Smug kikess wants to tear down 'mural of white men' honoring allied First World War soldiers

Smug kikess wants to tear down 'mural of white men' honoring allied First World War soldiers

Emily Dawes, student union president of Southampton University in England, said First World War mural should be taken down and threatens to paint over 'the mural of white men'
Both the union and the university have distanced themselves from comments
Dawes has apologized, insisting she was trying to 'promote strong, female leadership'
The Dawes family lives in a $1.2 million (£930k) home boasting six bedrooms and a pool in upscale Vienna, Virginia
Dawes has described suffering from mental issues and struggles to maintain a 'healthy relationships' with drugs
Dawes has worked at a pizza parlor in a shopping mall and as a waitress in a bistro close to her Virginia home

The physics student tweeted: 'Mark my words - we're taking down the mural of white men in the uni Senate room, even if I have to paint over it myself.'

Dawes has enjoyed what many would describe a life of privilege. Her father Danny, a global director for US-based computer security company Symantec, took the family around the world - with Dawes being educated in the US and privately in London.

Dat nose…
Muh white privilege…

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That’s what they get for being zogbots in the first place.

Lets start with holocaust museums

I support the mural to WW1 ZOG bots being taken down. Not for the same reasons as this kikess does but, I support them being taken down non the less

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Stories like this are constantly coming in. Interesting to add to a compilation of some sort, but sage because based on her judgment here I doubt this chick will rise to any important position.

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this. we had no business in ww1 but the kikes dragged england in and england dragged us in. i support the demolition of allied ww1 and ww2 monuments

Agreed. The memory of those (((white))) people in camps casts a long shadow eclipsing the suffering of the struggle of the black communisty and the indigenous people who's suffering has been going on for thousands of years. Time for der juden to get to the back of the bus.

Oops meant to tag

Can any britcucks explain me why she's paid for whats something you're supposed to do for free?

And these faggots voted for this

I bet if there was a vote you cucks would give the falklands back to the argies and apologize too

Nobel prize material right here

Sure bitch, sure…

Translation: I realized I fucked up so my millionaire daddy who is the only reason why I'm not turning tricks on an alley for meth money called his lawyers to tell me what to do because in all honesty I don't give a fuck

Gotta love her cunt friends bailing out of her, leftard solidarity everyone…

And yet you voted for her, and she been doing the same shitty statements for years

Thread topic started my blood boiling very quickly.
Fucking america should be sealed with these abominations inside. The dome,will be unlocked after the rest of the population has killed every last one of these things.

Student union voter turnout is typically approximately 8%. No one but the most politicised even bother. That is perhaps indicative of a wider issue. I.e. that people on cuck island are fundamentally demoralised and alienated to such a degree that it makes leftist activity extremely easy.

Unfortunately this. Things have come completely full circle. We can only pray for nuclear Armageddon now, I'd love to see Ms. Dawes sucking Mad Max style cock in an outhouse somewhere for a Snickers bar. That reality would make a hell of a lot more sense then the one we live in now.

Yeah the falklands part is no joke, I'm actually surprised the argies aren't trying this angle since it could totally work in the current year

Probably one of the least kike style noses I've seen. Learn to accept the fact that at least half of this shit is pushed by white university (((educated females))). SJW roasties are their shock troops.

Southampton is doing a terrible job if Physicists remain emotional hate filled creatures like this. Of course, she was simply testing the water, it’s too hot so they will wait and come back later, she regrets nothing. If we still had the sedition law, she could have been arrested and then deported. Gone thanks to new Labour explicitly so that people could undermine the nation with no consequence. Vile.

You all know that if this was something the left cared about being disrespected it would be made news in the US. "Symantec family disrespects war dead". Also, many companies would cancel their Symantec subscription and HR leftys wouldn't employ Southampton graduates. What will happen here? Nothing.

Makes you wonder what kind of "physics" she is learning. I often wonder this about affirmative action negroes, what are they teaching them exactly? Do they learn multiplication tables and watch black science man videos all day? No wonder we are getting out competed by the chinks.

I have met quite a few dumb as rock (not autist) white women studying biochemistry and god knows what intricate subjects where I wondered how they even managed to get there in the first place.

Then there are also all the turd world people with rich parents paying 200k for their degree that just graduate somehow even though they barely speak English and probably cheat on their exams.

Higher education is a shit show these days…

Dawes certainly has a small percentage of the Ashkenazic DNA virus.

Don't care niggers. Handle your fucking business already. You busted your ass to fuck with white men, handle your shitskins.

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Isn't that terminology incorrect?
England was with the entente in WWI.

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Reminder that she's an American immigrant on a visa.

This is your mind on reddit.
You realise Germany wasn't natsoc in WWI, right? If anything, the German "empire" and it's allies were kiked to fuck, much more than the entente. A shit tonne of the German armament companies were owned or controlled by kikess, just look up Loewe, his family owned a weapon's company that supplied the German army, and also had a lot of control over Mauser. Loewe was also Luger's boss. There was also Fritz Haber, another kike who invented chemical warfare against the bad goy entente.
Germany also controlled Poland at the time, which was a kike hive.
You can't claim that Germany lost WWI because the Jews controlling it backstabbed them, while also claiming that they weren't kiked. It was controlled by Jews because of how kiked it was, there's a reason Hitler was pissed off.

