The caravan approaches

because reached post limit

why are caravan girl-children so smug?

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New Border Troops Not Permitted to Engage Invaders. Only Support Border Patrol Catch & Release.

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It's a lost cause nobody here is about what they type they just say things and hope somebody else does it

the troops are there to ensure that the illegals can cross into the US illegally unmolested by US citizens; especially those Seminole Jewish Hispanic Asian wypipo


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Those watching this interested in more than optics, can do whatever they choose in the privacy of the voting booth. If they were Red, and are tired of being stabbed in the back though they have been 100% supportive of the POTUS, the Do-Nothing Congress and kike'd Senate; they can always vote straight Blue for the sake of accelerationism, and bring on the wars

Kill yourself niggerjew.

Why do maganiggers lie so much?

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Just like how the South African Whites voting "straight blue" in giving the blacks votes caused "accelerationism" towards a civil war and now the White Africans are living in peace in a separatist White ethnostate, right?
Or no wait……
That didn't happen at all.
Almost as if accelerationism is a kike meme designed to trick Whites into supporting their own demise….
Almost as if it takes a shift in minds and hearts as well as good morale and clarity of purpose (IE, actually opposing White genocide on a national scale) in order for people to actually try to change things for the better…..
Almost as if demoralization caused by accelerationism will guarantee White genocide…..
Who could be behind this post, I wonder?
And yes, redZOG is not on the side of White America.
BUT, Trump claimed that he would build the wall and deport them all. Exposing redZOG hypocrisy is a potentially powerful tool for exposing the bullshit jew party system to the masses.
BlueZOG being blueZOG will not wake anyone up. RedZOG cucking like faggots might, especially with the addition of a few well placed redpills.
There is even a slim chance that Trump might actually deport more shitholers, too.

I already did. 2016 was a mistake. Trump was a pressure valve all along.

Nobody gets out alive. Stand for something or fall for anything. It's a free planet.

Because they're going to take over the country with zero effort and zero resistance.

Because they think ICE means vanilla and strawberry.

Shills going full length again.

Their desperation is thick.

She's making big buxx sucking cawk on the way to the US where there are lots of Rabbi's that want their cawx sucked by underage kids. And her "mom that cannot find a jerb in Honduras" made sure that all 8 of her siblings know how to suck cawk like a kid from the Philippines butt better

Because they would have to admit that "daddy" lied to them.

So are the 800 troops there to protect the invaders from Americans?

Pretty much.

I always say if they are so needy and muh women n children, lets just agree to take their women. women deserve a safe space after all. After we let in all 4 of them, the rest of the horde can cry and be cucked.

they ain't getting in, Schlomo.

Behold; the mighty folks that are about to enrich your neighborhoods and make your life a utopia

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Your moment of Zen:

Amazing how effective that bomb story took the focus right off this topic. You fags cant help yourselves but to take the CNN bait. Not surprised considering how many fall for simple bait from anons here nowadays. Keep going strong nu-Zig Forums

actually a good idea

Please protect our southern border.

Old jap shit was much more aesthetic than this cutesy garbage today.

Not happening. The military is there to stop white militias from killing the spics. They will all be let in. No one will do anything to stop it.

checked. Blackpills and accelerationists get fucked.

This is a prime opportunity to test the A-10 warthog's true field capabilities.

Fuck off kike

((( )))
Is that what you pray to Moloch?

She looks from El Salvador

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No, that doesn’t work here, redditor. Go home. Thanks for admitting that I’m right.


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Trumps going to let them in, fuck him. Only way to save our race is an actual uprising. No politician will save us, we're going to have to defend our lives with force.

The caravan will get in, because all they have to do is say they want asylum. As long as they cross at a legal checkpoint, they're guaranteed at least a hearing by law. The troops cannot engage in domestic law enforcement.

Nothing will happen. Nothing ever happens. Nothing will happen this time or at any time in the future. America will be a nightmarish, unliveable shithole by 2030 at the latest. Your children and grandchildren have no future. You know all this, but you will continue to sit around and shitpost and do absolutely nothing whatsoever to change the status quo.

You are clearly a paid jewish shill because you stated facts that hurt reddit’s feelings.

Who invited this retard?

Lot of that around election time. May be bots.

I can't wait

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Did someone said smugness?

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Spot on, thank you. I've grown to dislike this place, there's actual shilling and then there's dissenting opinions which get labeled shilling. Zig Forums post Trump has become shit.

I've been saying this for months now, Trumps a fucking cuck, how can you project strength and be tough yet allow migrants to walk in? He's a fucking coward, fuck him. We need to organize an actual uprising.


trump let the last one in, he will let this one in as well

Tired, nigga.

I forgot about that, fucking wew. Fuck him.

