Is It already too late for France?

We are only in 2018 imagine in 2020.

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Too late for what?

France, Younger than the USA.
Problems well before now, see; Nat Geo July 1989 Bicentennial.

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It's never too late for anywhere once the people come together and solve the problem. Western Europe is part of the 3rd world now though if that's what you were referring too

Watch the webm.

i did, and i still dont get it, its a webm full of french people in france.

Full of niggers in France.
It's funny how Zig Forums don't realize that France is the new URSS.

Fuck off with clickbaity bullshit, tell us directly what you're fucking bitching about

no dude, the french republic abolished raced based citizenship and its all about civic nationalism and equality, thats why they opened up massive unlimited immigration from africa, it's what the french wanted.

Its a webm of africans plotting up in France trying to get to the UK illegally. You get to londonistan, steal a moped, by the next day you could have more money and stolen assets than your sub saharan brain has ever imagined. You might not even need to rape a white girl, they are being programmed to want blacks.
France is fucked, sure. That's why these are trying to leave. Once they get to the UK they're never leaving.

OP is the same poster who shitposts about a >female mod.

dont act like its a new thing. it was over for france and england when france lost the war against england around 1800s. thats when the people lost full control over their countries. white boi still blaming blak boi for their problems that root couple 100s years away. blames blackie for being dumb while looking for gold in a trashcan

How salty are you going to be when the Chinese Make Africa Great Again?

You are the female mod.

Can't wait to see that.

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You have to admit, its kind of funny that UK is being conquered. After so many years of imperial dominance, its 70 IQ Africans and 80 IQ Pakis just walking in the front door that will do them in. Fuckin' aye. Has a civilization ever been this cucked before? Or is this more historical than I'm aware of?

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It not the Chinese though is it, they are just the proxy, like Trump. It's international jewry. I'm sure they will make it great though, you just have to trust the plan…..

not really, no, nothing in history like arrogant angloniggers losing their meme empire in such a quick and embarrassing manner, getting reverse-colonized barely 100 years after without even putting up a fight

He isn't wrong. France has been stagnating or declining since Napoleon died because of the demographic damage of the Napoleonic Wars and WW1.

It's pretty much how it went down in Spain, until the church said it was ok to fuck em up for being the devils children.

No the decline started when the jews that had slipped into power suggested there was a need to import blacks from their colonies.
Same as UK. That was the thin end of the wedge they have used to fling the city gates open with, once again. It started happening after WW2 but it was planned for much longer than that.


Yeah, just think of all that vast geopolitical influence France wielded between 1816 and 1914. They couldn't even decisively defeat the most dysfunctional state in Europe, but at least they invaded Vietnam!

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Yes, of course it's too late. Your video is about niggers trying to get to UK though, and since they wouldn't let them in, good goy-frogs built them living quarters and sustain them near the border.

- Granted I live in a shitty neighborhood, but I can hear screaming shitskins pretty much all day.

- There are talks about teaching arabic in middle school. I don't know if anyone is stupid enough to believe that, but we were told by our media that the idea comes from French people, as a way of "fighting fundamentalism". In reality, it's further proof of muslim infestation of civil organizations, especially in education, which has been going full force since Sarkozy (described as right wing in our indcotrination outlets) gifted them official positions. Shitskins have been dreaming about that for two decades, at least.

- An "educational" mosque/language organization that was closed because the Charlie killers were mildly involved in it just sprung up again, with the same name and same people in charge. They are asking for donations in businesses that shitskins frequent. I saw one of my neighbor giving 100 euroshekels, while I know for a fact his only source of income is welfare. He has 4 kids and is probably in his early 30s.

- Shitskins do not really bother to hide their intent anymore. They don't have to, since the places they infested are close to 100% niggers and arabs. Even on mainstream media, they sometimes blatantly say what everybody can see, and gloat about it. The cognitive dissonance of the French, who are largely still in their "muh oppressed minorities" phase, is dangerously approaching schizophrenia.

Sweden ain't shit. We are the cuckest nation by far.