What a beautiful family. Who are they?

that is fuckin disgraceful, even when I was a liberal retard I supported the troops. I can't wait till these amoral degenerates all aborticide themselves out of existence

Well, then who started the revolution that made the Kaiser abdicate while all soldiers were on the front? Thats right! The kikes.
The 'german' kikes wanted to cut their losses before the german war dept grew more. They knew they would still be the wealthiest fuckers in the country even after it was defeated.
Then they started the Bavarian Commune, just so they had a chance to kill more germans.

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I guess she couldn't hack or nuthin the system of cucks didn't stand behind her this time but an interesting case of projection and guilt as always from posh cunts.

You fucking piece of shit. Those were white men sent by kikes to die. You could just as easily have gotten drafted by kikes and sent to your death if you were alive back then. Fuck you. I hope you get paralyzed in a car accident you fucking lump of shit motherfucker

They're continuing to erase history. It won't be long before they do it to the WW2 generation. In fact you could say they are with content such as that new EA ww2 title.

Good. Kike puppet WWI soldiers deserve to be dishonored.

They didn't have to go, retard. My grandpa dodged the draft.

Kill yourself you fucking piece of shit fucking disprespecting these men's memories

Fuck you and fuck your grandpa and kill yourself

Its fucking America, what do you think life is you dumb cunt? The country was 85% white until less than 60 years ago. What the fuck is wrong with people? 1 to 8 billion in less than a hundred years and everyones a dumb kike byproduct.
Bastard! You raised a dumb kike, congratulations- your family sucks AND its going to end in this century. How do you feel?

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Boomer faggot detected. Zogbot scum do not deserve respect. They deserve to have their names erased from history in shame.

The giveaway is definitely not the nose, but rather the small backsloped forehead.

Wait, maybe I was looking at he wrong girl.


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both sides were kiked and stupid, ww1 was a dumb and useless war

These one will try again some other day and they won't stop there, they aren't happy until every Museum has gone the same way the Brazilian national museum Went. They aren't happy until they torn down every monument, flattened every old building. Jews can only destroy.

She must be supporting Nazis then?

Is she pro-Assad?

Hey, my great-grandfather fought in WWI, and I don't think he'd care, the government sent troops to beat him up. Remember the (((US government))) didn't even pay the veterans in full for serving in that stupid war and what did the (((US government))) do for these protesters but call them a Communist Revolution and sent the US Army to break up their organization. And who did he elect because he hated Hoover, none other than FDR who got his nephews into WWII. The kosher sandwich, right there at work, Zig Forums is always right.

Well, I for one support the based continental arena of kikel extermination.

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This is just destroying history so I will not support it.

The fact britcucks support it really speaks for their cuckoldry.

Yes but it's not like Progressives have ever cared about historical accuracy.

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This is what they fought for.

That doesn't even make sense - the University us exactly where her empty humpty dumpty egg head was filled with this yoke.


It's not like Europe is any better….

This is exactly where she got her anti-white views.

Every day they tip their hand more and more.
How long until the general population accepts the truth?

at first I was mad, but then you made a good point here. hopefully young white men will stop dying for jewish wars if they see how their legacy gets treated by (((them)))


I agree, ww1 may of been kiked on both sides but its a reminder on how kikes force countries to fight their wars. Many died for another jew war. The statues that actually should be taken down are the following:

Indeed. I agree with you. We should also remove any other instance of whites being asked to die for jews, such as the crusades and the forced (((conversions))) of the eastern europeans. You won't have any problems with that, right?

Doesn't matter, I'd still creampie her

Reported for supporting miscegenation and the continuation of jewish bloodlines.

(((University education)))
Self aggrandising twot

and thats the reason she's going to get away with with it. "men" the so called builders of civilization are powerless against anything with a cunt (even a deranged homo will take marching orders from a random cow). what a sad fucking display.

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>she's pictured with somebody else, but (((op))) fails to differentiate which sloot is the subject of the piece
>doesn't post the picture of the fucking mural that we're supposed to care about
And I don't mean just you OP, a lot of OPs are lazy of late. Please if you're a thread starter at least make the OP informative.

the mural should be taken down, for different reasons

London was kike central at that time like New York today. England was the sword of Zion and nearly all of their wars were fought for the jews, like the Boer war or the Opium war. The first world war was also about the Diamonds of South-West Africa that were recently discovered in the German colony and (((De Beers))) lusted after.

WWI was fought by England mostly for the trade interests of jewish merchants and bankers, German competition in South-America, USA, Balkans, East-Europe and the Near- and Far-East, Bagdad railway Oil!

Germany did fight in self defense, was attacked by Russia and France and England that had a secret agreement with France to go to war with Germany, Belgium was a pretext like Poland in WWII, England would not have protested an French invasion.

Jew tactics as always: Deny the white race any history and (((we))) can fill in the blanks.

List of Jew tactics here:

Well, we did kinda show up at the game in the 5th inning to break the tie…. but yeah.

People need to understand these memorials do not glorify war. That's the Zeroth Order interpretation of a simple mind. An adult mind knows they serve as a warning of the horrors of allowing diplomacy to fail. In the words of Mad Dog Mattis: "If you don't fully fund the state department, I'm going to need to buy a lot more bullets."

Less jews than the 3rd Reich, explain?

We should stop bombing Syria for Israel. She's correct

While possibly less than you, we have our own parasitic pharisees who are occupying positions of power. They wouldn't ever suggest anything to reclaim the islands.