Nice job, Zig Forums. You've got about 1/3 of the van real estate.

Let me guess: "Framed!" Derp.

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You really should get better friends.

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We might as well actually start targeting (((elites))). We get false flagged for it anyway

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Lol, literal 56% face. I'd bet money he's just a MAGApede.

Cesar Sayoc, 56, pictured in this booking photo from an arrest, via @browardsheriff

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Calling it now he's just a crazy MAGApede Trump stalker.


It looks like he’s wearing makeup.

Was he taking Chan advice and dressing like an old woman or something?

Those stickers look fresh, can it get any obvious than this.

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Florida Seminole injun is the prime suspect lol. Fucking white males!


More info on the suspect

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It'll ultimately be a loss for republicans, but I still don't think any level-headed person would have done what he did. The CIA had their hands on him.



kikes manage to even fuck up their false flags

Found this on twitter. Not sure if it's real.

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Oh for fuck's sake.

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It's not bumper stickers, they're all single piece sheets.

perspective corrected via the gimp

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did the feds add new stickers to the back?

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Looked it up and it seems to be legit

Explains a lot

Typical Zig Forums mulatto le 56% except for real

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they obviously have a lot of pull down around where DWS is. She's an operative, and obviously Broward glows

I've seen versions with Republican and Green party. Someone is fucking around with mylife

Underage idiots already ruined and edited that page.
I hope someone archived it.

only retarded leftists do this

Just glowing like Nicholas Cruz. Interesting how they pick spic types, but I guess that's the Florida glow in the dark operative choice. Maybe those are the whitest people they can find in the region willing to do zog work

No NPC represented. Where did we go wrong?

Do you think this genetic abomination actually DID anything?

Looks like Browards County is still trying to rig the elections

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probably not since the packages didnt even get shipped

From what I've seen native american and green party.

Nah. Typical patsy. They aren't even trying anymore. It's offensive to the public's intelligence at this point.

To clarify, I guess I didn't mean do ZOG's work. mean more just function as a patsy doing whatever that requires. Watch him cop a plea right away like Nicholas Cruz, because that's part of the role play.

Because that's not a van anyone would remember dropping off packages all over the country.
No, not at all.

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With that name? He's not Cuban descent?

They're so bad at this now. Is anyone going to believe such a cartoonish trumptard exists? Amateur hour in the "deep state".

He's from Broward fucking county?
What the fuck is with that place

LMAO! I think this just may be the most obvious false flag in the history of false flags.


Oh, it's Broward country? That's convenient, the same place they ran the Parkland Hoax with Sheriff Scott Israel [real name]. Probably time to trot David Hogg back out there too.

something doesn't ad up i wonder what it can bee

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Run by glownigs. That's Debbie Wasserman-Schultz territory.

Deep state didn't even give us any based rare pepe's! Shameful.

Well, yeah. If he was really legit he'd have had these stickers for years instead of brand new and it would show.

And another thing

Seems like he might be a feathernigger but not a single one of Pocahontas?

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This needs more attention! CBS just showed the van in both shots before and after but didn't even comment on it

Hold me, Zig Forums, it's getting dark.

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it's all so tiresome

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If he was legit he wouldn't have those stickers on his van in the first place. If somebody is taking action and they don't want to be caught immediately they're not going to plaster their van with pictures of their enemies with bulls-eyes over their heads. This is idiocracy-tier stupidity.

It's as dumb as the idea that Assad gassed his own people when he was on the verge of victory in Syria.

Nope. I sure hope the police question him about those high gauge bomb wires he used. That clock must have really pulled some serious current. It's almost as if they were chosen so cartoonishly large for mass consumption…

The ones still falling for this crap are already lost causes. Even select niggers aren't fooled by this shitshow. So instead, think of the millions of people that WOULD have believed this shit a few years back but are now getting suspicious about the narrative.
They fucked up hard and haven't stopped fucking up hard since the election.

Wow. Good catch.

it's where rich Neurotic Jews from ny. and nj migrated

Looks Nicaraguan. I'm a CO in Florida, Nicas have a different "look" than other Central Americans.

Parkland had to be the big turning point in terms of American gullibility. After they fucked that one up, though, you'd think they'd try harder, but maybe what they're doing is also just showing how they can get away with this stuff. It's sort of an insult to the peons.

Parkland worked fine though, the normalfags just ate it up without question.

Im starting to think Broward County is a CIA or deep state-run county. They would need to own counties like this to push false flags

Heil'd, and along with that kikery came major zog glow

It is.

I was just thinking… if this is who they define as white… what the fuck are we? If this old fuck is white I can actually agree with the statement "fuck all white people kill them all".

What am I?

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Actually they look like professionally made vinyl stickers perfectly fitted to each window. Wonder who made them for him, and when?

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hes native american. van has native americans for trump stickers. he owns multiple native american businesses. the van is obviously fake as the stickers would be faded like shit from florida sun beating on them all day.

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hey may be indian … more than 1/1000th for sure

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They'll do the Jorge Zimmerhombre act, and the NPCs will just consider him to be White. It's insane.

This guy looks like a fall guy.
No hope, already been in prison, given a deal.


Then I choose not to be white anymore.

Race: ascended

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50$ says he attended the same (((shrink))) as the Parkland shooter. MKULTRA patsy 100%.

Fake af

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Unironically based.
Wish the bombs went off.


