Maxime Bernier next Prime Minister of Canada, October 21, 2019

Maxime Bernier will be the next Prime Minister of Canada, October 21, 2019.

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kike free

Canada is ready for a different flavor of conservatism than what Scheer is selling. I wish him luck.

He wont get enough votes to win overall but enough to become a legit third party for the cuckservatives. Fagdeau will probably win a minority government.


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Not shilling but, the truth!

Fuck, I can't tell you guys how sickened I am that in order to block rapists, I'm going to have to vote for someone who will give Quebec even MORE gibs.

Who are you voting for Shlomo?

You realize you need seats, not votes, right? This isnt america. And it doesnt matter who wins. This country is in the death throes. Every party ignores the people and will continue to destroy the country because that is the only way the economy wont collapse instantly. They need debt sponges. The population is already the highest personal debt in the world. Our inflation is going through the roof. It will only get higher as trade agreements failed (dairy fucked nafta, dairy fucked the EU agreement in teh summer, we are fucked worldwide). Oil is huge part of our gdp and its dead because of Trudeau, who continued his father hatred of alberta and 70's NEP. Carbon tax is going to destroy teh middle class completely. Of all our poor, 60% do not have a job. That's anyone below little over 20k per year - barely any work. Bank of Canada is raising interest rates (all banks are, even the Fed - they want the economy to go into depression). Those 800k mortgages are going to put majority of middle class under water with the interest rates going up every 3 months.

Immigrants are the only ones that can take on debt. If Canada refuses them, the banks and kikes will destroy the country and collapse it with our insane national debt levels. The more we take, the more the government can borrow and "grow" our GDP (despite gdp per capita going down and average canadian doing worse). Doesnt matter who gets elected - they will all bow in the end. America has the benefit of a president independent of the party and the ability to enact some change with executive orders and some policies even if everyone is against him. That is not how canada works. Our government does not work that way. Our system is designed to remove as much power from the people as possible. And we lost the demographic war. The left has enough immigrants to win forever now. They make up a huge percentage of the liberal party and the population has grown by millions in the few years trudeau has been in power. They are legion and much more motivated to vote in key ridings with gerrymandering from the liberals. GTA and montreal area make up like 70% of the seats for government. GTA is entirely "newly canadian" and growing like a tumour outward. They run their own candidates, they vote their own kind and they are all liberal. Their influence is greater and you are racist and destroyed in media if you dont bow to them. There is no populist movement. The country is too spread out and its impossible to mobilize. There's no march on parliament, there's no way to coordiante across 5 time zones. The country is fractured and dead. Dissent will be punished and wrongthink destroyed. Voting doesnt matter in 8 out of 10 provinces and is meaningless in the territories. It's over. Find a new country to move to. Iceland is probably only safe place left for our kind. Hungary and Poland will be destroyed in their attempt to survive. Australia and New Zealand are approaching Canada type policies and colonization from China. As bad as Sweden is portrayed, it is still mostly white, but is not far behind Canada. This country is so far gone, its beyond saving and no one will talk about it or acknowledge it. Any attempt to retake it by force will result in outside intervention. Bernier is no better than Scheer or Trudeau or Singh. They are ALL radical leftwing politicians. That's all Canada has now. Bernier is closer to center than the rest, but none are Canadian oriented because Canada is dead and gone. It has been since roughly the 90s when GBA+ was instituted and that took hold only because of Trudeau's policies in the 70s. It's ridiculous how bad it is and how few understand or see it. They are crippled by their debt and demoralized by teh reality they ignore. Drugs and alcohol are the religion of the people and they all hate their jobs and the world they live in without realizing what causes it or what must be done to fix it.

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Fake and gay.


If that is true then why did Ford win by a landslide in Ontario? Where were all of the liberal hordes then?

Canada's best hope now is to dissolve. Each province should be made a Nation. Canada does not need to exist. In fact now that there is no ethnic unity. There is no reason for it to exist.

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Nah this will just divide the right. Giving more Trudeau. Honestly I think founding a communist party and trying to seize power that way might be the way to go.

