European Woman Convicted for Criticizing Muhammad

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I'd like to see the revolutions starting now, and shit like this is as far as it goes, but I wonder just what it would take to wake up Germany or the UK etc.

Full tyranny in Occupied Europe.

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Reminder that boycotting Israel in America is a United States Federal Offense and subjected to a Mandatory Minimum Sentence.

dry your tears on your mutt memes fam you're in for a rough ride.

Export Administration Regulations apply to all U.S. persons of individual and business alike.
The regulations forbid participation in boycotts initiated by foreign governments, i.e. the Arab League boycott of Israel.

good job yuropoors

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Where is that American's sombrero?

Also reminder that Muhammad and Aisha consummated their marriage at age 9, 3 years after their initial union.
Imagine the logical gymnastics needed to claim that a man who had sex with a 9 year old is not a pedophile.

Neocon pipe dream. This was never made into law. It's also unconstitutional.

I'm going outside with a FUCK Israyel sign right now. Ill do whatever the fuck i want

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long live zog my fellow pede

Already a thread.


So instead of fixing their problems, Europeans would rather lie about ours.

Reminder that mudshits find the truth about the dead pedophile they worship to be criminally offensive, and the eurokikes support them in that shame over their disgusting, perverted demigod 100% because happy golems are productive golems

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Also a reminder that when they say "peace" it means the peace that comes when everyone is forced to convert to Pisslam, not actual peace among different faiths.

wow, how very abrahamic and semitic of them
i'll pass , thanks

I thought Austria had elections that prevented this shit? Who appoints these "courts"? in Austria?

Isn't it objectively true?

Pussy pass doesn’t seem to work against Muhammed.

The courts tend to lag behind politics.
So they still have a lot of delusional left wing people that were put in place by previous governments.

When will the courts catch up then? Will these 'judges' or whomever be persecuted and crucified in public? That's what needs to happen

Nothing. Those two will not happen. I do have hope for certain places and certain countries but the United Cuckdom is at the very bottom of the list, your average Briton is passive to the point of absolute absurdity and has been for forever. Friendly reminder it did not take the whites of the UK jews nor the european union to disarm themselves, they did it willingly and without complaint. This was approaching a hundred years ago. There is no hope for them, nor shall there be, this is as certain as the tide: Englishmen cuck, period.

Germany… Harder to say. They've only destroyed europe three times in the modern age now and they are ruled by a woman that openly hates them. Their servile attitudes aren't doing them any favors and I don't see it doing so in the future but they're not as hopeless as the UK. I sincerely believe third world hellholes like Niger, Mali, Cameroon, Jamaica, etc. will achieve first world enlightenment status before the united kingdom does which is to say never.

Agreed. Several English immigrants where I live (US), and when they speak of their homeland, they speak in a past-tense, like a friend talks about an old friend who men a bitter end. They don't know what happens in their old home and they don't care. That shithole entering a bloody civil war will be its only redemption

Prove it faggot

In other words, Europe has NO freedom of speech.
In the U.S., I can say Mohammad is a pedophile and fucks pigs, and not get arrested.
I may be sued by pig-fuckers for associating them with Mohammad, but if I simply say it's my opinion, they can't sue me.

In any case, I won't be arrested by any authorities, local, state, or federal.

Europeans, your time for demanding free speech rights may be over. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't TRY to get your laws changed, and staying in the EU will hinder those actions immensely, as you have no say in who your (((EU leaders))) are.
At least at the national level you have the power of your vote.
This makes the EU nothing more than a tyrannical group of dictators, persecuting you at their whim, and actually trying to displace you from your own countries using waves of third-world aliens to destroy you.

You desperately need to destroy these (((tyrants))), in any way possible.
It is a true crime that these (((degenerate scumbags))) can sleep at night, with no fear for (((their))) lives.
That needs to change drastically.
(((They))) should be in a state of constant fear, looking over (((their))) shoulders constantly, never knowing when the bullet will rip through their skulls.
Get on this, cousins.

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Even if a bunch of politicians were stupid enough to pass it, it would be shot down by the Supremes, who are in the midst of being selected as original-intent judges, by President Donald Trump.
Shills will puke up that Trump likes Jews too much, but he definitely loves the U.S. and the Constitution more.
He gives lip-service to Jews, but Israel is frustrated as hell with him, especially for not supporting their ISIS mercenary army.

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>jews, soviets, UK and the US not responsible for destroying europe during ww2

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How come I'm not arrested yet?

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Germany utterly and completely failed to win world war two, leading to the destruction of europe and a good argument to be made the entire western world. They absolutely had to win that one and did the stupidest things possible at many critical moments and didn't.

You know what would have helped Germany win WW2? If millions of dumbfuck Amerikwans and Britcucks hadn't listened to kike liars and fought a genocidal war against a White nation that was their natural ally against the spread of bolshevism.

We rue this decision of our grandfathers every single day.
But, in their defense, they were even more duped than NPC's are today. They had no internet, no source for the truth, most of them only had radio & newspapers, which were broadcasting lies 24/7.
The boomers labored under this, as well, with only television for their information, all one way, no way to disseminate any opposing view. They had to get the truth from books, and they were books no Jew publishing house would print.

People today don't realize how lucky they are to have an interactive source of information like the net. For every lie, a counter-truth can be presented.

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These people unanimously voted for this in the ECHR.

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That defense doesn't fucking work when germany managed.

Look guys, I don't think we should be criticizing this too much. Over in the US (and leafland where I'm at), our lawmaking bodies have to make no concern for "preserving religious peace". They just, you know, render justice.
Over in Europe, literally half the population wants to behead Christians TODAY. If this ruling keeps their farce of a society functioning for one more 24-hour period, I see no harm. Except to the lady, of course. And all of Europe's ancestors.


If this verdict WERE overturned, the Muslims would riot to a much greater degree than the impotent Europeans. They have to make practical, real-world decisions when they make these rulings, not examine laws and shit.

That's expecting even a shred of logical thinking, which I don't think they have. If Austrian leftists are genuinely scared (and not just trying to blackpill regular Austrians) of their Islamic population, which I think may top 9% at most, then they're straight up retarded. Austrias Islamic population could be taken care of overnight.