded at physical things. This has been repeatedly observed. They consider things obvious to right-winger, mechanical knowledge, as some kind of dark secret.

Remember when Hillary had a hacking cough, and was falling? Well, Republicans could see this, libs are retarded at these things, and couldn't.

They're shit at making things, things that DO things.

My own opinion is that it's a Harvard tranny, triggered by the tranny ban.

Checked, but

< low quality image
got me bummed, man.

Oh look another fucking bomb slide.

Oh look, another glow nigger get script:

Fuck off back to Reddit.

This is an important story. The kikes are having to admit to what everyone could plainly see.


Such a shame they didn't (((accidentally))) send themselves real bombs

isn't the Secret Service on it as the head of the investigation, instead of the FBI?

my take: not a false flag, it's a boomer. probably a jewish one who supports trump.

Attempt to shill noted, CNN.

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Trying too hard.

25 year old boomer detected.

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just fucking filter the kike

this isn't reddit, magapede.

see how easy this is?

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This story is already in the process of disappearing as the next news cycle rolls out. If 56 innocent people at a C&W concert can be gunned down and then forgotten in a week or two then this farce can be erased from the collective memory in no more than 4 days from its inception.

it's the rest of the board i'm trying to convince. you can keep talking to yourself. nobody's going to care kek

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In order to sell oneself on this theory they’d have to believe the powers that be in the Democrat party care so little about human life they’d be willing to kill their own just to galvanize voters.
So either A) the left actually believes their own lives are worthless in the eyes of the people they elect or B) their programming is so ingrained that their minds can’t rationalize how it’s a hoax carried out by their own despite how painfully obvious it is.

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Writer for Inside Higher Ed calls this “one of the most stunning acts of domestic political terrorism in my lifetime”

Everyone saw it which was why they spent so much time deluding themselves into thinking it wasn't there.

Why would they admit that they did it themselves? I know they want to distract from the caravan, but at the expense of discrediting themselves even further?

Kind of hard to care about credibility when the only people still watching you will believe anything you say regardless and airport terminals you have contracts with.

simultaneous truth and hyperbole

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ultimately he's his own thing, but his sympathies lie closer to the democratic party

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what? This would indicate they were walked in person to the mailbox from short distances. Good lord, cnn is just admitting they did it by trying real hard to blame others.

It's damage control, as as I said here


9."The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself."

what channel is that vid from? the voice sounds familiar


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It's unabomber, and it stands for University & (n) (and) Airport bomber

Have they pointed out how unsual it is for the poli ce to flood the internet with pictures of a bomb like an hour after the first one was found?

Can you not post satire as if it was real

Cliff Clavin already called it out.

It wasn't satire to the Guardian

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"Bomber" in custody

That shit clearly involved multiple people due to the timing of it going to each person in the same day as well as the "return to sender" being there ON THE SAME DAY WITHOUT POSTAL MARKINGS as well.
This is such a shitshow but they got one scapegoat.

It'll just be some person with a history of mental illness they can use as a patsy since the false flag "blew" up more in their face than any of the fake bombs.

My guess is that it's a (((white))) male, portrayed as white by the jew-led media.

I'm still hoping it's Bobby Di Negro

This is this retarded "muh dems are the real racists/the real psychos." "Democrat" is a label that has changed to describe polar opposite views over many years. Only fucktarded GOP shill faggots, like the people who run this site, believe the term "Democrat" means anything (let alone when discussing past events) other than part of the ZOG "politics" theater.

Election time is the worst time on Zig Forums because GOP shill morons like you lower the collective IQ 20 points.

oh it's (((you))) again



That's exactly what's happening since the DNC is in the greatest mode of desperation but it's best to look up the history of said scapegoat, his voting record etc.

Yes, pointing out that this site is full of mouthbreathing GOP shills around election time makes me a kike.

At least you were banned, so the mods are doing something right.

How many AR-15s will they find in his home? And what otherwise innocuous chemical will he have in great quantities so that it's banned for everyone to buy?

They're apprehending a suspect in Broward county, which has been consistently a source of all kinds of hoaxs and false flags.
Also the lair of corrupt mutant mutt kike debbie wasserman schultz.

Me, too. Ham-handed false flag is still false flag.

Kek'd. That's Zig Forums around election time. The GOP shillery systems in place are almost magical. They're like poetry, or almost like a natural system to be studied scientifically.

They'll just go down the list to the next items to be banned. Maybe it's going alphabetically.

>They're apprehending a suspect in (((Broward))) county
oh geez. Looks like (((Hogg's))) meme factory went a little too far.

googles "fact check" window says the 'conspiracy' is bunk because it was "mailed" by courier

and now most sites are saying all 12 packages went through the us postal system




Man, some people out their really think with their pussies and not their brains. I wouldn't care if the narrative about the bombing is true. It never changes the truth about a degenerate liberal society.

inb4 leftie or bernie bro.

hehe, this is uhhh..subtle

Thank g*d that alt right nazi teleportation jutsu master was finally caught!

Sauce or fake news torfag.


Misusing and over-using trigger words is a very distinct tell, shill.

No postmark equals hand delivered. Also, we all know these faggots are in on it, both the recipients and the media.

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