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Would a pro-white commie party be acceptable in an anti-white commie country?
This isn't a serious question.

Based catgirl

I'm voting for him. I don't even care if it causes Trudeau to win again. I am done with strategic voting.

Just focus on orthodox Marxism. Economic justice, and civic equality. That is my concept.
Then, rule as a dictator, and do as you with, like in any Communist Kingdom.

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I.e. not pro white, but rather focus on the 'WE ARE ALL EQUAL' instead of the modern victimhood pyramid communism.

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Only thing that will fix Chinada is a war


Leaf here

Fuck off with the instant forced pepe shit

The way canadian parliament works having more parties that have an impact is possible and does affect shit instead of murican winner take all.
However the way the chairs are chosen is you vote for local representative and yes there you will split the rightwing vote.
Might be worth it to look for good independents or push the current right wing into greater action.

Just… Leave dude. Go find another thread.

Bernier is the best realistic choice we have but please dont make my country look worse by spamming awful memes you found on facebook.
Post some decent ones instead

taking back???
back to where, fucking pussyville?

No, he did say that and he says something very similar around the 16:06-18;00 mark of this video. say he wants to reduce immigration 'just a little bit' & 'immigrants are mostly intergrating to western value'. He's a fucking Kosher cuck, just like you

Nah I learned with Trump that no politician will save us. It'll take an actual nationalist uprising

Dude fuck off, you clearly are not from here.

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Friendly reminder: Quebec is a communist stronghold and they're responsible for everything wrong with Canada. They have proffered themselves as the Jew's willing tools and recieve the lions share of (((equalization payments))) as a reward.

The future of Canada does not include the Quebecios

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andrew scheer is a lukewarm cuck faggot, although that still makes him preferable to trudeau. mad max might actually have a shot considering how fed up people are with the libs.

Nope. The half cucks are actually worse as they always end up doing nothing and cuckservatives getting all the blame. You need to push an entire nation to the levels of shitlib disgust that the thought of ever voting for a shitlibs party again is unthinkable. Like the US, italy, hungary, etc. Canada isn't at that point federally yet although the election in ontario was an extremely positive sign.

The only region of quebec that i know has any communists (or other faggots) is montreal (which so happens to be the only place with a concentration of english people and immigrants in the whole province) such things should be put as evidence by the fact only montreal voted for the autistic liberal party quebec has. I will also inform you i know no one that wants to receive those equalization payments, it is sad that we get so much money from the other provinces and i believe those payments should stop. On the note of traditions of culture i will also point out that canada has stolen most of it's biggest things from quebec like maple syrup, hockey, and even the term canadian (which was the word used by the french population and was hated by the english until at some point they suddently decided to take it)

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The CAQ which won the elections this october wants to remove the equalization payments from last i've heard (which is good obviously) but we really need to do something about the descendents of the english merchants in montreal that keep voting for parties that want an even bigger (((equalization payments)))

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You’re dumb.

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Further analysis
- Jews vote Quebec liberal (big surprise). 44,48,50
- QS got as many socialist seats outside Montreal as within.
- QS voters are mainly French elitists, anglos still vote Quebec liberal
- ethnics vote Quebec liberal. 30 = nigs
- Quebec liberals has nothing to do with trudeau liberals, more of a globalist centrist Semite alliance.

That user is an idiot. Back when there was 23m people, that's 1981. PET put into place wage and price controls, there were nationwide strikes and protests over it. People actually marched on parliament hill. Jr., is basically replaying the same shit as his dad did, so that's the only part where he's right.

The People's Party is currently picking its leaders for each province. Check your local provincial group here on fagbook:
Then Check the Events of that group for meetings.

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Retarded bullshit. Each province (except the maritimes, being unified) should join the US as a state. Canada has to collapse first, and the best way to do that is to get either Alberta or Quebec to vote for secession.

Even their faux nationalism isn't actually nationalism. It comes from a place rooted in marxism. It's separatist, anti-imperialist, revolutionary nationalism much like the IRA. The whole province is trash.

