Vladimir Jewtin

Vladimir Jewtin
Retards who think that Putin isn't ZOG: fuck you

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My god the stars

wasting furher dubs after infinity's is a mortal sin.
no white ppl care about putin accept jews and their npcs


garbled nonsense

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You missed this Jem

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Russia and US should sacrifice their men in a war against China.

And that's a good thing

ok then post any evidence of this you have….putin like bibi is a 'conservative' and jews generally lean right

Is that why the kikes hate him so much and are constantly trying to agitate for war with Russia? They're only pretending to be eternally shitter shattered over his jailing of all those oligarch kike billionaires and freezing of their assets? Or could it just be that you're full of shit?

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Tells me she loves me, runs off with random nog. FML

christ cuck detected. Kill yourself

What a fucking waste of double dubs, holy shit.

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LMAOing @ you thinking that jews don't play both sides or fuck each other over

eat a bag of dicks polvol you shitfaggot

Well, to be fair they did fake most of the "evidence".

You know if putin was fighting for good, kikes would shill here to try and make us anti putin and ani russia.
Putin saved syrian lives from jews and U.S.

I am pro russia and pro putin,
While in the lublic eye one must put on the act.

Yeah why would you be against a military power balancing China and USA.
Russian economy will crash because all he does is spend shitload of money on military and secure oligarchy interests. Taxes are rising, budget misspending is sky high, lots of people jailed for internet posts.
Fuel taxes and fuel have been rising since Putin went to office, even when oil prices fell.
There are casual regional deficits of life-critical medications.
And all of this is present after 14 years of Putin (plus 4 years of his minion).

If you are pro-Russia, these are strong reasons why you should no be pro-Putin except maybe Putin as foreign relations minister only.

Putin kills Whites in Ukraine.
Putin puts White Russians Nationalists in jail for wrongthink. (aka racism AND antisemitism)

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That's what I've said and some Jewish moderator even threatened me on Quora for saying the obvious.

The US and Russia are the most kike'd ant farms ever seen and they're going to destroy each other in the same way Germany and the USSR did in the 40s.

I tried to portray the situation in these four images. Look left to right. What is depicted in the first picture? It's 2010. Football fans of the Spartak club and right-wing activists who joined them before the pogrom in the square throw up their hands in greeting - from heart to sun - they came to the square because a visitor from the Caucasus killed one of the members of the football club. Then there was one of the most powerful protests against immigrants, there was a big fight. Second picture-meme. Muslims like to say - Russian move, brother came. Top jews and Putin. Message I think is clear. The third picture is Muslims in the center of Moscow or as it is now humiliatingly called by local Moscowobad - muslims pray in the center of the capital at the time of their main holiday. The fourth picture is a hanukkah candle on Red Square.

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Now who is next to Putin from the Hasidic sect Chabad Lubavich which originated in Ukraine later came to you, in the United States, and then finally began to take root in us. On the first picture Berel Lazar.
In the second picture the Beard, it is not a joke, this jew took to himself such surname.
Both have on the forehead the writing-the organizers sacrifices in Kemerovo. This refers to the fire in the shopping center Winter Cherry. Wikipedia again has a lot of lies, but it's more or less an official source of information. What happened? I'll give you a version of the spread that scared Beard.
Beard's statement about the Bloodbath.
The country had elections. The slavs were supposed to have Shrovetide. And the jews have their own holiday - Pesach. Many families who voted for Putin were given movie tickets. The cinema was located in the shopping center. In the cinema came two groups of children, ordinary children and children from an orphanage. The teacher left and closed the front door. The footage from the video can be seen as a shopping center, in a place equipped for the entertainment of kids came a man with a bag, went out without a bag, and almost immediately started a fire. Firefighters didn't answer the call. Children and adults burned down. But in one of the interviews-it was removed from Youtube, the daughter of a high-ranking official from Moscow said that the children from the orphanage were taken out through the emergency exit, put on Board the plane and taken away. Official reports on the number of fire victims lied. The doctor of the local morgue said that the morgue is full. People gathered in the square. The authorities suppressed the protest. The place of the fire was guarded by security officers with weapons. Then the burnt shopping center and not really finished with the investigation of the causes of the fire, was demolished.
On the third picture are known for their lies the presenter - Jew Vladimir Solovyev, he's right there with a wound on the hand of a black shit.
The fourth image is a meme. Putin sits with a sour face and on the sides of these two characters. The writing-here is so and live.

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