Suspicious packages

Arrest made in connection with suspicious packages.

I have a feeling it was one of y'all 8ch'ers. Don't y'all realize this makes the alt-right or alt-light seem like they are far-right?

@Barth2032 @Barth2048 does not condone this behavior.

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>implying it wasn't (((you)))

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Calling it.


Calling it.

Don't forget he was also an incel serial rapist that also has a position of power of helpless wahmen.

He'll be a mutt, but they'll label him white.

Calling it.

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The full package:
- MAGA hat
- Half and Full chan shitposter and an obsession with the 6 gorillion.
- NRA card
- Evangelicuck
- Rebel flag found somewhere in the home
- Visited a trump rally at some point in the last year.

Fox Live Stream link

They've already said the suspect has a criminal record and was "on a list", chat saying that this is democrat county in FL.

Can't make this up.

Nikolas Cruz is white. He was adopted by a Hispanic couple.

Timothy McVeigh

Sounds like 50 year old Florida boomer, the boomiest of boomers.

Fucking Broward County, home of the Parkland shooting. What a coincidence. The same cops who handled Parkland are in on this one.

A man who was executed 17 years ago is not relevant here. He's just the only example Zig Forums ever has of a white terrorist, which is why you brought him up, Zig Forums.

Do we have a name on this guy yet?

Stephen Paddock

White as can be.

Get out


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fuck off

Nope. Maybe in California.

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Paddock was a lefty.

ayy lmao

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Still white though

They say this man lived in New York prior to moving to Florida.

Brenda Woodard is his biological mother lol. That woman looks like a typical redneck


Quater mutt Jew
Calling it

Not falling for it.

They say the van that's being confiscated is covered in Trump stickers.

not surprised. I thought there was 2 possibilities. Crazy Bernie supporter or a Crazy Trump supporter

What did it mean by this?

Yep. So blatantly false flaggy only a leftycuck would fall for it.

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It's almost TOO convenient. The "get er done" redneck meme on the bomb. (Who does that?) The suspect's van covered in Trump stickers. (Really?) I'm wondering if this guy is LARPing as a Trumpkin.

former obama voter?

you obviously haven't been outside much. I see a ton of lifted f150 trucks with trump stickers

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Do they belong to bombers?

it's gonna be in DWS district, sheriff scott israel is gonna be his neighbor

just white dudes or old mexicans


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Nikolas Cruz' biological mother

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Everything is fake news. It's all just theater for the goyim. The jews figured out long ago if you want to control people all you need to do is take over the media. Everyone just sits around looking at screens that tell them what to think. or in the case of young people it's the iPhone they are looking at and it's news app that shows them the aggregated content from the hijacked major media companies, CNN, FOX, NYtimes etc. Most people are cattle and the jews have been manipulating them for decades. Most conservative whites are also under their yolk because they follow the jewish pysop religion of christianity a literal jew invention that came from the middle east and spread into Europe right around the time Rome collapsed.

Holy fuck it's like seeing one of our own kikeshills shitposting in real life.
So fucking obvious and retarded at the same time. Did they literally use shariablue people for this?

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Every single window including the back windows plastered in them like this van? Of course not. This reeks of fake shit.

What's going on? I guess he's still only a suspect for now and even then they can only connect it to a few packages but holy lolcow


Need plate numbers.


Crosshairs on all those politicians. He's managed to drive around Florida in that thing without getting a brick through his windows? This is too much. I wonder if he'll be wearing a MAGA hat in his mugshot.

notice how all the stickers seem brand new too, as if they were all place there with once and not accumulated over time hording stickers

not every single window, but there are a TON of stickers on 2 f150s that I've seen with trump or right leaning slogans like the whole back is covered with it.

most others just have a couple maga stickers. I live just outside of Gainesville though so i'm not surprised

this is a comedy at this point. i wonder if people actually believe this isn't a false flag. honestly i feel like the civil war is closer than it ever has been. this glowniggers are really pushing it

Mediocre memes tbh fam.