Québec is historicaly the only province that was and still is called fascist and nazi by the rest of Canada.
So dig a hole for your shithole, because my shithole is an inverted Potemkin village: its the greatest place to be white and european.

In an age where Canadians have been brainwashed not to hate other groups of people to the point they let in 250,000+ niggers per annum, they still can't help but hate the Quebecois and openly display it.

I work in the building trades all across Canada and you can always count on the Quebecois to be in the office crying about discrimination because someone couldn't tolerate their shit. I've had friends fired from jobs for asking Quebecers to speak english in the lunch room.

People call Antifa 'fascists' and 'nazis' all the time. I wouldn't read too much into it.

Cuckadians hate Quebecois because they actually have an identity and don't immediately fold on immigration like the rest of the country while Anglo-Saxon Canadians have been falling over themselves trying to appease their overwhelming sense of white guilt and pathological noblesse oblige.

No. They hate the Quebecois for the reasons I already mentioned. Also, they constantly lie to everyone to pretend they're better than everyone else.

Second Highest immigration rate in Canada

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these are numbers from 2017 aka the liberal party had been in power for 3 years and everyone was already complaining about their shitty immigration policies, the liberal party (PLQ) was elected by the english block for the most part (about 23% out of the 31% they got is from a heavy english concentration of votes yet is dead last in popularity for the french) and that party is veeeery happy about quebec getting equalization payments and getting immigrants(free votes). Since october 1st the coalition has won a majority and wants to cut immigration by at least 20% and aims for removing entirely the equalization payments

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(the % numbers on my earlier post was an exemple and does not represent the actual winning % of the PLQ last election)

The québécois always fold in immigration and are losing their identity to immigrants. They think that if these shitskins can speak French, then they’re automatically French-Canadian. They’re civcucks at most

that would be wrong, only the liberal party (which gets elected by the english block) supports the canadian immigration autism, the CAQ which won last elections will force EVERY immigrant to learn french and quebec culture or be deported

What shotgun is this?

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You're missing the point. You're letting in mudslimes and chinks just because they speak the same language when they have no right to be here to begin with. Not to mention you're expecting our (((government))) to actually enforce those deportations.

might be a sawn off Remington model 31.

quebec would most likely reduce the immigration further but as you said with the cuckadian government it's going to be hard to do anything at all

First of all, all current major political parties in Canada (both provincial & federal), FULLY support what you call "canadian immigration", the correct term is actually WHITE GENOCIDE because that's exactly what it is.

Secondly, the membership of the CAQ and all key individuals within the party is essentially made up of people with western liberals values. There is no right-wing party to speak of currently in power. That's only true in MSM propaganda. When you say "force EVERY immigrant to learn french" you make it sound like it's something brand new when in reality, it's been policy for years. You sound like a MAGA boomer after the 2016 election. There's no massive deportation planned or even remotely possible given the way immigration law enforcement works in Canada. The only way it could change (and nowhere near as much as we would like) is if Max gets a full majority government.

You mean with that Quebecer Justin Trudeau in Office enforcing Canada's multicultural policy that was brought in by his Quebecer father Pierre Trudeau under the auspices of making sure canada recognized the quebecois as full canadians?

Right… Im sure they would.

All them flip TFWs headed to Alberta though

He jus let in more servants for the jews.

No you aren't. You're called commies, because you are.

Queerbec is the single most pro-immigrant province. It is the only province where the majority (over 70%!) think the illegal negro scum coming in from the US should be given accommodations instead of being deported.

i don't know where you get that shit from because one of the main reasons why the CAQ won is because they'il lower immigration and force them to learn french for real (the reason why i say that is because the liberal party did jack but hey that's what the anglos here want for some reason), i'd also want the other guys here to realize that the only part of quebec with a concentration of autism also happens to be the only place with a concentration of english people (montreal)

It should be obvious by now that trudeau is a disgrace to quebec and that if you'd done some research he was also that one kid no one talked to and preached about ideas no one else liked

Quebec was central to the growth of ice hockey but ice hockey was played in the Maritimes before it was played in Quebec or anywhere else.
And whether Quebecers enjoy the payments or not, they still receive them. The Quebec people are fine and should continue to exist, but the bias in Canada at the government level toward Quebec is a serious problem. Bilingualism is retarded and favours the French in government office. And "Canada" comes from an aboriginal "Kanata". You're pepe meme is also retarded, historically speaking. I want my fucking BNA Act back, fuck the Charter that was introduced with Quebec in mind.