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Denis Hills, a British writer and traveler, was imprisoned and sentenced to death in Uganda by Idi Amin in 1975 for calling him a black Nero and a childish tyrant. Amin sent Brits a letter saying that Hills will be pardoned only if the Queen herself apologizes for his words in writing. He got TWO apologies - one from the Queen, another from British PM Harold Wilson.
Amin did not release the writer until the British ambassador and his deputy brought these letters to him personally - by crawling into his home on their knees.
Proud Brits at their finest. With their empire in shambles, descendants of people who pacified and ruled over entire continents of feral savages are reduced to groveling before a filthy, illiterate cannibal. Then they turn and lecture others about racism.

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I agree.

If they didn't want niggers and arabs then why did they fucking bother with colonization of such vast stretches of Africa. Same goes for UK. They reap what they have sown.

Only european country which still has a proper grip on her former colonial subjects and beats them in submission when they chimp out is Russia, but then again they are a land based empire.

There's nothing wrong with conquering the world. There is, however, everything wrong with not exterminating primitive savages.

Hopefully Trump will pay some lip service to France predicament in one of his rally speeches and all the MAGApedes can wet their knickers ignoring the fact Trump still works hand-in-hand with the jews behind all this


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Anglosaxon traitors deserve this.
They killed the german volk and the best chance we had at a nationalsocialist state.
Hope they rot in hell.


it was already too late for everyone at Stalingrad


I'm still waiting for him to end white genocide is south africa.
Any day now.

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France is 90% French.
Too late is 50%, see the US.

Jesus Fucking Christ

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Are all of you utter newfaggots from facebook.
Juden have been actively causing this to happen over the last century. It isn't even a secret or particularly concealed.
Search for periods and laws which opened England up, search for the names of those who created and promoted these laws and movements.
The phrase you will learn is "every fucking time".
NO ONE wanted these cancers being injected into the country, no one English anyway.
No one English was ever asked.

Read about the birth of zionism, and zionists in connection to England.

Juden larper.
Doesn't even know what "anglo" or "saxon" is.
Trying to divide and conquer.

>Hey guys, don't you think it's already over for x?

Go back.

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That's generous

He's right though, France is the HQ of Jewry.
I feel nauseous for last French people there. Things are going to accelerate badly in coming months..
For those of you who read Ganser's book about NATO Stay Behind network.. It never ended. It's even worse than that.

Their big plans started at the end of the 19th century.

Oh shit, jewtube took the video offline. Well, it was this one:
Ursula Haverbeck The Hooton Plan And The Migrant Crisis-P7rMVuETAy0.mp4

I'm honestly scared for the wildlife, nature, and other such beauties that africa may have harbored.

Here's some food for thought. Has anyone considered the reason that these kikes are trying to export niggers and shitskins to these regions of the world for the fact that in the next decade or so, there will be a mini ice age? I've heard that everyone is going to try to flock to some of the hottest, driest regions of the world like iran, africa, etc to live more comfortably during this mini ice age. Would love to see these rich kikes get beheaded or mutilated when they try to settle over there while all the rapefugees freeze to death.

No. As long as there are Europeans, the invaders can be pushed out. Is it getting to a point where it will become increasingly difficult and costly? Yes.

France may be whiter than the US but some studies estimste that it is actually blacker than the US, at least in the younger age groups. Even wikipedia is willing to admit studies show that non-European ethnic minorities constitute 30% of France's population between the ages of 0 and 60 and what made France unique among other former colonial powers was their presence in subsahran Africa. Algeria and Libya may provide a large number of Arab muslims to that substantial 30% ethnic minority but the majority are actually subsaharan blacks, some muslim, some not, yet negroid all the same.

Brown muslims are a problem but blacks of any religious background are a far more disastrous demographic to have in your country and France now finds itself facing an even greater negroid problem than the US. Not only are the numbers frightening, these aren't even partially mixed negroida like those found in America (where they average ~30% European genetically), these are straight up below-room-temperature IQ evolutionary rejects we're talking about here.

So yeah, France is fucked if they don't turn things around starting right now.

I do hear that the 'ethnic minority' group is still largely European, from places like Spain and Portugal, which both historically make up largish minorities. Probably some Slavs in there too. I'm not saying that's necessarily good, but it's not as BAD. However, that's just guessing. I'm not entirely sure. I can say for certain Paris needs to be glassed.