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Aventura where the guy was arrested is the Jewish epicenter of Miami. Hasidic Diamond cutters and gold dealers on every block. On Friday they walk around like retards in their black costumes in a show of force. This guy was a Jewish agent for sure.

yes this is totally not a set up, listen and believe, those stickers certainly weren't made up 2 weeks ago, this guy is a huge right ringer, now give up all your rights so the elite don't feel uncomfortable

Plantation, Florida?
Hrrrrrrmmmmm, I wonder what county that Plantation is in?
Broward County?
You mean the same county where the last anti-gun event took place?
What a cohencidence! I totally believe this now!

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Crumbling narrative.

he wasn't arrested in aventura. the arrest was made in broward county. Aventura is in miami dade county

moar stickershit

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No he will have it tattood on his forehead.

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repost pls

one of you glorious motherfuckers archived already, well done

56 years old
what race is he Zig Forums?

new exclusive photo of van

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gauranteed white male

The crosshairs are a nice touch. Soros hires only the best shoopers.

good god, this has PATSY all the fuck over it
calling bullshit

Three days waiting for their patsy, and they managed to make it so goddamn obvious as hell and the (((Media))) is going to hell with it, wew.

Every. Fucking. Time

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AHHHH okkkk. now it all makes sense. they weren't a TON of stickers, it was more of like a big sheet with a print. you can find those stickers on ebay

Seems legit

Okay, if this doesn't scream false flag to any critically thinking person nothing will lmao

This is the desperation of the democrats in action and how salty they were when the Cherokee rain danced all over fauxcahontas.

So the FBI literally combed through reddit for a few dozen memes that have anything even remotely relating to trump and the """"""""""""victims"""""""""""""""" and then slapped it onto a truck like autistics children.
That is a whole new level of retarded I didn't know existed.
I need a moment.

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so is Smith. a lot of christian surnames come from judaic backgrounds because of the biblical ties

Squanto went full tardo

Fox guest just said they couldnt blow up the devices because they weren't explosive lol

You should have known from "leven" aka the levant.

You would think they would at least use cuckchan memes. SMH FBI.

( ( ( they ) ) ) are officially fucking with us
this has setup written all over it user

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I misread he article. He lived in Aventura. Even worse.

Nah, that's just a typical pro-trump sticker that you can find on ebay. it's not a bunch of stickers, but it's a big sheet that has the print. it's just meant to show how a lot of groups are for trump

A setup for what? Pretending to be retarded still means acting like retard. So what did they do it for?

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look at the stickers on his van
recent convert to right wing extremism
you following along here kid? pay attention to what happens next

they're screen stickers, you can see through them from the inside. very similar to how chrome and mirror tint works

Hope it is

Notice. These aren't normal stickers. They're not layered over top of each other. They're all ONE SOLID SHEET that's been made. And yes, not faded out in the least by the blazing Florida sun or any damage from recent hurricanes. It's brand new and it's ONE SOLID STICKER.

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Holy fucking bullshit.
Couldn't be more obvious it's fake.

Yep, this has Obama voter all over it. The FBI probably told him to "tear up the democrats"

yup, you can find these really easily on ebay

It's fucking amazing, but still a bit disappointing the Kikes won't shed blood because they're also afraid of an uprising/civil war, so they have to settle for a cheap as shit falseflag to move votes towards the Dems and get MSM indoctrination back on track. They settled for a "Look at this loon! don't vote for the other side!" setup, now I'm just hoping a "real" bomb manages to blow up


He didn't want anyone to look inside the van where he was constantly raping a mexican girl you see. It was camoflage basically.
Also checked.

What are they going to do? Ban memes?

Why don't you find it then


No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any sign, poster, or other non-transparent material upon the front windshield, sidewings, or side or rear windows of such vehicle which materially obstructs, obscures, or impairs the Driver’s clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway.

That would have to be a specially made thing, right?

I filtered him 20 posts ago when he said Nik Cruz was a white male terrorist.

They were so desperate to make a ebin whitey van they even put their retarded stickers on the passenger side window making it illegal to drive with it rolled up. I have no doubt if you rolled the window down it would tear the sticker.

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Confirmed false flag. They aren't sending their best.

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another pic of van

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Nice attempt at obscurity, department of homeland security