Take your imperialist wetdreams elsewhere. Canada has no interest in joining the Israeli Empire; keep your pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness to yourself, and we'll keep our POGG.

This is correct; Pierre Trudeau was the origin of all this bullshit, and Quebec was his justification.

Can we purge this thread of Anglo vs Franco already? Our frustrations our historically rooted, and we persist with them despite our "love and tolerance" propaganda, which is so effective with respect to foreigners.
I'd be happy if Quebec could leave Canada (most of the illegals are entering Canada through Quebec, and most of our shit federal policies exist for the sake of Quebec). But whether that ever happens or not (it won't), your concern and mine should be the non-whites flooding in, and (((those who facilitate it))).


thought that pdf was an image; here, have a red ensign instead.

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Quebec could leave and Canada would remain, but the real deathblow would be Alberta leaving, which they have every right to do and every incentive to do yet for some reason still don't do it. With the amount of debt Ontario alone has, I doubt the Americans would be interested in adding all of Canada to themselves.

You forgot the most important thing Montreal has that the rest of Quebec doesn't: Jews.

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>But whether that ever happens or not (it won't), your concern and mine should be the non-whites flooding in, and (((those who facilitate it))).
I have to agree. I can sympathize with the Quebecois frustration with anglos however the mainstream pure leins Quebecois opinion is to hate anglos rather than directing their anger towards the third worlders coming into both Quebec and the roc by the hundreds of thousands. The white race is beautiful and diverse. A strong Canada and Quebec unified by our shared racial history while acknowledging our differences is ideal.

I love how hard they are pushing the
narrative. Every thread on halfchan where he is mentioned has some nose saying that exact thing no matter the board.


Its already unpayable back, its already going to crash, but instead of europeans helping each other through crisis you're going to have a civil war between ethnic groups.


Look at this beautiful flag:
It's such a beautiful flag. Such a shame that (((Quebecian and Canadian politicians))) push their own D&C shit. Canada should be a country of peaceful people, fleeing the rule of tyrannical UK and France but keeping a much closer contact with their original culture.
Instead, they get this poz'd, graphic-design-is-my-passion, communist fucking leaf. There's no unity in this shit, just maple syrup cartels.

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Let's just unironically overturn parliament and reclaim administration of the Minecraft server

This. We have different interests and nothing in common other than "Muh Tim Hortons meme". The prairies could probably function as a country, same with the Easterners with the weird accents. Ontario can become part of the US, Quebec can chill on their own and the territories can continue being a buffer state against Russia or whatever it is they do.

Yes, the reasons you describe are precisely the reason I fly the Red Ensign and not the Maple Leaf – the former symbolizes our nation's heritage, the latter is meaningless.
FUCK OFF WITH THIS TREASON. Canada has the land and resources to be a world power; our potential remains completely untapped. Dividing our land and ignoring our shared heritage and history would only weaken us all. The Chinks would more easily take over the West, the Africans would more easily take over Upper Canada, and America would eventually seize control of the Maritimes for their resources and strategic location. Breaking Canada apart would be the end of Canada forever. You are speaking treason

Kill yourself, torpedo. The US will expand again and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Sorry, cuck, your country is finished. You have no national identity other than "we're not americans." You'll collapse and be absorbed into the US. You're welcome for having freedom of speech, private ownership of firearms, and the right to actually call your parents "mom" and "dad." We're so horrible, aren't we. Not at all progressive like you.