It's been said that mimicry is the highest form of flattery. Those aren't our memes or I would recognize them. An attempt was made; they didn't succeed because the left can't meme. A cursory examination of these provides evidence of the well known leftist compulsion to explain the imagery with text. Obvious false flag is obvious. I have not read the thread but I'm going to call liberal agiprop on this from op's image alone.

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Hey goys, maybe ZOG is telling the truth about this one.

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Fake Hollywood, Media-Complex, Deep State, Democrat Intelligence Psyop Operation

As a seasoned graphic designer and artist it is perfectly clear those stickers were selected and placed on the windows by someone who wants to communicate a message to Democrat voters. There are multiple areas that stand out as an obvious Democrat false-flag. Particularly the "Jill Stein" crosshair sticker. 1) Nobody on the right, including Trump supporters discuss Jill Stein, let alone want to "kill her". It is the Left that blames Jill Stein for "wasting votes" that helped get Trump elected in 2016. Infact, the Left really really hate Jill Steins guts for this. 2) Again, the Jill Stein sticker is an obvious false-flag tell for the additional reason every Democrat slave master is yelling and screaming at their voters to "not vote 3rd party!". This can be seen all over the internet in comment sections everywhere. There is actually a lot of push back by progressives; part in why Dems are going hysterical. So, what the Jill Stein sticker is designed to do (in the minds of the psyop creators) is protray a message to progressive voting 3rd party voters in the midterms that, "hey! trump wants to kill me too! I better vote Democrat to get him out of office".

A 3rd area of interest is the large and ridiculous UFO sticker placed in the middle of the overall window layout. This is designed and placed to add additional article content for the Journalist writing about the story. Yesterday the New York Times ran their top headline specifically using the word "UFO" in an attack piece targeting Trump supporters and their "conspiracy theories".

This is only a quick first-glance breakdown of this on going Democrat false-flag launched two weeks before mid-term elections. The clear visibility & layout of the sticker arrangement on the windows is another staged clue. Everything about the van says "amateur hollywood stunt" operation. In other words, the van is a big prop purposely prepped up for a photo shoot. Complete with every sensationalist news article story-line for journalist to write about; which is exactly what they're doing today on a hi-traffic Friday perfectly timed to reach the most amount of readers and viewers across the United States. This goes along with the fake hollywood-esque pipebomb props sent to CNN studios and 11 other "targets".

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What's more plausible than MK Ultra the modus operandi of glows. A suspect gets arrested and charged with a serious crime that can lead to many years imprisonment. He's terrified of whatever potential sentence he faces, so he does something for the glow niggers. He'll plead immediately and then quietly get let out of prison.

This is a standard procedure done all the time for the purpose of criminal investigation. No need for special MK Ultra brainwashing (not disputing that exists, but it's not even necessary in a lot of cases).

Those are Q memes, cuckchan tier.

So the van is basically one massive metal Strawman for the media to burn?

Damn, I want to look like that when I hit 56…

56 yo, 56% face. You can't make this stuff up. At least someone staging this crap has a sense of humor.

They're all "memes" (not really) from his autistic twitter accounts; seriously the fuck is this? he posts like 100 times the same image. It goes back far, since the beginning of Trump, but it always looked autistic, forced and boomerific.

Ok so there have been mixed reports about the devices going through the mail or being delivered, but CNN confirmed it was hand delivered. And with all the bombs being identical not having stamps marked out of any other signage of going through UPS, FedEx, or Post, we are left to assume the culprit Cesar Sayoc hand delivered the devices and had to do so by car.

He couldn't have flown with that many or even gotten past TSA, so he had to travel across state lines. Now we'll have some suspicion of disbelief and say he might have some MAGA Boomers with him in certain areas to help him distribute to places he has already been, but even with that factor to lead to the credibility this shit doesn't add up, ESPECIALLY when West coast locations have been confirmed to have the exact same bombs.

His travel up the East coast to get to Soros is possible, and the day lapse before hitting clinton and Obama are possible, but getting back to Florida to hit tapper in the same day is where it gets a little crazy. And the fact that Thursday places he had already left got hit again that don't align with his location in florida fuck up the timeline even more without some MAGA boomer network bullshit.

And finally his final location back in Florida today fucks with bombs being found personally delivered all along the east coast.

Can any science faggots help work out the specifics here or something I might be missing

He's a feather indian

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Damn user, nice analysis. Everything you said is completely accurate, or rather it's obvious how accurate it is after looking at the pictures again. Every bit of this post needs to be spread, and put in the open for not only anons, but for normalfags to see, especially if you put it alongside the picture of the van before and after pics.

One of the pr firms contracted by the hillary campaign floated the possibility of faking a first contact scenario to get the internet off her wrinkled ass. So this is pretty tame all things considered.
Rolling for fayylamaos.

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What a cohencidence.

The pics with less stickers are apparently older.

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Anyone else think these "stickers" look awfully suspicious? Every single one of them is posted on level with the other stickers, none intersect or have gaps. There is no a single grain of dust on any of the stickers.

It's a poster/vinyl "sticker"

Why haven't the (((mods))) anchored this yet?

Because they're a part of it.

Is it me or did they just shoop that onto the back there?

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Should have been obvious since the pictures were clearly taken in different locations, with one out a car window.

FFS kike5 only came on to defend his polska kike buddies and turned the place into shit. #1 is doing cleanup this morning.


Need Jared Taylor's opinion on if they look hwhite.