God Emperor Trump Shutting Down the Border



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(((Caravan))) btfo

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Make it so

I'll believe it when I see it. Not "anonymous inside sources" claiming it.

You can see


Be ready to accept many thousands of new "Americans".

Is this caravan of esoteric pioneers supposed to distract away from the second amendment incursion?


We need to do more research on the jewish connection, not just symbols and logos, but actual paper trail.

If, IF he does this. Then he's back in my good graces. Let's fucking see.


Notice how silent the shills became


Trump says, trump tweets, but does trump DO?

We are

Bro… My wife was an esoteric pioneer from El Salvador.

If dubs then Trump shuts down the border indefinitely.

More bark. Wake me up when he actually bites. Also Trump always talks up a big game, but when it come time to perform he cucks out every single time.

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Reminder of the only appropriate response.

beaners btfo
(((rat))) plan foiled by orange bad man
yes is no and no is yes don't post again for at least two years faggot

Wait until his whores get wind of this and go crying to him.

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wasted dubs and a race traitor if your even white either way suck start a shotgun and get out of life.

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Is cuckchan here? It feels like cuckchan is here.

Checked, pass the enabling act of 2018 NOW!

You are coming through loud and clear my man.

that meme never caught on bro, didn't catch on at all

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unfortunately the kikes wouldn't have moonman mowing down spics produced in hollywood

Reported for low effort duplicate thread
Use this

No, what you're feeling is a moderation staff composed of literal fucking shills trying desperately to run an extremely shoddy damage control campaign.

If the thread about the muh military shit being bullshit was 'shit' and had to go, this redditspam bullshit surely deserves the same fate.

Off by one- you bastard.

A generous revenue stream they are missing out on.

Any attempt at discussion on anything Trump does is shilled one way or the other in either case.

So does this mean the 800 national guard are going to be given guns now or will they still be holding their dicks? This countries such a fucking joke you actually have to ask these things in all seriousness.

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So nothing, as usual.

Don't hold your breath. He has shat on his support base more times than I can count and they still believe in him. If this is some
strategy then, fine. But as can be seen as of late, he has just been letting all this BS slide with nothing more than the usual demokikes did it platitudes and nothing to show for it. Not even effort on his part unless you count tweets I suppose.
I hope beyond all hope that he will deport these faggots, because I want to believe. Maybe that's just naivety on my part.


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Don't be jealous of another man's triumphs.

Where do they get the money? Is it possible that the UN is the source for removing goybuxx from the US treasury to put into jew pet projects?

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zognald aint gonna do shit


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Does Zig Forums call him "zognald" on your own dumpster fire of a board, or do you reserve that for here?

lol yea give your country away to shitskins because jews have already taken it over and want to eliminate the only race strong enough to exterminate them and expel them as have been done so many times before.

Introduction of nuclear weapons allowed these rats to proliferate with no natural expulsion mechanism existing with mutually assured destruction and then see how fast they stole our shit to make nukes for themselves yet can't admit it or loose the goy hand outs.

Would say to get rid of the ticks make the host unbearable and toxic however these poor palastinian shit skins will keep bleeding hearts from nuking israel just another scam so fuck palestinians fuck all non whites as a logical standpoint let them not have their scape goat sand niggers in that desert then when no moral implications left no need to even nuke as conventional could wipe out that small piece of shithole

Then it comes to what can their subs do and fallout from that when they will know its over they will proly want to save their rat carcasses instead of launching after it wouldn't help them at all.

I'm ready for the salt, especially from the anti-Trump shills that shit this board up.

i'm ready for all jews and shitskins to die and only white people are left in this world.

anti-Trump is anti-Israel

Based bean bleaching brother


just like how he was going to stop the previous caravan that is now sitting inside the country happily on taxpayer money
stop talking and start doing you waffling faggot

At least you’re not surrounded by angry leftoids that think they can shame you into their beliefs

>sudden silence when he applies a solution that makes sense and they can't criticize without exposing their (((nose)))
Amazing how transparent these cunts are

I know right

Is this the same Jesus that fashioned a whip and drove a bunch of money-grubbing kikes from a temple?

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Was about to mention this, I’m so sick of neocons using muh Jesus for crap like this. If they were actual Christians they would be protesting gay marriage or the titanic usury industry.

No need for that… We have an esoteric metaphor we can tell the people trying to get over here


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Was that before or after this news came out?

Yeah, they can esoteric back where they came from.

We all are, user.

Of course they will go back to where they came from… Esoterically of course.

Read the original greek bible sometime. Jesus was not against a man taking a boy lover. Look up the archaic slang term for pais.

This SCUMBAG is falsifying my words and decrees! A house divided cannot stand!

You are WRONG!

Trust the plan

As long as these esoteric Guatemalans turn around and head back to esoteric Guatemala, everything will be esoterically esoteric.

I think Los Angeles is full


Underrated post. It's always the same transparent garbage with these goddamn shill pieces of shit.

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We'll see. My bet is that when they get there, they will have to camp for a few weeks while they get slowly processed into the country just like the last bunch everyone seems to have forgotten about. People will file lawsuits, his "ban" will be delayed like last time… it's going to be a shitshow.
If he lets them through this is the beginning of a full on, Europe style NGO backed migration bomb into the US. It will only ramp up from there.
This whole situation has put him in a really bad position.

If there's live fire on any of them the fucking world will come down on us, not because they care, but because it's an opportunity to remove Trump. Even conservicucks will turn on him. There's no way they are going to fire on them. No way. Even using non lethal means will no doubt be portrayed in the media as some horrible anti-human tragedy that people will lap up.

I honestly think we're fucked.

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Desu VULT!

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They are free range now too, which is fun.

Didn't the Supreme Court already decide on the travel ban? It might not be so easy to stop this one with judicial fuckery. Hopefully.

Don't vote this midterm goy, you go-guys need to stop supporting blumpf!

This is being slid lmao

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No, you fucking idiots. Talk is cheap. Action is what matters. Don't forget where you are.

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Wish I'd get 33 billion dollars in lip service

I suppose you're right but do you honestly think there won't be any jewdicial tricks coming his way regarding this? Even just to buy time? And you know there's some judges out there that will gladly allow it.

oh wow. You've learned how to use masks now.

You're still a yellow kike worm fit only for the ovens.

< white people can't have slaves
Seems you're trying to make us (((forget something)))

Sure would be nice if we had that fucking wall you promised years ago, ya fuckin' snake!

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0.02 dollars have been deposited into your account dear kushnershill.

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It's those guys again:

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praise kek

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Good., Shit fucking effort on OP's part. Fucking cunt.

And so the news cycle moves in a tighter and faster gyre with each turn. Already Trump has just wiped out the bomb hoax story from just two days ago.

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fucking hilarious *