Christ I hate america so fucking much. Kill immigrants already. Kill the fucking yids, kill the muslims, kill the nepalis, kill the kenyans, kill the chinks, kill the indians


Trump is a stupid fucking clown being controlled by jews.

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capped for the next time you cry about muh violent left

The only reason the military gets send to the border is to protect the refugees from the militias.
You can't be the self proclaimed leader of the free world and have people get shot or beat up at your border by vigilantes.
So unless Zion Don finds his balls and breaks with the Jew World Order, don't expect any fireworks to happen when the caravan is at the border.

Well, the only fireworks happening may be in the form of some false flag that will distract everyone from the migrants at the border.

And this is how you lose re-election

Maybe despite being surrounded by jews, the Zion Don does stupid things like threatening the existence of Nato, and implementing trade tariffs.
Now if they can get rid of Zion Don while discrediting "white nationalism" and scoring victim points, even better.

Or maybe he's just another kike from Jew York City


Found the chink shill. Who could have thought a chink would be in a Trump thread? Filtered. Enjoy the tariffs, monkey.

He is not a jew, but he is owned by them. They though he would be useful but maybe is just to dumb to understand that certain things he does are against his masters interests.
You can't unify an Israel first foreign policy with an America first domestic one.

Fucking idiot, stupid things in the eyes of his jew handlers.

Plenty of posters here already called this, myself included. If they can't shoot invaders on sight then there's no point in having the military there at all. No lethal force = no worthwhile impedance.

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OK, shill, we know.

Why would we be giving any of them asylum? They need to apply for asylum in Mexico.

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I think you are on the wrong site

no fat chicks tho

Second migrant caravan storms into Mexico: 'Violent' group from Central America carrying BOMBS and guns defies a huge police presence to cross the border from Guatemala as Trump deploys 5,200 troops

How is he wrong? Zig Forums says that the left is violent but then again so are we.

80 Abram and Bradley tanks spotted on train headed to southern border of Arizona

called it

slide thread buried this.
Even the faggot OP took a dump on thread creation - it's part 2 of the Caravan thread.

Still, the information is real and tangible. It doesn't take "intelligence" to determine that the caravan is a Trojan Horse. Which begs the question whether one does or does not believe in a voting/political system fully intent on wiping out those that pioneered this nation: Are there any on the Blue end of the political spectrum that by into the Lügenpresse narratives?

Heil'd, but those tanks are headed to Fort Bliss. Trains hauling shit like that are the norm.

What do these things have in common?

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Really makes you think.

Tanks are headed south for the tank battle from the iron hordes headed north
They wouldn't send heavy armor for bean burrito rock chuckers

Of course they don't. They watch the daily show for their news. or, did. I don't know anymore, nor do I care

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Guaranteed false flag happening this time around. Book it faggots.

Of course they are. Who do you think those tents are for, the homeless vets?

Reminder: the military is there to stop any militia from stopping the caravan. The military is there o ensure the migrants get to their taxpayer-paid housing in a peaceful manner, while American homeless freeze on the streets.

The military issued a memo warning about "unregulated militias." They use that "unregulated" language to build the legal groundwork to claim that border militias aren't constitutional. That means they want to have a legal basis to fire on and/or arrest militias ("they were unconstitutional/illegal and we perceived a threat, so we had to engage!") Indeed, lads, the military is preparing to go to war with any citizen militia that attempts to stop the caravan.

America only provides housing and food for illegal immigrants, not veterans. Get it straight.

Reminder that the military and militia are there to secure the borders, and none of your smear means anything because YOU YOURSELF DO NOT DO SHIT.

Why would we be setting up nice little tent cities for them if they are securing the borders. If they were securing the border ZOG would've sent combat troops to the border not military police and engineers. The military is not our friend, ZOG is not our friend, ZOG has no interest in defending our borders. The caravan is just a little blip in illegal immigration anyways. Every day 1000-2000 muds get in our borders, in 5 days that'll be enough muds to be the same as this caravan that is coming in. If the system cared about protecting our border it would've been done already, if the system cared about demographics and the decline of our people the tens of millions of muds that are here illegally would've been removed by simply following the laws already in place. This hasn't happened because ZOG doesn't want this.

Let me stop you right there. I like how you complete lie and completely ignore the substance of what I wrote.

The military released an internal memo warning about "unregulated" militias. That's a legal concept that's designed to justify any use of force, arresting, etc. against militias, because the military is describing them as unconstitutional. The military clearly sees militias as the enemy. Furthermore, since the military built tents to house the caravan, that tells you they are not there to secure the border, but simply to put the immigrants in tents.

So, you have the military saying militias are the enemy in this internal memo, and you have the military building tents to house, feed, clothe, and provide medical care to the invaders. The military therefore isn't there to "secure the border." The militias are.

Just like Brazil and their military. Make the invaders are nice and cozy when they invade

When are they going to mash them into beans

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