"It's not that the time is ever too late, it's just the decisions get harder to make" -user


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Britain was conquered by the jews in 1695. All its supposed conquests were in fact mercenary adventures financed by jewish bankers. The Brits themselves have been enslaved for centuries now, so much so that they're scarcely even aware of it. Their cognitive dissonance levels are unsurpassed in all human history.

I have baguette friends, but France can go to hell for all I care. Why didn't Le Pen won? 100% whites should have voted for her, but it is not what I saw in TV. Crouds of whites cheering for the beta candidate. What would you expect with another centrist(left) in govt.?

Because that's totally what happened in Saint-Domingue, now known as Haiti.

Control the money.

Oi, fuck you, ya blimey wanker. We were kings and shit, ya cunt.

Thanks, had a good laugh.

I'm not into the based nigger meme, but I find it hard to hate on Idi Amin of all negroes.

Press 'F' to pay respects to France

Things are going to get hairy everywhere pretty soon. It is only too late for those who fail to prepare for the coming battles.

He was a coward who was afraid to jump out of an airplane.

Yes, it's too late for frankreich, it will have to wait until the great reconquista.


You could argue the same happened to a degree to western roman empire.

I would say NO, I could have never even imagined anything this cucked before…this cuckery goes to 11.

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Non-Whites being in White countries IS the problem.
That is the root problem.
Also, jews.

Non sequitur.
Bringing civilization to savages =/= allowing savages into civilization. (To be clear, any form of "White man's burden" is/ was a mistake. The savages should have been left to their mud huts)
White people colonizing sparsely populated mud hut lands does not equal 70 IQ shitholers devastating White countries under the malicious leadership of the jews.
The solution is for no one to be in anyone elses' lands. In other words, separation into racial and ethnic homelands.

Define "French."
How many of those "French" are brown?


Reminder that there are almost a billion White people in the world, and Whites tend to be very capable once we start working together.
The only question is: how to sufficiently redpill the masses towards opposing the ongoing genocide of White people and the groups orchestrating it?

I wonder.
The jewish banks certainly had some influence, and that grew over time, but the jews like to claim ownership over everything, including history. AKA, what the talmud tells them to do. AKA, lie, warp, distort, and so forth in any way that might further jewish interests (IE, enslaving the non-jews).

Saint Domingue was never a White homeland. It was a giant plantation on which the slaves greatly outnumbered the Whites. The problem there was ever bringing non-Whites to the island. It could have been a beautiful White colony, but the oligarchs preferred cheap labor over quality, healthy White communities. Hmmmmm, sounds familiar…
France is literally a genetic homeland of White people. It is one of the places in which White people evolved.
Very different.
Whites have to see just how bad things are. Whites have to be made to understand that we are NOT heading towards "progress," but rather towards White genocide.

why would you jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

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He was combat training with the israeli military and he refused to parachute jump.
I always thought it sounded like fun. They framed him as a coward afterwards.


Reconquista with the aid of Genetic science. Blood and soil. Or, yeah, dustbin of history

Because there's a nigger on board. There would still be one in the air if he jumped out, though.

Romans fought till the end and struggled for centuries before going down, hardly the same, even in the 4th century you had heroes like Majorian still trying and almost being able to pull it back together

Female Mods can go Hang themselves exasperately. None of that Actual fucking Autism Belongs Anywhere. PERIOD.

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Yeah it's too late, all we'll do is make the same threads until we're actually fully replaced. I have ZERO hope for the future, fucking white people and their altruistic, christan moral code.

So long as a single French man lives, its not too late.

(((National Geographic))) obviously runs a (((narrative))) celebrating birth of (((liberal democracy))). Just put the whole sentence in echoes, actually.

Egalitarianism is not Christian. Church fathers degreed (correctly) that we have to live amidst inequality in relation to race, sex and position. French revolution was secular and full of fedora niggers.

You have to forgive whites who got brainwashed by kikes. Kikes totally controlled all media with literally no alternative to spread redpills back then except word of mouth. Kike media fired everybody up to hate the "huns" or "krauts" of course because they opposed kike banking interests and got England and the US sucked into another kike banker war. The internet nowadays has became worldwide word of mouth. No excuse now for any brother war.