Bernier is probably the only frenchie who's well liked across the country. He owns the young cuckservative vote in ontario and in alberta which is extremely surprising. Normally western canada hates french candidates and vice versa.

Again you people display your ignorance of all things Canadian. If you're familiarity with Canada comes from interactions with Torontoan millennials, then it's no wonder you're so delusional. Rural Canada maintains its historic culture, and it does not use the Israeli Empire as a comparison at all. Freedom of speech also isn't American; we inherited it from the British. America also has nothing to do with our firearm policies or our parents. America will collapse before Canada, especially considering it will be majority non-white before any other historically white country.
Let's continue with our race traitor behaviour but spitting in each others' faces while the jews continue to orchestrate our extinction.

Same can be said about America, or any white country. All major cities in Western countries are the same at this point. The authentic cultures of Western countries are found almost exclusively in rural areas nowadays.

This is fantastic! I grauduated college 6 years ago, paid off my debt within the year, and have a few thousand in the bank, and 200 oz of silver. I own no property or assets, and I await the implosion of the dollar.
We inherited cuck bullshit. There really isn't any defense, their constitution is much better than what we have.

Yes, this applies all throughout the West. But it is not as if Canada's culture has only ever been "Not America". That is blatantly false and historically ignorant.

Anything is better than the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. What we inherited is British Common law, (our "original" constitution, in the BNA Act) which was perfectly adequate.

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these memes are terrible and you should feel bad, the second one especially, try reading that shit out loud.

the right can't meme

Stick to webcomics, Buckley

Have you seen Britain these days?

Have you seen America? The State or our societies today are not evidence for the usefulness of our systems – our systems only remain useful if tradition-loving whites remain dominant. The American Constitution has been violated countless times.

Doesn’t refute my point that Britain is literally run by kikes and niggers now, all under british common law.

A white-only American Empire would, but unless that happens, no extra liberal whites are not a good idea.

also true

It would be strange not to hate Quebec tbh.

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Bernier hits 30,000 members
New interview: cbc .ca/player/play/1358402115566/


I feel ashamed of not taking advantage of joining his party for free in October, I will vote but not register, in case it gets hacked. Plus I share a phone. Even if we don't have enough votes for 2019 to win, we can solidify him as a party to attract more and get him in the term after that.

cherry picking works both way

The english community of Québec, as a minority in this province, allied themselves with every other minorities that feels threatened by Québec's nationalism;
result of this strategy was to root for the liberals and the socialists with all their heart, it's their Toronto maple leafs: even if they lose and they sucks, they form a block behind it and fight for it like it was their life.

True, but before this the situation was hopeless; it was pseudo-independantists that surfed on the 1970 (((quiet revolution))) (durr, should we do socialism before independance or independance before socialism?) vs the federalist liberals (socialism but across Canada, so we need to fuck up Québec's nationalism for greater good);
At least this bs dichotomy is over, we hope..

He is a modern Canadian; a chimera created by your perfid presence on this french soil after stealing the Canadian identity after being without any history, jack-shit, north of the USA like a post-national trash.

90% of immigrants leave for the rest of the Canada, aka your place you idiot.

Stop giving subsides to Mongol Khanate of Québec and free yourself canucksky you giant faggot i fuck yuor mom i pogrom your fridge while you stare in dismay then go to your girl and you stand there afraid of the dark to the point of giving 11.7 billions of money to a french surrender cheese monkey nation that spit on your grave S SSSSSSSSS
come and stop the money flow if you can you stupid commie it your anglo master plan after all it's the grave you chose and you did not even let us have a say in it, you are corrupting my people you peace of shit of a whore.
Fucka you.

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They're currently in the "kill it with silence" phase. They're talking as little as possible about his new party and the few times they do, it's to reassure everyone of how insignificant it is and not to bother voting for it.

Quebec is 87% white. That's more than Ontario (68%) or Alberta (70%). But nice try, (((anglo))).

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>when your (((conservative ontarian))) PM feels the urge to congratulate pakistanese for the new year
pic related is a canadian fedora hat

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