Am I white, Zig Forums?

Am I white, Zig Forums?

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What the fuck does broadly northwestern european and broadly european even mean?

Take a picture of your hand and forearm and tell us how big your nose is and we could tell you for sure. Who did your DNA profile?

because nations are racist goy

Kike DNA tests include kike DNA sections separate from European. But this isn't his results, it's just a shill d&c thread to try to get us to fight about who's white and who isn't. Remember to sage and report.

White is a race, not a skin color. Indians are Aryan and thus white. OP is obviously white.

And also because Europeans are so genetically similar and as a whole and so dissimilar from other races that it's almost impossible to draw a distinction for sure.

you're at least 2% race-fluid. you're basically a transexual nigger

you mean transnigger

It means they probably has their CI set to 90% or 95%.

Check me out pol, am I white?
it says 100% european!

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No, even if you are, you wouldn't get into the ethnostate.

If some fag with 0.0000000000000000000000000001 egyptian genes, for example, came to the ethnostate border and said, "I'm 0.0000000000000000000000000001% egyptian, can I still come in?" you'd have to say no because this 0.0000000000000000000000000001% egyptian is so prevalent in his mind that he still identifies with it somewhat.


Why is Zig Forums full of retards who let themselves get (((gaslit)))

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You're so white you will someday transcend whiteness.

As rude as everything else i say on this site, but subtler than most of it…

Oh, God. These threads are spilling over from cuckchan. Sage and report. Fuck you and incinerate yourself.

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how does that work?

reported for QTDDTOT
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The libertarian versus natsoc pic is good but the police and military hate goes on the lolberg side. We're going to need our own government stooges when we get into power.

we jews ae white goy, we wuz neanderthals an shieet, cromagnon man just kept us down


Funny user. Thanks for the laugh.